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									                                               Here from There”, “The Car Ride”, and
Hope Valley                                    “Pile of Tin”.
Preschool                                          Our children will take a look at the
                                               food truck as it makes its delivery. We
August 2011                                    also have other forms of transportation
                                               that will be visiting! We’ll make a
                                               transportation collage, trains from
                                               geometric shapes, and paper plate cars
                                               and airplanes. And…we’ll trace our
                                               shoe prints – since this is our basic form
                                               of transportation.

                                               MARK YOUR CALENDARS
                                               TBA: Be on the lookout for visits from
                                               the Bread Truck, Fire Truck, EMS
                                               Truck, and Motorcycle.
Kahaan is graphing his favorite color
on a stoplight.
                                               15     Museum visit: Marsupial’s
                                                      Computer Class – free trial week
Transportation Unit                             26    Bookmobile visits
   This month our preschoolers will be
learning all about transportation. Watch
for airplanes, spaceships and boats to
                                                       FUN FRIDAYS
                                                5    Car Wash/Tire Rubbings
appear from cardboard boxes. We’ll
                                               12    Float Your Boats
visit lots of places using our
                                               19    Fly Planes and Kites
imaginations as we line up chairs and
                                               26    Space Food Experience
pretend to ride a bus.
   How do you learn about math and
science in a transportation unit? Our                    OUR SPECIALS
children will count wheels on vehicles,       Tuesday     Wednesday      Thursday           Friday
different colors of cars, and how many        Tumblin’    Music          Spanish         Computer
cars are in our parking lot. We’ll graph      Tots        Class          Class           Class
how many cars our families have and
discover the most popular color. Our
children will explore rubber tires with
magnifying glasses and tire rubbings.
We’ll also make license plate rubbings.
   During circle time, our children will             BOOK OF THE MONTH
talk about what transportation is, their           This month our preschoolers will
favorite place to visit, and how to get        enjoy reading, The Trucker by Barbara
there. We’ll discuss wheels, cars, trucks,     Samuels. Leo loves trucks. He drives
boats, planes, trains, rockets, and horses.    them up and down his mom’s legs and
The bookmobile will bring us lots of           even lost one in his oatmeal. Leo wants
transportation books and we’ll learn           a fire truck but mom surprises him with
favorite songs and fingerplays like,           a cat, Lola, who joins in on the truck fun.
“Wheels on the Bus”, “How do I get to          Check it out!
                                              NC Museum of Natural Science
                                                        What is a Marsupial?
                                              Kangaroos and koalas are marsupials
                                              and they have pouches, but not all
                                              marsupials have pouches! We will learn
                                              about marsupials and meet the only one
                                              native to North America. Do you know
                                              what it is?

                                                          Spanish Class

The toddlers are exploring Sensory            Es mucho calienta! As summer sizzles,
Play. The feel of the cool, wet water         the children will participate in familiar
is fun!                                       games like Bingo, and Simon Says, but
                                              the numbers, colors, alphabet and
INFANTS & TODDLERS                            “commands” will be called out in
    Curriculum is as important for infants    Spanish. The children will continue
and toddlers as it is for preschoolers. It    practicing their songs.
may look like very little planning is
needed, since they are just playing.
Most of what our children experience is
new to them. Each day may open a door                         Music Class
to a new discovery as they feel textures,        As soon as young children are able to
handle objects, hear sounds, and try new      hold objects, they start to bang and shake
food.                                         them. This month, we will teach our
    A good curriculum includes teacher        preschoolers how to play rhythm sticks.
interactions; the arrangement of space,       Rhythm sticks are wonderful musical
furnishings, and materials; teaching          instruments for young children. What
strategies; language; the schedule of         can we do with rhythm sticks? We can
activities; and transitions between           tap the sticks together, tap the floor –
activities. Routine care activities are       sticks together, tap the floor – alternating
opportunities for learning. Our activities    right and left sticks, and scrape the sticks
build on the children’s natural interest in   together…all to instrumental music.
exploring the world around them.
    In keeping with our transportation
theme, our toddlers will enjoy a toy
wash, use their motor skills as they move     HAPPY BIRTHDAY
like different forms of transportation,
play inside a large “train” box, and pack     Kylie R.        Davis S.        Jason T.
their suitcase so they can dump it, of        Isabel Z.       Gage R.         Logan S.
course!                                       Graham H.       Taylor F.       Yotam GL

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