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					                                              YMCA of

Living Stronger,
Feeling Stronger.
               Annual Report
               April 1 2010 - March 31 2011
Kathy MacLean
Board Chair
                                    Message from the Chair
Les Lawson
                                    of the Board of
                                    Directors and the Chief
                                    Executive Officer
Judi Giroux
Vice Chair

Erin Duffy                     This past year we have been focussed on maintaining the balanced budget achieved last
Secretary                      year but also with a goal to growth of programs and achieving the first milestone in our
                               building redevelopment. Last year we used the analogy of climbing a mountain towards
Dale Fawthrop                  our goal and if that is still the case; the road is still slow, the climb is still steep but we are
Director                       gaining ground at an amazing rate.
                               After months of renovation, the new Wellness Centre is complete thanks to government
Gerald Read                    funding, a strong town-county partnership and the generosity of members and non-
Director                       members alike. This is the first phase completed in a 3.5 million dollar project which
                               will also include an expanded on- site childcare centre, rejuvenated pool, lobby and
Heather Bembridge              community room.
Director                       The air-conditioned, revamped space boasts a new weight room, a renovated
                               gymnasium, and an added mezzanine level features the cardio room and fitness studio.
Nancy Trenholm                  With a major focus on group fitness this past year, we are pleased to provide a Y schedule
Y’s Menetters                  that offers more than 45 fitness classes weekly in the gym and fitness studio( as well as
                               other parts of Cumberland County). The shared space is also being used to deliver youth
Sonja Power                    programming activities such as Afterschool, Dance! Dance! and Soccer Stars.Classes such
Director                       as Fight Fit with Jim Ripley and CycleFit with Sherri Smith show the Y partnering with
                               community leaders to offer specialized programming.
Mark Hebert                    Volunteers are a critical part of our success. Our members get to enjoy a variety of
Director                       personalities in a wide range of classes. It keeps it fresh and gives everyone so much
Robert Nixon                   From the early days of the YMCA Hall, to the Barnes Fuel Building on Havelock Street,
Director                       the CAMR Building on Croft Street, Havelock Street and, now, Church Street, the YMCA
                               has served the community well since the late 1800’s. As a charity we are able to provide
Peter Smith                    subsidized memberships to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate.
Y Service Club                 When you support the Y, you support the health of your community. These memberships
                               can make a big difference in someone’s life, for children who can’t otherwise take part
                               in the swim program or families who might not normally take a class. Over 250 children,
YMCA MANAGEMENT                youth, adults and seniors were helped in 2010 through this program. Together we are
Trina Clarke                   providing a “hand up”, not a “hand out”.
CEO                            The metamorphosis has been dramatic. Much like our some our subsidized members,
                               our Y was in need of a “hand up”, we would not be in the midst of such growth and
Mac Hawco                      development if it were not for government support at all levels.
Manager of Childcare           We are delighted to be sharing this wonderful
                               space with our members and community
Jessica Allen                  and invite all of you to be part of the forward
Health, Fitness & Recreation   progression of the Cumberland YMCA.

Faith Flemming
Fundraising, Community
Development & Membership               Trina Clarke              Kathy MacLean
Services Manager                       CEO                       Board Chair
    Strong leaders for
    tomorrow, start today.
Youth & Teen
We had a very successful year of Friday night
fun. We had two age groups 5 – 8 and 9-14
year olds and we saw an average of 80 kids a
night enjoy time at the YMCA. This program
was made possible thank to funding from
the Town of Amherst.

Last summer we opened a youth room for
two months with lots of new and exciting
things for everyone (TV, games, wii,). This
drop-in youth centre saw 20 to 50 participants
every day. This was made possible thanks to
the generosity of Weston’s Bakeries Ltd.

There were three specialty camps last
summer Boys Zone, Kid Fit, and Adventure
Week. This new program saw a total of 60

                                                 participants throughout the

                                                 “Best Day of Summer Camp
                                                 Ever.”        --Imogen

                                                 “Awesome. Amazing. Had a lot
                                                 of fun.”    --Brett

                                                 After School
                                                 In addition to our three
                                                 childcare sites, we added
                                                 an afterschool program in
                                                 Westhighlands Elementary

                                                 In 2010-2011, the Childcare
                                                 department served over 255
                                                 families across Cumberland

    Health, Fitness and Recreation.
    Building stronger, healthier
    communities one person at a time.

    CycleFit is a cardiovascular fitness class held on
    indoor stationary bikes. It is sometimes referred
    to as “Spinning”. It is conducted in a group
    setting and everyone controls his/her own
    intensity. Certified instructors guide and motivate
    participants of all ages and fitness levels alike to
    work at their own pace while pushing their limits.
    Introduced to Cumberland County in 2010, as
    part of our group fitness offerings we are proud to
    say the results have been “climbing uphill” since
    the day we starting pedaling.

    “It is a fantastic workout. I have never sweat so
    much in my life. The Cumberland YMCA is doing a
    great job at integrated the new instructors in with
    the beginner members and participants of the
    class.”                --Male Participant, 20years

    “As a previous instructor, I can vouch how addictive
    that this sport can become. I recommend Cyclefit
    for individuals of any age who want to use the cycle
    workout as a full body workout.”
            --Male Participant / Instructor, 65years

                                        Soccer Stars
                                        A program that was developed from by Fitness Department to
                                        provide an opportunity for parents to interact with their children
                                        in a positive physical activity setting. Focused on children 6yrs
                                        and under it also provides basic soccer skills, introduction to team
                                        sport, and a 30min physical activity structured program.

                                        “Throughout the eight week session participants display a strong
                                        improvement in self confidence, skill abilities and overall soccer
                                        knowledge. Parents also have shown a vast amount interest in
                                        participating and positively encouraging their children throughout
3                                       each session. I have really enjoyed the experience and view the entire
                                        program as a huge success.” --Brad White Program Supervisor
Dance! Dance!
Implemented with the intention to bring a recreational dance program to our community, Dance
Dance introduced Jazz, Hip Hop and Modern Dance, to our youth in a fun and progressive manner.
First introduced to the community of Amherst, in 2009 we successfully implemented the program in
four communities within Cumberland County (Oxford,Springhill, Pugwash & Amherst).

“I have absolutely fallen in love with children who are falling in love with dance. That is what the Dance
Dance program at the Cumberland YMCA has done for the children in our community. Dance is an
awesome way for students to tap into their creativity and it has been my pleasure to watch these kids grow
technically and develop a passion for something so close to my heart.”        --Laura Coleman, instructor

Aquatics Department
Has made a splash by recruiting and training a new fleet of young Aquatic Leaders. We have successfully
trained nine new leaders who show potential of being our future leaders for Aquatics programs. All
of these individuals have completed their First Aid, AED, Bronze Cross & Medallions courses. They are
on their way to completion of their National Lifesaving Certifications and YMCA Swimming Instructors
courses. Congratulations to our new young leaders.

“I have been swimming at the Y since it opened in the mid 80’s (last century). At that time and for the next
few years, I swam for the physical enjoyment. Sometime later, I was diagnosed with Osteo-arthritis and
so kept up a daily swimming program. But, as the years went by, symptoms worsened and surgery was
needed. Four spinal fusions were done with the last one completed a few months ago. At the 3 month
post-operative check, it was confirmed that resuming water activity would be an excellent advantage for
me, but was reminded, by the surgeon, to increase pool activity gradually.
It now has been almost 3 months since I started back at the Y and have noticed that for a definite time after
being in the water, the pain is reduced and flexibility is increased. This is done in a safe manner because
water buoyancy helps to protect recuperating areas such as back, knees, ankles and hips. Water therapy
also supports and massages the body as you exercise. Post-operative swelling is also minimized. All of
this, I get from my local Y.”                 --Pat Wetmore

    The Strength of Many
    Our community is committed to
    building strong kids, strong families,
    strong communities. -- thank you
    Strong Kids Campaign Donors   Molly Burke            Renee Lusby
    Partner ($5000+)              Christina Castonguay   Terry MacAloney
    Amherst Rotary Club           Mary Anne Chapman      Paul MacEachern       Janet Wood
    Polycello                     Allen Chapman          Bertha MacKay         Wanda Wood
    Waldale                       Gloria Chase           Jennifer Mapplebeck   Susan Wood
    Weston’s Bakeries Ltd.        Pamela Chenhall        Haly McClinton
    Y Service Club                Paul Christie          Betty McLaren         In Memory of:
                                  Claire Christie        Virginia McManaman    Ada Dollar
    Gold ($1000 - $4999)          Trina Clarke           Scott Miller          Douglas Downey
    Amherst Toyota                Betsy Cooke            Jannie Milner         Deborah Dubois
    CIBC Children’s Foundation    Kristina Coughlan      Eugene Mooney         Douglas Farrow
    Michael Smith                 Peter Cove             Elizabeth Moore       Red Faulkner
                                  CNA                    Tony Morley           Jackie LeBlanc
    Silver ($500 - $999)          McIsaac Darragh        Larry Murray          Ken Thurston
    Amherst Y’s Menettes          Mary Della             David Myles           Stilly Stillman
    Anne Hughes                   Kyle Dewitt            Margaret Myles
    Ivan MacDonald                Christine DiMichele    Shirley Oram          Special Event Sponsors
    Garth Rayner                  Charles Druel          Roy Parlee            Amherst & Area Chamber of Commerce
                                  Duncan’s Pub           Cathy Pipe            Amherst Daily News
    Bronze ($200 - $499)          Tanya Dwyer            Margaret Polley       Amherst Firefighter’s Association
    Irene Caswell                 Sue Embree             Melanie Prendergast   ARHS
    Sharon Bristol                Wanda Farrell          Edith Purdy           Barbara Matthews
    Cindy MacLean                 Valda Fisher           Neville Ralph         be.
    Robert Nixon                  Faith Flemming         Debbie Richard        Chignecto-Central Health Promoting
    Oxford Frozen Foods           Dale Forsyth           Lisa Ripley           Schools
    Michael Wilson                Debbie Frentie         Susan Robichaud       CKDH Kitchen Party
    Janet Sutherland              Jackie Gallagher       Vicki Saley           Cumberland Sleep Perfect Pillows
    Mike Allen                    Natasha Galloway       Scotia Bank           Dessert Factory
                                  Darrell Green          Edna Smith            Easy Storage
    Friends (up to $199)          Brenda Green           Melissa Spence        Flow Lifestyle Boutique
    Jessica Allen                 Jim Green              Chastity Stack        Irving
    Charles Atherton              Ted Hatcher            Janet Stack           Jewel Creations by Marilyn
    Bambino’s                     Susan Haugg            Elaine Stevens        Labatt Breweries
    Steven Banks                  Mac Hawco              Keith Summer          Leslie Jane Fashions
    Crystal Barlow                Breas Haynes           Nancy Summer          Mansour’s Menswear
    Barnes Insurance              Lois Hebb              David Sweet           McDonald’s
    John Baxter                   Mark Hebert            T & W Holdings        Millie’s Sewing Creations
    Marion Blandford              Edie Helm              Brad Taylor           Paramount Theatre Amherst
    Donnie Boudreau               Aaron Hicks            Boyd Taylor           Rosbuds & Petals
    Scott Bragg                   Keith Hunter           Palette Thurber       San Lilies
    Michelle Brown                Sherry Hurley          Coreen Tizzard        Scotia Hyundai
                                  Harold Jones           Tom Trafford          Scotsburn
                                  Bobby Kemp             Lori-Anne Trenholm    Sharon’s CLoset
                                  Julie Kemp             Francis Viestrater    Spirit inspired artwear
                                  Christina Kenny        Linda Ward            Sweet Dreams
                                  Les Lawson             Sherry Watson         the knitwit
                                  Diana Legere           Steven Wells          West Amherst Wilsons
                                  Michelle Letto         Carrie Whalen         Y Service Club
                                  Anne Lewis             Caitlyn White         YMCA Board
                                  Hamp Lewis             Brad White            *We make every effort to ensure that our supporters are recognized. We

5                                 Judy Little            Gary Wilkie           apologize if we missed you. Please notify us so that we may correct our
                                                                               records. Thank you for your understanding.
Volunteers          Maddy Lafrienere
Amherst Ramblers    Robert Lafrienere
Stephanie Allen     Jonathan MacDonald
Deanna Brown        Mikihal Mansour
Michelle Brown      Barb Matthews
Sean Callaghan      Risha McKenney
Shawn Canton        Adriaana Michels
Natalie Cheverie    Amy Patriquin
Alexa Coleman       Ashley Phillips
Laura Coleman       Jenny Robicheau
Erin Dorn           Tyler Sangster
Roger Dorrington    Sherry Smith
Greg Estabrooks     Jenna Stevens
Donna Fitzpatrick   Mariah Stevens
Faith Flemming      Dave Sutherland
Joyce Fraser        Victoria Vance
Belinda Gouchie     Jenn Whittle
Kim Harrison        Michael Wilson
Nina Hoffman        Northern Youth Abroad
Harold Jones        YMCA Board
Devin Kiersted      YMCA sub-committees
Kim Kiersted

                                            163 volunteers helped deliver
                                            programming, services and special

        MCA cts
            st Fa
        Fa 11                               2,760 hours were given by
         ‘ 10 -                             volunteers to the YMCA.

                                            2 Staff attended a monitoring trip
                                            to Honduras in 2011.

                                            183 participants involved in
                                            International Development events.

                                            250 families and individuals were
                                            assisted through the subsidized
                                            membership program.

                                            868 member high in ‘10-’11.

                                            9 communities in Cumberland
                                            County hosted YMCA
          Our Mission                           Our Values                              Our Vision
The YMCA is dedicated to the growth         Caring - Honesty                 The Cumberland YMCA is relevant to
  of all persons in spirit, mind, and    Respect - Responsibility             the people of Cumberland County,
body and in a sense of responsibility                                         regardless of income level, in meet-
 to eachother and the global com-                                              ing their needs in health, wellness,
               munity.                                                               childcare, and personal
                                                                                development while maintaining
                                                                                     financial sustainability.

                                        P.O. Box 552, Amherst, NS, B4H 4A1
                                             Registered Charity number:

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