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					                                        Scales Elementary School                  September 7, 2010

                             Graham’s Gazette
  This is our September newsletter.
                                                                               September Birthdays
This will give you an overview of the
coming month. Each week I will also
send you a quick note about up-               Open house will be                   September 1st
coming events.                           Tuesday, September 20 at
    Some of the skills we will be        6:30. This is a time for your
working on in the next few weeks are     child to show you around the
                                                                                  September 29th
                                         classroom and tell you what we
listed below:
                                         do each day. I hope you will
                                         all be able to come.

Reading:                                                                      Dates to Remember
                                           During Parent Orientation
      Making predictions                many of you signed up for a          September 9 – Progress
      Sequencing                        conference time. I will email         Reports
      Retelling a story                 you with a reminder of your
      Distinguish between fantasy       time and day later. Please let       September 12-16 – “Mustang
       and reality                       me know if you still need a           Closet” clothing drive for
      Compare and contrast              conference time.                      Warner Elementary School
      Reading with fluency and
                                              Homework Bag                    September 12 - After-School
                                            Yesterday was the first            Encore Club Registration 6:00
                                        time for students to have a
Word Study:                             Homework Packet in their              September 13 – Papa John’s
   Word families                       Homework Bag. The packet               Pizza Night
                                        includes the sight words for
                                        the week, two math pages,             September 14 – Destination
                                                                               Imagination Parent Meeting
   Recognizing word clues such         and a reading log. The packet
                                                                               7:30 AM or 6:30 PM
      as more than, some, all           is to be returned on Friday.
      together, etc.                                                          September 15 – Girl Scout
   Addition facts                                                             Round-Up 6:30 – 8:00
   Subtraction facts
                                        Thank you to the parents who
                                                                              September 20 – Open House
                                          have sent in items for our
                                         Treasure Box and books for
Writing:                                      our class library.
                                                                              September 20 – Run Club
    Writes complete sentences
                                                                               begins after school
    When to use capital letters         September’s Character
    Punctuation                               Word is:                       September 21 – Picture Day

                                                                              September 26-30 “Spirit Week”

                                                                              September 30 – Invest Fest

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