Teledyne Isco_ Inc by linzhengnd


									                                  EMERGENCY SUPPLIER CONTACT INFORMATION

Name of Supplier               Teledyne Isco, Inc.
Address (list any additional
locations if applicable)       4700 Superior Street
                               Lincoln, NE 68504-1398

Main Office #                  (800) 228-4373
POC                            Customer Service
Phone # (if different)
Fax #                          (402) 465-3022
Email Address        
Web Site             
Contract # (if applicable)     COSTARS-016-031
Type of Business               Manufacturer
Hours of Operation             7:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time Monday-Friday
24 Hour Service                YES                NO
Emergency POC                  Customer Service
Emergency Office Phone #       (800) 228-4373
Emergency Cell Phone #
Emergency Blackberry #
Emergency Home Phone #
Emergency Fax #                (402) 465-3022
Back-up Contact Information


Please return this completed form to the COSTARS Program by e-mail to
If you have any questions, please contact COSTARS Program staff at 1-866-768-7827.

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