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									           SABBATH SCHOOL REPORT

       The Sabbath School is the primary religious education system of
the Seventh-day Adventist church. It caters to all age groups. It is
referred to as the heart of the church; from it nutrients such as Bible study,
prayer and evangelism flow to the rest of the body making it healthy and
strong spiritually. Consequently if the heart is strong and healthy it follows
that the rest of the body well be healthy. “The influence growing out of
the Sabbath School improves and enlarge the church” CSW, pg. 10

       The command to go into the entire world and preach the gospel is
the life and fuel of the Sabbath School department. “The objective of the
Sabbath school should be the ingathering of souls” CSW, pg. 61.


   1. The study of the scripture
   2. Fellowship
   3. Community outreach
   4. World mission


   1. To encourage every Sabbath school member to own and study the
       Bible Lesson guide.
   2. To encourage each church to ensure that divisional teachers
       receive a teacher’s edition of the relevant children quarterly.
   3. To encourage extension Sabbath School in each church.
   4. To train and certify all Sabbath School teachers.
   5. To encourage “The action unit plan” in all Sabbath schools.

                                   - 116-
   6. To encourage Sabbath School members to be involved in an
      evangelistic project; for example, cell group, cottage meeting,
      sharing of Priority magazines or other publication.
   7. To encourage each Sabbath School to have a homework center in
      its community.



Convention & symposium

2006 – This year was an eventful year; it saw the close of the 2nd

quadrennial with all zonal workshop and training completed and it also

witnessed the beginning of the 3rd quadrennial. The department continued

its role of motivating, inspiring and encouraging the Sabbath School

through its various meetings.

2007 - Over 235 Sabbath School members were awarded and
commended for attendance and lesson study. Classes were also awarded
for baptisms. This information was given by the churches.

Symposium – This event took place at the Constant Spring SDA Church
and was well supported by the Sabbath School members.
The divine service took the form of a symposium which highlighted the
various forms of evangelism such as family life evangelism, prophecy
evangelism and cell group.

2008 – This convention focused on divisional Sabbath School
(kindergarten to youth) for the first time. The programme for the day was
done entirely by the division from a wide cross-section of the Conference.
                                  - 117-
Three Hundred and Twenty Two (322) members of the divisional Sabbath
School were awarded trophies, medals and certificates for attendance,
punctuality and lesson study.

Children Convention

Four joint children conventions were held by the Sabbath School and
Children’s Ministries Departments. All the conventions were inspiring,
motivating and were well supported by the Sabbath school members.

                    Children’s Convention St. Thomas


One hundred and fifty (150) chairs from Food for the Poor for the
Kindergarten division was divided between three churches.


In total there were twelve (12) workshops for superintendents, teachers,
secretaries and divisional leaders. Here roles were defined, the purpose of
the Sabbath School discussed and questions and answer sessions.


Sabbath    School    Council    meetings      were     held   bimonthly   with
superintendents from zones 1- 3, where plans, problems, solutions and
reports were exchanged.

                                   - 118-

2008 - Camp Don

Two hundred and forty-four (244) Sabbath School personnel from 61
churches participated in a week-end workshop of training and hands-on
experience at Camp Don, Robins Bay. Certificates were given to the

2009 - 2010

Three hundred and twenty one (321) Sabbath School Teachers from
churches in Kingston and St. Andrew and 74 from St. Thomas were
trained and certified. The training was done on four Sabbath afternoons in
Kingston at the EJC Boardroom and four Sundays at the Morant Bay and
Yallahs churches in St. Thomas. The text book used was “Counsels on
Sabbath School work” by E .G. White. Three graduations were held; two
in Kingston and one in St. Thomas, Three hundred and ninety-five (395)
teachers have been certified.

                   Sabbath School Teachers Graduation

                                   - 119-
Leadership Recognized

Five superintendents were awarded for good leadership. They are:
Sister Yvonne Jackson, Hagley Park SDA Church;
Sister Keisha Lue Morrison, Kings Chapel SDA Church;
Brother Donovan Hanson, Constant Spring SDA Church;
Sister Maxine Henry –Simpson, Shortwood SDA Church and
Sister Mable Williams – Hampton Court SDA Church.

    Sisters Yvonne Jackson and Maxine Henry-Simpson

Home Work Centers

As an evangelistic project of the Sabbath School department, each
Sabbath School was encouraged to establish a homework center in its
community to teach the children about God and assist them in their school

                    Homework Centre Constant Spring

                                     - 120-

      In 2009 the Sabbath School introduced a new programme for the
teenagers and youth as an inspiration for deeper Spiritual formation and
appreciation of their church. Invitation was sent to all Seventh-day
Adventist churches in EJC.

   1. Study the book of Matthew and the Desire of Ages
   2. Be involved in an evangelistic project
   3. Study the History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
   4. Be able to quote four texts that relate to these doctrines:
           (1) Second coming
           (2) The state of the dead
           (3) Forgiveness
   5. Know the History of EJC


   1. Choose a culture from within Inter-America including the relevant
      dress and share how Adventism was introduced in that area.
   2. Each finalist wore a sash representing a department of the
      Conference and they had to be knowledgeable of its history
   3. General knowledge of Jamaica

No of participating churches               12
Response received                          48 persons
Number of finalist                         10

                                  - 121-
Sashing Mr. & Miss EJC Youth Ambassador

       December 27, 2009 saw the final sashing at the VH Percy Centre,
with both winners coming from the Rollington Town SDA Church. Both
received one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) scholarship from UCC;
however it was transferred to 2010 competition as both winners are
already at University.

                         Miss EJC Ambassador, Mellonni Smith

                         Mr. EJC Ambassador, Giovanni Maddix

1st Runner up - $10,000 each
First Runners up were:
Miss. Deumotasha Smith - Kings Chapel SDA Church and
Mr. Karim Chang - Hagely Park SDA Church
2nd Runner up - $5,000 each
Second Runners up were:
Miss. Denise Dixion – Hagley Park SDA Church and
Mr. Jason Knight – Rollington Town SDA Church

                                   - 122-
          Mr. & Miss. EJC Ambassadors Winners and Runners

The programme continues in 2010. Letters have already been sent to the
churches inviting applicants to enter. This year by God’s grace it will be
better and bigger.


      “Through God we shall do valiantly.”Indeed God has done valiantly
and I praise Him and thank Him with all my heart for his leading. I am
grateful to all the various Sabbath School leaders who gave of their time,
talent and service and also Sabbath School members, for their presence
in Sabbath School. Without you there would be no Sabbath School.
      A very special thanks to my assistants, Mrs. Joan Stewartson who
shared the quadrennial and Mrs. Sophia Dormer who sacrificed even in
challenging times. Thanks also to Mr. Dormer for his quiet contribution.
May God continue to bless them.

      Thanks to: the Administrators of EJC; Union Director, Pastor
Joseph Smith; Pastor Desmond Robinson and Sis. Judith Forbes. Thanks
for your understanding, encouragement and support.

                                    - 123-
      In relation to the Ambassador programme I must thank Mrs. Maxine
Henry-Simpson, past superintendent of the Shortwood SDA Church, for
the many days and nights that she gave as we worked on this programme.

A sincere word of appreciation to all our sponsors of the
Ambassador programme:
East Jamaica Conference
University College of the Caribbean
Mr. Marston Thomas
Mr. Noel Morgan
Mr. Neville Henry
FOSRICH Company Limited
Memories Resort, St. Elizabeth
“Be faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life”.

                                 - 124-

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