RFP for Automated Vehicle Location and Monitoring System by yaosaigeng


									             REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
                 PROJECT 2006-062

                    15 May 2006

                     Prepared by
                The City of Missoula
              Public Works Department
                  435 Ryman Street
              Missoula, MT 59802-4297
                Weston Solutions, Inc.
            190 Queen Anne Avenue, North
                        Suite 200
               Seattle, WA 98109-4926
                 WO 11547.010.001.0001
                                              PROJECT 2006-062

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Invitation to Propose …………....................................................................... 1
Instructions to Respondents ............................................................................. 3

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Section 2.0 – Scope of Work ......................................................... ………….                         19
      Section 2.1 - Deliverables ................................................... ………….                          19
      Section 2.2 - Schedule ......................................................... ………….                        20
      Section 2.3 - Technical Specifications ................................ ………….                                 20
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Functional Requirements .............................................................. Attachment 1
Technical Requirements .............................................................. Attachment 2
Contract Documents ..................................................................... Attachment 3

                                                              i                                                   15 May 2006
                                 INVITATION TO PROPOSE

Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received at the office of the City Clerk, 435
Ryman Street, Missoula, Montana, until 3:00 p.m., on Wednesday, June 7, 2006 for the
furnishing of all labor, equipment and materials for implementation and support of an Automated
Vehicle Location and Monitoring System (AVLMS).

The successful respondent will be contracted to provide the City of Missoula (City) with an
initial pilot system for two sewer jet trucks that will serve as the foundation for expanded
deployment to additional sewer jet and sewer jet/vac equipment, snow plows/deicers/sanders,
street sweepers, and other vehicles.

Summary of Services

The contractor will provide the following goods and services.
   1. GPS receivers, modems, switch sensors, and optionally priced engine performance
      sensors for two sewer jet trucks.
   2. Server software for communicating with the vehicles.
   3. Client software for tracking and analyzing vehicle operations.
   4. Telecommunications services.
   5. Installation, integration, testing, and training for all of the above components.
   6. Annually renewable support services for all hardware and software components.


A copy of this “Request for Proposal” may be obtained by email (djordan@ci.missoula.mt.us).
Respondents shall submit proposals addressed to the City Clerk, City of Missoula, enclosed in
sealed envelopes plainly marked on the outside "Proposal for City Project 2006-062 –
Automated Vehicle Location and Monitoring System."

Performance and Payment Bonds will be required of the successful responder in the amount of one
hundred percent (100%) of the aggregate of the proposal for the faithful performance of the
contract, and protection of the City of Missoula against liability.

No proposal will be considered which includes federal excise tax, since the City is exempt there
from and will furnish to the successful vendor certificates of exemption.

The City of Missoula reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and if all proposals are
rejected, to re-advertise under the same or new specifications, or to make such an award as in the
judgment of its officials best meets the City's requirements. The City reserves the right to waive
any technicality in the procurement which is not of a substantial nature.

                                             1                                     15 May 2006
Any objections to published specifications must be filed in written form with the City Clerk prior to
proposal due date at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 7, 2006.

Marty Rehbein, City Clerk

PUBLICATION NOTICE DATES:                     May 14, 2006

                                              May 21, 2006

                                             2                                     15 May 2006
                            INSTRUCTIONS TO RESPONDENTS


The objective of this request for proposal (RFP) is to provide sufficient information for selection
of the respondent with whom the City will negotiate for contract services. The RFP is not a
contractual offer or commitment to purchase services.
Respondents must be bona fide providers of the services requested, using installed and operating
systems open for inspection by representatives of the City.
To be responsive to this request, proposals must conform to the procedures, format, and content
requirements outlined in these “Instructions to Respondents.” Deviations may be grounds for
The projected schedule for contractor selection is as follows:
Activity                                                                      Estimated Dates
RFP first published and available                                              14 May 2006
Written requests for information due                                               25 May 2006
Proposals due                                                                      7 June 2006
Notification of Selected Firm                                                  14 June 2006
Contract Award by City Council                                                 19 June 2006


To speed and simplify the proposal evaluation and to ensure that each proposal receives
the same orderly review, all proposals must follow the format described in this section.
Proposals shall contain all elements of information requested. Exceptions must be noted as
described in Section 2.2.
An original, three copies and one electronic format copy of the proposal are required. The
electronic copy shall be in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, or Rich Text Format and stored on a
CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive
Proposals shall include a cover letter. If the proposal is made by a firm or partnership, the name
and address of the firm or partnership shall be shown, together with the names and addresses of
the Principals or Members. The proposal must contain the signature of a duly authorized officer
or agent for the respondent company empowered with the right to bind the respondent.
In addition to the cover letter, proposals shall include the following sections:
       1.       Executive Summary
       2.       Administrative Questions
       3.       Capacity to Meet Functional and Technical Requirements

                                              3                                       15 May 2006
       4.       Related Experience and References
       5.       Project Staff
       6.       Schedule
       7.       Price
Detailed requirements and directions for preparation of each section are outlined below.

2.1    Section 1: Executive Summary
In the Executive Summary, highlight the major facts and features of the proposal, including any
conclusions, assumptions, and recommendations you desire to make. The Executive Summary
should be designed specifically for review by executives who may not possess a technical
background. It must be no more than two pages in length.

2.2    Section 2: Administrative Questions
Provide the following information relative to your firm. If you are proposing to subcontract
some of the proposed work to another firm, similar information must be provided for each
           Firm name and business address, including telephone number, e-mail, and FAX
            number (if available).
           Year established (include former firm names and year established, if applicable).
           Type of ownership and parent company, if any.
           Give the name, title, address, telephone number, and email address of the respondent's
            authorized negotiator. The person cited shall be empowered to make binding
            commitments for the respondent firm and its subcontractors, if any.
           What exceptions are taken to the requirements of this RFP? If exceptions are taken,
            cite the activity involved, the exception taken, and alternate language. If no exceptions
            are taken, so state.
           What is the current financial status and condition of the respondent? This query will
            be best satisfied by submission of the respondent's latest annual financial statement or

2.3    Section 3: Capacity to Meet Functional and Technical Requirements

List each of the products that comprise the proposed automated vehicle location and monitoring
system. Discuss and clearly outline how your proposed solution can meet or exceed each of the
functional and technical requirements of this RFP. Please note that some of the functional
requirements pertain to anticipated expansion of the system in future years. Completeness of
answers to all questions will distinguish respondents. Identify which product or combination of
products will meet each functional requirement and describe how they will meet the functional
and technical requirements.

                                              4                                     15 May 2006
Contact Dan Jordan at djordan@ci.missoula.mt.us for a digital copy of the form for responding
to the requirements.

2.4       Section 4: Related Experience and References
Provide at three project references where your proposed solution has been implemented.
Municipal projects are preferred, particularly public works fleets including snow removal
equipment. Include a brief description of each implementation, the client’s objectives and the
specific hardware, communications services, and software solutions used. Project
descriptions/references should be no more than two pages each. References must include the
name, title, address, phone number and email address of the client's project manager.

2.5       Section 5: Project Staff
Identify the staff that will perform installation, integration, testing, and training services. Provide
resumes for all project participants.

2.6       Section 6: Schedule
Provide a schedule that assumes a June 20 notification to proceed and completion of acceptance
testing by July 24.

2.7       Section 7: Price

Provide a price schedule that itemizes the unit and extended purchase price for each product
(hardware components and software products) and service proposed. This shall include
everything necessary for complete system implementation. Services shall be priced on a fixed
fee basis with hourly rates provided for supplemental services. Products and services shall
include but not be limited to the following, as necessary to implement the initial pilot system:

         Hardware devices

         Communications services (one-year initial period and recurring one-year increments)

         Application software modules

         System installation, configuration, and testing

         Training

         Project management

         Annual maintenance support (break out per product) for initial year and subsequent one-
          year increments

         Optional items as proposed (break out engine performance sensors, configuration, and
          data management)
The contract will be a firm fixed priced agreement.

                                               5                                     15 May 2006
An original, three copies and one electronic format copy of your proposal must be received no
later than 3:00 p.m. (MST), Wednesday, June 7, 2006, in the City offices.
               435 Ryman
               Missoula, MT 59802-4297
Response address should be marked as follows:

               City of Missoula Project 2006-062
               Attention: City Clerk
               435 Ryman
               Missoula, MT 59802-4297
Proposals may be either mailed or hand delivered. The City is not responsible for late delivery
caused by the Postal Service or private carriers. Any proposals received after the deadline will be
returned unopened.
All proposals become the property of the City. The content of all proposals will be held
confidential until an award is made. Any proprietary data must be clearly marked.

Each proposal must be sealed to provide confidentiality of the information before the submission
date and time.
Proposals shall have one securely sealed outer wrapping and be addressed to the City per
Section 3.0. The City will not be responsible for premature opening or rejection of proposals not
properly labeled.


   Respondents may withdraw any proposal after it has been deposited with the City, provided
   the respondent makes his request to the City prior to the time set for opening the proposal.
   At the time of the opening of proposals when such withdrawn proposal is reached, it will be
   returned to the respondent, unopened.
   5.2 APPEALS
   Contractors who wish to appeal a disqualification of proposal or the award of contract may
   submit the appeal in writing to the City Public Works Department Office within eight (8)
   business days of Award.
   Appeals should be sent to the following address:

                                             6                                    15 May 2006
          City of Missoula
           Project No. 2006-062 (AVLMS)
           Attn: Dan Jordan
           435 Ryman
           Missoula, Montana 59802-4297

   The appeal must describe the specific citation of law, rule, regulation, or practice upon which
   the protest is based. Neither the judgment used in the scoring by individual evaluators nor
   disagreement with the procurement process shall constitute grounds for appeal. The City will
   not consider any protest based on items that could have been or should have been raised prior
   to the deadline for submitting questions or requesting addenda. The filing of a protest shall
   not prevent The City from executing a contract with any other contractor.

The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any informality in
proposals received, to accept or reject any or all of the items in the proposal, and to award the
contract in whole or in part if it is deemed in the City’s best interest.

The City will consider the time element in awarding the contract, will accept the proposal which
in its estimation will best serve the interests of the City, and reserves the right to award the
contract on the project that respondent whose proposal shall be best for the public good. The
City may also reject the proposal of any party who has been delinquent or unfaithful in any
former contract with the City. The City reserves the right to accept or to reject any or all
proposals. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any proposal which is incomplete,
obscure, or irregular may be rejected.

No oral interpretations shall be made to any respondent as to the meaning of any of the contract
documents or be effective to modify any of the provisions of the contract documents. Every
request for an interpretation shall be made in writing and addressed and forwarded to the
AVLMS Project Manger as specified in Section 9.0. The person submitting the request will be
responsible for its prompt delivery.

                                            7                                    15 May 2006
Upon release of this RFP, all contractor communications concerning the overall RFP should be
directed to the AVLMS Project Manager listed below. Unauthorized contact regarding this RFP
with other City employees will not constitute an official request for assistance. Any oral
communications will be considered unofficial and non-binding on The City. Contractors should
rely only on written communications.
Any requests for clarification or additional information regarding this RFP shall be submitted in
writing to the AVLMS Project Manager by Thursday, May 25, 2006.

                          City of Missoula
                          Attention: Dan Jordan
                          435 Ryman
                          Missoula, MT 59802-4297
                          406-523-2110 (fax)
                          Or by email: djordan@ci.missoula.mt.us
All requests received prior to the stated deadline will be answered in writing by the City, and
copies of the questions and answers will be transmitted to all prospective respondents who have
been emailed or mailed this RFP.

Should a respondent find omissions from, or discrepancies in, the specifications or contract
documents, or should they be in doubt as to their meaning, they should at once notify the City
AVLMS Project Manager who may then elect to provide written instruction or clarification to all
potential respondents. Failure to obtain information as to meaning or intent of the specifications
will not constitute a claim for extra work after the award of the contract.

If it becomes necessary to revise any part of this RFP, an addendum will be provided to all who
have been emailed or mailed this RFP. Respondents should contact the City, following the
instructions below, if they find inconsistencies or ambiguities. Any clarification given may
become an addendum.

The Respondent is required to examine carefully the plans, specifications and other contract
documents for the work contemplated. It will be assumed that the Respondent has investigated
and is satisfied as to the conditions to be encountered in performing the work as scheduled. It is
mutually agreed that submission of a proposal shall be considered prima facie evidence that the
Respondent has made such examination and is satisfied as to all conditions.

                                             8                                    15 May 2006
The respondent shall be fully responsible for all proposal development and submission costs.
The City does not assume any contractual obligation as a result of the issuance of this RFP, the
preparation or submission or a proposal by a respondent, the evaluation of an accepted proposal,
or the selection of finalists.

Proposals should be prepared simply and economically and give a straightforward and concise
description of the respondent's capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the project. Special
bindings, colored displays, etc., are not necessary. Emphasis should be placed on completeness
and clarity of content.

The respondent's duly authorized officer or agent shall certify in writing that:
         The respondent's agent is genuine; not made in the interest of, or on behalf of, any
          undisclosed person, firm, or corporation; and is not submitted in conformity with and
          agreement of rules of any group, association, organization, or corporation.
         He or she has not directly or indirectly induced or solicited any other respondent to put
          in a false or sham proposal.
         He or she has not solicited or induced any other person, firm, or corporation to refrain
          from proposing.
         He or she has not sought by collusion to obtain for themselves any advantage over any
          other respondent, or the City.

Proposals shall be binding upon the respondent for 60 calendar days from the proposal due date.
A respondent may withdraw or modify its proposal any time before the proposal due date by a
written request, signed in the same manner and by the same person who signed the proposal.


The Contractor to whom the work is awarded will be required to furnish a Surety Performance
Bond or by other means as described in Section 17.1 to the City in the amount of one hundred
percent (100%) of the amount of the contract, and in accordance with Montana statutory
requirements, guaranteeing faithful compliance with the terms of the contract. A Payment Bond
shall be required in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the total amount of the
contract. These bonds shall be executed on the forms provided as separate documents, signed by
a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Montana and acceptable as Surety to
the City and shall be accompanied by a "Power of Attorney."

       17.1 The contract performance and payment security must be provided by the successful

                                              9                                    15 May 2006
       supplier, in one of the following forms, within ten (10) working days from Notice of

               a) a sufficient bond with a licensed surety company authorized to do business in
               the State of Montana as surety; or
               b) lawful money of the United States; or
               c) an irrevocable letter of credit not to exceed $100,000.00, a cashier's check,
               certified check, bank money order, certificate of deposit, or money market
               certificate, drawn or issued by a federally or state-chartered bank or savings and
               loan association that is insured by or for which insurance is administered by the
               FDIC or that is drawn and issued by a credit union insured by the national credit
               union insurance fund. (Personal or business checks are not acceptable).

       17.2 This security must remain in effect for the entire contract period.

       17.3 Ref: MCA Title 18, Chapter 4, Part 3; Title 30, Chapter 5; and ARM 2.5.502.

Provisions of this RFP and the contents of the successful response are considered available for
inclusion in final contractual obligations. The City retains the option of canceling the award or
selecting another offeror if the successful respondent fails to accept such obligations.

Respondents must submit evidence that they have relevant past experience and have previously
delivered services similar to the ones required. Each respondent may also be required to show
that they have satisfactorily performed similar work in the past and that no claims of any kind are
pending against such work. No proposal will be accepted from a respondent who is engaged in
any work that would impair their ability to perform or finance this work.

Each respondent will be notified in writing as to acceptance or rejection of their proposal. The
City plans to release such letters within seven (7) days of the proposal submission date. The City
may delay this action if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the City.

Respondents have the option of subcontracting parts of the services they propose. If any part of
the work is to be subcontracted, the respondent shall describe in the proposal the subcontracting
organization and the contractual arrangements made therewith. All subcontractors, including
subsequent replacements will be subject to approval by the City. The selected respondent will
also furnish the corporate or company name and the names of officers or principals of said
companies proposed as subcontractors. The City will consider the AVLMS contractor to be

                                            10                                    15 May 2006
solely responsible in all contractual matters, including payment of any and all charges resulting
from such subcontractor arrangements.
The successful respondent shall cause appropriate provisions of its proposal to be inserted in all
ensuing subcontracts to ensure fulfillment of all contractual provisions by subcontractors.
The City will hold the AVLMS contractor directly responsible for the quality, integrity, and
delivery of all product deliverables specified in this RFP.


The City will require the selected contractor to comply with the insurance requirements as outlined below:
The contractor shall procure and maintain for the duration of this Agreement insurance against claims for
injuries to persons or damages to property which may arise from or in connection with the performance of
the work hereunder by the contractor, his agents, representatives, employees or subcontractors. The cost of
such insurance shall be paid by the contractor. Insurance shall meet or exceed the following unless
otherwise approved by The City.

        22.1 INSURANCE
        The contractor shall not commence any work until he obtains, at his own expense, all
        required insurance. Such insurance must have the approval of the owner as to limit, form
        and amount. The contractor will not permit any subcontractor to commence work on this
        project until the same insurance requirements have been complied with by such

        Before the agreement between the owner and the contractor is entered into, the contractor
        shall submit written evidence that he and all subcontractors have obtained, for the period
        of the contract, full worker’s compensation insurance coverage for all persons whom they
        employ or may employ in carrying out the work under this contract. This insurance shall
        be in strict accordance with the requirements of the most current and applicable Montana
        state worker's compensation insurance laws.

        Before commencement of the work, the contractor shall submit written evidence that he
        and all his subcontractors have obtained for the period of the contract, full comprehensive
        general liability insurance coverage. this coverage shall provide for both bodily injury and
        property damage. (the comprehensive general liability insurance will include as
        additional named insured: the City of Missoula, Weston Solutions, Inc. and their
        consultants; and each of their officers agents and employees).

                22.3.1 Bodily injury portion shall include coverage for injury, sickness or disease,
                and death, arising directly or indirectly out of, or in connection with the
                performance of work under this contract, and shall provide for a limit of not less
                than one million dollars ($1,000,000) for all damages arising out of bodily injury,
                sickness or disease to or death of one person, and a total limit of two million dollars
                ($2,000,000) for damages arising out of bodily injury, sickness or disease and death

                                               11                                       15 May 2006
       of two or more persons in any one occurrence.

       22.3.2 Property damage portion will provide for a limit of not less than that listed
       below for all damages arising out of injury to or destruction of property of others
       arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the performance of work
       under this contract and in any one occurrence including explosion, collapse and
       underground exposure.

       22.3.3 Automobile $1,000,000

       22.3.4 Other than automobile $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate
       indemnity: included in such insurance will be contractual coverage sufficiently
       broad to insure the provisions of paragraph 22.5

Before commencement of the work, the contractor shall submit written evidence that he
has obtained, for the period of the contract, property insurance upon the work at the site in
the amount of the full replacement cost thereof. This policy shall be written on a builders'
risk "all-risk" or open peril or special causes of loss policy form and include completed
value insurance coverage (including flood and/or earthquake) upon the entire project which
is the subject of this contract and including completed work and work in progress. at a
minimum this insurance shall cover physical loss and damage to the work itself, to
temporary buildings or structures, and to materials and equipment in care, custody, control
or in transit before and during installation, from at least the following perils or causes of
loss: fire, lightning, extended coverage, theft, vandalism and malicious mischief,
earthquake, collapse, debris removal, demolition occasioned by enforcement of laws and
regulations, water damage, including flood. Such insurance shall be maintained in effect
until final payment is made unless otherwise agreed to in writing by owner. Such
insurance shall include as additional named insured: the City of Missoula, Weston
Solutions, Inc, and their consultants; and each of their officers; employees and agents; and
any other persons with an insurable interest designated by the owner as an additional
named insured.

       22.4.1 Deductible Clause: Such insurance may have a deductible clause but the
       amount of deductible shall not exceed $250.00.

The Contractor shall hold harmless, indemnify and defend the City, its consultants, and
each of their respective officers, employees and agents, from any and all liability claims,
losses or damage arising or alleged to arise from the performance of the work described
herein, but not including the sole negligence of the City, its consultants, or their


                                    12                                    15 May 2006
       $1,000,000 per occurrence and as an annual aggregate

The successful respondent shall be required to:
         Furnish all tools, equipment, supplies, supervision, transportation, and other
          accessories, services, and facilities.
         Furnish all materials, supplies, and equipment specified and required to be
          incorporated in and form a permanent part of the completed work.
         Provide and perform all necessary labor.
         Allow the City to inspect the respondent’s facilities.
         Execute and complete all specified work with due diligence, in accordance with good
          technical practice and the requirements, stipulations, provisions, and conditions of this
          RFP and the resultant contract.
         Comply with the City’s insurance requirements as specified in Section 22.

The Contractor, subcontractors, subgrantees, and other firms doing business with the City of
Missoula or any agency connected with the City of Missoula must obtain or have a valid City of
Missoula business license and must comply with applicable business regulation ordinances.

Licenses are obtainable at the office of the City Finance Office, City Hall, Missoula, Montana.
Only the successful respondent will be required to obtain city business license except those
exempt per 37-67-304 MCA:

   “37-67-304. Local government not to impose fee or examination. A registration or license
   fee or examination may not be imposed by a local government on a person registered under
   this chapter to practice engineering or land surveying.”


       25.1 INSURANCE
       The Contractor shall compy with all insurance requirements as specified in Section 22.0
       If any design, device, material or process covered by letters, patent, or copyright is used
       by the Contractor, he shall provide for such use by legal agreement with the City of the
       patent or a duly authorized licensee of such owner, and shall save harmless the City and
       its employees from any and all loss or expense on account thereof, including its use by the

                                            13                                    15 May 2006
       25.3 PERMITS
       All permits and licenses necessary for the prosecution of the work shall be secured and
       paid for by the Contractor in advance of prosecution of work.

       The Contractor shall give all notices and comply with all Federal, State and local laws,
       ordinances and regulations in any manner affecting the conduct of the work, and all such
       orders and decrees as exist, or may be enacted by bodies or tribunals having any
       jurisdiction or authority over the work, and shall indemnify and save harmless the City
       and its employees against any claim or liability arising from, or based on, the violation of
       any such law, ordinance, regulation, order or decrees, whether by itself or its employees.

       25.5 WRITTEN NOTICE
       Written notice shall be considered as served when delivered in person or sent by
       registered mail to the individual, firm or corporation or to the last business address of
       such known to the party that serves the notice.

                   25.5.1. Change of Address: It shall be the duty of each party to advise the
                           other parties to the Contract as to any change in business address until
                           completion of the Contract.

A delay beyond the Contractor's control occasioned by an Act of God, by act or omission on the
part of the City or by strikes, lockouts, fire, etc., may entitle the Contractor to an extension of
time in which to complete the work as agreed by the City, provided, however, that the Contractor
shall immediately give written notice to the City of the Cause of such delay.
   26.1 Act of God shall mean an earthquake, flood, cyclone or other cataclysmic phenomenon
   of nature. Hail, wind, flood or other natural phenomenon of normal intensity for the locality
   shall not be construed as an Act of God and no reparation shall be made to the Contractor for
   damages to the work resulting therefrom.

When the work to be performed under this Contract is substantially completed in accordance
with the Contract Documents, the Public Works Director shall prepare a Certificate of
Substantial Completion to be acknowledged and accepted by the City and the Contractor. The
Certificate may list items to be completed or corrected but such Certificate shall not relieve the
Contractor of his obligation to complete all work, whether listed or not, in accordance with the
Contract Documents nor will it preclude any right the City may have for recourse in accordance
with the Contract Documents.

The City may withhold payment, in whole or in part, of a Request for Payment to the extent
necessary to protect itself from loss on account of any of the following:

                                            14                                    15 May 2006
           a. Defective work.
           b. Evidence indicating the probable filing of claims by other parties against the
              Contractor which may adversely affect the City.
           c. Failure of the Contractor to make payments due to Subcontractors, material
              suppliers or employees.

No interest will be paid on unpaid Requests for Payment.

When the Contractor shall have completed the work in accordance with the terms of the Contract
Documents, he shall certify completion of the work to the City and submit a final Request for
Payment, which shall be the Contract Amount plus all approved additions, less all approved
deductions and less previous payments made. The Contractor shall furnish evidence that he has
fully paid all debts for labor, materials, and equipment incurred in connection with the work, and,
upon acceptance by the City, the City will release the Contractor except as to the conditions of
the Contract Performance Security, any legal rights of the City, and required guaranties, and will
pay the Contractor's final Request for Payment. The Contractor shall allow sufficient time
between the time of completion of the work and approval of the final Request for Payment for
the City to assemble and check the necessary data.

   The Contractor shall deliver to the City a complete release of all liens arising out of this
   Contract before the retained percentage or before the final Request for Payment is paid. If
   any lien remains unsatisfied after all payments are made, the Contractor shall refund to the
   City such amounts as the City may have been compelled to pay in discharging such liens
   including all costs and a reasonable attorney's fee.

Products deliverable under the contract shall be submitted to the City according to a schedule to
be agreed upon with the City. Upon acceptance by the City of each product submission, the
contractor may submit invoices for payments in accordance with a schedule to be negotiated.
Invoices shall be prepared and submitted to:
               Dan Jordan
               GIS Manager
               City of Missoula, Engineering Division
               435 Ryman
               Missoula, MT 59802-4297

                                            15                                    15 May 2006
All proposal materials submitted will automatically become the property of the City, which
reserves the right in its sole discretion to use without limitation any and all information,
concepts, and data contained therein.
Respondents should contact only those persons specifically designated for information about the
status of this procurement following proposal submission. Disregarding this directive may
disqualify the proposal involved.
All proposals will be evaluated by a selection committee of qualified persons from the City.
Additional technical input will be used, if necessary, from an independent consultant. Proposals
will be evaluated by the following criteria for both the prime and any subcontractors.
         Capacity to meet functional and technical requirements
         Viability of business and prospects for long-term support/enhancement of products
         Experience and client references
         Price
Proposals judged to be responsive to all major requirements of the specification on an initial
reading will be evaluated in detail. Quality of response to each RFP point will be rated and a
comparative qualitative ranking of all proposals will be developed based on a composite rating of
each one.
The selection committee will rank the respondents in order of preference. Clarifications via the
telephone may be required, but formal interviews are not anticipated.
The City will negotiate a contract with the most highly ranked firm. It is anticipated that these
negotiations will be conducted by phone and mail; however, if face-to-face negotiations become
necessary, they will be conducted at the City's offices.
If the City is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the firm selected, negotiations with
that firm shall be formally terminated and the City will then enter into contract negotiations with
the next most highly ranked firm, and so on, until a mutually agreeable contract can be


All hiring shall be on the basis of merit and qualifications and there shall be no discrimination on
the basis of race, color, religious creed, political ideas, sex, age, marital status, physical or mental
handicap, national origin or ancestry, by persons performing this contract. Qualifications mean
such abilities as are genuinely related to competent performance of the particular occupational

Contractors, subcontractors, subgrantees, and other firms doing business with the City of
Missoula must be in compliance with the City of Missoula's Affirmative Action Plan, and Title

                                              16                                      15 May 2006
49 Montana Code Annotated entitled "Human Rights" or forfeit the right to continue such
business dealings.

       The City's Affirmative Action Policy Statement is:

       The Mayor of the City of Missoula is committed to implement affirmative action to
       provide all persons equal opportunity for employment without regard to race, color,
       religion, national origin, age, marital status, ancestry, receipt of public assistance,
       political beliefs, physical or mental handicap, ex-offender status, or sex. In keeping with
       this commitment, we are assigning to all department heads and their staff the
       responsibility of actively facilitating equal opportunity for present employees, applicants,
       and trainees. This responsibility shall include assurance that employment decisions are
       based on furthering the principle of equal employment opportunity by imposing only
       valid requirements for employment and assuring that all personnel actions are
       administered on the basis of job necessity.

       Specific responsibility for development, implementation, monitoring and reporting will
       be assigned to the City Personnel staff under the supervision of the Mayor's
       Administrative Assistant.

       It is the policy of the City of Missoula to take affirmative action to eliminate
       discrimination in personnel policies and procedures that have adverse impact on the
       "affected class" unless sex, ex-offenders status, and/or physical or mental handicap relates
       to a bona fide occupational qualification. Equal opportunities shall be provided for all
       City employees during their terms of employment. All applicants for City employment
       shall be recruited from the available labor market, and employed on the basis of their
       qualifications and abilities.
       The City of Missoula, where practical, shall utilize minority owned enterprises and shall
       ensure that subcontractors and vendors comply with this policy. Failure of subcontractors
       and vendors to comply with this policy statement shall jeopardize initial, continued, or
       renewed funds.

Our commitment is intended to promote equal opportunity in all employment practices and
provide a positive program of affirmative action for the City of Missoula, its employees, program
participants, trainees and applicants.

                                            17                                     15 May 2006
                        TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS


1.1 Project Background

The City of Missoula, MT seeks a turnkey, automated vehicle location and monitoring system
including hardware, software, implementation (installation, integration, configuration, training),
and ongoing/annual technical support. This RFP is for the initial phase of implementation,
which consists of all necessary on-board components to equip two sewer jet trucks, a GIS-
compatible server-side data management system for receiving and managing data transmitted by
the trucks, and a GIS application for displaying real-time vehicle data and replaying/analyzing
archived data.

The initial project phase will establish the foundation of the system. Positions of sewer jet
operations will be geographically processed to associate them with particular manholes and pipes
in order to populate data in the City’s Maintenance Management System (Accela AMS).
Therefore, it is crucial that the position of a sewer jet truck be reliably captured and transmitted
when sewer jet equipment is switched on and off. Analyzing sewer vehicle path data is not
important to the City but will be evaluated during the initial project phase as a surrogate for snow
plow, de-icer and sander tracking.

Future phases include monitoring additional equipment (snow plows, de-icer and street
sweepers), developing applications to integrate monitoring information into the City’s
Maintenance Management System database (Accela AMS), and displaying vehicle location and
operational status (plowing, de-icer, sanding, sweeping) through web services.

The City’s long-range automated vehicle location and monitoring goals include a reliable,
scalable system supporting the following equipment and functions:

       Sewer Jet and Sewer Jet/Vacuum Trucks
           Automated vehicle location
           Jet switch on, jet switch off, duration on
           Vacuum switch on, vacuum switch off (later project phase)
           Threshold engine performance alerts for:
               Oil pressure
               Engine temperature
               RPM

       Snow Plows/deicers/sanders
           Automated vehicle location
           Plow down switch
           Plow up switch
           Deicer on switch, deicer off switch

                                             18                                    15 May 2006
              Sand spreader on switch, sand spreader off switch
              Threshold engine performance alerts for:
                Oil pressure
                Engine temperature
                RPM

       Street Sweepers
            Automated vehicle location
            Sweeper down switch
            Sweeper up switch
            Threshold engine performance alerts on front and rear engines for:
                Oil pressure
                Engine temperature
                RPM

The City’s sewer jet trucks are equipped by Sewer Equipment of America. One Freightliner and
one International are to be equipped in the initial project phase. Both have J1708 engine
diagnostic busses.

The City’s geographic information system is based on ESRI software, including ArcSDE 9.1,
ArcIMS 9.1, and ArcMap 9.1. The City’s database management system standard is MS SQL

The City will provide a dedicated server on the City’s WAN/LAN, residing inside the City’s
firewall and running Windows Server 2003, SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2000, and IIS 6.0.
The City’s standard for servelet engine is New Atlanta’s Servlet Exec 5.0.

1.2 Summary of Services

The successful respondent will be contracted to provide the City of Missoula (City) with an
initial pilot system for two sewer jet trucks that will serve as the foundation for expanded
deployment to additional sewer jet and sewer jet/vac equipment, snow plows/deicers/sanders,
street sweepers, and other vehicles.

The City intends to expand on the initial pilot system and is therefore interested in learning about
the capabilities of the proposed system to be expanded to meet the City’s long term needs.

The initial project phase to be priced includes optional engine performance sensors, their
configuration, related data transmission, and data management on the back end.

The contractor will furnish all labor, equipment and materials for implementation and support of
an Automated Vehicle Location and Monitoring System (AVLMS), including:
      GPS receivers, modems, switch sensors, and optionally-priced engine performance
       sensors for two sewer jet trucks.
      Server software for communicating with the vehicles.

                                             19                                    15 May 2006
      Client software for tracking and analyzing vehicle operations.
      Telecommunications service.
      Installation, integration, testing, and training for all of the above components.
      Annual maintenance support services for all hardware and software components.


2.1 Deliverables
The following deliverables shall be provided in accordance with the technical specifications in
section 2.3.

2.1.1 On-board Systems

All devices itemized and specified in the selected proposal will be supplied, installed, configured,
and successfully tested. These include devices for automatically locating the vehicle, sensing
equipment operations and engine performance, and transmitting data to the server.

2.1.2 Communications Service

Communications services will be ordered, initiated, and successfully tested for continuous,
reliable use.

2.1.3 Server Software

Server software products itemized and specified in the selected proposal will be installed,
configured, and successfully tested. These include all necessary middleware that are not already
installed by the City.

2.1.4 Client Software

Client software product(s) itemized and specified in the selected proposal will be installed,
configured, and successfully tested. This includes any required GIS product extensions or stand-
alone applications, run-time licensing, and/or third-party products.

2.1.5 Integration Testing and Acceptance Review

All on-board, communications, server, and client components of the system will be fully
integration tested to ensure successful and reliable operation in accordance with the
specifications included in the selected proposal. The contractor will review the operation of the
integrated system in accordance with a mutually agreeable comprehensive test plan.

2.1.6 Training

User reference materials and training itemized and specified in the selected proposal will be
provided to key City staff.

                                             20                                     15 May 2006
2.1.7 Project Management

Project coordination and communication will be delivered by the contractor’s Project Manager in
accordance with the project management plan included in the selected proposal.

2.1.8 On-going Maintenance and Support

One year of system maintenance and support will be delivered. Additional years will be
delivered at the City’s option, at the proposed pricing.

2.2    Schedule

The City wishes to initiate the project as soon as possible upon contract award but no later than
five days after notice to proceed.

System installation and testing should be completed by July 24.

2.3    Technical Specifications

Functional and technical requirements are presented in Attachments 1 and 2, respectively.
Respond fully to each requirement with an explanation of how your proposed solution does or
does not satisfy the requirement and any alternative approach you recommend to the requirement.
The requirements are available in a MS Excel format for ease of response.

2.4    Acceptance Criteria

The City will review the results of the integration test with the contractor, who will repeat the
testing as necessary to satisfy the City that all components of the system are working reliably as

                                             21                                    15 May 2006

 Function Requirements


       22                15 May 2006

Technical Requirements


      23                 15 May 2006
                                      ATTACHMENT 3

(The successful contractor will enter into a standard City of Missoula Contract Agreement
for Services which is attached here in Template form for reference purposes. Contract
Agreement Template will be modified to meet the specifics of the project work, and all, or
portions, of the Request for Proposal, the successful contractor’s Proposal submission, and
pricing schedule will be incorporated by reference or attached to constitute the Scope of
Services and Costs.)



                                   the City of Missoula



               Automated Vehicle Location and Monitoring System
             (Including all Contract Documents Made a Part Hereof by Reference)

THIS CONTRACT, made and entered into this                  day of                        , by
and between the City of Missoula, Party of the First Part and hereinafter called the "OWNER"
and                                                               ,a                   , Party
of the Second Part, hereinafter called the "CONTRACTOR."


Whereas, the OWNER has caused to be prepared, in accordance with law, specifications and
technical specifications and other documents and instruments herein referred to and for brevity
called "Contract Documents," for execution of Project No. 2006-062 Automated Vehicle
Location and Monitoring System in Missoula, Montana and the OWNER has approved and
adopted said Contract Documents, and has caused to be published in the manner and for the time
required by law, an advertisement inviting sealed proposals for furnishing labor, equipment, and
materials, as described in and required by such Contract Documents for completion of Project
No. 2006-062 Automated Vehicle Location and Monitoring System in Missoula, Montana.

CONTRACTOR, in response to the said advertisement has submitted to the OWNER in the
manner and at the time specified its sealed proposal in accordance with the terms of said
advertisement and this Contract; and
OWNER, in the manner prescribed by law, has publicly examined and canvassed all of the
proposals submitted in response to such advertisement and as a result of such canvas has
determined and declared                                     , herein called CONTRACTOR, to
be the best proposer for the execution of said Project No. 2006-062 Automated Vehicle Location
and Monitoring System in Missoula, Montana, and has duly awarded to the said Contractor,
contract herein, for the sum or sums named in its proposal by reference herein made a part of
such Contract, and the said Contract being evidenced by this writing and all of the said contract
documents, hereinafter enumerated and identified, and by this reference made a part hereof:

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the full and faithful performance by the
Contractor of all of its obligations hereunder, and of the compensation to be paid by the OWNER
to the CONTRACTOR as in this contract contained and of the mutual agreements

and covenants from each to the other the OWNER for itself, and its successors and assigns, and
the Contractor for itself, its successors and assigns, hereby firmly agree and mutually undertake
and promise each to the other, as follows:

ARTICLE I CONTRACTOR will furnish, at its own expense, all labor, all tools, all equipment
and all materials required by OWNER and wholly complete in a good, first-class, and
workmanlike manner the services described in Project No. 2006-062 Automated Vehicle
Location and Monitoring System in Missoula, Montana, as specified in the said specifications
and technical specifications, and he shall also guarantee all materials and workmanship against
defects, also, such specified appurtenant works as designated, described, and required by the said
specifications and technical specifications, and proposal.

All in accordance with the said specifications and technical specifications, advertisements,
instructions to respondents, proposal from CONTRACTOR herein, and all other contract
documents on file in the office of the OWNER, the City of Missoula, Montana, all of which
contract documents are hereby referred to, and by this reference made a part of this contract
between the parties hereto, and are as fully a part of this agreement, and of the whole contract
herein between the parties hereto as if recited at length herein, all work to be done to the satis-
faction of the OWNER in accordance with the Contract and the laws of the State of Montana.

ARTICLE II The OWNER will pay the CONTRACTOR for the full and complete performance
of this Contract, and comply with the instructions and technical specifications for the
performance of this contract for Project No. 2006-062 Automated Vehicle Location and
Monitoring System in Missoula, Montana within the limits set for the completion thereof, and
the CONTRACTOR will accept in full compensation therefore, the sum of

                                                                    . ($           .       )

ARTICLE III CONTRACTOR will commence work within (5) calendar days after the date
specified in the written notice to commence work given to him by the AVLMS Project Manager,
authorizing and directing work to start and CONTRACTOR will fully complete all of the work
contemplated by the Contract in accordance with Proposal 2.6, Section 6: Schedule and
Technical Specifications Section 2.2: Schedule.
ARTICLE IV The parties hereto agree that this Contract for the completion of the project herein
referred to is evidenced by the following contract documents:

       (1)    This writing, entitled "Contract" (Including all Contract Documents made Part
              Hereof by Reference); and

       (2)    Advertisement for Proposal

       (3)    Instructions to Respondents

       (4)    Proposal

       (6)    General Conditions

       (7)    Technical Specifications

       (8)    Addenda (list of any issued)

and OWNER and CONTRACTOR each acknowledged delivery to it, concurrently with the
execution of this Contract of a full, true, complete and identical counterpart of each such
Contract Documents. Any further or additional contract documents (if any) shall be identified by
the signature of both parties hereto, and made a part hereof by clear, written reference appended

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the City of Missoula, Montana, OWNER, has caused this contract to
be executed, attested by its Clerk, under the seal of said corporation hereon impressed, said
officers being hereto specifically authorized and empowered and the said CONTRACTOR has
hereunto caused its corporate name to be subscribed by its

and attested by its secretary, and its corporate seal to be hereon impressed; this contract being
executed in three (3) counterparts, each of identical force and effect, and each party hereto
acknowledged delivery of it or one of said fully executed counterparts, on the day and year first
above written.
City of Missoula, Montana                           ATTEST:
Party of the First Part (OWNER)

         John Engen                                        Martha L. Rehbein
         Mayor                                             City Clerk


Party of the Second Part                                           (SEAL)


By:                                                 ATTEST:


                                                    (SEAL OF CORPORATION)

The foregoing Contract, including all contract documents which are a part thereof, is in due form
according to law, and is hereby approved.

                                                    Attorney for the City of Missoula

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