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					             VOLUME 7 ISSUE 29                       FEBRUARY, 2011

             BREBEUF BANNER

              St. Jean de Brebeuf           F. Ali, Department Head)        a retired administrator and
           C.H.S. has concluded an-         and Physical Education          served as Vice Principal
           other successful semester        Department (Mr. J. Lionti,      at Holy Cross Catholic
           filled with excellent learn-     Department Head) for their      Academy and at Cardinal          2 Davos Road
           ing opportunities, a fine co-    excellent work in the           Carter C.H.S. I look for-        Woodbridge, Ontario
           curricular program, and the      A.B.S./SHSM program.            ward to working again            L4H 2Y1
           supportive staff needed to       Grade 9 and 10 students         with Ms Laurinaitis and
           educate the mind and nur-
           ture the soul!
                                            are urged to apply to these     know she will contribute to      Tel:    905 851-3259
                                            programs for the 2011-12        the success of our school.       Fax:    905 653-5678
             Semester I report cards        school year. Information        Also joining us are: Mr.
           are tentatively set to be        can be found on our web-        Peter Aluzzo (Religion),         E-mail:
           distributed the week of          site at:                        Ms Sandra Brega (Math),
           February 7th/11. Please          Mr. Michael Onorati              Website:
           review the report card with                                      (English & Visual Arts)
                                              With the new semester         and Ms Lisa Bompiani
           your child and as a family,      comes staff changes. My
           rew ar d    a c hi ev e m ent.                                   (E.A.) We also welcome
                                            sincere thanks to Vice Prin-    our New Trustee, Ms
           Where necessary, changes         cipal Sharon Pickett for her
           may be necessary to study        wonderful contributions to
                                                                            Maria Carnovale, to our          Administration:
           habits, course levels, and                                       school Community. Ms.
                                            our school over semester I.     Carnovale will join Mr.          Principal:      R. Villani
           personal agendas to allow        Ms Pickett brought superb                                        Vice Principal: B. Lechman
           for greater success.                                             Dino Giuliani as our trus-
                                            knowledge, organization,        tees for the next 4 years.       Vice Principal: D. Calderan
           Should you need assis-           leadership, and teamwork                                         Vice Principal: A. Laurinaitis
           tance, our guidance, office                                      We wish them both suc-
                                            to her role. She now re-        cess and thank them for
           and all staff are here to        turns to the many blessings     their support of Brebeuf.        Trustees: D. Giuliani
           help. My congratulations         of retirement. We thank                                                    M. Carnovale
           to the many students who         her and wish her well.            Please note the follow-
           excelled in Semester I.                                          ing important notices in
           We look forward to many            Thanks and best wishes        our newsletter:
           receiving Honour Roll            to Mr. Will Nahr, Ms Jenni-
           status (80% average over         fer Thome, and Mr. Andrew       • OSSLT info, pg. 1
           Semester 1 and 2) by             Hamaway.      Ms. Jeanne        • Course selection,
           year’s end.                      Morson, our Religion De-           2011-12, pg. 4
                                            partment Head-Chaplaincy
             Last year we began the         team leader will be on a
                                                                            • Catholic School Coun-
           A.B.S. (Athletics, Business,                                        cil News, pg.2
                                            leave over semester II. We
           Success) program in grade        wish everyone continued         • Halpern’s School
           9 and 10 leading to the          success.                           Uniforms Info, pg. 3
           Specialist High Skills Major
           program in grades 11 and           I am pleased to welcome       Best wishes in Semester 2.
           12. This has been a great        Ms Ann Laurinaitis who will
           success. My thanks to the        be a Vice Principal this                Romolo Villani,
           Business Department (Mr.         semester. Ms Laurinaitis is             Principal

           The OSSLT, administered by       skills required to meet the     all subjects up to the end of    dary School Diploma.
           Ontario’s Education Quality      standard for understanding      Grade 9. The successful          The Ontario Secondary
           and Accountability Office        reading selections and com-     completion of this test or the   School Literacy Test (OSSLT)
           (EQAO), is used to determine     municating a variety of writ-   Ontario Secondary School         is scheduled to be written
           whether a student has the        ing forms expected by The       Literacy Course is a require-    province-wide on March 31,
           literacy (reading and writing)   Ontario Curriculum across       ment for the Ontario Secon-      2011.

 St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic High School is a Learning Community called to educate the mind and nurture the soul with Jesus
Christ as inspiration. Success in academics, development of character, and dedication to service will be achieved with support
                                               from the home, church and school
                                                                          VOLUME 7 ISSUE 29
                                                                                             Page 2

Message from the Catholic School Council

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we mentioned prior to the holiday season, St. Jean de Brebeuf is lobbying for a portapack next
year. This initiative is being made to eliminate the portables that we have now; prevent any future
need for portables (as our student population increases); and to maintain the ‘closed campus’ envi-
ronment that has worked so well thus far.
We, the Council, believe that St. Jean de Brebeuf students deserve to maintain the ‘closed campus’
environment and clearly understand the potentially negative influence more portables can have on
the school and its current levels of success.
St. Jean de Brebeuf is continually making strides in becoming the premier school in Vaughan. We
commend Mr. Villani and his administration, the teachers and all the students of the school who have
chosen to be the best.
During our next council meeting, which will be held on February 22, 2011 at 7 pm, the council has
invited our local trustee and other officials involved with the decision making process to attend and
take part in discussions. We need your presence, support and opinions.
We are asking parents to make time that evening to join us in support of this initiative.
As much as our students continually impress us with the level of success that they have, we as par-
ents we still need to support them in making sure that they have the best possible chances to suc-
ceed. Your attendance at this meeting is all you need to show your support!
Please make the effort to attend the council meeting. We welcome you, and look forward to keeping
St. Jean de Brebeuf one of the premier schools in Vaughan.
You may contact the council by email at should you have any fur-
ther questions or comments.


Brian Abela, Vice-Chair
St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic School Council
                                                                  VOLUME 7 ISSUE 29
                                                                                         Page 3

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  Page 4

C.S. Lewis stated that,
“Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life
requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become.”
    The English Depart-       rooms. The grade 10s           through many philosophi-             All teachers are
ment endeavours to teach      focused on preparing for       cal tenets. Hence, our          available for extra help
literature that not only      the upcoming literacy test     students have been busy         on an appointment ba-
engages students but that     in March 2011 through          at work throughout the          sis and look forward to
promotes making connec-       various in-class lessons       semester and all will con-      assisting students with
tions with the wider world.   and new technological          tinue next semester to          their individual interests
This semester has been        initiatives. The grade 11s     ensure that our students        and needs.
focused on meeting stu-       ‘walked a mile in a char-      are literate beyond the              Good luck to all our
dents’ needs and inter-       acter’s shoes’ through         confines of the class-          grade 10s writing the
ests in all English courses   various excursions that        room.                           OSSLT in March and to
through literature, media,    required them to ‘write’ in        Our goal as a depart-       all our students for
excursions, and technol-      character. The grade 12s       ment is to ensure that          much success this
ogy. The grade 9s busily      focused on post-               students can make con-          school year.
worked to understand          secondary education            nections between the
Romeo and Juliet and          dedicated their time to        study of literature, their         ...F. Scopelliti,
perform modern version        improving their critical       own lives, and future                Department Head
in their respective class-    thinking and writing skills    goals.

    2011 - 2012                      Grade 9-11 Course Selection for 2011-12
As we prepare for the
2011-2012 academic
year, it is important to                            IMPORTANT DATES
identify the courses your
child wishes to take. The     Tuesday, February 22      - Gr. 9 course selection forms & fees due to homeroom teacher
decision of which course
and level to take should      Monday, February 28       - Gr. 10 course selection forms & fees due to homeroom teacher
be taken with great care      Monday, March 7           - Gr. 11 course selection forms & fees due to homeroom teacher
and should be an in-
formed decision. Infor-
                                      Fees: all cheques to be made out to St. Jean de Brebeuf CHS
mation concerning future
courses, careers and                            Gr. 10 in 2011 - 2012: $105 - current date
post-secondary options is                       Gr. 11 in 2011 - 2012: $120 - current date
and will be provided to all                     Gr. 12 in 2011 - 2012: $115 - current date
students through our
Guidance Staff.
                              There will be a $10 charge for late registrations.
We look forward to work-
ing together in order to
ensure that your child        Guidance Counsellors will be available in the cafeteria through-
meets with success in the     out February to answer any questions regarding course selec-
upcoming academic year.       tion. Students can also go to the Guidance Office before or after
                              school for further assistance.
      … D. Calderan,
       Vice Principal
                                                                              VOLUME 7 ISSUE 29
                                                                                                     Page 5

Congratulations to all of our Cooperative Education students at St. Jean de Brebeuf, for a very successful
first semester! Students have completed training in WHMIS, CPR and have gained valuable knowledge and life
long skills which will be transferred to any long term goals and professions that they are working toward. Stu-
dents are involved in both the 2 credit and 4 credit programs. Career experiences involve many diverse profes-
sions. We are pleased to announce that our students are currently enrolled in apprenticable trades leading to-
ward Accelerated Programs at various colleges. These trades include: Electrical, Heating and Air, Plumbing,
Auto mechanics, Hair Dressing. As well, we have students involved in Career Paths leading toward, Law, Edu-
cation, Orthodontics, Teaching, Accounting, Culinary, Dentistry, Wellness, Social Work, Veterinarians and Elec-
tronic Manufacturing. We are pleased to announce that several of our students have secured part-time employ-
ment thanks to their success at the work placement.

The success of the Cooperative Education Program at St. Jean de Brebuef is largely due to the continued effort
and support of our business partners in the community. The Cooperative Education Department would like to
thank this semester's partners:

Block Buster                                                 R & G Mechanical Services Ltd
Bradey & Seinder Plumbibg                                    Rosehaven Homes
Burnco MFG. Inc.                                             Royfoss Chevrolet
CFN Precision Ltd.                                           Salon Gio
Davis Orthodontics                                           Skyline Motors
Dilesh Bhullar                                               St. Agnes of Assisi Catholic School
Elias Custom Metal Fabrication Ltd.                          St. Andrew Catholic School
Eagles Landing Animal Hospital                               St. Emily Catholic School
Firenze Plumbing and Heating Ltd.                            St. Stephen Catholic School
Future Shop                                                  St. Veronica Catholic School
Hightech Auto                                                Steven Auto Sales
Northview Auto Collision                                     Superior Tire And Auto
Northview Pet Hospital                                       Tron Electric
Oakdale Drywall and Acoustics                                Vaughan Community Health Center
Parente, Borean, LLP                                         Vellore Village Pet Hospital
Pennsylvania Moulding                                        Village Dental Center
Pipe All Plumbing Heating and Air                            Winners
Riccia Carpentry
                                                                        VOLUME 7 ISSUE 29
                                                                                             Page 6

The month of December was an exciting and fun-filled one for staff and students at St. Jean de Bre-
beuf CHS. Your SJDB Student Government enthusiastically worked together to organize various ac-
tivities for the school community to enjoy.
The Christmas Spirit was alive & present at St. Jean de Brebeuf CHS this year, as our Student Govern-
ment kicked off the month of December with enjoyable festivities. The “Red and White” civvies day
filled our hallways & classrooms with students dressed in the spirit of Christmas.
This year our school community came together by donating new unwrapped toys for the “44th Annual
CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish 2010”. We were able to come together as a school community and
give to those less fortunate during the Christmas season.

Student Government also organized a Christmas Bake Sale. Students and staff were enticed with a
variety of edible goodies, all graciously provided by our members of student government. A sincere
thank you goes to all those members who baked up a storm!
Santa Claus also came to town and graciously made his way to St. Jean de Brebeuf School. Many
students came out to meet jolly old St. Nick and take a quick picture with him.
Your Student Government is actively planning and looking forward to organizing many more events for
the school to enjoy! Don’t forget to listen to the morning announcements and stay tuned for some up-
coming Valentines Day events!
                                                  … M. Battilana and P. Belperio,
                                                  Student Government Staff Moderators
                                                                                   VOLUME 7 ISSUE 29
                                                                                                           Page 7

 The Business/Culinary Program at SJB

    Congratulations to all the    beuf C.H.S. this coming Sep-
York Catholic students who        tember 2011. Thank you to
have participated in The Rivi-    all the partners who have con-
era Parque Program. The           tributed in making the program
students have successfully        a success.
completed all the compo-
nents of the program includ-      Riviera Parque Dining, Ban-
ing their industry certifica-     quet and Convention Centre
tions. Many of them have          Buca Restaurant
been offered opportunities for    Santa Maria Foods
future employment in order to     Humber College
continue their learning experi-   George Brown College
ence.                             Liaison College
                                  Pulse Line
    This partnership between      Culinary 2000 Studios
the York Catholic School          Altarossa Restaurant
Board and Riviera Parque          Vinsanto Restaurant                York Catholic Students are having fun teaming
Dining, Banquet and Conven-       Aida Bakery                        up with Humber College Culinary students in a
tion Centre has proven to be      St. Emily’s Bakery                 baking lesson. Some of the students have al-
a true success. The program                                          ready decided what post-secondary program
will continue to be coordi-                                          they will pursue. We wish them success!
                                    … D. Covre, Teacher
nated at Saint Jean de Bre-

                       “Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.”Les Brown
   As we approach the end of semester one we remember all the wonderful events and activities that have occurred in the
Student Services Department. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and caring group of teachers to support our
exceptional students. This semester we would like to welcome Mr. Bongiorno to our FLS program and Ms. Manasseri, long
term occasional teacher filling in for Ms. Nunes.

  The FLS students at St. Jean de Brebeuf has been very busy attending and participating in various activities. In De-
cember, the students attended the 17th annual youth bocce banquet where our Special Olympic Youth Bocce champi-
ons were honoured. The FLS students are preparing for the next years tournament by going once a week to Chancellor
Community Centre to practice and hone their skills.

   Best Buddies has seen an overwhelming increase in participation with over forty members. The program continues to
foster relationships and friendships amongst all students creating an inclusive, positive environment within school and
community. This year, the Best Buddies International Conference was held at the Doubletree Hilton in Toronto and our
school was very well represented. On October 24th Best Buddies participated in the Audi Challenge for the 10k, 5k, and
1k route at the Shops at Don Mills. Everyone is looking forward to what second semester will bring.

  The Student Services Department will once again continue to provide support to the Grade 9 and Grade 10 Applied
Math Classes. Ms. Gregoris will again provide this support.

  As we look to the future our Educational Support students plan to offer sundry items during the lunch break at our up
and coming store. We are very excited with this new initiative.

    As first semester comes to a close, we are preparing our students for the upcoming OSSLT and look forward to transi-
tioning our graduating students for their future pathways.

                                                           … C. Gollo, Department Head
                                                                                 VOLUME 7 ISSUE 29
                                                                                                         Page 8

 Moderns Department
               The Multicultural Society of Brebeuf
                  This year a dedicated group of senior students has endeavoured to bring multiculturalism to St
              Jean de Brebeuf. Over the past few months, we have worked to make staff and students aware of
              the multitude of cultures present in our school. Each month, we pick a “focus”. In November, we
              had “Hispanic Heritage Week” and in December we recognized Eastern European Cultures such
as Polish, Ukrainian and Russian. We look forward to posting results from our survey where we asked students
what languages they spoke other than English and what their cultural backgrounds are. Look for the results in the
next newsletter!
                                                           Mrs. Campitelli, Teacher

March Break 2011– Italy and Southern France
    Arrivano gli “orsi neri” di Brebeuf! This is what will be heard over a 10-day period in March as Ms. Rita Cam-
pitelli and Ms. Annamaria Di Benedetto accompany a group of 24 “ours noirs” to Italy and southern France. The
excursion, being organized in conjunction with Centro Scuola, will afford the students the opportunity to visit and
truly experience the wonders of Rome, Florence, Arles and Avignon (just to name a few of the cities that will be
explored) with the added bonus of touring the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. Ancient, renaissance and modern
history will come alive for the students as they take in the wonders of the Coliseum, admire Michelangelo’s “Il
Davide”, take a gondola ride in Venice, visit the Papal Palace in Avignon and take in the spectacular views in
Montecarlo. So look out Europe – les “ours noirs” de Brebeuf arrivent bientôt!

                                                  Ms. Di Benedetto, Teacher 

       Florence, Italy                                                                      Avignon, France 

                                          Galleria Ferrari, Maranello, Italy 
                                                                                           VOLUME 7 ISSUE 29
                                                                                                                      Page 9






I would like to take this time to congratulate the grade 12 drama class for a marvelous school production that was showcased on
January 13th and 14th. This semester the grade 12 drama students decided to write their own script; they called it "Voices From a
High School". The story deals with a variety of issues that today's teenagers are faced with including, peer pressure, graduation
fears, relationships and body image. The show was both comical and dramatic and it maintained the audiences' interest through-
out. It was a huge risk and undertaking to create and perform an original script, but through much perseverance the students suc-
ceeded and reached the minds of many in our Brebeuf community. I would also like to thank everyone who came out to support
the show.
I wish the cast the best of luck in the future and I hope that drama continues to inspire you...."remember the world is your stage".
                                                                 … Ms. Artenosi (Dramatic Arts Teacher)
                                                                           VOLUME 7 ISSUE 29
                                                                                                Page 10

                       Basil of Caesarea, also called Saint Basil the Great,
                       (330 – January 1, 379)

                              "The spiritual Father does not coerce, he does not give orders;
                         rather, he takes the spiritual child by the hand and leads the way, gently
                                            but firmly." (Chrysostomos 1984, 45)

                        The more we engage in the discipline of Catholic Religious Education, the
                        more we come, over time to appreciate its interdisciplinary characteristics
                        that merge philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology, theology, Chris-
                        tology, ecclesiology and our deepening awareness of social justice. Our
department members value the privilege of instructing our youth, in age appropriate ways, to
develop excellent critical thinking skills, as well as researching, writing, reasoning and observa-
tion skills. Some of the most important skills learned through a Catholic Religious Education cur-
riculum include learning how to interpret information from a variety of sources, how to write and
how to articulate thoughts, and how to gather and make sense of diverse information. With time,
practice and commitment, our students are able to apply the skills and knowledge they learn to a
very wide variety of fields and disciplines, as well as, and most importantly, life encounters and
meaningful relationships.

       In a Catholic school community, education and faith are closely connected as students
learn how to integrate religion and faith more fully into their everyday lives, including their fu-
ture careers where they someday will use the knowledge they’ve gained to serve God and their
human community.

        In the spirit of St. Basil the Great, we extend our gratitude to all parents, teachers and staff
who, through their life witness and their instruction, lead our youth gently but firmly toward

        This new semester in Religious Education will continue its vibrant speaker program in all
grades and welcome back Yellow Brick House, Kinark, Bereaved Families of Ontario – Vaughan,
Cor Unum, Chalice, Covenant House, Holocaust Survivor Speakers, Canadian Centre for Diversity
Interfaith Excursion and World Encounters Interfaith Artifact Presentations. In addition, all Religion
classes attend engaging and faith forming retreats coordinated through Chaplaincy.
       Blessings as we seek to become ever more faithful and loving disciples of Jesus.

                                      Celebrating Youth in Christ,
                                      … J. Morson, Department Head
                                                                       VOLUME 7 ISSUE 29
                                                                                           Page 11

                                                  The Companions of Jesus

                                                  Left to Right:
                                                  Jean de Brebeuf, S.J. (left panel: with cross),
                                                  Richard Eisenmann, S.J. (kneeling with Seal of
                                                  Society of Jesus) Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J.
                                                  (standing with hands outstretched), Amando
                                                  Lopez, S.J. (kneeling wearing a stole), Isaac
                                                  Jogues, S.J. (right panel: holding Chalice of
                                                  Blood) St. Andrei Rublev Icons by Fr. William
                                                  Hart McNichols

This month’s article is attributed to one of our grade 12 students, Juste Songailaite, whose ener-
getic faith animates us all! With gratitude…Jeanné Morson

“Breathing in and out…as you breathe in, let God in; as you exhale, reflect on your life as
prayer.”    J. Songailaite, Gr. 12

        As we bring closure to another enriching semester of education and faith formation, we
get ready to start fresh with round two. Our Chaplaincy members share their gratitude with the
many students and staff who not only demonstrate an authentic desire to learn about their faith
but who live it in vibrant and tangible ways in our community. As Christianity is being chal-
lenged today in so many areas of our lives, we ask you to reflect and let God in; to replace vice
with virtue and to celebrate the God’s real presence in the wonderful gift of the sacraments.
        Chaplaincy members agree that when it comes to living our faith, our youth are called to
engage in meaningful dialogue about real issues and to be concerned about them. We are all
called to the teachings and traditions of our Catholic Church that responds to our deepest needs
with wisdom, passion and grace.
        Each year, our Student Chaplaincy team is engaged in preparing for our annual charita-
ble fund raisers and this semester is no different. Watch out for our Hearts for Haiti fundraiser
for Chalice Canada and our newest charity Core Unum which supports the work of YCDSB stu-
dents who volunteer to teach ESL classes in Gambo, Ethiopia. Also stay tuned for our yearly Ash
Wednesday in-class liturgies on March 9 as well as our Easter celebration of the Eucharist on
May 3.
        Chaplaincy would like to remind students that this group meets Mondays after school
from 2:30-3:30 in room 310 and as it is an open group, we would like to see many other new
comers who would like to share their enthusiasm for faith that is lived and heard… J. Songailaite,
Gr. 12

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
Mother Teresa
                         … J. Morson and L. Vani, Chaplaincy Team

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