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									Scott Yaeger

                                      Target Heart Rate Zone



Resting Heart Rate

We will be using the Karvonen Formula to calculate your target heart rate. The Karvonen Formula is (Max Heart
Rate- Resting Heart Rate) x (Training Range) + Resting Heart Rate. First, you subtract your age from 220 to get
the max heart rate. Second, you subtract your resting heart rate from your max heart rate to get the heart rate
range. Next, you multiply your heart rate range by 0.5 and 0.8 to get your training zone. After you get your
training zone, you add your resting heart rate to both numbers. This will give you a target heart rate training
zone. Enter all the data into the table to receive the totals and then plug them into the equation below.

                        [{(220-Age)-Resting Heart Rate} x (0.5,0.8) + Resting Heart Rate]

                           Age                 Resting Heart Rate             Target Range                Total

Max Heart Rate                                                                                              220
Heart Rate Range                                                                                            220
Training Range                                                                                      0         0
Target Training Zone                                                                                0         0

                                      [{(220-__)- __} x (0.5) + __] = _____

                                      [{(220-__)- __} x (0.8) + __] = _____

                                    Target Heart Rate Zone= _____-_____

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