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Upcoming Meetings: 2008 - February 23NEW, April 5 and May 31
Participants: Bronwen Young, Regan Rasmussen, Lorna Reid, Johanna Hoskins, Heather Pastro, Anne Jenkins

Call to Order: 10:02 am
1. Membership
(i) Lorna Reid is awaiting the receipt of a package from the North Vancouver conference registrar with some
applications that need to be processed for members who are eligible for OPUS discount cards that have not been
received. She is assuming that it will also be sent to the BCTF to update the current membership list and she has
alerted Michele (at the BCTF) that is should be arriving soon. Once the updated membership list is received from
the BCTF (likely in early February), Lorna will be able to send out cards to all these members and get the situation
sorted out.
(Bronwen will assist to ensure that Lorna has the list expediently, possibly by the end of the month).
(ii) Journals and newsletters are linked to this membership list so Karen Kroeker will send a message to district
reps, and this should go out on the listserv too, so that members can notify Lorna Reid ( if they
have not been receiving these publications. Bronwen will contact Jean Wells ( and Karen Kroeker
( in this regard. Perhaps every time that a publication is issued the listserv members can be
notified? Bronwen made note of this suggestion.

2. Salt Spring Conference - The Artful Eye
Johanna Hoskins ( reported that the logo has been selected and the committee is now working
on the website and other promotional items, including the website. The Salt Spring webmaster needs to contact
Jeans Wells for linking to the BCATA website. Volunteers are being assembled. Venues and transportation
arrangements are underway. An estimation of about 350 registrants is used to order bags. Arrangements for the gala
dinner are a little more complicated due to the number of guests. The “Call for Presenters” will be printed in the next
journal. Early information dissemination through district reps was a previously used and highly successful approach
in combination with the journal notification. Johanna was invited to prepare a proposed budget in order to obtain
seed money.

3. Newsletter
a) Bronwen received an email from that Jennifer Stark (Newsletter Editor). She needs lesson plans from the reps and
conference notification immediately so that a February mailing can be issued. NOTE: send the written portion in a
Word document without columns. Photos must be sent as JPEG attachments. Please do not embed them into word
documents (minimum 300 dpi is essential for good quality reproduction). Select your priorities for photo use.
District Rep information is welcome. Submissions should please include: Name, position, school and full mailing
address (so we can send a thank you book for individuals who are not executive members). All executive members
are reminded to forward submissions of various types for the BCATA readership.
DEADLINE: February 4, 2008 to Jennifer Stark
4. Other
o AGM Minutes: Anne indicated that in order to complete the minutes from the AGM, an agenda is needed from
Sharon Richards. Two requests have been issued. (Sharon R. will send this to as soon as
possible). Once received, Anne will save these minutes for the fall AGM and forward them to Jean for the website.
o November Minutes: Thank you to Jean who recorded the November minutes. Anne indicated that information is
needed from Bronwen in order to complete the correspondence portion of those minutes so that they can be
distributed. (Bronwen will send this to Anne Jenkins as soon as possible) Once received, Anne will forward these
minutes to the executive members and to Jean for the website.
o Executive List: was updated by the group during this meeting. Clarification was provided by Regan about Journal
Layout staff. Don Bergland (UVic) had an initial discussion about assuming this task. It is unconfirmed at this time.
i. Second Vice-President: Regan reminded the group that a 2nd V-P is needed so that we have someone available to
assist in the event that the First Vice-President cannot assume the duties. Please solicit competent peers for a viable
ii. Olympic Partnership Liaison: we need a representative who can attend the formal meetings in Vancouver on our
behalf. Karen Kroeker was going to ask the Surrey teachers so Bronwen will check with her to see if a volunteer has
been secured.
o 50th Anniversary Artist Panels: Anne asked about the status of the panels (assembled at the conference in Port
Coquitlam acknowledging the 50th anniversary of the BCATA). Images were going to be printed onto a poster with
artists' statements on the back as a teaching tool for art instruction. Can we move forward? Bronwen reported that
the artist statements were not all received. Bronwen will Mike McElgunn to obtain a list of the artists and their
contact information. She will bring this list to the next meeting along with the artists' statements that were received
so that we can determine our next course of action. Bronwen will add this item to the February agenda for further
action. We would like to expedite this process so that we maximize our resources since the work is largely
completed at this stage.
o Journal Deadlines: Call for Articles dealing with Mining the Masters (Jan 31, 2008 deadline) and Peace
Perspectives (June 30, 2008 deadline). Please forward to Bill Zuk or Bob Dalton.

Adjournment at 10:45 am with agreement that this was a successful approach for both interim information sharing
and sub-committee work, especially for including individuals whose travel arrangements can be complicated or very
Next meeting: Saturday February 23, 2007 at the BCTF building.
Please bring a copy of these minutes & your agenda to the February meeting

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