Serial Killer Presentation Grade Rubric

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					                              Serial Killer Presentation Grade Rubric
Presenter Names: ________________________________________________________

Serial Killer___________________________________________

                                  5                           4                        3                         2                        1
 Serial Killer Info   Excellent knowledge of       Good knowledge, Have       Lacking 2 of the       Lacking 3 of the           Lacking 4 - 5 of the
        (7)           killer. Have addressed all   addressed all required    required elements/      required elements/ few     required elements/
                      required elements w/         elements w/ some          few details             details                    little to no details
                      details as well as           details
                      interesting and additional
    Creativity        Excellent use of             Good use of materials,    Average use of          Little use of materials,   No creativity, use of
       ( 2)           materials, original          original ideas, nice      materials. Lacking      little creativity; Too     materials and ideas
                      ideas, wonderful visual      visual aids               some creativity         many words on slide        minimal
Oral Presentation     Communicates with            Communicates ideas        Communicates ideas      Some difficulty, due to    Great difficulty, or
      Skills          enthusiasm, excellent        well, good voice          with proper voice       low voice projection or    lack of preparation
       (1)            voice projection,            projection, appropriate   projection. Adequate    lack of eye contact must   or incomplete work
                      appropriate language,        language, knows           preparation and         read all slides;
                      knows information            information but; does     delivery, BUT
                      well; does not have to       have to read slide        reading the slides
                      read slide; Can answer       occasionally; Can most
                      all questions                answer all questions
     Citation         Work cited page in           Work cited page in        Not correct format      Not correct format for     NO citations but put
       (2)            correct format; quotes       correct format; some      for site/source OR      site/source AND few        quotation marks and
                      and citations on each        citations within          few citations with in   citations with in          website after quote
                      slide                        presentation              presentation            presentation

  Grammar and         No errors or typos, well 2 typos or errors             3 errors, some slides   4 errors; clearly not      5 or more errors;
   Punctuation        written                                                need to be redone       proof read                 REAL SLOPPY

                                                                                                  TOTAL POINTS _____/65

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