Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane - DOC by linzhengnd


									                             Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane

Vocabulary words (33):
oracle               wizened                      foppishly                  accost
benzene              pass raids                   austere                    millet
shebeens             scuttle                      utilitarian                tirade
grossly              coterie                      portly                     mores
purge                admonish                     peruse                     pretext
ungodly              abreast                      Pretoria                   vehemently
matriarchs           confounded                   Venda and Shangaan
imp                  tsotsi                       Zulu and Sisotho
veld                 privies                      credence

Directions: answer the following questions thoughtfully and thoroughly on a
separate sheet of paper. You will answer questions 1 and 2 while we are reading in

1. Where do you think the narrator’s mother is taking him? p. 447, end of first column
2. Why do you think the children are afraid to go to school? p. 448, end of third
3. Describe the environment that the narrator (Johannes, but changed his name to Mark)
   is living in. (p. 446) How does this environment compare to the environment that you
   live in?
4. Describe the life of a gang member and how Johannes/Mark feels about the life style.
   P. 446
5. On their way to school, Johannes/Mark, his mother and grandmother encountered a
   woman who stopped to speak to them. Summarize what the woman said.
6. What types of papers are needed to attend school? Why are they needed?
7. What are the reasons Johannes/Mark stated for his reluctance to attend school?
8. What happened that forced Johannes/Mark to attend school?
9. How do Johannes/Mark’s mother and father’s opinions of school differ?
10. How has the lack of education affected Johannes/Mark’s father’s life according to his
11. What does Johannes/Mark’s mother believe education can do for him?
12. In the U.S., we have laws that require children to attend school until they are 16 years
   old. Imagine that this law did not exist. How would the life of children in the U.S.

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