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									Serial Killer Project Info:
1) Definition of a Serial Killer-
•A person who :
–commits 3 or more murders
–commits pre-meditated murders
–facilitates pre-meditated murders
–difficult childhood (i.e. bad parents, raped, abused, ect.)
–has a “signature.” A common way of killing their victims
–kills a certain group of people, usually has something to do with their childhood
–Typically has characteristics that are “not normal” (i.e.- anti-social, bad temper,
extreme violence, ect.)
REQUIRED** There is no real definition of a Serial Killer, there are too many
inconsistent variables

2) Background:
                              Kenneth Bianchi               Angelo Buono
Childhood                     Born in 1951, Roschester      Born in NY state in 1934,
                              NY, alcoholic prostitute,     parents divorce he moves
                              put up for adoption           in with mother (Jenny)
                              -Foster parent Frances        and sister (Cecilia) in
                              Bianchi whose husband         California
                              died when Kenneth was         - very care free attitude
                              13                            and did only what
                              - he was a compulsive         satisfied him
                              liar, threw violent
                              tantrums, and although
                              he showed signs of
                              artistic talent an
                              above average
                              intelligence, he was
                              an underachiever in
                              school, big ego- made
                              up things to impress
                              the girls
                              -religion very
                              important- skewed view
                              of women- thought they
                              should dress modestly
                              and all be virgins
Things that lead to Crime     Compulsive lying              -delinquent
                              Hate for women- due to        -not very smart
                              birth mother and adopted      -stole cars, went to
                              mother and skewed             juvenile detention facility
                              religious view of women       -intense hatred and total
                                                            disrespect for women,
                                                            saw sex as domination,
                                                           abused his own mother
                                                           calling her names
Jobs                         security guard                Started a Harem of
                             Started a Harem of            prostitutes
Motives                      Religion- feeling how girls   Fed off his cousins feelings
                             should live and how they      toward women
                             didn’t live up to
Physical Descriptions        6 foot, well dressed, fit     Ladies man
                             man, mustache

3) Who, How Many People Killed, Where Killed, Patterns to Killings, When
-kidnapped,  raped, tortured, and killed females from twelve
to twenty-eight years old, in the hills above Los Angeles
during over four-months from 1977 to 1978.
How many were killed? – 9 total
October 18, 1977        Yolanda                  Forest Lawn   First victim- faint
                        Washington-              Cemetery      marks visible
                        prostitute                             around the neck,
                                                               wrists, and ankles
                                                               where a rope had
                                                               been used-
                                                               viciously raped
October 31, 1977        Judith Miller- 16 year   Eagle Rock    Wrapped in tarp,
                        old destitute            Neighborhood- found on a curb.
                                                 north of LA   Bruises on neck
November 6, 1977        Lissa Kastin- 21 year    Glendale      Strangled (lik
                        old waitress last        Country Club  Judith miller)
                        seen leaving work
                        the night she was
November 20, 1977       Dolores Cepeda- 12       Near Dodger       Strangled and
                        both last seen           stadium           raped
                        unloading the bus
                        and approaching a
                        car with two men in it
                        Sonja Johnson- 14                          Strangled and
November 23 1977        Jane King- 28           Off ramp of       -with all these
(missing Nov 9th)                               the Golden        cases in common
                                                state freeway     this was the body
                                                                  that made the
                                                                  police force form
                                                                  a group to cacth
                                                                  the “hillside
November 29th           Lauren Wagner- 18                         Strangled with a
                                                                  ligature. Burn
                                                                  marks on her
                                                                  hands indication
                                                                  torture- this body
                                                                  made them think
                                                                  more than one
                                                                  person involved
December 13, 1977       Kimberly Martin- 17     Hillside in       Same as others
                        prostitute              California
February 16 1978        Cindy Hudspeth-20       Angeles Crest
                                                Area- cliff in
                                                the trunk of
Why- a common theme in most o the girls were girls that
were prostitutes or girls that did not live a holy and religious
life as would have been seen by Kenneth. Angelo used
these girls as targets because he knew that Kenneth would
want to hurt them because they were not acting as they
should as shown by the bible.

Patterns- strangulation, rape, torture
4) Trial and Evidence used to convict
Kenneth Bianchi                             Angelo Buono
•Verdict: Plead guilty to five murder       •Verdict: guilty of 9 counts of murder
charges                                     •Sentence: life in prison, without parole
•Sentence: 118 years in prison              •Evidence: Bianchi also implicated his
•Evidence: Jewelry belonging to a           cousin Angelo Buono in his confessions,
couple of the LA victims, found guilty to   Bianchi testified against him
two murders in LA, Karen Mandic and
Diane Wilder. During investigation
confessed to some hillside murders. To
avoid death penalty plead guilty to 5
murders and told entire truth about
killings, exposing Buono

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