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Sheet1 - Pack 533 Homepage


									NOTES:                           Welcome to
                              Cub Scout Pack 533

         BY:                  Keith Elementary
                              20550 Fairfield Green
                              Cypress,TX 77433

         PACK 533 COMMITTEE
         COMMITTEE CHAIR      Mike Thacker            281-923-3850
         CUBMASTER            Brad Rose               713-787-7915
         ASST. CUBMASTER      OPEN (Your name here)
         ASST. CUBMASTER      Jim Cartwright          281-304-0460
         TREASURER            Patricia Grosch         832-220-6479
         AWARDS CHAIR         Karen Boatman           832-423-8558
         AWARDS CHAIR         Deanna Hicks            281-256-3866
         OUTINGS CHAIR        OPEN (Your name here)
         PUBLIC RELATIONS     OPEN (Your name here)
         QUARTERMASTER        OPEN (Your name here)
         WEBMASTER            Steven Broeder          281-373-9160
         MEMBERSHIP CHAIR     Roland LaBerge          281-304-8466
         DERBY CHAIR          Steven Broeder          281-373-9160
         BLUE & GOLD CHAIR    OPEN (Your name here)
         DAYCAMP CHAIR        OPEN (Your name here)
         CHARTER ORG. REP.    OPEN (Your name here)
         MEDICAL OFFICER      Susan Putska            281-304-9797
         TIGERS: 1st grade

         WOLVES: 2nd grade
         WOLVES DEN 10                  Steven Broeder                 h    281-373-9160
                                                                       c    832-647-4834
         WOLVES DEN 11                  Nathan Earle                   h    281-373-4653

         BEARS: 3rd grade
         BEARS DEN 1                     Susan Putska                  h    281-304-9797
                                                                       c    713-446-7493
                                        Russell Faulk                  c    832-256-5448

         WEBELOS I: 4th grade
         WEBELOS DEN 4&6                 Jason Wolf                    c    713-306-4422

         WEBELOS II: 5th grade
         WEBELOS I DEN 8                 Alan Brevard                  h    281-304-2053

         WEBELOS I DEN 7                 Roland LaBerge                h    281-304-8466
                                                                       c    832-722-8466

         WEBELOS I DEN 9                Corey Walls                    h    281-758-2808
                                                                       c    979-575-9234

         This booklet is published by Pack 533 to provide
         information for parents. All information is subject to change as needed.
                                                                               UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS

                            CUB SCOUT MOTTO                                  Tiger, Wolf & Bear Cub Checklist (1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades)
                               Do your best                                    Shirt, blue short-sleeve………………                                           22.99
                                                                               Insignia - Sam Houston Council shoulder patch                             3.25
                                                                               Insignia - Pack 533 Numerals ($1.19 x 3)                                  3.57
                          CUB SCOUT PROMISE                                    Insignia - Den Numerals                                                   1.49
                           I promise to do my best,                            Insignia - World Scout Crest Emblem                                       1.49
                    To do my duty to God and my country,                       Neckerchief, Orange for Tiger,Yellow for Wolf,Blue for Bear               5.99
                          To help other people, and                            Neckerchielf Slide, Cub Scout                                             3.99
                        To obey the Law of the Pack.                           Belt & Buckle, Navy web Cub Scout (large is 10.99) -small                 6.49
                                                                               Handbook, Tiger                                                           6.99
                                                                                                             Approximate Total:                         56.25
                                                                               Cap, Orange for Tiger,Yellow for Wolf or Bear (Optional)                 12.99
                           LAW OF THE PACK
                        The Cub Scout follow Akela.                          Webelos Scout Checklist (4th & 5th Grade)
                      The Cub Scout helps the Pack go.                        Shirt, Tan short-sleve                                                    29.99
                     The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow.                       Insignia - Sam Houston Council shoulder patch                              3.25
                       The Cub Scout gives good will.                         Insignia - Pack 533 Numerals ($1.19 x 3)                                   3.57
                                                                              Insignia - Den Numerals                                                    1.49
                                                                              Insignia - World Scout Crest Emblem                                        1.49
                                                                              Neckerchief, Plaid                                                         6.99
                                                                              Neckerchief Slide, Webelos Scout                                           3.99
                                                                              Belt & Buckle, Navy or Olive web (large is 10.99) -small                   6.49
                                                                              Shoulder Loops, Blue (epaulets)                                            2.49
For every 100 Youths involved in Scouting:                                    Webelos Colors for achievement pins                                        4.49
* 12 will have their first contact with a church                              Handbook, Webelos                                                          8.99
* 1 will use Scout skills to save a life                                                                    Approximate Total:                          73.23
* 1 will use Scout skills to save his own life                                Cap, Navy & Blue w/Webelos Emblem (Optional)                              12.99
* 2 will become Eagle Scouts
* 8 will enter professions first learned through the Merit Badge system      Prices without sales tax.
* 17 will become Scouting volunteers & pass their skills, inspiration, and   Prices subject to change.
  leadership to countless youth                                              Note: Pants - Blue Jeans can be worn for all scout uniforms.
* 18 will develop hobbies that will give them lifelong interest
* Only rarely will one ever appear in Juvenile court                         Uniforms are available for purchase at the following locations:
* 26 of the first 29 astronauts                                              The Scout Shop (2225 N.Loop West @ TCJester Blvd.)              713-865-5190
* 11 of the 12 who walked on the moon                                        The Scout Shop (satellite), 6512 FM1960W                        281-444-1152
* 108 of 172 astronauts were boy scouts                                      Or online at:
* Over half of the 100 attained Star, Life or Eagle rank.
NEW MEMBER CHECKLIST                                                              Summary Calendar

Council: Sam Houston Area Council (SHAC)
                                                                                        9/13/11    Rally Night
District: Big Cypress District                                                          9/15/11    Pack Meeting (Rally Night 2)
                                                                                       10/20/11    Pack Meeting
Chartered Organization: Keith Elementary/Cy-Fair I.S.D.                                10/30/11    Pushmobile Races
                                                                             11/11/11-11/13/11     Fall Campout
Pack# 533 Den#_____Tiger_____Wolf_____Bear_____Webelo_____                             12/15/11    Pack Meeting
                                                                         12/28/2011 & 1/7/2012     Pinewood Derby Workshops
My son's den leader is ______________________________________                           1/19/12    Pack Meeting
                                                                                        1/21/12    Pinewood Derby Races
Phone # __________________________________________________                              2/18/12    Blue & Gold Banquet
                                                                                3/30/12 - 4/1/12   Spring Campout
My son's den meets on ____________________at______________PM                            4/14/12    Scout Fair
                                                                                        4/19/12    Cake Bake & Auction
Location __________________________________________________                             5/19/12    Crossover Ceremony

My son's Cubmaster is: Brad Rose
                                                                                           TBD NASA Overnight Trip
Phone # cell 281-787-7915

My son's Pack Committee Chair is: Mike Thacker                  YOUR SON, SCOUTING AND YOU

Phone # cell 281-923-3850                                            As a parent, you want your son to grow up to be a person of worth, a self-
                                                                 reliant, dependable and caring individual. Scouting has these same goals in
                                                                 mind for him. Since 1910 we've been weaving lifetime values into fun and
                                                                 educational activities designed to assist parents in strengthening character,
                                                                 developing good citizenship and enhancing physical fitness in youth.

                                                                    These values help your son make good decisions throughout his lifetime
                                                                 and give him confidence as he becomes and adult leader of tomorrow.

                                                                    With all of the negative influences in today's society, Scouting provides
                                                                 your son with a positive peer group and a program that is fun and adventurous
                                                                 and helps him to "be prepared" to shape his own future.

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