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                                                                     The Anthis Career Center
                                                                  offers courses in the following:
                                                                          Allied Health Careers

                                                                         Automotive Technology
                                                                           Aviation Technology
                                                                       Careers in Early Education
                                                                           Construction Trades
                                                                                Culinary Arts
                                                                        Engineering Technology
     COOPERATIVE TRAINING                                                   Firefighter Program
Students who successfully complete one year of                   Information Technology Academy
the Culinary Arts program are eligible for co-op                                ICE
job placement.                                              (Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education)
Co-op students work in a community training site                 Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice
and receive pay for a minimum of 15 hours per
week. They also earn three units of high school
credit per semester for satisfactory progress. A
teacher/coordinator from the Career Center is
                                                              Academic classes are also available
responsible for monitoring the student-employer
work relationship.                                                For more information, contact
                                                                Anthis Career Center at 467-1010.
     DEPARTMENT PREREQUISITES                                         anthis.fwcs.k12.in.us
    Excellent school attendance
                                                                      NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY
    Reading level above grade 6                        Fort Wayne Community Schools supports the principle that all
    Math level above grade 6 (fractions)               persons are entitled to equal employment opportunity without
                                                       regard to race, religion, color, marital status, national origin, sex,
    Professional uniform (chef’s hat, coat,            age, disability or limited English proficiency. No person is excluded
    pants, and skid-proof shoes in black or            from participating, denied the benefits of, or otherwise subject
                                                       to unlawful discrimination on such basis under any educational
                                                       program or student activity.                                                      1200 South Barr Street
    Good personal grooming – no piercings                                                                                                Fort Wayne, IN 46802
    allowed while in lab
                                                                                                                                 Hospitality Department (260) 467-1031
    Foods classes helpful                                                                                                             Main Office (260) 467-1010
where futures begin .                         .    .             FORT WAYNE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS
                                                                                                              revised 11/07
                                                                                                                                where futures begin .               .    .
                                                                                  he Anthis Career Center offers two programs through the Culinary Arts depart-
                                                                          ment. Each class has unique opportunities for students preparing for employment and/or
                                                                          post-secondary education. Class discussion, instructor demonstration, resource persons,
                                                                          extended off-site work and field trips enhance the in-house laboratory experience.

                                                                               Culinary Arts I                             Students completing this class, demonstrating
                                                                The Culinary Arts class is the beginning class in          proficiency, and meeting IVY Tech Community
                                                                this area. The students learn back-of-the-house            College qualifications, receive nine credit hours
                                                                skills while preparing food for the cafeteria line         in Hospitality at IVY Tech.
                                                                and snack bar. They gain experience operating                        Prerequisite: Culinary Arts I
                                                                the various pieces of commercial equipment and
                                                                learn the fundamentals of basic food preparation                             Certification
                                                                and baking including sanitation, knife skills and          ACF Certification and ServSafe Certification may
Whenever you pick up a newspaper or magazine, you               recipe interpretation.                                     be awarded after the student is tested.
see numerous opportunities that exist in the restaurant,
hotel and tourism industries. Travel and tourism is             Students in the AM class receive a greater focus                             Barr Street Café
expected to become the world's largest industry. This           in the baking area. Examples of products includ-           The Barr Street Café is open during the FWCS
growth will create 20 million new jobs.                         ed in the baking focus are: yeast breads and rolls,        school year. It features gourmet food and is stu-
                                                                cake decorating, puff pastry, pate choux, mousse           dent operated. Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and
    The food preparation and service industry will have         and pies.                                                  Thursday, 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Call for reserva-
    faster than average growth through 2014. Wages                                                                         tions: 467-1031 or 467-1032.
    and salaries are expected to increase by 16% while          Students completing this class and demonstrat-
    other industries are expecting a 14% increase.              ing proficiency may receive nine credit hours in
                                                                Hospitality at Ivy Tech Community College.
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, skilled
    chefs and head cooks, servers, hosts and hostesses
    are expected to grow slightly faster than over all                        Culinary Arts II
    employment.                                                             (Restaurant Management)
                                                                Culinary Arts II is an advanced approach to food
    44 percent of every dollar we spend on food is
                                                                and cooking principles. It acquaints students with
    spent eating out, and people are consuming over
                                                                restaurant-style food, menu planning, pricing,
    50 billion meals a year in restaurants and cafés.
                                                                inventory, line production and service. Students
    The restaurant and food service industry needs a            will operate the Barr Street Café and learn the
    total of 13 million skilled and dedicated persons           aspects of the front and back of the house. The
    by 2010 to run its businesses.                              class meets from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Stu-
                                                                dents need their own transportation.
    Good computer skills will increase your employ-
    ability in this industry.

where futures begin .                               .      .   where futures begin .                          .       .   where futures begin .                        .        .

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