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									Ladies timepieces

Ladies timepieces have been around for many years. Yes, it was the man who first possessed the first
timepieces in the form of a pocket watch. That is because back then in the early 1700-1800’s the larger
pocket watch was easier for the man to carry around in his pocket and too bulky and cumbersome for
the women.

The early timepieces that were designed for the women were the pendant. These were much smaller
than the pocket watch and allowed the women to wear them around her neck. Patek Philippe was the
first to be recognized to design a wrist watch for the women. It was after World War I and World War II
that the military needed the watch manufactures to design a watch that their men could carry with
them that the wrist watch was designed for the man. Soon a smaller daintier version that was made for
the women became more popular than before.

It was the women’s watches and timepieces that were the first to have diamonds in the band and
bracelet. These diamond bracelets with their finely cut diamonds would sparkle and the watch was
more of a piece of jewelry then a wristwatch. Women wore these beautifully designed watches as a true
fashion statement and it shown wealth and social status.

Today there are so many different varieties of ladies watches and timepieces. If you love sports there is
a specific watch or timepiece for whatever activity you participate in. Love the outdoors or working in
your yard, there is a watch that will suit your needs too. How about going out for the evening and you
want to dress up your look, well the more elegant diamond incrusted watches will add and element of
design to your look. That’s the fun part about watches and timepieces for the lady, is that they are as
diverse as she is.

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