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					Serial Killer PowerPoint or Flip Chart

This is an individual project encouraging you to research a serial killer and investigate
not only the killer, but how the cases were handled. Your project can be in either
Microsoft PowerPoint or Activstudio Flip Chart (Promethean software).

Things to include about the killer:
    Birth Name and Alias (if any) 8pts
    Place and Date of Birth 7pts
    Brief history of individual 20pts
    Picture 10pts
    Killing Profile (serial killers tend to repeat previous acts. What was his/her
       M.O?) 15pts
    Total Number of Victims bonus 5pts
    Year Arrested/Convicted (if your killer was neither, choose a new killer) 15pts
    Sentence 5pts

Things to include about the investigation:
    Evidence that broke the case (final incriminating evidence) bonus 3pts
    Police department or federal department leading investigation 10pts
    Place and date of each individual case, in chronological order (from the killer’s
       series) bonus 2 pts each
    Images taken from crime scenes (if none available, then try to find images from
       the location or police dept) 10pts

Presentation counts a total of 15 points to your total grade!

You must give the instructor a paper copy of your presentation to receive your grade!

Make this project tell a story. Biography documentaries on networks such as the History
Channel or A & E are good programs to emulate. Be creative with this project. You may
pull multimedia if you wish (be sure to follow copyright laws, including citing your
sources) and if you choose to create a Flip Chart, don’t hesitate to include interactive
games or reveals*

This Project is Due: ____________________________________

*This project is not to teach you how to use PowerPoint or Flip Chart. A bare minimum of operation skills
are needed. Additional lessons in PowerPoint and Flip Chart are not the Forensic Science teacher’s

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