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					                   Arris DG950A & TG852 Wifi Management Manual

Logging in via Local Management IP address

       The IP address the customer will receive (with default settings) should be in the range of
192.168.0.x which has the default gateway of (Local Management). In the event does not work, have the customer perform an ipconfig in command prompt to get
the default gateway (or router IP address):

                Figure 1 illustrates the default gateway of Local Management

Note: The modem

      The customer can access the login page for their router by entering the default gateway
address as seen below:

                               Figure 2 illustrates the Login page

Arris DG950A WIFI Modem                                                                     Page 1
Changing Default Settings
Username: admin
Password:     password
Note: This password can be changed but it is not recommended for troubleshooting purposes.

Upon logging into the wireless management page, this is what the customer will see:

         Figure 3 illustrates the basic setup page that appears after successful login

Arris DG950A WIFI Modem                                                                  Page 2
       The following is the SSID (Service Set Identifier). This is the name of the wireless
network that is being broadcasted. So the customer would be connecting to this network granted
they are connecting to their network wirelessly.

                      Figure 4 illustrates the SSID being set to broadcast

       The following image displays the wireless password required to connect to the wireless
service. This can be changed, but it must be noted that this password is also listed on the bottom
of their cable modem. This would be convenient knowledge if the customer were to forget the
password that they changed it to and they had to factory reset their modem.

       Figure 5 illustrates the entry of the Encryption Algorithm and Pre-shared key

       Each wireless modem has default settings for the wireless connection. The default
settings are on a tag at the bottom of their modem and are listed in the following format:

Network Name (SSID): **********
Encryption: WPA-TKIP ( default for all)
Network Key: ***************** (In this scenario it is 3E52C680D6823C)
(Bar Code)
WPS PIN: **************
(Bar Code)

Note: To factory default modem, simply hold down reset button for 30 seconds.

Arris DG950A WIFI Modem                                                                      Page 3
Disabling the built in Firewall

Figure 6 illustrates the un-checking of the “Enable Firewall” checkbox in order to disable
                                        the firewall

The firewall is enabled by default on all the wireless cable modems and it can be disabled by de-
selecting the “Enable Firewall” option.

Arris DG950A WIFI Modem                                                                    Page 4
Restarting Router:
    Restarting the router might be necessary at times, without actually resetting the modem.
     To do this have the customer click on the Utilities option at the top of the Router
     Management page. There will be a “Restart Router” option to the left of the page. This is
     illustrated below:

         Figure 7 illustrates the steps to accessing the options to restart the modem

The customer will have a single option after selecting that which states “Restart”:

                       Figure 8 shows the option to restart the modem

Once the restart option is selected, management will be lost and the customer will have to wait
until the modem reboots. However connectivity should be restored.

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