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Volume 10 Issue 4   April 2010

     Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him . . .
2010 CYCT Officers & Board Members                  Editors Comments
                                                 Welcome to April, the first
FLAG OFFICERS                                    full month of Spring. In this
Commodore: Dan Walker
Vice Commodore: Steve Hucke                      issue we say farewell to Colin
Rear Commodore: Cheryl White                     Pallemaerts, who passed away
Recording Secretary: Debbie                      on Easter Sunday. Before he
Treasurer: Christine Nelson
                                                 left the dock he sent us a
BOARD POSITIONS                                  story of his experience with
Membership Chair: Gary Ballentine                engine trouble in Mexico, and
Fleet Captain-Cruising: Sue Carter               a tip or two we can all use.
Fleet Captain - Racing: Steve Ryan
Past Commodore: Tom O’Hara                       We’ll miss him.

STANDING COMMITTEES                              Other changes in this issue
Club Merchandise: Jen Ihlen
Mainsheet Editor: Jim Muri
                                                 include getting rid of those
Sunshine: Vaneva O’Hara                          calendars. Our event chairs -
Tyee Liaison: Jo Seward                          racing, cruising, and others -
Web Site: Forrest German                         are including information
Social: Dave & Beverly Artis
Education: Chuck Welter                          about upcoming events in
Historian: Terry Anderson                        their articles. You can get
Long Range Planning: Eric Nelson                 that information directly
                                                 from the source and not
PHRF Handicapper: Pat Nelson                     worry about your editor
PHRF Director: Billy Carter                      getting things wrong (again.)
PIYA Representative: Billy Carter
Juniors Program: Brian White
 General Meetings:
 7:00 pm - 2nd Monday of the month
 Sept. - January @ Johnny’s of Fife Restaurant
 January - Aug @ CYCT deck at Tyee Marina II

 Board Meeting:
 7:00 pm - Last Monday of the month
 At Johnny’s of Fife Restaurant
                       Commodore’s Comments
                         Happy Easter CYCT, I hope that you can take
                       some time to reflect on the significant of this Holi-
                       day. For me it is a sign of hope and promise. That
                       through good and difficult or unstable times we can
                       know that God is ultimately at the helm and has
                       created a way for our salvation through is son
                       Jesus Christ.

   During our March general meeting the members approved
 funds of $7,600 for the repair of Romeo Charlie. The vessel
 was towed to the boat yard on Saturday the 27th of March. It
 will probably be ready sometime late April or early May.

   The best part about April is that Wednesday Windseekers
 will begin. This is a nice break for many of us in the middle of
 the week to get away and be with friends on the water. If you
 have not participated in these casual races on Wednesday
 nights through the summer, just grab a few friends and come
 out. It is habit forming.

                                                     Performance Yacht Hull Service
        Hylebos Marina
         Moorage . Storage . Haulouts

                                                  Fast comes standard.
                                                  So does peace of mind. David Morey
                                  RON OLINE
1940 Marine View Dr.                  President
                                                            Home: 253-891-7109
 Tacoma, WA 98422               (253) 272-6623
                                                             Cell: 253-948-8360
            Vice Commodore’s Comments
                  I have just returned from a tall ship cruise aboard
               the Royal Clipper in the Caribbean and I look for-
               ward to sharing my experiences and my pictures
               with everyone at one of our meetings. The ship re-
               ally sailed and I felt the thrill as the huge ship
               heeled over and the sails filled with the steady
               tropical winds. My wife became a snorkeling addict
in clear waters ranging from 82-85 degrees and filled with color-
ful sealife. I also scoped out some good islands and anchorages in
case you are planning on cruising that way one day. The next
meeting topic will either be sailing aboard tall ships and compar-
ing our experiences in Greece, northern Italy and the Caribbean
or a surprise speaker on building a 105 foot long warship canoe.
I’m not sure which it will be yet, so come and find out.

     Sounds like the single-handing race and the pirate cruise
were a real hit this last week-end. Billy and Soo Carter were still
talking about the weird pirate costume and laughing all the way
back to the dock so I know a good time was had by all (including
the weird pirate I think). I am looking forward to Windseeker
Wednesdays getting underway this month and the official Open-
ing Day event in Seattle. There’s no better place to be than right
here once our sailing season gets under way. So shake out the
sails and hang onto your hats, they say it is all about the journey
and I say let the fun begin!
                 Engine Problems in Mexico
                      Colin Pallemaerts
      Note: Colin passed away shortly after sending this story to us.

  In the summer of 2007 I spent most of my time in Mexico and kept the boat in
the water. I went north to Santa Rosalia to be out of the hurricane danger area. I
had planned to continue further north to Bahia Los Angeles to catch up with many of
my sailing amigos, but a few problems developed.

   First, in August, I had a little medical problem that required me to return to
Seattle. So I left the boat for about a month in Marina Singlar in Santa Rosalia.
A good Mexican friend kept an eye on my boat and when I returned later in Sep-
tember everything seemed fine. However it is very very hot in Santa Rosalia in
September. After two weeks or so I decided to return to Seattle, but before I
left I decided it would be a good idea to run the engine for a while. I started it; it
sped up, the stopped abruptly. My first thought was the starter had quit or
jammed. So I went back to Seattle and bought a new starter. The important
point is the boat was left in this condition for over three months.

                                                    Patrick T. Nelson, CIC, LUTCF
                                                    Insurance and Financial Services Agent

                                                    21400 International Blvd., Ste 202
                                                    Seattle, WA 98198
                                                    Business (206) 878-7800
                                                    Fax (206) 870-6446

                                                    Registered Representative
                                                    Farmers Financial Solutions, LLC
                                                    2423 Galena Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93065
                                                    Phone (805) 306-3400
                    Engine Problems (Cont.)
   Upon my return in October it became very clear the engine crankshaft could not
be rotated. Even a very strong and young Mexican could not move it. The engine was
solidly seized up. I investigated places to have it rebuilt in La Paz, San Carlos and
Ventura CA. The feedback was discouraging, no fixed price, can’t tell if it can be
rebuilt until we see it, couldn’t get to it for about 5 months. So on November 2nd I
bought a new Yanmar 3YM30 engine from Gallery Marine in Seattle. They have the
best prices I found and engines are in stock. The brand new Yanmar engine without
gearbox cost $6,995. To get the engine to Mexico I first freighted it to Tucson,
then a friend drove it to Guaymas Mexico, then I took it on the Mexican ferry from
Guaymas to Santa Rosalia, a long trip but it made it. Apart from the cost of the
engine and the transport from Seattle I had no other expense; I did all the engine
work myself.

    Now that the decision had been made I worked on a system to remove the old
engine from the boat. This is another story you can ask me about, but it was accom-
plished without any trauma, cursing or backbreaking procedures required. Once the
old engine was out of the boat and in the marina store room, we removed the head
and the oil pan. All three pistons were seized in place because of salt water and rust
in the cylinders. The actual cause of the failure was due to the failure of the “L type”
exhaust water and exhaust gas mixing elbow. It had disintegrated due to rust and
corrosion. In this condition whenever the engine is stopped salt water can drain back
into the exhaust manifold and then into the cylinders. The longer the engine is left
unused in this condition the more likely it is the engine will seize up upon starting.
From the outside the mixing elbow looks fine. The photo shows inside the old L Elbow
after 10 years. I had never inspected the elbow, I wasn’t aware it was required. I
recommend that anyone with this type of elbow check inside every year. A complete
new elbow only cost $140 and could save you a complete new engine.

                                             w . t rs ol l .o /
                                            w w auew rdcc m
       Engine Problems (Cont.)


                              Race Report
                                              March racing could have been bet-
                                           ter, but fun was had by all! Problems
                                           starting the mark chase boat resulted
                                           in the Tramp Harbor race being short-
                                           ened at Pt. Robinson. Unfortunately,
                                           news of that fact did not reach all
                                           competitors in time (especially those in
                                           Class 1). So, there was no mark to go
                                           around! Class 1 was abandoned by the
                                           RC, but class 2 and the Windseeker
                                           class had a sucessful race! Congratu-
                                           lations to Discovery, Something Spe-
                                           cial and Isabella for winning their
                                           respective classes!
                                              More CYCT      Racing for 2010:

                                              The racing calendar for 2010
                                           shows a Windseeker single hander on
                                           March 27, and an Windseeker Awards
                                           race on April 3rd, followed by our
                                           CYCT Gig Harbor race on April 10.
                                           Great racing for those who brave the
cooler weather!

   Romeo Charlie: The CYCT Committee boat Romeo Charlie is down for a new
engine replacement, and should be up and running by May. Until then, the CYCT
races will be run from Desperado, with our mark chase boat Juliette assisting!
See you out on the water!

  Carve the Waves!
  Steve Ryan                                      Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

                                             Southcenter Professional Plaza
  Race Chair CYCT                            411 Strander Blvd., Suite 205
  S/V Desperado                              Seattle, WA 98188
  206-794-1428                               206.575.1173
                             Cruise Report
   They did it again! Thank you Roger and Judy Anderson for another Pirate Ren-
dezvous. It was a spectacular evening of frolicking CYCT pirates. Nine boats in-
vaded Longbranch Marina. This is who was there; Pirates of the Caribean: Gary
and Joy Ballentine. Ditto: Sean Ballentine. Krusty or Crotchity (never really un-
derstood the name but he answered to both and was voted most funny) Wife of
Krusty: Lew and Bev Channing. Captian Morgan: Chris Channing. Longbranch Priates:
Becky and Denny Flannigan (check out Denny’s hair!), Rasta Steve: Steve Wagner.
Damsel Debbie: Debbie McAdams (voted most sexy), Dangerous Don: Don
McAdams. Cabin Boy: Evan McAdams. Captian Cook: Connie Merrit. Frankie the
Foul-eyed Flopper: Jim Merrit. Birthday Susie: Susie Pinkham. Black Ed: Ed
Pinkham. Billy Madeoff: Billy Carter (voted most fearsome). Hosts Capt’ Stormy
Weather and Jolly Roger: Judy and Roger Anderson.

   We were also honored with Gene Brown’s presence and a foreign exchange stu-
dent from Hungary, Zsolt Berthold who was a guest of the McAdams. He thought
we were all a tad bit crazy but looked as though he was having a fabulous time.
The food as always, was awesome. The winners were: Treasure Chest Stew, Bilge
Broccoli, and Strawberry Shortcake. Forgive me for not writing down the Cooks’
names. Gold doubloons needed for the finale were passed out in the beginning and
there was more to be gained throughout the evening including a piñata treasure
chest full of doubloons and chocolate A table full of Roger and Judy’s collection
of pirate booty was given away in a spirited auction. Krusty/Crotchity kept up a
banter of frivolous nonsense that kept us all in stitches but I heard that there was
talk of banishment. If you have never been to one of CYCT’s themed cruises it is
really something you must put on your to do list.

                                   Crab Feed Cruise
                                  April 24th, 2010
                       Bainbridge Island Marina/Yacht Club
                           4200 Eagle Harbor Drive NE
                          Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

   Please come one and all to our annual Crab Feast. It is approximately 21 nauti-
cal miles from Tyee Marina but also land yacht accessible. Plenty of time to dine
and dash if you want to come by car. The Delectable Dungeness is our main
course however, there will also be BBQ’d steak for those not fond of Mr Crab.
The crustaceans have moved off our coasts as of right now so there is a possibility
we all may be eating a bit of the beef. Bring a side dish or desert to compliment
the dinner. Please RSVP as soon as possible.
                              Cruising Report
                                    Daffodil Weekend
                              April 16th, 17th and 18th
                                Tacoma Yacht Club

   We will not have any boats in the parade. It seems to be a busy time for our
club members with commitments elsewhere. Tacoma Yacht Club puts a lot of time
and effort into this affair so if you can go to any of the activities or events it will
be time well spent. Our Commodore Dan will represent CYCT in the Flag Raising
Ceremony on Sunday morning. Thank your Dan! Check out Tacoma’s website for

                                      Opening Day
                                       May 1st
                                  Seattle Yacht Club
                                “Out of This World”

   One of my most favorite events and it looks like we have 5 boats signed up to go
through the Cut. Pretty good turn out I must say and you can bet on it that we will
do an outstanding job of representing CYCT. Festivities usually start Friday after-
noon and run through the evening with dinning and dancing and the parade is Satur-
day morning. You can still participate even if you do not have your vessel signed up.
Come check out Dock Zero Gravity where we will be tied up. Watch the rowing
shell race and the amazing parade of boats and yachts pass through. More spe-
cific info is on the Seattle Yacht Club website and more about us in the up coming
General Meeting.
   Soo Carter, Cruise Chair
   s/v Discovery

                                             L E I F H A G E N                     Over 30 years experience

                                             YACHT SYSTEMS & RIGGING

                                                                            Leif Hagen
                                             Standing Rigging & Lifelines   Owner
                                             Architectural Cable Railings
                                             Furling Systems                206.272.0565
                                             Rigging Surveys      
                                             Marine Electrical Systems
                                                                            8244 SW Hawthorne LN, Vashon, WA 98070
    General Meeting Minutes, February 2010
   The meeting was called to order at 1900 on March 8, 2010 by Our Commodore,
Dan Walker. Guests were introduced. The minutes from the February General
Meeting were amended to read that PHRF is making their meetings more acces-
sible; they are still open to the public. The minutes were then approved.

   Commodore John Dorsey of TYC, a fellow sail boater, spoke about the Daffodil
Marine Parade and festivities, April 16-18. There are many fun activities planned,
from food to dancing to trivia as well as the parade. If you are planning to partici-
pate, please register by March 19. Discovery will be participating.

  VICE COMMODORE: Steve Hucke had no report.

  REAR COMMODORE: Cheryl White reported that reciprocals are coming in.

  TREASURER: Christine Nelson not present, no report.

  SECRETARY: Debbie McAdams had no report.

   RACING: Steve Ryan reported the Tramp Harbor race on Feb 27 had some
issues. Juliette refused to start, and when the race committee needed to shorten
the course, the first class boats missed the radio hail, and had passed the mark,
which meant their class had to be abandoned. April 10 will be the Gig Harbor Race.

   CRUISING: Soo Carter thanked Bev and Lou Channing for all their help with the
Mardi Gras Cruise. Everyone had a great time. Connie Holbrook and Pat Nelson
were crowned King and Queen. Roger and Judy Anderson will host the Pirate’s
Cruise in Longbranch March 27-28. The Crab Feed will be in Winslow in April, fol-
lowed by Opening Day in Seattle the first weekend in May. Terry Anderson will
host Opening Day. We still need a host for the Salmon Bake. Let Soo know if you
are interested. There will be a 4th of July Cruise to Quartermaster Harbor. And
we need a host for the Daffodil Marine Parade. Terry reported the theme for
Opening Day is “Out of This World.” For reservations on “Dock 0 Gravity”, register
by April 2. We need a Club Officer Boat. There will be a big party Friday night, so
let Terry know how much food and other provisions will be needed. (RSVP in other
            General Meeting Minutes (Cont.)
  SOCIAL: Dave and Bev Artis not present, no report.

   EDUCATION: Chuck Welter reported the race management clinic will be March
13 at his home, starting at 10 am. He has a Fundraising Event planned for June 5,
which can help fund the committee boat repairs.

   SUNSHINE: Soo Carter reported for Vaneva O’Hara that Vaneva just had
surgery and should be getting out of the hospital today.

  MAINSHEET: Jim Muri asked for articles to be submitted by the 4th Wednes-
day of the month. He is accepting for sale ads, stories, articles, anything you think
may be of interest to your fellow sailors.

   MEMBERSHIP: Gary and Joy Ballentine reported the membership drive is in
progress. They have new members to introduce, Jerry Brennan, whose application
is pending, Dan and Lorraine Bessmer, not present tonight, who are rejoining. Dan
and Lorraine’s boat is here, but they live in Portland, and Joe and Peggy Saltz-
they have a 2008 Precision Boatworks 23, Cowboy Poetry. Commodore Dan Walker
inducted them.

   CLUB MERCHANDISE: Jen Ihlen not present, but is planning to have the items
preordered at the April General Meeting.

  PHRF DIRECTOR: Billy Carter had no report.

   PHRF HANDICAPPER: Pat Nelson reported there would possibly be a meeting
on April 25 in Bellingham. The agenda will be published 30 days prior to the meet-

  PIYA: Billy Carter had no report.

   HISTORIAN: Terry Anderson had answers to last month’s trivia questions, as
well as some new ones for this month having to do with circumnavigations of
Vancouver Island and Tall Ships. Be at the meetings to get extra clues for your
answers. Please share any history, photos, trivia, and member accomplishments,
behind the scene info etc, that you have knowledge of to keep CYCT history alive.
            General Meeting Minutes (Cont.)
  LONG RANGE PLANNING: Eric Nelson will be looking into more topics to bring
before the club.

   JUNIORS: Cheryl White reported for the ailing Brian. The Foss Waterway
Seaport wants to have the junior boats there on May 15,before the Green Festival
on May 22. There is a gentleman, possibly from the Tacoma school district, who
would like to have the use of our boats for sailing classes- they would provide their
own instructor and have CYCT representatives on site. This can be discussed more
fully at a board meeting. There is a “wish list” for the junior program that includes
rigging and sails. Brian is working on the summer sailing class schedule, is ordering
tee shirts and gearing up for the evening sailing nights.

  WEBMASTER: Forrest German had no report.

  PAST COMMODORE: Tom O’Hara not present, no report.


   NEW BUSINESS: Romeo Charlie’s engine woes- as many of you know, Romeo
Charlie’s engine is in dire need of some major repairs, by one estimate, $7600 to
repair or replace it. Billy Carter is getting more estimates and investigating more
options. The membership was in agreement that Romeo Charlie is the boat for the
job for mark setting, keeping the race committee out of the weather and handling
the conditions in Puget Sound. After discussion a motion was made, seconded and
passed to authorize up to $7800 for repair or replacement of Romeo Charlie’s
engine. Billy will follow up on this.
             General Meeting Minutes (Cont.)
  March birthdays were announced.

  Raffle Results”

  A “Spring Cleaning Kit” including bilge cleaner, boat soap and 2-ply toilet paper
was won by Pat Nelson.
  A Dinghy bailer, aka squirt gun, was won by Judy Anderson.
  A bottle of rum was won by Forrest German
  A boat hook was won by Steve Wagoner.
  And another “Spring Cleaning Kit” featuring 2-ply toilet paper, was won by Judy

   The speaker tonight was Andy Schwenk from Northwest Rigging, along with Tim
Cleary, his right hand guy, who spoke about Rigging for Racing. Some of the things
he talked about were the importance of an adjustable backstay in getting the most
performance from your main, that synthetic lifelines are now approved by PIYA,
the importance of inspecting your rigging, and much more. He will be happy to in-
spect your rigging, or install new for you.
  The meeting was adjourned at 2124.

  Respectfully submitted,

  Debbie McAdams
  Recording Secretary
  Red Splash

                           Greg Fuller
                          General Foreman
  Residential Commercial Industrial
              Lic. # FULLEEI027BK
 37107 12th Ave. S.           Fax: (253) 661-6956
 Federal Way, WA 98003     Office: (253) 661-7181       Cellular: (206) 423-8393
   As our 2010 membership drive continues here in April,
just a few thoughts. We have now reached the time of year
that our first quarterly adjustment in new membership fees
kicks in. That, combined with the $50.00 savings in
initiation fees, makes this a great time to join the club. That
would make a new membership in our club, including dues and
initiation, a total of $218.75.

    That is as good as its going to get. We have until the crab
cruise on April 24th to get new members signed up. We
welcomed two new members last month, and have one new
member so far to welcome this month. Like all things too
good to be true, this offer will expire soon. Our membership
is what drives everything else in our club. Without you, our
members, there would be no cruises. There would be no
youth program. Our racing program would not be able to
meet its financial needs.

    It isn’t always easy to approach our boating friends. But
if you joined, why not them? Joy and I have potential new
members who just can’t seem to take that final step.
However, were not going to go away. So join us at the next
general meeting as we welcome our new members.
Remember, fly that burgee.

Gary and Joy
 Membership Chair
                     Toys & Tools

                         Is it time to replace that old tube-
                         powered VHF? And are you
                         considering adding AIS to your
                         vessel? Now you can do both for
                         about $225 (depending on vendor).

                         This Standard Horizon GX2000 is
                         DSC-compatible as well. You can set
                         AIS warnings, both displayed and
                         audible, to let you know when an
                         AIS-equipped vessel violates your
                         safety radius. You set that radius,
                         called a Closest Point of Approach.

For those of you unfamiliar w/ AIS, it provides course,
speed, vessel name and contact information, rate of return,
and destination of commercial vessels in radio range. It is
updated automatically every few seconds. Add it to your
arsenal to avoid collisions.

For more info on AIS and related technology, see You should be able to look at and pick
up a GX2000 from either J&G or West Marine locally.

    First, I'd like to thank everyone for the well wishes and prayers for my recovery after
my surgery. I am recovering slowin but surely.

A card was sent to Terry Anderson as he is dealing with a medical issue. We wish him well.

Prayers from many were sent out to Colin and Brenda Pallemaerts. Sadly, Colin passed away on
Easter Sunday. He led a full and interesting life, was a kind and gentle man, loved and
respected by everyone who knew him. He will be sorely missed.

 Capt. Richard J. Myers     (253) 973-0370

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