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                                                  July 2009
 Calendar of Events         Kerry’s Korner
  Benefits Enrollment       I was watching the Friday evening news, not looking forward to the hearing reports
       July 1-31            of the usual murders, arson, burglaries, and assaults that dominate our local news,
                            when I heard of Walther Cronkite’s death at age 92. I was struck by the impact of
       BA Staff             hearing of his death. An American icon – “the most trusted man in America” was
   Relations Council        gone. Instantly, his coverage of John F. Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King’s
         July 30            assassinations re-played vividly in my mind, along with Apollo 11’s Neil Armstrong’s
                            lunar landing and walk. I could picture exactly where I was and relived the feelings
   Business Affairs         because of Cronkite. It was he, with his down-to-earth and heartfelt commentary,
                            that brought these life-changing events and their meaning to light for me. In the
    New Employee            midst of calamity, he made me feel secure and reassured that everything was going
   Welcome Program          to be alright. With his reports of extraordinary feats of bravery and accomplishment,
       August 6             he made me understand their significance, and in all cases he let us see the
                            personal side of the news.
  First Day of Classes
        August 26           I began to reflect on others in my life, who like Cronkite, as unknowing mentors, had
                            a great impact on me. Jack Fleming came to mind. As manager of the Fox Theatre
                            in Austin during the late ‘60’s and ‘70’s, he gave me my first start as a manager. (I
   Inside this issue:       can still remember how we answered the phone at the Fox, “It’s a great day at the
                            Fox; how may I help you?”) Mr. Fleming took a young 16 year old and over the next
Spotlight On...       2     few years trained me to be an assistant manager, taking on increasing levels of
                            responsibility. I am eternally grateful for his friendship, opportunity to learn from him,
BAS Joins Twitter     2     and his willingness to take a chance on me. He gave me much needed confidence.
Kudos                 3/4   Dan Burck was Executive Vice Chancellor at the U. T. System when he hired me
                            with zero higher education experience to be Comptroller with the U. T. System
Construction Update   4     Administration. After 2 months, I couldn’t imagine working in this field very long. It’s
                            been almost 18 years, much to the credit of Mr. Burck. He taught me about the
Worth Remembering     4     politics of public higher education and how to lead an organization. Unfortunately, I
                            wasn’t always a good student and have yet to sustain his level of connectedness
Opening Doors         5     and grace in the job. He served as a stable, encouraging and motivating force in my
Employee Assistance
                      5     I bet you’ve had similar people engage your life. Don’t forget how they’ve sacrificed,
                            taken chances and provided opportunities for you that were uncommon and perhaps
Training Class        6     even unwarranted. Take time now to show your appreciation for their willingness to
                            train, develop and invest themselves in you. And, as important, let’s take what
                            opportunities we have here at the University, to invest our time, talents and energy
                            in our colleagues. You never know what a difference – a life-changing difference –
                            you can make in another person’s life.
                            Thank you, Jack. Thank you, Dan. Thank you, Walter. In remembrance of Walter
                            Cronkite, “And that’s the way it is, Sunday, July 19, 2009. Good night.”
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                           Spotlight On …

 Veronica Rangel was born and raised        graduation date of May 2010.
                                                                                        Outside of UTSA, Veronica loves
 in Laredo, Texas and graduated from
                                            Veronica has been encouraged to             spending time with her family and
 high school in 2003. She graduated
                                            continue her education and pursue           states that she is fortunate to have
 with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal
                                            the career paths to which it can lead.      a wonderful partner in her life, who
 Justice with a minor in Psychology in
                                            She has been working nights in the          is also her best friend. He and his
 May 2007 from UTSA. Veronica is
                                            Police Department Communications            family have been a blessing in her
 the first in her family to graduate with
                                            Center for the past two years. She          life.
 a bachelor’s degree. While pursuing
 her degrees, she worked in a variety       believes that the Police Department
                                                                                        Veronica’s hobbies include
 of jobs from sales to teaching at a        has shown a lot of faith in her.
                                                                                        traveling, cooking, shopping,
 day care. She began working in the         Veronica appreciates knowing that
                                                                                        working out, and watching Spurs
 UTSA Police Department                     she can approach anyone and ask
 Communications Center in August of         for their guidance and wisdom. She
 2007. That same month, she began           considers herself lucky to be working       Thank you Veronica, for your
 working towards a master’s degree in       with such great people in the Police        dedicated service to the University
 Justice Policy with an expected            Department.                                 and Business Affairs.

    Veronica will be receiving a Roadrunner meal card to use for either breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Roadrunner
                      Cafe, compliments of ARAMARK. Our thanks to ARAMARK for their support!

 Business Auxiliary Services Joins the Twitternation
                                                                Parking plans to update the Twitter feed to give students
                                                                more information about special events, lot maintenance,
                                                                or other activities that may affect parking availability.
                                                                “Using this method, we are able to inform our public so
 Follow Parking and Transportation at          that they can make the best decision with the most up to
 UTSAParking and For                 the minute information,” says Assistant Director,
 more information, call 210.458.7275 or visit                   Gwendolyn Bolden.
                                                                Transportation (Campus Shuttles) will use Twitter to
 Business Auxiliary Services has created Twitter                inform its tech savvy riders of changes or updates to route
 accounts to use as an avenue for timely information to         information. With over 1 million passenger rides furnished
 patrons who use the services of Parking and                    last year, the audience is vast. Imagine sitting at an
 Transportation. As recent news stories suggest,                off-campus apartment waiting for a bus that just broke
 Twitter has become an effective tool in reaching mass          down causing a change in service times. Transportation
 audiences of people quickly and efficiently. For our           Manager, James Strahan states that “having the ability to
 two applications of this technology, this is the quickest      quickly make alternate plans will lessen the chance that a
 method of getting the message out to the end user on           student is late for class or stands needlessly in the
 how our ever changing campus is right now. Using               elements.” Combining this new technology with the newly
 social media has become very main stream and a                 installed electronic route signs now on every shuttle, BAS
 handful of other Universities are just beginning to use        is striving to provide as much
 it to provide timely information. “As communications           information to its patrons as
 trends change for students, we must change with them           possible.
 to best meet that need” said Jane Wilcox, BAS
                                                                Follow us on Twitter!
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Kudos to Business Affairs Staff
                                                                                                           Thank you all for
 Ms. Chap
          man,                                                  onstrating ing                          striving for excellence
                                               e   y for dem                   o
                                   Deby Bail                     are underg                                    every day!
                e to  recognize rough service. We week because of
  I would lik f excellence th                            taff last                some
           value o                        short of s                 here was
   core                     s and were duled vacations. T hase we                                    Justin (Low
                ff change usly sche                              a purc                                            e):
   some sta           e previo                     quired for                  u to
    tha  t and som t the proper form re tails, but wanted yo er                                   Just a brief
                   abou                    the de                        e prop                  you and Ab t necessary note of th
     confusion                   are you
                                                 ile to insu
                                                               re that th              id
                     g. I will sp                                           uld be pa                          el Perez fo              anks to
     w  ere makin y went the extra m that the vendor co                          inesses,
                                                                                                 to Facilities             r ou
                                                                                                               E&PM on th r help and support
                    Deb                       so                           bus
      know that on was assembled yment is critical to uring                                      project.                    e MS renov
      docum    entati             his tim ely pa              flow is sues d
                     manner. T                cing cash                           Both of you
       in a timely mall businesses, fa                                                           have been
                     s                                                            personally                  a great help
        especially economic times.                                            many             appreciate                       and I
            se tough                                              with their                                it.
        the                                          stretched                 more
                                    er staff are l effort on her part ur         Abel, in pa
                     D  eby and h                  na                        in oand beyond lar, continues to go a
         We know                   this additio gs done correctly                               his assigne                   bove
                      ich makes                     in                        fying to
                                                                                to commun                     d
         duties, wh le. We like to get th ps occur. It is grati Deby                          icating well, duties. In addition
          commen     dab                      li p-u                       like schedules                    h
                                                                                             his activitie e efficiently
                                  casional s le in the University nd make
                      nt, but oc                                                                          s.
          departme m support of peop                    get thing   s done a   He consiste
                      tea               easures to                    out the
           have the         e extra m as a team through r 1 status.
                                                                               professiona y demonstrates a hig
           that ta ke thos           rking                       ard Tie                     lism both in                   h level of
                         good. Wo                    rward tow                attitude and                 his demean
            us all look ill help us move fo                                                   actions.                      or,
            University                                                        Through his
                    ,                                                        locating ex fforts and assistance
          Sincerely                            n An tonio SBD
                                                                            issues that
                                                                                          isting plum
                                                                                                       bing lines a in
                                 irector, Sa                                               could have                 t the MS,
                      Woods, D                                              dollar impa                  had serious
          Morrison                                                                       ct to UTSA                      ti
                                                                                                       , have been me and
                      eby  !                                         nd we We wa                                        resolved.
           Thanks D                                        xample, a                nt to recog
                                                 ugh this e                                       nize his co
                            ressed  it well thro tions are the norm                                             ntributions.
           Morris  on exp         a ttitude  and ac         nd your team   Regards,
                       r service                  iate you a               Harvey M.
            know you ay-out. We apprec ut you.                                          Jua
                  n and   d                 ful witho                      Office of Fa rez
            day-i                  uccess                                               cilities - UT
                         not be s                                                                     SA
             and could
                                      (McK   inley)
                        ards, -Bob
             Best Reg
  Dave (Riker),                                                                 Thank                Lane
                                                        ay, as I have for       adden you SO mu                     on)!
       pe you are the right    person for this. Anyw                                  dum f        ch for
   Ho                                                            ilding on     enjoye       or             ta
                                 lk through the Business Bu                           d wor us in such king care o
   several months now, I wa                      offices in the HSS                        king w           a              f
   the first and second floors
                                   to get to my                               Zhen                ith you timely fas the
                                                                                    Zhen,                 !               hion!
                                                                             C o mm       D                                     I reall
   Building.                                                                        unicat irector, Res                                y
                                                    first and second                      ions          earch
                                  to say that the                                                                Comp
    In all that time, I will have                      in immaculate shape.                                              uting
    floors of the Bu  siness Building are always                         ked like you
                     , on Friday mornin    g last week, the floors loo                  a wonderful
    Most notability                                               t building are doing
                                    Housekeeping crew in tha
     could eat off of them. The                 a picture out  of Better Homes and Garde
     job of kee  ping this place looking like
                                                                    a job well done.
                                    my thanks to the crews for
     I hope you will pass along
                                    Certifying Official
      Thanks, Joe Polasek, VA
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                                                                 Hi Linda (Gall),

                                                                I would like to expr
                                                                                     ess my gratitude to
                                                                Lott and the staff in                      you, Mr.
                                                                                      your office for your
                                                                and understanding                           assistance
                                                                                     in this matter. Miles
                                                                make good use of                            and I will
                                                                                    the funds as I expla
                                                               means so much to                          ined and it
                                                                                     me personally that
                                                               was forgiven! Colle                       our error
                                                                                    ge is so important fo
                                                               and every bit helps                         r the future
                                                                                     especially when I ma
                                                               a mindless mistake.                          de such

                                                               Once again, thank
                                                                                     you for being so he
                                                               Miles and I came in.                         lpful when
                                                                                        Your office handled
                                                               with courtesy, unde                              the issue
                                                                                     rstanding and sympa
                                                              well as giving spec                              thy as
                                                                                    ific instructions for
                                                              It is nice to deal with                      our appeal.
                                                                                       people who care es
                                                              when you encounter                               pecially
                                                                                       difficult situations lik
                                                              one.                                             e this

                                                              Have a wonderful su
                                                              Lynn Spencer (par

                                                                                                                    nt a
                                                                                                          tions, se
                                                                                                 ent Rela p of the
                                                                                        r of Stud the set u
                                                                              nt Directo
                                                               glert , Assista ff who assisted in Q" on 6/19/09. In
                                                      Anne En Facilities Sta                 mni BB               t,
                                                           to the                   TSA Alu            hn Japhe
                                                                 oker me   ets the U : Della Reyes, Jo s, Ray
                                                      "Coach C e gives thanks to erez, Pedro Flore of the
                                                       her note sh                  el P
                                                                            May, Ab Staff...and the re
                                                           g Pey  or, Matt      Control
                                                       Gre                  ork
                                                                 s, The W

 Construction Update                                                                          Worth
 Combined Science Facilities Renovations                                                   Remembering
 A $23M Combined Science Facilities Renovation (CSFR) project is
 underway on West Campus that will completely renovate 26,250 square feet            "The three great essentials to
 of the Physical Science and Life Science Buildings and provide new biology,         achieve anything worth while
 chemistry and physics labs. The project includes new plumbing and
 electrical, lab service equipment, fire sprinklers, fire alarm and security
                                                                                      are, first, hard work; second,
 systems, plus upgrades to meet ADA standards. Aesthetic improvements                    stick-to-itiveness; third,
 include new window openings to each lab, new interior finishes and                          common sense."
 laboratory furniture, new sidewalks and landscaping, and the addition of an
 entry tower and some metal roofing to match the adjacent Margaret Batts                      – Thomas Edison –
 Tobin Building.


                                                                                        Please email us the new
                                                                                     employees in your department,
                                                                                       so we can add them to the
                                                                                           newsletter mailing.
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 Opening Doors of Opportunity
 The Purchasing Office is feeling the         one-on-one with vendors. This June,     must review these responses.
 effects of the economy. During               for instance, the Purchasing Office     Fortunately, the increased
 economic downturns, businesses               and the HUB Program attended            responses have also led to
 typically try to maintain profit levels by   several vendor forums, reaching out     enhanced teamwork between the
 increasing their involvement on              to more than 150 businesses. These      Purchasing Office and these
 contracts with government funded             included the “San Antonio Hispanic      evaluation teams. For instance, a
 agencies such as UTSA. This                                                          Facilities team of Ardie Garner, Roy
 trend is very evident from the                                                       Garza, and Thomas Watson
 growing number of procurement                                                        assisted the four-member
 responses received by the                                                            Purchasing team and the HUB
 Purchasing Office, especially in                                                     Manager in opening and organizing
 the professional service and                                                         the responses to the Job Order RFQ
 construction categories. For                                                         discussed above. The evaluation of
 example, on June 26th, the                                                           this RFQ will obviously be a tedious,
 Request for Qualifications                                                           complex, and work-intensive
 (RFQ) for Job Order Architect/                                                       process, and those that have agreed
 Engineering services closed                                                          to participate in evaluation deserve
 with a record number of                                                              mention. The RFQ Evaluation Team
 NINETY-TWO (92) responses.                                                           Members will consist of Rene
                                                                                      Colunga, Roy Garza, Paul
 The proactive support of local                                                       Goodman, Patrick Grant, Max
 businesses and Historically                                                          Hanners, George Herrera, Kathryn
 Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) by           Chamber of Commerce Meet the            Pearson, and Thomas Watson. The
 the Purchasing Office and the HUB            Buyer” event and the “Texas             Purchasing Office will facilitate the
 Program may also be a contributing           Comptroller’s HUB Expo and              evaluation process, and Ardie
 factor in the increased interest in          Procurement Fair.”                      Garner has graciously agreed to
 doing business with UTSA. In an                                                      assist with the administrative duties
 attempt to increase vendor awareness         The increased procurement               involved with the evaluation. Major
 with UTSA procurement practices, the         responses have obviously resulted in    “kudos” should be given to all those
 Purchasing Office and the HUB                an increased workload for the           that agreed to participate in this
 Program consistently attend vendor           Purchasing Office, as well as for the   enormous and very critical
 forums, host presentations and meet          departmental evaluation teams that      University initiative.

 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Orientation Class
                                    An Overview of Services for All Employees
 What is it? Deer Oaks EAP is a link to wellness resources and short term counseling services
 offered to you and your family paid by UTSA.
 What’s in it for me? This orientation will review the following: Eligibility, Detailed overview of
 counseling, programs, and services available, When to refer to the EAP, Trainings/Seminars
 available; Online services/ Community Resources; and Accessing Services.
 Who should attend? All benefits eligible employees (Faculty & staff), to include Supervisors and
 Where can I get more information? Please visit the HR website at:
 Sounds great! How do I sign up? You can sign up through TXCLASS at https://
 Seating is limited, so enroll today!
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 Training Class

                                Business Affairs Promise

    We are committed to helping you achieve your goals through excellence in service –
                           every person, every day, every job.

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