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									              We Believe.
                                                    THE LANCE
                                           The student newspaper of Linganore High School
                                                                                                                                 We Will Succeed.

 Volume XLIV, Issue 1                               12013 Old Annapolis Road Frederick, MD 21701                                             October 2007

The Legacy Lives On despite move
to Oakdale and future split
                                         Coming to LHS last year, Mr. Julian
Allison Truitt
                                         Lazarus has already cast students
Reporter                                 and is ready for the final production.
     Still standing for 44 years, LHS    “I think the students will find many
has grown to a capacity three times      of the jokes and physical comedy
then the population in 1963. Even        very funny,” he said.
after adding a new gym, 26 por-                “The Many Loves of Dobie Gil-
tables, and scores of teachers, it’s     lis” portrays the life of a high school
not changed.                             student caught up in a love triangle.
    “It was the high school that stood   Mr. Lazarus is also inviting the old
in the middle of the cornfield,” said    alumni that once were cast of the
alumni and parent Mr. Charles Pack-      play. He is also planning on dis-
an. To this day, the school remains      playing former and present cast
in the middle of that cornfield. This    members in costume.
building, to be demolished in sum-            The history room should be
mer 2008, holds so many memories         a creative idea as well. Alumni
inside of the walls. The last year for   are asking for old jerseys, photos,
the school, there are planned events     uniforms, schoolbooks, etc that you
to celebrate that the “Legacy Lives      can donate to the Legacy Lives On
                                                                                                                                                 photo by Mrs. Evans
On.”                                     project. The memory will showcase
     “It’s nice to have something tan-   the legacy of LHS through its many        Staff examines the finished plan for the new building during the tour.
gible. Most important are the memo-      years.
ries. They last forever, not brick or         The final weeks the school is        With the new roof on, Linganore II opens in
mortar,” said Ms. Terry Schaeffer,
community relations secretary.
                                         open will include a concert featur-
                                         ing past student musicians and
                                                                                   Fall 2008. Lancers begin packing for move.
    Trying to do everything possible,    singers.
the School Improvement Team has               Teachers took a tour of the          Kristen Hunter
brainstormed ways to celebrate. One      new building in early October and         Reporter
idea is a private closed in booth for    the reality of the move is begin-              In some ways everyone is a senior
alumni and students to enter, record     ning to sink in. During the tour          because in at the end of this school
their stories about Linganore and        Mrs. Thompson, media specialist,          year, this campus will be closing down
step out. After all is recorded, the     examined the second story space           forever. By August, all there will be is
recordings are going to be posted on     that will be the library. Other           rubble and trees.
the school website. This is modeled      teachers looked at where they will              “[The community] deserved a new
on other oral history projects.          teach or at the fields where they         school,”said assistant principal Mrs.
    Along with the booth, the fall       will be coaching. Although, the           Beth Duffy. Mrs. Duffy has worked
production is the first one ever per-    construction site is dusty, staff         very closely with the construction of
formed at LHS, “The Many Loves of        imagined the first events held at         the new school.
Dobie Gillis.” (See story on page 3.)    the new school.                                The construction of the new school                       photo by Mrs. Duffy
                                                                                   is about 45% completed as of Septem-
                                                                                                                               The side view of Linganore II.
Brittany Hyland crowned
                                                                                   ber. One of the difficult things at the
                                                                                   beginning of the process was to get all     school. Mostly everything has to be
                                                                                   the building permits. Now the con-          packed by June. Some teachers are
Queen of the Fair                                                                  struction is ahead of schedule.
                                                                                        Linganore II (Oakdale High
                                                                                                                               frustrated with this because they
                                                                                                                               have so much to pack.

                                                                                   School) we will open with about 10               The first boxes will be fumagated
       his is a great                                                                                                          and moved to storage at Oakdale
                                                                                   portables. The school is only being
       opportunity for                                                             constructed for 1600 students 200           Middle school in late October. In
 Brittany to represent                                                             fewer than this year’s enrollment           some classrooms, labled boxes share
                                                                                         The blueprint of Linganore II is      space with learning students.
 her school and any                                                                similar to Tuscarora. At Linganore               The class of 2009 will be the first
 other 4-H kids. We are                                                            II there will be about three times the      class to graduate from Linganore II.
                                                                                   amount of parking, over 600 spaces.         The freshman class right now (2011)
 very proud.                                                                                                                   will be the first to graduate from the
                                                                                   There will also be the artificial turf
           -Mr. Hyland                                                             on both the stadium and the practice        new Linganore High School on this
                                                                                   fields.                                     site.
 Allison Scire                                                                          One of the challenges of the new            “The students, parents and
 Reporter                                                                          site is the landscape itself. Students      staff are the heart and soul of every
     Fifteen year old Brittany                                                     will be shocked to see the enormous         school,” Mrs. Duffy said.
 Hyland was crowned fair queen.                      photo by Mrs. Evans           retaining walls, one near the tennis             The new school will still be deco-
 Throughout the week she attended                                                  courts and one in the rear of the school.   rated as Linganore High School with
 many of the scheduled activities.       Fashion Review committee,                 Very high fences guarantee the safety       school colors red and black. It will
     Brittany has helped out the         become the president of her girl          of the staff and students.                  still have the same Lancer spirit the
 commmunity by organizing a ser-         scout troop, and vice president of             Many students haven’t noticed          school has always had.
 vice project to collect and deliver     the LHS chapter of the French             now but over the course of the next              “We are Linganore, doesn’t
 snack items to the USO lounge at        Honor society. As queen she               couple of months the teachers will be       matter what building we’re in,” said
 the BWI Airport. She has served         hopes to encourage others to              packing up their rooms and sending          assistant principal Mr. Garvey. “...
 as the Vice President and chair-        become more active in the com-            boxes off to storage for the new high       and no one can take that away from
 women for the Frederick County          munity.                                                                               us.”


                                 4       OPINIONS

                                The Presidential
                                election and your
                                                                    5      FEATURES
                                                                                                    New Movie:
                                                                                                                                     Meet the senior

                                                                                                    Halloween                        football
  car show                      poll results
                                                                   Relationships: is there true                                      players.
                                                                   love in high school?
    2       The Lance                                                                                                               October 2007
Car show raises
money for                                                                                                                         Flu Clinic
Renaissance                                                                                                                       comes to
program                                                                                                                           Frederick
Lindsay Shugars
                                                                                                                                     On November 2,
      The Linganore High School An-
nual Car show will be held on Satur-                                                                                              2007, the Frederick
day October 20 at 8am until 12 noon                                                                                               County Health Depart-
and will take place on the lower park-
ing lot. If the weather is not suitable                                                                                           ment will be holding
then the rain date will be on Sunday                                                                                              flue clinics at Governor
October 21st. This year's car show                                                                                                Thomas Johnson High
benefits the Renaissance Program,
with awards and recognition for stu-                                                                                              School, Urbana High
dents.                                                                                            photos by Jessica O'Masta       School and Brunswick
     Shaun Powell is the organizer for
this year's program. English teacher
                                          Senior Josh Foster hands a bus driver a water bottle.                                   High School from 11:
Mrs. Evans is the supervisor. This
is the third year that Linganore High
School has had this car show. The
                                          SGA cooks lunch to                                                                      00AM-6:00PM. Flu
                                                                                                                                  shots will be available
first two years were in honor of Rob-
ert Lehr, the CTC student who died
in an automobile accident in 2004.
                                          thank bus drivers                                                                       for $15.00, and Flu-
                                                                                                                                  Mist will be available
The school has donated $2620.64 for
                                                                                         "It was a lot of fun and nice to         for $17.00.
                                                                                     show the bus drivers that we really
a scholarship in his name.
                                                                                     appreciate them and how they get us
                                                                                                                                     Other clinic dates
     Rebecca Lehr organized the last                                                                                              are Nov. 13 at the
                                                                                     to and from school safely each time
show which attracted about 50 vehi-
cles. One of the most popular compe-
                                                                                     we get on their bus," said Jeremiah          Thurmon
titions is the sound competition with
                                                                                         At the end of the day the students          Guardian Hose Com-
                                                                                     had made enough hot dogs to share            pany Activities Build-
                                                                                     with some of the other faculty.
                                                                                         "Overall it was a very successful
                                                                                                                                  ing (9:00AM\2:00PM),
                                                                                     event, the bus drivers looked very           Nov. 15 at the Emmits-
                                                                                     happy and the faculty got free food,         burg Senior Center (1:
                                                                                     I'm looking forward to doing it again
                                                                                     next year," Jeremiah Clester.                00PM-6:00PM) and
                                                                                                                                  Nov. 20 at the Freder-
                                                                                                                                  ick Town Mall (9:00AM-
                                                                                                                                  6:00PM). In addition to
                                                                                                                                  Flu shots, Pneumonia
                                                                                                                                  vaccinations will also be
                                          SGA President, Jeremiah Clester                                                         available at these three
                                          helps wrap hot dogs.                                                                    clinics for $38.00.
                                                                                                                                     Payment can be
Awards were given to the win-                                                                                                     made with cash or
                                               Friday September 28, was Lin-
ners of the car show last year.
This year marked the third an-
                                          ganore's bus driver appreciation day.                                                   check; credit/debit
                                          SGA officers showed their apprecia-
nual car show.                            tion by making bagged lunches filled                                                    cards are not accepted.
                                          with hot dogs, water bottles, chips,                                                    Clinic dates are subject
                                          and candy. SGA advisor Mr. Brown                                                        to change. For more
students registering the decibles of      cooked hot dogs on a grill while stu-
their music on a meter.                   dents like SGA president, Jeremiah                                                      information, please
                                          Clester, Josh Foster, Kelsi Nakielny.                                                   check the Flu Clinic
      "I really would like to             and Josh Hewittson all helped with
                                          the event at the end of the day when                                                    Information Line (301-
      get a good amount of
                                          the bus drivers were parking at the                                                     600-3035) or visit the
      cars out to this year's
      show. Previous years
                                          school and ready for when school let                                                    Health Department’s
      have been successful,                                                                                                       website.
      but I want to take it to
      a whole new level"
       -Shaun Powell
                                          Volpe travels during South American earthquake
                                          Amanda Butt                                each lasting about 20 seconds. These       very minor”, she said, “It felt like a
                                          Reporter                                   waves caused taller buildings in Lima      when a large truck drives past you.
      “This year’s car show should
                                               On September 15th Peru was hit by     to shake and sent people that were         It made the ground vibrate for a few
attract some more students because
                                          an earthquake that measured about a        inside into the streets in fear that the   seconds.”
of the team competition--which high
                                          7.8 on the Richter scale. Most of the      buildings would collapse. Little dam-           While she and her family stayed
school has the best cars,” stated Mrs.
                                          severe damage and the highest death        age was caused other than power lines      with a long-time friend she said, “We
Evans about the show.
                                          count were in Ica, south of the capital,   being cut.                                 weren’t too worried but more upset
       This is the first time Linganore
                                          Lima. Senior, Sophia Volpe, had been           She was not only in Puno, but also     for the people who had lost someone
has allowed high school teams as well
                                          in Peru for a week when the quake hit.     in Lima, Macchu Picchu, Cuzco, and         they loved.”
as individuals to particpate. Each
                                          At the time she was in Puno which had      Juliaca. She traveled for a total of 14         Over all Sophia enjoyed her trip
team is compromised of 3-5 vehicles
                                          little effect from the earth quake. She    days and was able to climb Macchu          to the country despite some saddening
that include trucks, motorcycles, clas-
                                          was getting ready to leave for Lima        Picchu, see the sacred valley in Cuzco,    news of the some 300 deaths in Ica.
sic, and import cars. The cost is $10
                                          the next morning from Puno, “I was         and went to Lake Titicaca and spoke             “It was a complete culture shock!
per vehicle and $15 per team.
                                          worried if we could even get there         with some of the locals from the Reed      The whole trip was a blur, and it went
     Shaun Powell is a huge car enthu-
                                          because of all the damage.”                Islands in Puno.                           by way too fast. But I loved what I
siast and has been for a long time. He
                                                The capital Lima experienced             Sophia experienced the tremors         saw and hopefully one day I can study
chose this for his graduation project
                                          two main waves from the earthquake,        after the main quake. “They were           abroad in Lima.”
   3 The Lance                                                                                                                             October 2007
Students practice with
professionals for first
Junior Interview

                                                                                                           Original cast photo courtsey of 1963 yearbook

                                                                    Aaron Blough takes title role in first play
                                                                    performed at LHS: The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
                                                                    by Ayla Mangold                     the middle schools the day      the spring 2007 musical How
                                                                    Reporter                            before opening night.           To Succed In Business.
                                                                         As part of saying good              Aaron Blough, before            Although this is Emily's
                                                                    bye to the orignal Linganore        receiving the lead of Dobie     first production she has been
                                                                    High School the drama depart-       Gillis, played the char-        a part of the national winning
The gym was set up with tables for approximately 20 inter-          ment decided to perform the         acter of Si Crowell in the      Destination Imagination team.
viewers so that thay could experience college interviews.           first play that was performed       fall 2006 production of Our     Improvisation is a key compo-
                                                                     at this high school, The           Town , and an executive in      nent of that contest.
                                                                     Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.
                                                                              "The basic plot of the                       Cast Members
                                                                     play is about a boy named            Dobie Gillis:                          Aaron Blough
                                                                     Dobie Gillis who works for           Bonnie Willet:                       Emily Huebner
                                                                     the school newspaper, but the        Helen Dixon:                             Tori Weaver
                                                                     school runs out of money, so in      Miss Forepaugh:                   Cheyenne Harding
                                                                     order to save the paper Dobie        Teacher #2:                          Carrie Mitchell
                                                                     comes up with a scheme to            Teacher #3:                              LauraBaker
                                                                     hold a school dance and raise        Petey Bellows:                        Danny French
                                                                     money,"said Emily Huebner            Mr. Pipgrass:                             Kevin Cole
                                                                     who plays Bonnie Willet in the       Imogene Kulgenfelter                  Jordan Garvey
                                                                     play.                                Frannie:                         Audrey Richardson
                                                                           "They'll find the language     Sally:                            Bethany Buchanon
                                                                     humorous because how odd it          Lola:                                Kerry O’Connell
                                                                     is," said Aaron Blough who           Polly:                                 Taylor Bloom
                                                                     plays the main character of          Betty:                              Maggie Thomas
                                                                     the production.                      Mrs. Dixon:                          Mandy Venable
                                                                         "Bonnie is a sincere and         Mr. Dixon:                             Scott Travers
                                                    photos by       compassionate person," said           Mr. Harrington                           Brad Rosen
Mrs. Evans                                                          Emily Huebner, commenting             Happy Stella Kowalski:               Katy McDonald
                                                                    about her character in the play,      Majeska:                              Becky Janosko
                                                                    Bonnie Willet.                        Rutka:                               Danielle Manos
French student spends semester                                            "Extras fill the stage and      Sletka:
                                                                                                                                                   Alix Thorner
                                                                                                                                       Hannah Blankenbeckler
                                                                    make the scenes believable.''
with Dorrance family                                                said Tori Weaver who plays            Simpka:                             Francesa Porfirio
                                                                    Helen Dixon.                          Band Member #1:                  Meghan Kolbjorsen
by Chris Kees
                                                                          ''The set will be set up to     Band Member #2:                    Ksandra Unangst
Associate Editor
                                                                    look like a school.'' All Tech        Miss. Neuman:                          Ashley Naples
     He may not stand out                                                                                 Limbo Lamb:                             Sophia Volpe
                                                                    crew and Freshmen in the play
among other students, but                                                                                 Girl Student:                       KaitlynFerraro
                                                                    will build the set.' The chal-
LHS junior Florian Deruette.                                                                              Adele:                               Chelsea Hustler
is actually an exchange student
                                                                    lenges are making the set come
                                                                    to life'' said tech crew member       Mr. Gillis:                             Jesse Misner
from Brunoy, France, and will
                                                                    Maggie Noel.                          Bill:                                    Joel Dewald
be staying in America for the
                                                                         The cast members have            Maude:                                     Nina Price
next year.
                                                                    sent invitations to the origanal      Pansy:                                    Taylor Hull
     Florian is staying with Me-
lissa Dorrance, junior, and her                                     cast of 1963, when the play           Extra Students: Janie Bise, Aden Lessiak, Ayla
family. To many, the thought of                                     first opened. They also sent          Mangold, Shelby Milburn, Dana O’Connell, Adriene
having a stranger in their house                                    invations to the Alumni As-           Pucino, Kelsey Sonnenber, Shane Anderson, Alex
for a year may seem strange or                                      sociation. The cast will be run-      Baughman, Ian Blaemire, Ron Crafton, Matt Cox, Paul
uncomfortable, but luckily Flo-                                     ning a special performance for        Dook, Shane Greenwell, David Kosciusko, Joe Meyers,
rian’s mother has known Mrs.                                                                              Alex Siegling, Andrew Weaver
Dorrance for almost 30 years,               photo by Chris Kees
and according to Melissa there
                                   Saturday being half days.        Library celebrates National Banned Book Week

            y favor-               Also, in France students         by Kristen Hunter                   materials.                          Media Specialist, Mrs.
                                   do not have the privilege of     Reporter                                These books are not         Thompson, has arranged for
             ite thing             choosing their own classes.
                                                                          Banned Book Week is a         banned here in our school.      classes to visit for nine years.
      about the Unit-              In fact, not only can students                                       They are still on the shelves   She sets up a display, match-
                                   not choose their classes, but     week celebrated all through
     ed States is that             they are even told which col-     the nation. The media cen-         because the library has not     ing games and surveys about
                                                                                                        banned these books. Fred-       censorship and a powerpoint
      I love the food.             lege they will be attending.      ter celebrates this week to
                                                                                                        erick County as of now          of books and why they are
                                   The is also less opportunity      encourage the students to
aren’t any problems.                                                 explore media that has been        does not have any banned        banned.
                                   for students to attend col-
    “It’s just like having a                                         contested by parents or com-       books.                              Some of the books on
brother,” Melissa said.                 In addition to attend-       munities around the country.           The top three reasons       the list include The Outsid-
    Attending Linganore is a       ing school, Florian is also            The purpose of Banned         the books are banned are        ers, Lord of the Rings, The
huge change from attending         a member of the Linganore         Book Week is to help draw          “sexually explicit," contain    Chocolate War, Dairy of Anne
school in France. Most schools     Band sideline percussion,         awareness to our freedom           “offensive language” and        Frank, and The Harry Potter
in France go from Monday-Sat-      and will be with them for         to read a variety of different     are “unsuited for the age       Series.
urday, with Wednesday and          the rest of the season.                                              group.”
   4        The Lance                                                                                      October 2007
Election poll results opinions reveal Obama ahead in '08 race
                                         by Chaz Packan
                                         Reporter                             What do you know about Barrak
                                               Our country is about to        Obama?
                                         embark on one of the greatest
                                         and most controversial elec-
                                                                              He was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu,
    Guliani 16%                          tions in history. This election      Hawaii.
                                         will be a contest of “firsts.”       He used alcohol, marijuana, and cocain
                         Obama 24%            Hillary Clinton is trying       when he was a teenager to "push questions
                                         to become the first woman to
                                         win the presidency. She is the       of who I was out of my mind."
McCain 15%                               first woman senator to run           He was elected into the Illinois State Senate
                                         for President since Shirley          in 1996.
                                         Chisholm in 1972.
                                              Barrack Obama is the            Check out his Myspace page:
                                         first African-American to at-
                                         tempt to win the presidency        MySpace and the debates are                It’s an almost even split
                 6%   Clinton 19%        since Reverend Jesse Jackson       being broadcast by CNN on             between students who iden-
            rs                           failed to capture the 1988                          tify with Democrats and Re-
                                         election against George Bush            Students made some               publicans.
                                         and Michael Dukakis.               early predictions on the 2008              The Iraq War is the most
                                              One of the candidates is      election. The poll yielded the        important issue for students
                                         also trying to become the first    following results. Of the stu-        with 51% ranking it above all
                                         war general since Eisenhower       dents polled, 24% would elect         others. Sixteen percent of the
                                         in 1952. John McCain, like         Barack Obama.                         students ranked the environ-
 These percentages are based on the      Eisenhower, was a war gen-              Hillary Clinton trailed          ment as their most important
 number of student votes per candidate   eral during Vietnam.               Obama by 5% (19% of stu-              issue.
                                              This will also be the         dents would vote for her).                 Most students who are
 The other candidates included in the    first election to be fought        Students who identified with          interested in politics are get-
 survey received less than 6% of the     over the internet because          Giuliani made up 16% of the           ting their information from
 student votes.                          each candidate has his own         vote.While McCain received            Myspace (32%).
                                                                            15% of the vote.
                                                               Hillary                 Barrack             John                 Rudy
                                                               Clinton                 Obama               McCain               Guiliani

                                          Policy in Iraq       Pulling out most        "Phased With-       Deploy more          Stay on the of-
                                                               of the troops cur-      drawl" of troops    troops in Iraq       fense in Iraq and
                                                               rently stationed        and encourag-       and will work        believes that a
                                                               there and then          ing neighboring     on speeding up       "phased with-
                                                               leave a small           nations to take a   reconstruction       drawl" would
                                                               force behind for        more prominant      efforts there to     be a big mistake
                                                               training Iraqi          role.               ensure stability.    that would bol-
                                                               troops. Hillary                                                  ster the enemy.
                                                               Clinton does not
                                                               believe in perma-
                                                               nent occupation.
                                          On the               Reduce our depen-       Reduce green-       Lower green-         Helping the U.S.
                                          Environment          dence on foreign oil    house gas emis-     house gas emis-      gain energy inde-
                                                               and encourage the
                                                               development of alter-
                                                                                       sions by 80% by     sions as well        pendence.
                                                               native fuel sources.    year 2050. Also     as reduce U.S.
                                                               Mrs. Clinton also is    wants to im-        dependency on
                                                               concerned with re-      prove drinking      foreign oil.
                                                               ducing America’s en-    water standards
                                                               vironmental footprint
                                                               in terms of carbon
                                                                                       and protect the
                                                               emissions and other     Great Lakes.
                                                               air pollution. She
                                                               wants to help stop
                                                               Global Warming

                                          Illegal              No official             Crackdown           "Border secu-        Wants to secure
                                          immigration          statement on            on employ-          rity enforcement     the U.S. border
                                                                                                           first.."             and identify all
                                                               Clinton Web-            ers who hire        No amnesty for       the non- citizens
                                                               site                    illegal immi-       illegals and wants   in the country.
                                                                                       grants as well      to reform the im-    Also wants to
                                                                                       as to improve       migration system     require that im-
                                                                                       legal immigra-      so that preference   migrants carry an
                                                                                                           is given to those    identification card
                                                                                       tion laws.          with job skills      with them.
                                                                                                           and English profi-
                                                                                                           ciency ect.

                                          Health care          Work with the           Make health care    No Official state-   No Official state-
                                                               health insurance        available for ev-   ment given           ment given on the
                                                               companies to            ery American as     on the McCain        Guiliani website.
                                                               make sure that          well as promote     website.
                                                               every American is       the prevention of
                                                               insured.                diseases.
   October 2007                                                                                                                              The Lance               5
  Atlanta Falcons player caught in dog fighting ring
by Rachel Webber                                                                                                                        He will be remembered as the
Reporter                                                                                                                           young Atlanta Falcons player who
                                                     Lancers Condemn Vick                                                          made a less than wise decision and
    Pit bulls may not look the part,                 Students were surveyed on their individual opinion of the Mi-                 ended a career that appeared to be
but they’re naturally friendly and                   chael Vick case. The majority saw Vick's actions as completely                extremely promising. Not one indi-
tolerant of humans. Only through in-                 unacceptable and sentenced him to a drastic eighteen or more                  vidual will reminisce back to how
tentional mistreatment or neglect do                 months.                                                                       much his behavior really impacted the
pit bulls react in a violent or ill-man-             Here are the results:                                                         rest of the human and animal world,
nered way. According to published                                                                                                  and that is nearly as horrific as the
accounts, Michael Vick, a 27 year old                Do you think Vick's actions were acceptable in any                            original actions themselves.
NFL athlete, controlled these animals;               way?                                                                               Vick will be indicted this Decem-
he knew what buttons to push, and                       Yes 13%                         No 87%                                     ber, where the final decision will be
how he can coerce the pit bulls into                                                                                               made. This December isn’t going to
demonstrating their less than favor-                 Was the indefinite suspension of Vick from the                                be the final indictment of someone
able side. He recently participated in               NFL an appropriate decision?                                                  charged with dogfighting, or any other
and ran a ring of illegal pit bull death                Yes 76%                         No 24%                                     animal abuse charge for that matter.
matches, often executing the dogs that                                                                                             Vick wanted to personally apologize to
he deemed not fit to fight. Those who                How much jail time, in your opinion, should Vick receive?                     the young people he offended, consid-
witnessed these matches were permit-                    None 2%      3-6 Months 22% 6-12 Months 13%                                ering how vulnerable they may be in
ted to gamble on the results. Not only                     12-18 Months 17%        18+Months 46%                                   the decision a repeat a similar crime,
did countless canines perish, but their                                                                                            and I do respect that.
lives were seen as no more than an op-                                                                                                  While 13 percent of students here
portunity to make a quick buck.                  Now it’s completely clear. Mi-              If it was up to me and 46 percent     disagree, and believe Vick to have
     After viewing photographs and          chael Vick doesn’t feel the need to         of students here, Vick would be there      done nothing wrong, it really just
reading the account of his offense, it’s    apologize                                   a lot longer than 18 months, and his       comes down to the reality of the crime
apparent that Vick had a tight grip         apologize to the owners of this unap-       cellmates would be pitbulls.               he has committed. Michael Vick inten-
on these animals and was certainly          preciated breed of dog, or perhaps the           However, in my opinion, there is      tionally abused other living creatures
not ignorant to what these dogs are         pit bulls themselves whose lives were       not enough time in the world to allow      and then gambled on their lives.
capable of when they are intentionally      maliciously cut short for a tiny profit     Vick to experience the grief and tor-           That 13 percent and anyone who
abused in such a spiteful fashion. In       and fifteen minutes of fame.                ment he has caused both the popula-        believes that his crime was socially
a recent trial, Michael Vick pleaded             Any owner of a dog would cringe        tion of humans and animals.                acceptable owes the world a decent
guilty to his offense and was subse-        at the thought of his or her animal              The behavior he has demonstrated      explanation of why they deem it per-
quently suspended indefinitely from         dying at the feet of a once honored and     has forced him to sacrifice his one true   fectly fine to nastily cut short a life
the NFL. He then apologized for his         appreciated Atlanta Falcons player.         passion of football and hopefully that     of an animal that had no intention of
behavior to the public, his younger              Vick will probably be sentenced        fact may have allowed him to truly see     harming anybody else. I want a practi-
fans, and his teammates.                    to about 12 to 18 months in a state         the fault in his actions.                  cal clarification of how any individual
    “Through this situation I’ve found      penitentiary, which is typical of this           Eventually, Vick’s sentence will      could find it in their heart to condone
Jesus. I got a lot of down time…to          type of offense, to think about his         come to an end, and this whole situa-      cold blooded killing. Be patient; it’s
think about my actions,” said Vick.         nauseating, repulsive behavior.             tion won’t be givena second thought.       going to take a while.

High School Relationships:
Are teenagers too fickle to have them?
by Jennifer Frishkorn                      said Mrs. Keilholtz. It is very impor-
Reporter                                   tant that each individual has matu-
    Love, relationships. Does anybody rity and patience. If one person in the
really know what those words actu- relationship is not willing to sacrifice
ally mean? Love means having a pro- things for the other, than it will not
foundly tender, passionate affection work.
for another person. These words are             One way to conduct a healthy re-
often overused in teen relationships. lationship is to particiupate in extra
I believe that love is different for ev- curricular activities together and re-
erybody, but at this age, is there really main active in frienships, maybe even
any possibility of having a long term sharing the same groups of friends.
relationship?                                                       Two       people
    I belive that                                                   need to oractice
love at this age                                                    maturity when
is the ability to                                                   it may come
understand an-                                                      to arguments,
other person.                                                       such as hav-
    “I think re-                                                    ing eye contact
lationships are                                                     and listening to
hard for all of                                                     what the other
us, even adults,                                                    person has to
and in order for                                                    say, as it shows
relationships to                                                    a great deal of
have any hope,                           photo by Katie Bassett respect.
both     parties Lauren Washabaugh and Mike Rich                        I believe to
have to have pretend a romantic involvement.                        connect with
maturity,” said                                                     the other per-
Mrs. Diane Keil-                                                    son, you need to
holtz, guidance counselor.                 feel like you can be yourself around
 “It’s rare but I definitely                    “It’s rare, but I definitely do think
 do think there is such                    there is such thing as love. At this age,
                                                    it’s a question each individual
 thing as love, at this I thinkto decide for themselves,” said
 age,” --Mrs. Keilholtz                    Mrs. Keiholtz.
                                                My opinion about maintaining
    Many teens are too young to date long lasting relationships as a teen-
because they are not yet mature. If ager is that it is possible if you really
a student can conduct a relationship connect with the other person, and
with maturity, there shouldn’t be an feel like you can be yourself around
age limit to who should be dating.         them, and rely on them to help you
    “I don’t like putting an age limit,” in any circumstances.
6 The Lance                                                                                                                         October 2007

 Balancing AP with
high school, how much
is too much?
by Chris Eckard
Associate Editor
                                                                                                             photos courtesy of Mr.
       Each registration period, the rush is on to enroll in
AP (Advanced Placement) classes. From AP Psychology
to AP Calculus to AP Studio Art, the AP selection has
grown to 21 different subjects, so that students can take
a variety of subjects that may help their career.
       Still, there are students who are pressured into
taking five or six of these AP classes in one year. No one
can handle that work load without sacrificing sanity.
There is a reason why college classes take place several
times a week, and not everyday.
       “This is what I fear in this school, so many people,
may that be teachers, parents or administrators are
pushing students to take AP, and some people just don’t
have the time or the time management in their schedule
to succeed in that environment,” said Mr. Chris Hahn,
Linganore’s AP physics teacher. “The entire student body
has many, many different people. Some people need the
challenge of taking multiple AP classes.” More impor-
tantly, some do not need that challenge.
       Success in any class, especially AP, hinges on the
student’s motivation and dedication towards the work
                            that the class requires. Plan-
    Students Taking
                            ning to do the work doesn’t
                            actually mean that it will be
            9          0
                     244 completed.
          11         638          AP is difficult and time-
          12         705 consuming. Consider my ex-
   Total            1587 hausting schedule. There are

       Average # of
                            120 hours in a standard week
                            of school (excluding weekends).
                                                               Fair hosts over 50 colleges and careers
          Courses           I have band practice on Tues-
                 9 N/A days and Thursdays (5 hours). I
                       1                                           In late September the        those career options.             and organization in advance.
                10          work on Mondays, Wednesdays        guidance office set up the           Many     local    colleges,        "This year's college fair
                11     2 and Fridays (15 hours). Finally,      college and career fair in       both small and large, offered     was so successful due to the
                12     2                                       both the old gym and the caf-    videos, give-aways, and in-       combiniation of advertising,
                            I have various meetings for SGA    eteria. Despite the incredible   formation about open house        balance between colleges and
   Average             2
                            and NHS (2 hours). When you        heat, students and parents       opportunities. One school,        careers, and the fact that
                            include time spent at school       crowded the displays to learn    even had online registration      it was a success last year,"
      Most per Stu-                                            more about their options.        for more information.             said Mrs. Seaton, who was
           dent*            (40 hours), my schedule has            The representative from          Each       representative     in charge of organizing the
              9      N/A 58 hours of after-school time.        Roy Rogers explained how         donated door prizes, and by       event. " I think that we will
                       3 That means with an average of         employees who work 15            the end of the evening at         do the same thing next year,
            10                                                 hours a week can have their      least 40 students had won         but maybe advertise more
            11         4 8 hours of sleep a night (really      college tuition reimbursed.      something.                        and possibly move the date
            12         6 about 6), there are about two         Several representatives from         Compared to last year,        further away from other
   Most                6 hours of time for homework a          the branches of the military     this year's event was im-         back-to-school activities."
                                                               were on hand to discuss          proved by increased publicity
                            night for a regular class load,
    Mode # of Courses and I would have to eat at my            What do you expect for the school year?
               9     N/A desk or wherever I happened to                                         to a new school with higher
                       1                                        by Ayla Mangold
             10             be working.                                                         expectations.
                                                                Reporter                            “I expect the classes to be
             11        2          There are only 24 hours
             12        1 in every day for each and every                                        harder here than, last year,’’
                                                                                                Derek Miles said referring to
   Mode                1 person, no matter how it’s di-                                         middle school.
                            vided.                                                                   Sophomores are expect-
                                                                                                ing this year to be worse than
                                  “The important thing for                                      freshman year.
students to do is to find a balance in their schedule,                                              “{I expect} the classes to
making sure they have a rigorous course load, but also                                          be harder,’’ said Stephenie
enjoying what they are doing,” said Mrs. Doughty,                                                   “I expect to have more          photo by Ayla Man-
Linganore’s AP spanish teacher.                                                                 freedom when choosing my            gold
       I think it’s a good idea for most students to experi-                                    classes now that I’m done with      Jenn Munley,
                                                                photo by Ayla Man-              the required classes such as
ence one or more APclasses. No matter what the score            gold                            Comm. Tech and stuff,” said       Seth Rinker a junior.
on the AP test is in the spring, from acing with a 5 and                                        Jenn Munley.                          "I expect to celebrate ev-
                                                                                                    Upperclassmen are not         ery minute of my senior year
just failing with a 2, the experience of taking a rigorous                                      excited about the overcrowded     because this is the end! I will
                                                                    A new school year means
class is invaluable.                                           a clean bookbag, trips to        building.                         also feel sad because every
       “You need to have a rigorous schedule, but also                                              "I expect the hallways to     event--like Homecoming and
                                                               Staples for highlighters,                                          Prom--will be last events for
                                                               paper clips and college rule     be more crowded than, last
don’t overdo yourself. But, I would rather see someone                                          year and, this year to be a       me," said Katie Bassett.
                                                               notebook paper. The halls
with straight A’s in a standard schedule, then someone         are buzzing with enthusiasm      good year,” said junior Alex
with straight D’s in AP,” said Mr. Michael J. Deegan,          that doesn’t turn to apathy      Geck.
                                                               for at least first term.             "I expect there lines to
Associate Director of Admissions at Hood College. In                                            be lines for everything,’’ said
                                                                   Freshmen are adjusting
   October 2007
                                                                FEATURES                                                               The Lance                7

Who's new and cool in school?
Twenty four new teachers join the Lancer team
Mr. Eckard's full Lancer fam-                                          Mr. Kraft goes from student to teacher
by Chaz Pakan                     Friday nights as well as listen-
                                                                                                       Mr. Kraft grew up in            tion. “I started teaching
Reporter                          ing to the band at halftime. Mr.
                                                                                                   the Maryland area, where            because of the influence
    How would you feel if         Eckard was born in Frederick
                                                                                                   in his younger years at-            of Mr. Miller when I had
both your parents taught at       and received his bachelor de-
                                                                                                   tended Maryland School for          him here at Linganore,
your school when you were in      grees in math and computer sci-
                                                                                                   the Deaf for six years              added with the experi-
high school? This is the situ-    ence at Elon University in North
                                                                                                       Mr. Kraft also has a            ence I gained while sub-
ation in the Eckard family.       Carolina. He went on to earn
                                                                                                   lot of history at Linganore,        stitute teaching,” said
                                  his masters degree in computer
                                                                                                   where he graduated in 1988,         Mr. Kraft.
                                  science at Johns Hopkins.
                                                                                                   and played four years of bas-           He also loves to coach
                                      What his students don’t
                                                                                                   ketball. He then attended           basketball because the
                                  know about him is that he was a
                                                                                                   Fredrick Community Col-             players are so hard work-
                                  quarterback and he played on a
                                                                                                   lege before transferring to         ing and because of their
                                  national championship football       by Michael Rich
                                                                                                   St. Mary’s College, finish-         “never give up” attitude.
                                  team at Elon during the 1980-        Reporter
                                                                                                   ing his master’s degree at          This basketball season’s
                                  81 season. He has six children           Many students have seen
                                                                                                   University of Maryland.             schedule features a
                                  ranging from college to elemen-      him roaming the sidelines
                                                                                                       He then decided he              match-up with Kraft’s
                                  tary age. When he is outside of      at the basketball games as
                                                                                                   wanted to go into educa-            old school MSD. “I’m
           Photo by Mrs.          school he enjoys spending time       the head coach
            Eckard                                                                                                                     really looking forward
                                  with his wife and children.          of the Lancer
The children have adjusted                                                                                                             to going back to MSD to
                                           Mr. Eckard also coaches     boy’s basketball
to with both parents teach-                                                                                                            play them this year,” said
                                  the JV football team after school.   team, but now he
ing. While Mrs. Karianne                                                                                                               Kraft who is fluent in sign
                                  His favorite sports teams are the    roams the halls
Eckard has been an instruc-                                                                                                            language.
                                  University of Maryland, North        and classrooms
tional assistant for three                                                                                                                 Outside of teaching
                                  Carolina State, the Washington       every day. Mr.
years, Mr. Bill Eckard is in                                                                                                           and coaching Mr. Kraft
                                  Redskins and the Baltimore           Kraft has been
his first year at LHS.                                                                                                                 enjoys staying active,
                                  Orioles. Mr. Eckard thinks it’s      hired as the
    Senior sister Justine                                                                                                              doing activities such as,
                                  cool that he teaches where his       HSA interven-
said, “The first night of                                                                                                              weight lifting, running
                                  children attend school.              tion teacher.
school about 20 people text                                                                                                            and biking.
                                      “It’s fine I guess. It really        Mr. Kraft
me asking me what the             doesn’t make any difference,”        comes to LHS
homework was in class.”           said sophomore Alex.                 after    spend-                                                  New Teachers
    Mr. Bill Eckard teaches           Senior Chris says, “It’s nice    ing 13 years
math, and he transferred to       in some cases because if I ever      teaching at the                                                    Stephany Faulkner
Linganore from Monocacy           need to stay after school for any    middle school                                                             Math
Middle School where he was        reason, my dad’s portable is al-     level, including                                                       Bill Eckard
a long-term-sub. He said the      ways available.                      most recently                                                             Math
reason why he chose to be a           None of the Eckard sib-          New      Market                                                        Tim Scifres
teacher is because, “I like the   lings have had their father as       Middle. He now                                                            Math
sports programs and I enjoy       a teacher. Mrs. Eckard said          enjoys the inde-                                                       Bill Bailey
working with students.”           with a smile, “Our lives are all     pendence and                                                              Math
       His favorite events are    so busy, I hardly ever get to see    maturity of high                                                    Elizabeth Groves
the Lancer football games on      him anymore.”                        school students.  Mr. Kraft played for Linganore in                       Math
                                                                                          1988.                                               Jen Lawler
                                                                                                                                            Sue Bergstralh
 Mr. Dye takes lead of chorus                                                                                                                    Math
                                                                                                                                            Nicole Moravy
                                                                        vocal     groups            in Latin. The interpretation
                                                                        including jazz,             of “Ubi Caritas” is, “Where
                                                                                                                                              Mike Copen
                                                                        show, and gospel.           there is charity and love, God
                                                                        He also plans to            is there. Let us rejoice and be
                                                                                                                                             Josh Cramer
                                                                        take the choir to           glad in it. Likewise, therefore,
                                                                        Florida to com-             when we come together let us
                                                                                                                                              Lisa Smith
                                                                        pete in different           be united as one. And from a
                                                                        levels of singing.          sincere heart let us love one
                                                                                                                                              Jeb Beaver
                                                                            Mr. Dye said            another.”
                                                                        that he would                    “He’s really crazy, and
                                                                                                                                             Lissa Smith
                                                                        like to gradu-              funny at the same time. "He’s
                                                                        ally improve and            a nice guy,” Ian Ruiz, a former
                                                                                                                                              Fred Netzel
                                                                        build programs,             Dye student.
                                                                                                                                               Tech Ed
                                                                        then      branch                 Mr. Dye not only gets his
                                                                                                                                         Donna Hashemzadeh
                                                                        off of those                share of music in class, but out
                                                                        with new ideas              of class as well. Mr. Dye used
                                                                                                                                              Damon Dye
                                                                        and programs.               to sing in a group called, “The
                                                                                                                                          Performing Arts
                                                                                                    Rouges,” at a night club.
                                                                            Mr.       Dye                                                   Thomas Kraft
                                                                                                         Mr. Dye has come a long
                                                                        gets his ideas                                                      HSA teacher
                                                                                                    way in everything that he
                                                                        from,“listening,                                                   Stephanie Bindel
photo by Jenny Frishkorn                                                                            does in the music industry; he
                                                                       listening and lis-                                                Special Education
Mr. Dye tests Michael Mannarino on his guitar playing                                               attended West Virginia Uni-
                                                                       tening, to a lot of                                                   Sheila Blank
                                                                                                    versity and got his bachelors
                                                                       different music.”                                                 Special Education
                                                                                                    degree in music Ed, then at-
                                                                       Surprisingly, he                                                     Terry Schaeffer
 by Jenny Frishkorn                                                                                 tended College park, Univer-
                              because he was taking on too likes the Ying Yang twins.                                                     Communications
 Reporter                                                                                           sity of Maryland and earned
                              much responsibility, which took “I want to cover as much                                                        Bob Peters
     Mr. Dye is the new time away from his family. Mr. literature, with different                   his masters.
                                                                                                                                         Business Manager
 chorus teacher, replacing Dye has been teaching chorus, languages as well,” said Mr.                    “He’s tremendous, he gets
                                                                                                                                           Bernie Quesada
 Mr. Mathew Albright who and band, for sixteen years in Dye.                                        along great with the students,
 moved to the performing arts this county.                                                          he’s extremely knowledgeable,
                                                               In Mr. Dye’s choir class                                                     Amy Simmons
                                                                                                    he’s going to be a great attri-
 school. Mr. Dye transferred      In the future, Mr. Dye they are now singing a song                                                         Health Tech
                                                                                                    bute to the music program,”
 from Tuscarora High School plans to develop additional named “Ubi Caritas,” a song                                                         Carrie Strobel
                                                                                                    Said Band instructor, Mr.
                                                                                                                                             Health Tech
8 The Lance                                                                                                                            October 2007
Four students travel Travel club takes a journey into Europe
across Germany
                                                                   Katie Bassett                    and was probably the place the
                                                                   Edior-In-Chief                   students enjoyed the most," said
                                                                                                    Mrs. Murphy.
                                                                       This summer when most            Each day they would wake
                                                                   students were packing for        up in the morning and go to
                                                                   their family vacations, Melis-   visit interesting landmarks
                                                                   sa Huston and Carmen Mad-        and explore what was there and
                                                                   dux joined 22 other students,    around the landmarks, then
                                                                   heading for the ultimate class   would change hotels every one
                                                                   trip with the Travel Club.       or two days.
                                                                       Students from Califor-           While in England they
                                                                   nia, Virginia and our school     stopped to see the London Eye,
                                                                   went to England, Normandy,       and Big Ben, and then moved on
                                                                   St. Malo, France, and Tours,     to Paris where they visited The
                                                                   to have an educational and       Mona Lisa, The Eiffel Tower,
                                                                   fun experience with a travel     The Louvre, and got to go on a
                                                                   group called Explorica. They     small boat cruise.
                                                                   were accompained by chap-            "My favorite part was
                                                                   erones such as, Mrs. Dawn        climbling up The Eiffel Tower
                                                                   Murphy, and brother, Mr.         at night because you could         culture while they were
                                                                   Shaun Kelly , Mrs. Mary El-      see all of Paris, and it was       shopping in the city of
                                                                   len Horstcamp, and Husband,      beautiful,"said Melissa Huston.    Paris.
                            photo by Ms. Freimuth                  Mr. Chris Horsecamp, were            The students were able to          "I loved going to Mt.
 A view of Uffenhein, Germany, near Rothenburg, Ger-               in Europe traveling for ten      eat at restaurants in each loca-   Saint Michelle because
 many taken from a bed and breakfast hotel.                        days.                            tion they visited and were even    it had really cute shops
                                                                       "London was very friendly    given time to experience the       and it was an interest-
                                                                                                                                       ing castle," said Carmen
By Lauren Washabaugh
                                                                                                                                           The trip all together
                                                                                                                                       cost an amount of $2,500
       In June, while some worked and others slept until
                                                                                                                                       each, and was not funded
noon, four students traveled across Germany, eating
                                                                                                                                       by FCPS because it was
German chocolate and photographing the world’s oldest
                                                                                                                                       not a school affiliated
castles. The trip was open to anyone who had a desire to go
                                                                                                                                       trip. This year it should
and when June 21st, 2007 came around and about $2,757
                                                                                                                                       be at least $100 more a
later four Linganore students were ready to explore a new
                                                                                                                                           "This trip was so
    It was a ten day trip. The four students included Neil
                                                                                                                                       much fun, I cant wait to
Kloper, Robby Cressmen, Spencer Farrington, and Mike
                                                                                                                                       go again next year when
Nicholson. Along with Ms. Freimuth the chaperones were
                                                                                                                                       we travel to Ireland,
Mike’s father Richard and Spencer’s father Patrick.
                                                                                                                                       Wales and London, I'm
    The group’s tour guide was named Nicolas Korenika,
                                                                                                                                       sure it will be as much
an employee of EF, Educational Tours, a company that
                                                                                                                                       fun if not more then it
puts together international tours for teachers and stu-
                                                                                                                                       was this summer," said
dents. Nicolas took the group traveled to four different
cities which included Rothenberg, Munich, Heidelberg,
and also Lucerne which is across the boarder of Germany            Max Smith, Wayne Gram, Melissa Huston, Carmen Maddux ,
but it located in Switzerland.                                     and Megan Pell take a group photo in Paris, France.
    In those cities they visited castles, holocaust memorials,
and also saw the largest wine barrel in the world located in
Heidelberg. “Germany was excellent,” Neil Kloper said.
                                                                     Join the travel club, 2008!
     Ms. Freimuth describes Lucerne as a “beautiful,                 This year the travel club will be traveling to Ireland, Wales,
beautiful city”.                                                     England, and London.
     According to Ms. Freimuth, Rothenberg was a small               They will leave June 23, 2008.
town that was destroyed during World War II. Munich was
a nice town to ride bikes in and it also has a pedestrian            The trip this year will be for nine days, and
zone where cars cannot drive.                                        The cost will be around $2,600.
     Ms. Freimuth is planning a second trip this summer.
This summer they will be going to some different cities and          If you are interested you should see Mrs. Murphy in P5, or email
some of the cities from last year. While talking about this          her at
summers trip Robby Cressmen said,“I’m excited to go this
year and try new foods in different parts of Germany.”
     It will still be a 10 day trip traveling to eight different
cities leaving Wednesday, June 30, 2008.
October 2007
                                                            FEATURES                                                                 The Lance                     9
Brittany Hyland crowned at annual fair
Students win ribbons at Great Fred. Fair
                                                                  with a smile on her face," said
                                                                  French Honor Society teacher,
                                                                  Mrs. Blonder
                                                                       Another winner is junior
                                                                  Warren Mellin. He has been
                                                                  participating in the Freder-
                                                                  ick Fair for 6 years and has
                                                                  a great time. What he likes
                                                                  most about participating in
                                                                  the fair is the fair spirit and
                                                                  he is always having a fun
                                                                       And what Warren likes
                                                                  the least about participating
                                                                  in the fair is all of the ques-
                                                                  tions he has to answer about
                                                                  his cows.
                                                                       “There isn’t any better
                                                                  time then fair time, said
                                                                       Samantha Kent has par-
by Lindsay Shugars                   photo courtesy of yearbook   ticipated in the Frederick
Reporter                                                          County Fair for seven years
    Fifteen year old Brittany                                     and has won 1st place in the
                                 that I won as the queen but
Hyland was named queen of                                         winter heifer. What Sam likes
                                 also very excited because I
the Frederick County Fair,                                        best is showing her cow. And                                               photos courtesy of yearbook
                                 have worked so hard and have
triumphing against three                                          what she likes least is having     Sophomore, Matt Ripley with his cow at the fair.
                                 spent seven years in 4H," said
other contestants.                                                to clean up after the cows. “I’m
    The hardest part about                                        really excited that I won 1st
                                     “Brittany’s personality is
being the queen was trying                                        in winter heifer, the fair was
                                 just like a queen. She is very
not to let her nerves get the                                     amazing!" said Samantha
                                 ambitious and hardwork-
better of her and just go with                                    Kent.                              by Madeline Palmer                  reasons.
                                 ing, and is never angry. She
the flow. “I am really shocked                                                                       Reporter                                The dairy judging team
                                 always takes everything in
                                                                                                         In Fall 2007 Ethan Hood         also got to compete in the
                                                                                                     placed first in the state FFA       Eastern States Exposition in

New FFA officers elected in Oct.                                                                     Dairy Handler’s Career De-
                                                                                                     velopment Event and War-
                                                                                                                                         Springfield, Massachusetts
                                                                                                                                         in September. The team fin-
                                                                                                     ren Mellin placed third. In         ished 3rd and Carissa Doody
                                                                                                     October Ethan will represent        won the contest.
                                                                  Meet the FFA President             Maryland in the National                 Mrs. Beachy took a team
                                                                                                     FFA Convention which will           that consisted of Curtis Rho-
                                                                       Senior Ashley Stevens         be held in Indianapolis, In-        derick, Hannah Thompson,
                                                                  was elected to serve as FFA        diana.                              Katie Albaugh, and Jarrett
                                                                  president of the Linganore             The competition was             Remsberg to Europe this
                                                                  chapter for 2007-2008.             based on how the FFA mem-           summer to compete in the
                                                                       She is completing her         ber handles and presents the        International Livestock
                                                                  graduation project this term.      animal to the judge. Dairy          Judging Contest. This made
                                                                  Her project is a collection of     judging is based on confor-         history due to being the first
                                                                  insects that she plans to do-      mation of the animal.               time four teens from the same
                                                                  nate to a local nature center.         At the state FFA Career         county competed in the com-
                                                                       This is not Ashely's          Development Event, Carissa          petition at one time.
                                                                  first time collecting "bugs."      Doody, Nathan Rhoderick,                “It was a great opportu-
                                                                  She has exhibited her but-         Ethan Hood, and Amy Ham-            nity or the youth to go and
                                                                  terfly collection at the Great     ilton all competed. Carissa         experience this event,” said
                                                                  Frederick Fair and has been        placed fifth individually,          Mrs. Beachy about coaching
                                                                  active in local entomology         and Nathan placed fourth.           the teens that went to Eu-
2007 FFA President, Ashley Stevens, and Officers.                 organizations.                     The team placed second in           rope to compete in the world
 by Larkin Kolovich                                                                                  the state, and first in oral        event.
 Assistant Editor                butter making, potato-head
    On October 4, 2007, the      construction and hay rides.
community show played host       The art club provided face       Lance editors experience reporting at fair
to various elementary schools    painting.                                                           entered their sheep in the          Chris Eckard, Editor.
                                                                  by Larkin Kolovich
in the area, such as New Mar-        These elementary school                                         contest.                                  This was an opportunity
ket, Deer Crossing, and Twin     students weren’t the only                                               Chris Eckard and Chris          for these four journalism
Ridge. They participated in      students to participate in            On September 18, 2007,        Kees, wrote an article about        students to experience what
                                 this year’s community show.      four advanced journalism           harness racing. Harness rac-        is would be like out on the
                                 Students from Mr. Hawthorne      students attended the Great        ing is a lot like chariot racing    field as real reporters.
                                 and Ms. Beachy's horticulture    Frederick Fair. They worked        back in Roman times, with                 Last year's team won Best
                                 class submitted a variety of     with three students from Ur-       the horses racing around a          Layout and was featured in an ar-
                                 flower arrangements to the       bana High School to produce a      half-mile track. After inter-       ticle in the Frederick News Post.
                                 activity.                        newsletter which included ar-      viewing the person in charge        The story was about the birth of a
                                     “My favorite part of the     ticles about up-coming events      of the harness racing stable,       calf they named "Lucky" because
                                 community show was the hay       at the fair.                       Chris and Chris were even           he almost died.
                                 ride,” said sophomore Taylor          Chris Kees won "Print         given the opportunity to ride                 "This is my second time
                                 Maxsell, “because I got to see   Staffer of the Day" and the        along for a couple laps around      attending. This time there were
                                 everything that was going on     team of four won honorable         the track.                          fewer LHS students, so we had to
                                 at the community show.”          mention for Best Layout.               "This is the first time I at-   work harder to get the story out.
                                     The FFA President,                Two of the students, Katie    tended the fair as a reporter.      My favorite part is the Layout, but
                                 Ashley Stevens, submitted a      Basset and Larkin Kolovich,        It was an interesting experi-       it is harder because the News Post
                                 pound cake and won in the Ju-    wrote about a sheep judging        ence contrary to what we do at      uses an older version of software
                                 nior Division. Five thousand     contest which was scheduled        school because the deadlines        than we have at LHS," said Katie
                                 dollars was auctioned by the     to happen the next day. Ka-        had to be met in one day--at        Bassett, Editor.
                                 end of the community fair.       tie and Larkin interviewed         school we take a month," said
                                                                  some sheep farmers who had
10 The Lance                                                                                                                          October 2007
Band draws inspiration  Higgins assumes cadet
from the "West Side"    leadership
Chris Kees
Assistant Editor                                                                       Andrew Weaver
                                                                                       Reporter                                   ship of Christian Athletes. He plans
     The legacy lives on at Linganore                                                                                             on attending Texas A&M to join there
as the LHS Marching Band (a legacy                                                          “Helping today’s youth meet Life’s    ROTC program.
in its own right) puts together its                                                    Challenges.” Is the mission statement          The Administrative Officer (AO),
fall marching show. Band Director                                                      for the Navy on the NJROTC. LHS is         Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade
Kevin Lloyd is dazzling audiences                                                      one of the elite schools in the country    (CLTJG) Warren Mellon, is in charge
using award winning music taken di-                                                                        with the program.      of advancements in rank for the ca-
rectly from the Broadway production                                                                        Senior      Conner     dets. Warren works at ACE hardware
                                                                                                           Higgins replaces       and runs track.
                                                                photo by Tamara Kees                       last year’s Com-           Other officers of importance in-
                                           Molly Getsinger counts off the                                  manding Officer        clude Cadet Operations Officer Cadet
                                                                                                           Cadet Lieutenant       Ensign Alexander Smith, and Cadet
                                           band during the football game.                                                         Training Officer (CTRASTO) Ensign
                                                                                                                  Hampton         Jessica Romano.
                                           and West Side Story originates from         photo by Larkin            Peterman.           There are around 100 cadets in
                                           the time around which our building          Kolovich                       “ T h e     the corps, split between the semes-
                                           was constructed in the early 1960’s.”                                  purpose of
                                                Mr. Lloyd is helped by Jeremy                                     the ROTC is
                                           Brown, who has been assisting him           to instill citizenship, honor, and, dis-
                                           for many years. Mr. Damon Dye, new          cipline into youth” said Cadet Lieu-
                                           LHS chorus instructor, also assists the     tenant Commander (CLDCR) Conner
                    photo by Tamara Kees   band. Mr. Dye’s musical knowledge is        Higgins
The band and colorguard practice           appreciated on the field and his years           Conner, who is also planning the
before a football game.                    of experience directing bands guaran-       Veteran’s Day Breakfast, also runs
                                           tees that he will be a valuable asset       track, cross country and is a member
                                           in the years to come.                       of the Young Republicans Club.
West Side Story, as well as utilizing           “Teaching this many students                The Veterans Day Breakfast is No-
the combined talents of more than          does not change the content of what         vember 9th and is open to all military
180 students (nearly 10% of the LHS        must be learned,” said Mr. Dye. “I          personnel and there families.
population!).                              expect to see great performances from            The Cadet Executive Officer (XO),
    With marching drill nearly as          the band throughout the season and          Cadet Lieutenant (CLT) Matthew
complex as the music, the band is          to see many students grow personally        Thews, is the second in the Chain
playing a composition of five songs.       from the process of excellence.”            of Command of the Cadets. He is a
                                                                                                                                  photo by Larkin Kolovich
Among these are the lyrical Maria,              While the adult instructors do         member of the Young Republican’s           ROTC in formation
                                           their part to mold the band into a          Club and he runs track. He is a fan
                                           working unit, four drum majors,                                                        ters, though still having activities
                                           twelve section/rank leaders, and                                                       all year round. The big event of the
                                           many other upperclassmen make it                                                       year is the Area 5 inspection which
                                           their responsibility to help the new                                                   is scheduled for Tuesday, November
                                           players learn the ropes.                                                               13 2007.
                                                Other than performing at Lin-                                                          There are currently 619 Navy
                                           ganore’s home varsity football games,                                                  cadet corps in the world. The Naval
                                           the band also plays at organized band                                                  Science Instructors for Linganore
                                           competitions across the region. Many                                                   are Master Sergeant (MSGT) Alvin
                                           of these events are hosted by high                                                     Pridgeon U.S. Marine Corps Retired,
                                           schools in the area; however, there are                                                and Lieutenant Commander (LDCR)
                                           several prestigious venues which the                                                   Henry Lane U.S. Navy Retired.
                                           band will perform at, including Ra-                                                         Many of the people in the
Senior Drum Majors Erin Lloyd              vens Stadium and the Navy stadium                                                      NJROTC are also members of the
and Molly Getsinger wait to lead           in Annapolis. In addition, the band                                                    track team.
the band to the field.                     will be traveling to Walt Disney World      photo by Larkin Kolovich
                                           in Florida in the spring to march in
                                                                                       ROTC in formation
                                           the Main Street Parade in The Magic
the lighthearted Gee, Officer Krupke,
                                                                                                                                        Veterans Day
and the romantic ballad I Have a
Love. Somewhere and America are                 Mr. Lloyd said, “We had the op-        of General George S. Patton and the                 Breakfast
                                                                                       Dallas Cowboys.
other songs which are featured in          portunity to perform in the Northern
                                                                                           The Cadet Supply Officer (SUPO),
                                                                                                                                     Friday, November 9th
                                           States Championship at Giants Sta-
the show.
                                           dium, but it’s on the day of the LHS/       Ensign (ESN) Tyler Scully, is the                 9:00-10:00 AM
    “West Side Story has always been
                                           Urbana football game, and the band          quartermaster of the cadet corps.
my favorite musical,” said Mr. Lloyd.
                                           voted overwhelmingly to stay and sup-       Tyler works at Wal-Mart and is a                  Are you a veteran?
“I wanted to use some very special
                                           port our football team instead.”            member of Young Life, and Fellow-
music for our last year at Linganore,                                                                                                Please call 240-236-7831 or

   Advisor                                                   The Lance Staff                                                      The Linganore High School
                                                                                                                                  Lance is a monthly publication
   Natalie Evans                                                                                                                  dedicated to printing school, local
                                           Reporters                                                                              and national news relevant to the
                                                                                                                                  student population. Anyone who
                                           Allison Scire     Jennifer Frishkorn                                                   wishes to submit opinions should
   Editor-In-Chief                         Allison Truit     Jessica Miele                                                        send his/her letter to the editors in
   Katie Basset                            Amanda Butt       Jessica O’Masta                                                      care of Natalie Evans. FCPS does
                                           Ayla Mangold      Kristen Hunter                                                       not discriminate in the admission,
                                           Andrew Weaver     Lauren Washabaugh                                                    access, treatment, or employment
   Associate Editors                       Chaz Packan       Lindsay Shugars              Linganore High School                   in its programs and activities on
   Chris Eckard                            Emily Broderick   Madeline Palmer
                                                                                         12013 Old Annapolis Rd.
                                                                                                                                  the basis of race, color, gender,
                                           Heather Begley    Micheal Rich
   Chris Kees                                                                              Frederick, MD 21701
                                                             Rachel Webber
   Larkin Kolovich                                                                            240-236-7831
                                                                                                                                          Send all signed
                                                                                                                                          Letters to the Editor to
  October 2007                                                                                                                     The Lance                   11

                                             Clubs in the Spotlight
                                             Amnesty International
                                                                                                                                 Clubs and Sponsors
                                             by Emily Broderick
                                                                                                                                       It's not too late to join!

Liberty Road
                                                                                                                                 •Academic Team - Mr. Hahn,
                                                 Amnesty International, headed
                                                                                                                                 Meets after school, Rm. 306 B
                                             by Mr. Darren Hornbeck, will be
                                                                                                                                 •Amnesty International - Mr.
                                             meeting fourth period this year all
Seafood and                                  late comes who missed the Club Fair
                                             can speak to Mr. Hornbeck about
                                                                                                                                 Hornbeck, Meets 4th pd., PD
                                                                                                                                 •Anime - Thompson-Sensei, Meets
                                                                                                                                 2nd pd., Media Center
Steak                                        joining. Amnesty International is a
                                             way to change the world from the
                                                                                                                                 •Art - Ms. Beach, Mr. Madens-
                                                                                                                                 pacher, Meets 1st pd., Rm. 221
by Ayla Mangold                              classroom.                                                                          •Book Club - Ms.Thompson,
Reporter                                         It is an organization free from                  photo by Emily Broderick       Meets 3rd pd., Media Center
                                             government and religious affiliation,                                               •Chess – Mr. Calhoune, Meets 2nd
     Liberty Road Seafood and Steak          so no one is alienated. Students in     Gay-Straight Alliance                       pd., P20
has been located seven miles east            Amnesty International campaign                                                      •Creative Writing – Mrs. Sands,
of route 15 since 1956, when it was          for worldwide human rights. They        by Heather Begley
                                                                                                                                 Meets 4th Pd., Rm. 204
called Smitty’s. This restaurant isn’t       do this by researching abuses to                                                    •Drama – Captain Laz, Meets 1st
                                                                                     Reporter                                    pd., Auditorium
big, just a restaurant on the side of the    integrity, freedom of conscience and         GSA, Gay Straight Alliance,
                                             expression, and freedom from dis-                                                   •Engineering – Ms. Provenza/
road. Don’t judge the place by its looks                                             started as a club last year and at-
                                             crimination.                                                                        Mr. Bergeron, Meets after school
though because it has some of the best                                               tracted a lot of attention. Mrs. Beth       •Environthon Team - Mr. Sun-
food in town. The restaurant is obvi-                                                Ericsson is the advisor and the club        kel, Meets after school
ously popular. The gravel parking lot        Amnesty International                   this year will be meeting 3rd block.        •Equestrian Club – Ms. Burall,
is always full of cars. It’s a very casual                                                The goal of this club is to increase   Ms. Horstkamp, Meets 4th pd., P15
place, no need for formal attire.              - Founded in 1961                     awareness        of                         •FCA– Mrs. Fohner, Meets 3rd pd.,
     Reservations are not required but,        -Won the Noble Peace Prize            sexual orienta-                             Gym
I suggest making them. This restau-            -Honored with a United Na-            tion discrimina-
                                                                                                          Over 3,500             •FEA – Mr. Brown, Meets 3rd pd.,
rant can become very busy. While I             tions Human Rights Award.             tion. It is all GSA clubs                   Rm. 120
waited for a table, I played on some           -More than 2.2 million mem-           about      ending are active                •FFA – Ms. Beach, Meets 1st pd.
of the arcade games they have in the           bers and subscribers in over          the hate towards                            Cafeteria
waiting room for customer use. The             150 countries and territories.        gays, lesbians, in schools                  •French Club – Mrs. Blonder,
service was very efficient; we had a           -Works from the Universal             bisexuals, and in the Unit-                 Meets 2nd pd., P13
server ready to take our drink orders          Declaration of Human Rights           transsexuals,                               •French National H. S. – Mrs.
soon after we sat down. The waiter             devised by the UN                     etc.
                                                                                                          ed States.             Blonder, Meets 2nd pd., P13
                                                                                          “All people --According
then gave us time to look over the                                                                                               •Freshman Class – Mrs. Evans/
                                                  “During club days, students                                                    Mrs. Keilholtz, Meets 2nd pd., Coll/
menu. For my meal I had fried shrimp                                                 have the right to to the GSA
                                             will watch movies about Amnesty                                                     Cra. Cntr.
with a side of fries and hushpuppies.                                                be treated with
                                             International issues both current
                                                                                     respect and dig- website.
My brother had Baby back ribs, and                                                                                               •Frisbee – Mr. Newcome
                                             and past. They‘ll also write letters                                                •GSA – Mrs. Ericsson, Meets 3rd
coleslaw and a salad. My mother re-                                                  nity at all times.
                                             to leaders around the world asking                                                  pd., Rm. 104
ceived a salad and, soup. My meal was                                                We should be
                                             various countries to release their                                                  •German Club – Ms. Freimuth,
excellent, and my brother and, mother                                                tolerant of others differences wheth-
                                             ‘prisoners of conscience.’” said Mr.                                                Meets 4th pd., P10
seemed to enjoy their meals. We also                                                 er or not we agree with their choice.       •Healthy Relationships – Ms.
                                             Hornbeck. A prisoner of conscience
got lemonade to drink. This was also                                                 We are human beings and we should           Burall
                                             is a man or woman being held for
very good.                                                                           be able to live in a world free from        •Junior Class – Ms. Frye, Meets
                                             his/her political or religious beliefs.
     One flaw in this restaurant is                                                  abuse and degradation.” This is the         4th pd., Rm. 225
                                             The students do not sign the letters
that the menu is extremely pricey.                                                   belief of Mrs. Ericsson and why she         •Lancer Ladies – Mrs. Evans/
                                             with their real names, using instead
I would not suggest bringing more                                                    is advising the club.                       Ms. Thompson, Meets 1st pd., Me-
                                             pseudonyms. They also don’t use
than two people to the restaurant not                                                     A student might assume that            dia Center
                                             their home address, ensuring protec-
unless each pays for their own meal.                                                 members have to be gay to join but          •Latin – Mrs. Carter, Meets 4th
                                             tion from any unwanted threats.
They didn’t even offer free refills on                                               that is not true. There are many            pd., PB
                                                   “Even one letter can make a dif-
drinks!                                                                              straight supporters who also attend.        •Mock Trial - Ms. Smith, Meets
                                             ference.” said club member Meshal
     But you get what you pay for: the                                               Many people are scared of the idea of       1st pd., P24
                                             Haroon. “By joining Amnesty Inter-                                                  •National Art Honor Society
food at this restaurant is excellent.                                                homosexuality and this club wants to
                                             national, you feel like you’re helping                                              – Ms. Beach, Meets 1st pd., Rm 211
The ribs are some of the best I have                                                 bring understanding to it. Another
                                             people you wouldn’t be able to help                                                 •National English H. S.
ever tasted. The same goes for crab                                                  goal is to stop hazing towards people
                                             otherwise.”                                                                         – Mrs. Sands
lovers. The side dishes were great to.                                               of different sexual orientations.
                                                  Last year’s club turn out was                                                  •National Honor Society – Mrs.
The side servings are huge. I recom-                                                      When the club is in session it is a
                                             disappointingly small, with only a                                                  Sands
mend the hushpuppies. Their desserts                                                 Safe Zone to share opinions since ev-
                                             couple of members coming consecu-                                                   •Newcomer Club – Ms. Smith,
are also exceptional. They have a vari-                                              eryone attending is there for similar
                                             tively. As a result, there were few                                                 Meets 1st pd., P4
ety to choose from. Like an assortment                                               reasons
                                             chances for the students to write let-                                              •One-Eighty – Ms. Blair
of cheesecakes and sundaes.                                                                                                                       Smile     –    Mrs.
                                             ters. This year the club is                                                         •Operation
     The restaurant is very clean, es-                                                                                           Faulkner, Meets 2nd pd., Rm. 125
                                             hoping for more dedicated
pecially the bathrooms.                                                                                                          •Red Cross – Ms. Becker
                                             members willing to come to
     One thing I do not recommend                                                                                                •Scrabble Club – Ms. Svineck,
                                             the meetings and put forth
is coming here for Homecoming. Its                                                                                               Meets 4th pd., Rm 203
                                             the effort of change.
little too casual for formal event's and                                                                                         •Senior Class – Mrs. Larson,
                                                  Some of the current
no one wants to smell like seafood at                                                                                            Meets 1st pd., Rm. 210
                                             problems that people in
the dance. Overall I really enjoyed the                                                                                          •SGA – Mr. Brown, Meets 1st pd.,
                                             Amnesty         International
restaurant and, if you are looking for                                                                                           Auditorium
                                             are tackling are the death
a casual, restaurant to take a date on,                                                                                          •Sophomore Class – Ms. Riley,
                                             threats and harassment
you can definitely put Liberty Road                                                                                              Meets 3rd pd., Rm. 108
                                             that human rights activists                                                         •Spanish Club – Ms. Turner,
Seafood and Steak on your list--Just
                                             in Guatemala and Honduras                                                           Meets 4th pd., P16
as long as your not afraid to spend a
                                             face, the stopping of “honor                                                        •Spanish National H.S. – Mrs.
little cash.
                                             killings” of women in Iraq,                                                         Doughty, Meets 4th pd., P15
     The restaurant is located at
                                             and bringing justice to rape                                                        •S.T.A.N.D Club – Mr. Ways,
10524 Liberty Road (7 miles east of
                                             victims in Hungary.                                                                 Meets 3rd pd., Rm. 110
route 15) Fredrick MD, 21701. Make
                                                  Students are encouraged                                                        •Travel Club – Mrs. Murphy,
reservations at (301) 898 – 3181 or,
                                             to find other causes on the                                                         Meets 3rd pd., P5
e-mail them at crabs@libertyroadsea                                                       photo by Emily Broderick
                                             Amnesty International web GSA recruits new members.
                                             site ( and approach
                                             Mr. Hornbeck about them.
12 The Lance                                                                                                                     October 2007
                                                                    Kidman invades into theatres with remake
Halloween brings the original                                       by Jessica Miele
back from the dead                                                  Reporter                          make it seem better than
                                                                                                      it really was. There were
                                                                                                                                            I would wait to see this
                                                                                                                                       film on video and judge for
                                                                         If you like science fic-     some weird parts that could      yourself. That way it will be
                                        A main goal of this re-     tion movies and often dream                                        cheaper to see.
by Rachel Webber
                                   make is to dive farther into     about weird looking aliens                                              I think that the plot was
                                   the story behind Michael         then you’ll be sure to like In-                                    a lot like other alien movies,
                                   Myers’ violent history,          vasion, but for me the movie                                       aliens trying to take over the
    It took a lot of nerve
                                   which ultimately takes away      Invasion was not the best I                                        world. One main heroine/hero
to remake a movie that
                                   the fear that comes with ir-     have seen in theaters. In the                                      tries to go against the inva-
is considered a horror
                                   rational murder, but it also     beginning it starts off with                                       sion and find a way to stop the
classic, especially 30
                                   invents a new kind of mon-       an intense scene that got my                                       aliens. I feel that the writers
years after the original
                                   ster when Myers is shown         attention, leaving me hungry                                       could have made the story line
                                        with more human like        for more. As the movie went                                        more original. Yet it was dif-
                                        traits, almost forcing      on my attention was less fo-                                       ferent too because the aliens
                                        the viewer to sympa-        cused on the movie.                                                didn’t want to harm or kill the
                                        thize with the man               Nicole Kidman plays a                                         humans. They just wanted to
                                        behind the mask. In         psychiatrist named Carol                                           create a peaceful and prob-
                                        this film, Myers comes      Bennell. In the movie she                                          lem-free world, which was
                                        across as a reject from     acts like an alien by pre-                                         refreshing.
                                        a hopeless family that      tending to be unemotional                                               If this movie was meant to
                                        has brought him down        and detached to everything.       Invasaion                         be a heart-pounding thriller,
                                        all his life. His fam-      Of all the movies I have seen                                      then the writers need to make
                                                                                                      movie poster in 2007.
                                        ily becomes the prime       with Nicole Kidman, this was                                       it more suspenseful and in-
                                        reason why he operates      one of her best. Other mov-                                        tense. This movie could also
                                        the way he does, and        ies she starred in include,       make a person with a weak        be better if it explored more
                                        it almost makes the         Happy Feet, Bewitched, and        stomach sick; obviously this     about the aliens’ history. Like
                                        viewer want to comfort      Cold Mountain. Daniel Craig       movie won’t be any good if       how did the aliens come across
                                        him.                        plays Ben Driscoll, the best      you don’t like science fiction   the space shuttle? Or why did
                                             Zombie’s updated       friend who is in love with        and aliens.                      the aliens want to come and
                                        version contains many       Carol. Craig has starred in                                        help make Earth more peace-
                                        of the same elements        was Casino Royale as James                                         ful?
                                        of Carpenter’s original     Bond. This is a similar role

 Halloween movie poster
                                         film, but he adds his
                                         own ideologies and
                                                                    where he is a handsome de-
                                                                                                      Gourley's poem receives national
 2007.                                   personality. Of course,
                                         a remake of any horror
                                                                         Invasion is about aliens
                                                                    in the form of mutating cells     attention published in magazine
                                         film is going to be met    coming to Earth to take over
was made. Rob Zombie
directed this updated              with a lot of negativity. It’s   peoples’ bodies so Earth can
                                                                    have worldwide peace. The
version of Halloween,              true that a remake is never                                                 Los rayos del sol
                                   as first-rate as the original,   aliens started taking over
the 1978 John Carpenter
                                   and that cliché still holds      bodies at a rapid speed. Carol        barren la tierra abierta,
film, and it does not quite                                         Bennell is a divorced mother             bailan por las hojas
meet the potential that
was expected given Rob
                                                                    who leaves her son in the care         con una belleza cierta,
Zombie’s movie history
                                                                    of her ex-husband who by                     tocan la piel,
                                                                    now is an alien. When Carol
and the quality of the                                                                                        llevan calor sutil,
                                                                    discovers the truth, it is a
Carpenter version, but                                              race against the clock to get       calman las preocupaciones
it certainly reminded us                                            her son back in time before he          con una mano gentil,
why the whole concept                                               turns into one as well. Carol          convierten los campos
was probably under-
estimated. With this
                                                                    gets help along the way, but                   amarillos
movie comes more ap-
                                                                    also runs into problems.              en un mar de oro puro,
                                                                         There are some pretty                                                  Lydia Gourley,
preciation for the piece                                                                                 se extienden más allá del       a 12 th grader at Lin-
                                                                    exciting scenes in this
of original genius that                                             movie, but the movie over-                     horizonte,            ganore, is part of the
Carpenter created and                                               all did not impress me. The             nos invitan al futuro,       Spanish National Honor
eventually leads you to                                             scenes where Carol is in                  se besan las flores        Society. She submitted
believe that a remake
is completely unneces-
                                                                    the convenience store and            con Buena vida y suerte,        the poem through the
                                                                    when she was hiding from               se abrazan los árboles        group, to the American
sary.                                                               her ex-husband were two of                                           Association of Teach-
      The film begins                                                                                       con un apoyo fuerte.         ers of Spanish and
                                                                    the more suspenseful scenes.
when Deborah Myers,                                                 The chase between these two           Pero tienan que desapa-        Portuguese (AATSP).
played by Sheri Moon                                                characters is intense.                           recer               The AASTP publishes a
Zombie, the spouse of                                                    One of my least favorite              del cielo pintado         magazine every season,
the director, is called
into school when the
                                                                    scenes had to be when the               y dejan un momento           and it is sent to all of
                                                                    car crashed, while aliens               de silencio apreciado        the chapters across the
principal is concerned                                              were climbing all over the                                           country. Lydia’s poem
with her son’s violent,          Halloween movie poster                                                       y la oscuridad cae         was one of 10 that were
                                                                    car. I thought this scene was
odd behavior. It continues      in 1978.                            unbelievable, because the             pesada en la tierra nos        selected to be included
when ten year old Myers                                             car was damaged so much it                      ahoga,               in the publication.
murders his mother’s boy-                                           wasn’t possible for anyone to          la noche nos encierra.
friend, his older sister, and      true with this film. How-
her boyfriend.                     ever, if the viewer keeps        live through that. The aliens             Cerramos los ojos               Mrs. Margarita
                                   an open mind during the          continued to climb on top of            al cielo negro y triste      Doughty, the Spanish
     He is committed into                                           the car even after the crash,
an insane asylum shortly           film, and doesn’t compare                                                 con sus millones de         Honor Society leader,
                                   the original and this re-        like nothing had happened.
after, his distressing and                                          The car was on fire because                    lágrimes              said, "Lydia is a student
                                   make scene by scene, this                                                                             who couples talent and
violent behavior concern-                                           of the crash, but even with                que no conociste,
ing his mother and the             Zombie film can be seen as                                                                            creativity with consis-
                                   a decent piece of work that      the fire, Carol continued to              cerramos los ojos,         tently hard work. She
general public. Myers re-
sides in the asylum peace-         brings back a concept we’ve      drive! That was too overdone          soñamos con una tierra         sets very high standards
                                   all dealt with at one time or    to even remotely believe that                   lejana,              for herself and is deter-
fully for 15 years under                                            it could be possible other than
careful supervision until          another.                                                                 esperamos tu sonrisa         mined to achieve them.
                                                                    in the movies.
his 21st birthday when he                                                The trailers make the             en el sol de la mañana        Lydia wrote this poem
escapes and seeks revenge                                                                                                                for her grandfather who
                                                                    movie appeared to be an                                              passed away. It was a
on those who have done                                              exciting thriller. The trail-
him wrong, or simply get                                            ers hyped this movie up to
                                                                                                                                         tribute to him."
in the way.
 13        The Lance                                                                                           October 2007
Boys soccer                         Varsity girls soccer team finds
earns new
coach                               success after poor 2007 season
                                    by Chris Eckard                      of the successful FC Frederick ing with six goals while another
by Kristen Hunter                   Associate Editor                     club soccer team. He started last freshman, Katelyn Montgomery
                                                                         year as the head coach, but the led the team in assists with
    Last season was tough. Boys        The girl’s varsity soccer first year was rocky with only four.
Varsity Soccer ended the season     team started the season with one total win.                                 “[Gianguili] is a very good
1-11-2.                             a bang, winning their first 5            “[Mr. Whit-
    “We have a very tough           games. This great start includes ney] is a really
schedule and we lost a lot of       a 1-0 victory over Smithsburg, great tactical
close games.” said Coach Gilm-      the 2005 and 2006 state cham- coach. He also
ore. “We played a lot of really     pions in Maryland.                   has a lot more
good teams.”                           The common belief would experience than
    Mr. Jim Reigel, former soc-     be that this team is made up of any coach I’ve
cer coach was named head of the     many older, experienced play- had,” said Kait-
McDaniel program, so Mr. Josh       ers, but that is not the case lin Butler, a ju-
Gilmore, JV coach, assumed the      this year. The team only has nior defender.
Varsity leadership.                 two seniors, Anna Tressler and           The other
    The captains this year are      Caitlyn O’Flaherty, while the coaches are Mr.
striker Paul Abel and defense       bulk of the roster is littered Pat            Tercero
Austin Chism.                       with a total of seven freshmen (Assistant), Mr. The team huddles together during their game against
    This season the team will       and sophomores.                                                              photo by Joesph Quinn
                                                                         Craig Buck (As- Brunswick.
be looking to their entire de-         “Although we may be in- sistant), and Mr.
fense as a key part of the team.    experienced with high school Beard (JV Coach).                           midfielder, being able to keep a
Their defense consists of Aus-      soccer, much                                                 The team cool head throughout the game,”
tin Chism, Andy Montgomery,         of our team                                             is lead by cap- said Butler.
                  "Our team         is made up                                              tains Tressler      The goals of the season in-
                  continues to      of girls that                                           and juniors clude keeping a .500 or better
                  improve ev-       play on club                                            Joy         Fry record and advancing farther
                  eryday. We’ve     teams and                                               and Kelsey in this year's playoffs. Still, the
                  been competi-     have been                                               Quinn. They coaches are more concerned
                  tive in every     playing all                                             have a bal- with the girls succeeding in
                  game, and         their    life.                                          anced        at- school, growing as individuals,
                  I am confi-       Talent and                                              tack      with and setting examples around
                  dent that we      chemistry                                               strengths        the community.
                  will continue     are       two                                           ranging             Two important upcom-
                  this trend        things that                                             from offense     ing games include at Urbana
throughout the season and into      can outweigh                                            to defense, High on October 11 and at
the playoffs." - Coach Gilmore      experience,”                                            w i t Q u i n n home against Middletown on
                                    said     Amy
                                                     Rachel Wirtz pushes out Wiliamsport.
                                                                                              starting at October 19. The team website,
                                    Kurhmann, photo by Joesph Quinn                           keeper., in-
Kyle Logan and Jacob Tello,         a sophomore                                                   At the cludes pictures, statistics, ros-
Zach Trout. The boys will also      defender.                                                 end of Sep- ters, schedules, and more.
be looking to their seniors to         They are coached by Mr. tember freshman Stephanie
take control.                       Gene Whitney, also the coach Giangiuli led the team in scor-
    “I feel we can be extremely
completive,” coach Gilmore
said,” They work hard and know
what it takes.”                                                                                         Ryan's blog can be found at:
    Their first game on Septem-                                                               
ber 4 resulted in a 3-1 loss to                                                                         sections/sports/hsBlogs.htm
Liberty High School. The team                                                                           >Ryan Davis: Football

                                      Ryan Davis: A big pen to fill
then hosted a tournament.
They had played Old Mill and
tied the game at 0-0 Then they
also played Kennedy High
                                                             H a v e    dividuals who go above and be-       freshly cut grass, the roar of
School and one 2-0. Their next
                                                         you ever       yond on and off of the field,”said   the fans as the team takes the
game was on September 11
                                                         heard the      Ryan.                                field and deathly silence right
which resulted in a 0-3 loss to
                                                         term “big         He is replacing a legend,         before the kickoff."
Resevoir High School. On Sep-
                                                         shoes     to   Kurt Miller, who “blogged”               That was a short example
tember 14th, the boys had lost to
                                                         fill”? This    last year and is now attending       of the type of writing Ryan has
Middletown 2-0. On September
                                                         was the re-    McDaniel College and freelance       already been doing for the last
18th they lost to Century High 0-
                                     ality for Ryan Davis a starting    writing for the Fredrick News        few months
4. On September 26th they beat
                                     offensive guard for the football   Post.                                    Ryan has already written
Brunswick High 4-0.
                                     team when Coach Conner                Ryan has a passion for the        six blogs, to read them or any
    Teams that are usually
                                     asked him to write this year’s     game and it shows through his        other sports blogs got to the
always tough for them to play
                                     football blog.                     writing.                             Frederick News Post Website
are Governor Thomas Johnson
                                         Once a week he writes a           "The screams of the crowd,        and click on Fall Blogs.
High School and of course of
                                     short article giving all the       the bare-painted chests, the al-
course Urbana High School.
                                     readers insight to the team.       luring aroma of sweet and salty
                                         “My goal is to spotlight in-   concessions, the crisp smell of
14         The Lance                                                                                                                   October 2007
                                                                                                    Lancer volleyball
                                                                                                    gains momentum

  Field hockey players "believe" in
  winning games this season
                                                                                                                                         photo by Madeline Palmer

Jessica O'Masta                   the only goal.                        photos by Jessica O'Masta
                                                                                                    Madeline Palmer                    are the serves and hits. She
Reporter                              Next, the ladies played                                       Reporter                           stated that the hustle and
     As of September 27,          Catoctin on the 14th. Sarah
                                                                      Above: The "believe"
                                                                                                        The JV and Varsity vol-        communication needs work.
2007 the Lancer field hockey      Grzybinski had the only goal,    sign is behind the players
                                                                                                    leyball teams crushed their             “We couldn’t have a better
started the season off with a     tying the game for the Lanc-     bench every game.                Catoctin opponents in their        coach,” she said about Coach
4-4 record. They hope to          ers. Having tied the original       Below: Senior Jessica         games against Catoctin on          Poffinberger.
work towards a winning            game, the lancers got ready      Snell hits the ball after        September 6, 2007. In the                The entire first string
record. The goal for every        for overtime. In overtime,                                        JV game, Jenn Buckley gave
                                                                   a penalty against South                                             which consists of Jenn Buck-
field hockey season is to be      Jasmine Lamb scored the                                           major motivation to the team
                                                                   Carrol                                                              ley, Stephanie James, Jenni-
the County League Regional        winning goal.                                                     when they needed to get back       fer Korte, Erika Neal, Laura
Champions. This will take a           On the 18th, Lancers faced                                    into the lead. During the Var-     Shatz, and Corrine Seiberlic,
lot of hard work and effort in    Middletown. Lancers were                                          sity game Alli Chew smashed        are key players.
which Coach Tony Miller, is       winning in the first half but                                     the ball against the Cougars.           There was a lot of excite-
confident.                        Middletown fought back and                                            The JV game was very           ment from fellow Linganore
     “This is the fastest,        ended up winning. The final                                       close. During the first game,      Lancers. Brendan Farley
most athletic team I’ve ever      score was 2-3, a close game.                                      Linganore demonstrated             thinks that the spikes,
had,”he said. There are high      Ashley and Sarah each had                                         perfect team work. They            serves, and the excitement
hopes this year and a lot of      one goal each.                                                    successfully beat Catoctin in      and enthusiasm from Coach
talk about the excellence of          The seventh game they                                         the first game. In the second      Poffinberger are the best part
the team.                         played was on the 20th. Lanc-                                     game, Linganore hustled,           of going to the games.
     The first game of the        ers lost 0-3 against South                                        but didn’t defeat their com-            Coach Poffinberger thinks
season, the Lady Lancers          Carroll.                                                          ponents. The third and final       that both JV and Varsity have
matched up with FSK on                On the 25th of September,                                     game, Linganore showed a           improved since the beginning
September 4 th . They won         Lancers played Walkersville                                       perfect presentation of going      of the season and throughout
with a score of 3-1. Captain      and beat them 3-1. Hannah                                         forth and getting into the lead    the practices. Key players are
Jessica Snell felt the game       Bofinger, Danika Coaplin                                          after a rough start in the third   Alli Chew and Alex Aburto,
was, “a good start to the         and Catherine each shared                                         game.                              varsity, Corrine Seiberlich
season.” Catherine Thomas,        one goal in the win.                                                  Varsity’s games were           and Jennifer Korte, JV.
captain, had 2 goals and                                                                            consistently close throughout           Coach Poffinberger com-
Caroline Perkins had one.                                                                           their four games. In the first     plimented Varsity’s hitting.
     The second game they           Mr. Miller says that the captains are in charge.                game, Linganore demolished         With JV the motivation is
played was on the 6th of Sep-       "I just show up. They run the team."                            Catoctin, after a neck to neck     fantastic.
tember. They played Century                                                                         game. The second game, the              Coach      Poffinberger
and lost. The final score was                                                                       girls were defeated, but that      thinks that Varsity needs to
2-3. In the first couple min-                                                                       didn’t affect their attempts to    improve on their movement
utes of the game they took                                                                          try harder to win. Their third     and needs to get used to each
the lead with a goal. For the                                                                       and fourth games showed how        other since the team hasn’t
first half of the game they                                                                         well they are at hitting, and      played together in the past.
were up and winning. In the                                                                         coming back into the lead.         With the JV team they need
second half, however, Cen-                                                                               According to Jenn Buck-       improvement on their basic
tury came back for the win.                                                                         ley the strengths of the team      fundamentals.
Ashley Lovetere, freshman,
and Caroline Perkins each
had a goal.
     The third and fourth
games were part of a week-
end tournament on Satur-
day the 8th. They played two
games. First they played TJ,       Bekah           Megan           Catherine        Jessica
and the regular game went         Bofinger          Pell            Thomas            Snell
into overtime with a score of        #5              #10              #14              #3
3-3. Catherine, Ashley and         Senior          Senior           Senior           Senior
Caroline contributed a goal.      Halfback      Sweeper,            Attack        Midfield,
However Catherine scored                          Halfback                           Attack
the winning goal in overtime,    Played field   Played field       Played field   Played field
leaving the field with a 4-3     hockey for     hockey    for      hockey    at   hockey    for
victory over TJ. Later in the    4 years. 2     4 years. 2         Varsity        4 years. 1
day, they were matched with      years on JV,   years on JV,       level for 4    year on JV.
Urbana for the “winning          2 years on     2 years on         years.         3 years on
game.” Whoever won this          Varsity.       Varsity.                          Varsity.
game was the winner of the
tournament. Unfortunately
after a long, hot day in the
heat, the tired Lancers lost
1-3. Catherine Thomas had
  October 2007                                                                                                                 The Lance               15
 Golf team tees it off making it to States
by Katie Bassett                          tournaments, so I decided I’d try
Edior-In-Chief                            it out. Three days before try-outs I

                                          went and played and I really liked it.”
            laying nine holes of golf
                                               The girls compete in a different
            every day seems like a goal
                                          group than the boys and have their
            for a retiree, but for
                                                                own State tour-
sophomore, Siohban Tishler
                                                                nament. This
and Junior Kelsi Nakielny it’s
                                                                year Shiobhan
just another day at practice.
                                                                was the only girl
They are the only female golf
                                                                                                                            Cross country
                                                                from Linganore to
team members.
                                                                make it to states,
     “It’s fun being one of the
                                                                along with A.J
only girls. It’s not weird or
bad in any way. I was on ten-
                                                                Thoreson, and
                                                                Josh Foster; who
                                                                                                                            races to the
nis with all girls, and it’s a lot
different than that but, I like
it,” said Siohban. This is the
                                                                all qualified to
                                                                play at the state                                           finish
                                                                tournament next
first year for Kelsi playing on                                                                                              by Larkin Kolovich
                                                                month at Univer-
the golf team, but she isn’t                                                                                                 Associate Editor
                                                                sity of Maryland's
intimidated by all the strong
                                                                Golf Course.
players on the team.                                                                                                              Only three weeks into their
                                                                     Siobhan was
     “I wanted to try something                                                                                              season, the girls cross country
                                                                the low medalist
new and challenge myself. Josh Foster gets excited                                                                           team show-cased their speed
                                                                in the girls divi-
None of my friends actually about his shot.                                                                                  by coming in second in their
                                                                sion, shooting a
thought I would do it but, I                                                                                                 first scrimmage at Mt. Hebron
                                                                102 against West-
did and I’m really glad,” said                                                        golf photos courtesy of yearbook       on the last Thursday of August.
                                          minster where the three qualified.
Kelsi.                                                                                                                       Last year the cross country team
                                               The girls and boys golf team has         “This year I just hope to improve
     Although, Siohban has been play-                                                                                        went to States but at that meet
                                          so far played against one of their big- and learn how to play a good game of
ing since she was six years old, she                                                                                         ranked 13th out of 18th.
                                          gest competitor team, Walkersville, golf alongside Siohban,” said, Kelsi.
decided to join the golf team her fresh-                                                                                           Amanda Ouimette, a junior
                                          for their first game and was defeated
                            man year                                                                                         on the girls cross country team,
                            because she                                                                                      had good reason for the low
                            had such a                                                                                       ranking, “It was hot, and our
                            love for the                                                                                     team was tired, and we ran on
                            game. She                                                                                        the second hardest track in the
                            and her fa-      Thoreson, Foster, and                                                           country.”
                            ther would       Tisher make it to States                                                             This year, under the com-
                            play golf at                                                                                     mand of Master Sergeant, the
                            West Winds                                                                                       cross country team practices
                            often, where           Senior golfers A.J. Thoreson and                                          six days a week as a team and
                            the      golf   Josh Foster recently qualified for states                                        by themselves on Sunday.
                            team holds      after placing at the District I 4A-3A                                            Jen Huff, a sophomore on the
                            practice.       Tournament at Wakefield Valley Golf                                              team hopes that their rigorous
                                   Siob-    and Conference Center.                                                           practice schedule well help the
                            han,      the         Thoreson tied with Travis Me-                                              team to place higher this year
                            only girl on    whirter, a student at North Carrol,                                              at states.
                            the    team     with 79 strokes. Foster, having tied                                                   “We are definitely going to
                            last year,      with Urbana’s Andrew Surette, placed                                             make it to States this year again,
                            was the one     fourth after beating Surette in a play-                                          and hopefully this year we will
                            to recruit      off.                                                                             place in the top ten.” “But El-
                            Kelsi into            Thoreson and Foster will be play-     AJ Thoreson lines up putt.           eanor Roosevelt High School is
                            trying out      ing the state tournament at the Univer-                                          our biggest competition, they
   Siohban Tishler          for the team    sity of Maryland golf course.                                                    can recruit runners, and they
   hits the ball.           this year.           Siobhan Tischler, who has been                                              train hard,” said Huff.
                            “Siohban        playing golf since she was 6, placed in                                                The girl’s cross country
                            told      me                                                                                     team’s first meet was held on
about the golf team and how much                                                                                             Saturday, September 8th. The
fun she had playing and doing the                                                                                            team came in 4th out of 14
 Ask the Coach: Mr.Eric Bokinsky, Golf Head Coach                                                                                 “The whole team did really
                                                                                                                             well,” said Ouimette, “A lot of
 Linganore's golf coach took the time to comment on the state tournament trio, AJ Thoreson, Josh Foster and                  us dropped minutes off of our
 Siobhan Tischler.                                                                                                           times.”
 AJ - He is as cool a competitor as      Josh - He sat out for one meet,          Siobhan - Siobhan is, perhaps, the              Huff, who wasn’t so pleased
 I’ve ever seen. He did make a few       and since his return has been the        most focused player on the team.           with her performance on Sat-
 bad shots but followed each with a      hottest golfer on the team putting       When she’s on the golf course, she is      urday said, “Everyone did so
 great recovery. AJ is very dedicat-     up consistently low scores. A lot of     all business. Her fundamentals are         good, but I didn’t run as fast as
 ed to the sport, and the team has       golfers would have crumbled under        sound, and she doesn’t get rattled         I wanted to. It’s okay though
 relied heavily on him throughout        that pressure, but Josh handled it       easily. Where many golfers post            because I tried my hardest, and
 the entire season. His 79 was tied      all extremely well. That’s a credit to   scores all over the place, Siobhan is      we have another meet coming
 for second place at the District I      his skill as a golfer and his easy-go-   very steady and consistent.                up soon.”
 tournament                              ing personality.

                        Melissa Mazis continues to tear up the competition throughout the 2007 cross country season
                        Meet                                         Date                  Time                        Notes
                        Barnhart Invitational                      September 8th           20:23 minutes
                        Brunswick Invitational                     September 15th          20:34 minutes               1st place, large school division
                        South Carroll Invitational                 September 21st          22:11 minutes
                        Oatlands                                   September 29th          21:32 minutes
          October 2007                                                                                                 The Lance          16

  L      ancer 2006 Accomplishments:              The Varsity Football
       team had a great season in 2006 ending with a record of *8-3
  overall; 6-0 in the MVAL Chesapeake* Conference. They were crowned
                                                                                                                Meet the seniors
                                                                                                                             Todd Cox

  the *Division Champions*, being the first team ever to go undefeated
  in conference play since the new conference structure. Their defense                                                        LB/FB
  was ranked *3rd overall in the state of Maryland*. They had numer-                                                   Height:         6'2"
  ous *Fredrick News Post 1st team players*, along with the *Fredrick                                                  Weight:         230
  News Post Player of the Year* Jeff Phillips. The 2007 Lancers are                                                    A three year varsity
  continuing a winning history in the 2007 season.                                                                     starter. Recently commit-
                                                                                                                       ted to a full scholarship
                                                                                                                       to Towson University.

Football dominates first two opponents                                                                                 One of the most physical
                                                                                                                       LB's in the state

                                                                                                                           C.J. Thomas
by Mike Rich                         half, forcing the running clock to each caught one.
Reporter                             be instituted in the second half.       “Our defense and special                           WR
                                          Offensively the Lancers were  teams really set us up with a short            Height:         6'4"
     It’s a Friday afternoon and the                                                                                   Weight:         200
                                     lead by quarterback Alex Phleps    field for our offense to work with,”
grills are already firing up and the                                                                                   A three year varsity
                                                                              said Phelps.
parking lot is already                                                                                                 starter. He is a big play
                                                                                      Defensively the Lanc-
packed. No it’s not                                                                                                    receiver who is catching
                                                                                 ers were led by Todd Cox
the Redskins game or                                                                                                   the eye of many college
                                                                                 who tallied 12 tackles in
even Ravens. It’s just                                                                                                 scouts
                                                                                 just over a half of play,
another home game
                                                                                 holding the Lakers to a
for the Linganore

Lancers. The atmo-
                                                                                 shutout up until Lake                      Alex Phelps
                                                                                 Clifton scored in the final
sphere at Linganore
                                                                                 3 minutes of the game.                         QB
on these nights is                                                                                                     Height:         6'1"
                                                                                      This may have not
second to none. The                                                                                                    Weight:         190
                                                                                 seemed like a big game for
stands are packed                                                                                                      A strong armed QB who
                                                                                 the Lancers, but the expe-
with screaming fans,                                                                                                   has a great pocket pres-
                                                                                 rience the young players
which make it so loud                                                                                                  sance. Look for Phelps
                                                                                 earns is vital to the Lancer
on the field the platers                                                                                               to lead this offense in
                                                photo courtesy of Mrs. Rich
                                                                                success this season. The
can barely think. The                                                                                                  his first year as a varsity
                                                                                Lancers are playing 17 new
band playing strong Phelps drops back to pass in the game                                                              starter.
                                                                                starters some of which are
in the background is
                                                                                juniors and sophomores.

just another aspect
that adds to the electricity in the who threw for four touchdown
                                                                                      The Lancers extended                Mike Marquez
                                                                        record to 2-0 in week two at
air. The visiting Lakers cracked passes in his first Varsity start.                                                          DE/TE
under this pressure.                 C.J. Thomas caught two while Thomas Stone High School by                          Height:       6'0"
                                                                        once again dominating the game
     Similar to last year the Lanc- Ryan Dixon and David Ruwet                                                         Weight:       205
                                                                        49-15. Alex Phelps was on his
ers started off                                                                                                        A second year starter
                                                                        game again throwing for 3 touch-
with a Balti-                                                                                                          who plays great contain
                                                                        downs and C.J. Thomas caught
more city foe.                                                                                                         and can also come off the
                                                                        two. The defense once again
But this year’s                                                                                                        edge. He looks to im-
                                                                        was dominating only allowing
team rose to                                                                                                           prove on already excel-
                                                                        one touchdown, the other com-
the occasion                                                                                                           lent marks as a junior
                                                                        ing by way of a kickoff return the
routing the
                                                                        very first play of the game. But
Lake Clifton
                                                                        the Lancers fought back going on
Lakers 42-6.
                                                                        a 27-8 scoring run to end the half.
     T h e
                                                                        The Thomas Stone Cougars were
Lancers ex-
                                                                        shut out by the Lancers excellent
ploded out
                                                                        defense in the second half.
to 21-0 lead
                                        photo courtesy of Mrs. Rich          Since then, the Lancers have
in the first
                                                                        raced to a 5-0 record, including
quarter and a The Lancer cheerleaders show off their
                                                                        shut-outs against previously un-
35-0 lead by banner before the first game
                                                                        beaten Thomas Johnson,17-0, and
the end of the
                                                                        Middletown, 42-0.

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