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First Name Last Name


									                                First Name Last Name
                                     Street Address
                                     City, State ZIP
                               Phone or Cell Phone Contact

      To obtain the position of job title.

Relevant Skills:
      Professional ability to work on                    Strong motivation to improve job
      multiple projects.                                 performance.
      Clear communication skills.                        Effective ability to meet goals.

Degree/Certification or Expected Program to Complete        Fall 2008 to Spring 2010
Bellingham Technical College, Bellingham WA 98225
       Courses Completed                      Courses to Complete
       Specific Course                        Advanced Course

High School Diploma or Equivalent                                             Month, Year
Bellingham High School, Bellingham WA 98225
       Award for Grade Average

Employment History:
Clerk, Student Services, BTC, Bellingham WA 98225                  Month, Year to Present
Duties: Enter data for student services, use college programs, keep up on current policies.

Waiter, Denny’s, Bellingham, WA 98226                       Month, Year to Month, Year
Duties: Served customers, prepped work stations, adapted to changing work schedules.

Barrista, Cruisin’ Coffee, Bellingham, WA 98226                Month, Year to Month Year
Duties: Greeted customers, filled orders, operated cash register.

Volunteer Experience:
Ski to Sea, Bellingham, WA                          Seasonal: Month, Year to Month Year
Duties: Kept bottled water available for athletes on race route.

Hobbies and Interests:
Computer gaming, helping friends build computers and troubleshooting computer

Available on request.
First Name Last Name
Street Address
City, State, ZIP

Month Day, Year

First Name Last Name or
Human Resources
Street Address
City, State, ZIP

Dear Director,

In the opening state to inquire about future positions you will have for job title. I am a
student at BTC and saw your announcement on the company website on October 16,

In the first body paragraph explain your current student status and when you are going to
hypothetically complete your program. State your most current work experience and any
skills that translate into the requirements mentioned in the job posted. Provide a detailed
explanation of one of the skills you can mention.

In the second body paragraph explain one more skill you can already bring to the position
based on the requirements or a skill or ability that you believe the position requires (for
example, a people skill like those we have discussed in class).

[Optional: a third body paragraph in which you describe why the company or
organization appeals to you and how you would be an asset to such a place.]

Conclude by thanking the reader and emphasizing that you look forward to applying for a
position in the future. If they have any questions, they can reach you at your phone and
email address.



Printed First and Last Name

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