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Personal Details :-
Name                : MuthuSankaraNarayanan Valliammal
Date of Birth       : 18-06-1972
Nationality         : Indian
Gender              : Female
Address             : Blk 879, #07-26,woodlands street 82, Singapore – 730879
Mobile              : +65 82316175
Email               :

Education Background :-

      Master in Business Administration Finance                          2004 - 2006
                   First in MBA Finance 75% from IASE University, Rajasthan

      Masters in Personnal Management                                       2004 – 2007
                   First in MPM 61% from Pune University, Maharashtra

      Masters in IT and Marketing                                      2004 – 2006
                    First in IIMT Management Institute, Pune Autonomous 2004 – 2006

            Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering, Govt. College of Engg,
       Tirunelveli ,
             Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
                     First in 5th , 6th , 7th and 8th sem 74%        1989 to 1993

      XII Maths in Dote Board , TamilNadu 85.75%                            1987 to 1989
      X    Percentage in Dote Board , TamilNadu 87.75%                      1986 to 1987

Professional Experience :-

IBM India Pvt Ltd Sr Software Engineer           (Jan 2009 to Aug 2011)

Current Job:

Product        :     RTC
Date           :     July 2010 still
Company        :     IBM India Pvt Ltd, Lords, Chennai

       -   Done the different sprints in RTC.
       -   Did the I H S expansion requirement analysis, design, code and test and delivered.
       -   Created the RTVM and the Quality related documents
       -   Done the training for the other project for RTC
       -   Expert in the work
       -   Configured the CVS with the Project.
       -   Did the different builds.
       -   Created RTC Project users
       -   Created the work items for them
       -   Done different Builds in the RTC and delivered to the Integration Environment
Individual's role on the project : Project Lead

Product       :      Autoloader
Dates         :      July 2010 still
Company       :      IBM India Pvt Ltd, Lords, Chennai
Langauge      :      Java, Webservices

       -   Did the Design , Development and test
       -   Used Jxl package to receive the RoHS complaint materials for the IBM Partnumbes
       -   Validate the data
       -   User web service, IBM Part Number webservice and Qualification web service deployed
           in Websphere
       -   Did the XSD schema development for the WSAD and the corresponding Business objects
       -   Used DBLoad and Scripts to Update the Database Oracle 11g.
       -   Used XML parsers if the data submitted in the form of XML files

Individual's role on the project : Project Lead

Product    :       Explore
Dates      :       Apr 2009 still
Company    :       IBM India Pvt Ltd, Sector V, Kolkata.
Languages :        Perl, C++
      - Worked in the Custom Functions Deployment in C++
      - Did the analysis, design, coding and testing
      - Done the extractor , DBLoad and Configuration files creation
      - Done different Model changes without Dataloss
      - Gave the Best solutions and solved the problems very quickly and Expert in Aspect APIs.

Support Tools : RTC, RPM, Agile Technology, Rational Architect.
Using Eclipse CDT, RSE and MinGW for the Debugging.

Individual's role on the project : Team Lead

Product    :      QPEX
Dates      :      Nov 2009 to Feb 2010
Company    :      IBM India Pvt Ltd, Sector V, Kolkata.
Languages :       Java, JSP, Websphere, DB2, RSA
      - Developed different Jsp pages needed
      - Worked in the Windows Eyes and WebKing to make sure the standards maintained
      - Worked in the CRS development Tool
      - Worked in the code reviews and the design reviews

Support Tools : RTC, RPM, Agile Technology, Rational Architect, Scrum, DB2, Websphere.
Individual's role on the project : Individual Contributor

SriBhagavan Mahaveer Jain College, Center for Management Studies                          Lecturer
Dates      :     June 2008 to Jan 2009

Work             :       To teach Finance, Management and IT subjects and handling the labs.

DELCAM Software India Pvt Ltd. (UK based company)                         Sr Software Engineer

Product    :       Powershape
Dates      :       Mar 2006 to Mar 2008
Company    :
      - Worked in the Shoe design, development and testing in C++
      - Done the expert work in the Trim, Seam, Fold and overlap and different treatments
      - Worked in the design of Burger architecture
      - Done the Design of Last editor
      - Done the full development of Last Editor, got some gifts also.
      - Done efficient programming for storing data in CQR database.
      - Done the different patterns implementation in the C++ objects.

Individual's role on the project : Team Lead

GV Imports Inc,                          Sr Web Developer

Position   :             Software Consultant
Dates      :             Feb 2001 to March 2002
Project    :             GV Imports Inc, Website Development
Environment:             Java, JSP, Java Beans, Oracle 8i, HTML, Java Script, XML, Oracle, XML Parser
Client     :             GV Imports Inc, NY, USA.

         -   Developed all the image files for the show. I am working on the up gradation of this
             website to JSP pages. Additional pages are also included for the online ordering. I have
             worked on the Billing Software for the flight booking services for this company.
         -   Used JavaScript for the validation of dates. I used XML to communicate the data
             between the client companies for transferring essential data. Currently working on the
             software for Business improvement between China and India in Import Building.

Bluestone Consulting INC, NJ, USA                                 Java Developer

Dates      :             Sept 2000 to Feb 2001
Project    :             Insure Hi-tech Carrier Integration
Environment:             Java, JSP, Java Beans, Oracle 8i, HTML, Java Script, XML, Oracle, XML Parser,
                         IBM Xml Parser , XML Spy , Tomcat.

Client           :       Insure Hi-Tech, NJ, USA.

         -   Worked in the requirement, coding, testing and Integration of this in the CSR Module. Worked in
             the simulation of XML Doc has been posted from the client and handled by the server.
         -   The server will handle this doc and parse it. Then it will reply to the client for the XML document to
             be ok. Used XLE. Created DTD and DTDSA files and write queries with the database to get the
             XML doc and the modification of it and XML DTD manually. Different queries have been written to
             get the corresponding values from the database. For the Date validation, Java script method has
             been written to do the date validations for the additional Question Answer Module.
         -   Wrote the document for coding standards. For converting data from XML to Oracle database table
             updating from the database table to XML doc.
         -   Tested Poolman server software and identified different processing speed of SQL queries. Did the
             image file changes for the HTML forms. Wrote the comparison utility to do the comparison
             between two different XML documents. With the different question groups , the additional
             questions have been populated from the database and the corresponding values entered to the
             database. Used clob to get the XML doc to store in the database, wrote the method, tested and
             given suggestion storing as character format instead of bytes will not give loss of data.
         -   Used Java Script validations and got the corresponding results. Wrote different administration
             modules for accessing the data base, Policy Type table, Policy Type Future Table. Wrote algorithm
             for putting next and back buttons in the forms.
         -   Analysis of MQ Series and Sonic MQ. Installed SonicMQ to send and receive data through message
             queue. Did the requirement phase for that. So whenever the IC uses MQ series , it can able to get
             the send and receive of messages and XML doc can be send in the message format. Did the
             analysis for the JMS service. Got all the printout of the forms and filled data, Tested.
         -   Checked the Printer friendly files and assigned the orders. Write the monitor coverage for the
             different coverage form of XML and according to the validity of XML flag. In the coverage form
             binder object, written methods for playing the HTML forms for the Insurance carriers. Created the
             forms for playing the coverage forms. Did the Testing Module.

Project     :           Soccer Game Registration
Dates       :           May 2000 to Aug 2000
Environment :           Java, JSP, Java Beans, Oracle 8i, HTML, Java Script

         -   Worked in the development phase, coding, testing, debugging and integration of the
             project. Worked in the testing, Integration of forms and images in the HTML. User
             interface forms and developed email broadcasting with multithread implementation.
         -   Developed administration modules for creating newsletter, attaching different
             documents and images to the newsletter, adding configuration parameters to the
             database, create different email user group and adding user to the group, delete the
             user from the group , Admin module for accessing different configuration tables for the

BIT Technology INC, NJ                  Sr Systems Engineer

Dates      :            April 2000
Project    :            Apollo Web development
Environment:            Java, JNI, Oracle 8i, Sun Sparc and Unix, Struct Converter tool.
Client     :            Credit Suite First Boston Bank, NY, USA

   Used Struct Converter tool to convert structures from C to Java and used them as objects to
    pass the data and get the results of return code. According to the return code, it will decide to
    update the Profile Server Database.
   Worked in the requirement phase, Design phase and coding phase of this module in Java and

Dates      :            March 2000
Project    :            Discussion Group
Environment:            Microsoft JBuilder, Java, EJB, Weblogic, SQL Server 6.5, ASP,
                        Oracle 8i, Windows NT and Unix and HTML, Visual Basic.
Client          :       Big, CA, USA
   Worked in the Post and reply of forums and search with different contents inside the forums,
    different forums list. Used JSP pages and Oracle as the backend and buzz power API to do the
    different communications with forums.
   Worked in the User authentication which will use Sybase as backend to do the authorization.
    Worked in the implementation of the website.

Dates      :           Nov 1999 to Feb 2000
Project    :           Minnie II (ARS RemedyWeb 4.1)
Environment:           Visual Café, Java, Swing, SQL Server 6.5, Windows NT and Unix, Install
Client          :      Remedy Corporation, Mountain View, CA, USA.
         -   Worked in the Development , design and coding, testing in Java , Swing
         -   Done validations code for the different Input
         -   Done the Bug Fixes
         -   Done some good design works for the GUI Interface
         -   Used SQL server queries and developed the AR Remedy TOOL

Boden Services Inc, NJ                      Senior Systems Engineer

Project    :           Consumer Based Transaction Methods July 99 to Sep 99
Dates      :           June 1999 to Oct 1999
Environment:           MVS, JCL, COBOL, MVS operating System, RCS, File Aid
Client     :           Associates Inc, South Bend, IN, USA

         -   Worked as TeamLead
         -   Worked in the MVS JCL changes to make that to have additional bank branch codes,
             generated different GDG files for reference, did the field value changes and tested the
             input and output files.
         -   Performed changes in the COBOL programs for different conditional changes and tested
             the input and output files. Did the changes in the COBOL programs for the different
             conditional changes. Worked in the batch processing of different JCL files. Did the
             testing. Worked with RCS source control system.
         -   Worked in the Sync Sort for the File Key Expansion and required changes.
         -   Worked in the File Aid to do the different changes to the VSAM files.
         -   Responsibility includes analysis, design, modification, Unit testing and System Testing.

Project         :      IG 09
Dates           :      July 1998 to June 1999
Client          :      Colonial Insurance Inc, IBM Global Services Inc, Orange
                       County, CA, USA, Specialized Software Inc, Worcester, MA, USA.
Environment:           Dos Vse, COBOL, CICS, DB2, DOS VSE JCL, Assembler

This project is designed to take the tests of various tests of file modification and file Expansion.
Worked as Team Leader to develop the different analysis of CA sort and made the file expansions.
    - Worked as Team Lead
    - Worked in the File Expansion to enhance the 2 Byte VIN to 4 Byte VIN.
    - Worked with different VSAM file Expansions. Given training to team in DOS VSE JCL and CA
    - Performed different online CICS testing to verify the File Expansion, Sort Verification, VSAM
       file verification and rating programs. Worked as assembly language also to verify the File
    - Responsible for designing the System, Analysis, Development, Unit testing, System testing.
Covansys, India                             Software Consultant

Project    :           Guarantee National Insurance Company
Dates      :           Jan 1998 to June 1998
Client     :           CBSI, Chennai, India.
Environment:           DOS VSE, COBOL, CICS, DB2, DOS VSE, JCL

This project is designed to take the tests of various tests of the modification and file Expansion.
Worked as Team Leader to develop the different analysis of CA sort and made the File Expansions.
    - Worked as Team Lead
    - Worked in the File Expansion to enhance the 2 Byte VIN to 4 Byte VIN.
    - Worked in different VSAM file expansions.
    - Given training to REXX and make different Interpreter programs work and give the proper
       reporting and print outs.
    - Performed different online CICS testing to verify the File Expansion, Sort verification, VSAM
       file verification and Rating programs. Responsible for designing the system, Analysis,
       Development, Unit testing and System Testing.

TATA Consultancy Services, Chennai                 Systems Analyst

Project    :           British Airways_Y2K
Dates      :           Feb 1997 to Dec 1997
Client     :           British Airways, PLC, US and TCS, Chennai.
Environment:           MVS, JCL, Cobol, Teradata, DB2 and Rexx.

   -     Involved in the Year 2000 conversion project for British Airways.
   -     Responsible for developing a tool using REXX to identify date fields. hard coded values in
         the Teradata repository, PL1 and COBOL programs.
   -     Responsible for analysis, Year 2000 changes, coding, development of various tools, Unit and
         System Testing. Also verified all the changes by running unit and system testing which
         includes Fast Load, Bulk Load, Multi Load, BTEQ and SELCOPY.

IIT, Madras                          Project Associate

Position       :      Project Associate
Dates          :      June 1995 to Jan 1997
Project        :      Wireless Local Loop
Client         :      MIDAS, Analog Devices, USA and IIT, Chennai.
    - Involved in the development of Telecom Software for Indian Institute of Technology,
       Madras. Responsible for the implementation of operator maintenance module.
    - Responsible included the development of Software using C and Java. For maintenance of
       new and existing subscribers, porting software to Linux and Java, TCP/IP protocols for
       communication between terminals. Development of applications to prepare phone bills using
       clipper, C codes for setting alarm call service, Call forwarding, Etc.

GCE, Tirunelveli                     Lecturer

Dates           :     June 1993 to May 1995
Project         :     Rocket Launching, Book management and Bank account Management,
                      Development of an Editor
Client          :     GCE, Tirunelveli, India.
     -    Involved in the software development and maintenance of various projects like Rocket
          Launching. Development of an Editor, Book Management and Bank account Management.
     -    Responsibilities on all of these project included Design, Simulation, coding, Testing and
          debugging application programs in C++.
     -    Worked as part time Instructor taken classes in Artificial Intelligence, Distributed
          Computing, Programming Languages, Algorithm Analysis and Design, Boolean
          Algebra(Digital Design and Architecture). Handled Labs in C++, C, Unix, Pascal, COBOL,
          DBASE, LAN and WAN.

Project Done on the Course work in MBA

          1. “Research for Vanquish Infonet to identify their client base “.
          Location      :      Pune, Maharashtra.

             Work done
      To identify society, Industry in Pune and in Maharashtra, the potential customers who needs
      the website, to identify which category of people use the website and to find out where the
      web based applications are used, to identify the web as cheapest media of communication,
      to collect information and sharing from the Web are the major tasks which has been
      I have collected the data’s for the specific objectives using News paper, Yellow pages,
Magazines and Internet.

          2. “Project for Circuit design calculations” for SR NARKHEDE Engineering
          Location       :        Bhosari, Maharashtra.

          Work done
          Developed C codes for the circuit design, coded, tested.


    Sl#                     Title                     Location              Organized by
1         Sun Certified Java Programmer             USA              SUN
2         JSP Developer                             USA              Bluestone
3         XML Developer                             USA              BLUESTONE
4         TEB Developer                             USA              Bluestone
5         French Ist Level                          PUNE             Symbiosis
6         German                                    PUNE             IIMT
7         Spanish                                   Bangalore        Spanish Language Insititute


    Sl#                 Title                   Location        Organized by          Duration
1         Personality Development and ITP      Madras         TCS                  2 months
2         MainFrame, TeraData                  Madras         TCS                  2 Months
3         DOS / VSE,VM/CMS                     Madras         CBSE                 1 week

Trainings By IBM :
1    GBS Data Security & Privacy                  Online    IBM   1 day
     Awareness Training
2    Getting Started Managing                     Online    IBM   2 days
     Projects in IBM Rational
     Portfolio Manager
3    RENEWED ADAPTABILITY TO                      Online    IBM   1 day
4    Know your Industry                           Online    IBM   3 days
5    DB2 SQL for Experienced User                 Kolkata   IBM   3 days

6    Metrics Primer                               Kolkata   IBM   1 day
7    SQL Server 2008                              Kolkata   IBM   3 days
8    Hibernate - Developing Java Relational       Kolkata   IBM   5 days
9    Defect Prevention                            Kolkata   IBM   1 day
10   Casual Analysis and Resolution               Kolkata   IBM   1 day
11   Web Services using Java/J2EE Training        Kolkata   IBM   5 days
12   QPACE Level 1 to 4                           Kolkata   IBM   7 days
13   Financial Work Bench                         Kolkata   IBM   1 day
14   Enterprise Risk Management                   Kolkata   IBM   1 day
15   Service Oriented Architecture and Patterns   Chennai   IBM   3 days
16   GOF design Patterns                          Kolkata   IBM   5 days
17   Architecture Patterns                        Chennai   IBM   5 days

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