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H      ere we are again in the thick of the cold and flu
       season and we have for you a winter newsletter
full of tips for relieving the symptoms of sore throat and
stimulating the immune system. John and I are really
feeling the cold weather having just returned from a
month in the Kimberley providing dental treatment.
See page 2 for the story.

Sore Throat
F   or many people a sore throat is the first sign they
    have of a lowered immune system and the onset
of a cold or flu. The tonsils are the first line of internal
defence acting as the lymphatic waste disposal
system and removing bacteria from the blood.
They also stimulate the immune system to produce
infection fighting antibodies.
Tonsillitis may be simply an inflammation of the throat
or may be more complex and involve the glands
making them swollen and tender. When the tonsils
swell it is an indication that the body has become              If the throat is red, raw and burning with foul breath,
overloaded and is working hard to eliminate waste.              excessive saliva and offensive perspiration that is
Homoeopathy works so well because the remedies                  worse at night consider Mercurius, there may be
don’t kill the bacteria directly but rather, they stimulate     alternating heat and chills. When Kali mur is indicated
the immune system to do the healing.                            the tonsils are swollen and there is difficulty swallowing
Chronic and recurring problems with your throat                 and a white coated tongue. There may be white or
and tonsils are best treated constitutionally by your           grey spots on the tonsils.
homoeopath. Meanwhile it is important to act                    Repetition of the indicated remedy depends on the
immediately at the first sign of recurrence with indicated      person’s own vitality and the intensity of symptoms.
remedies such as Ferrum phos and Aconite. Intermittent          Usually you would start with frequent repetition
doses of Anas Barb in cooler months improves resistance         reducing as improvement is noticeable. If after 3 or 4
as does a healthy diet including Vitamin C rich foods.          doses there is no change then review the symptoms
The first remedy to think of is Ferrum phos for an              and look for a ‘more similar’ remedy.
inflamed, right sided red throat where the person
is feverish and sensitive but not anxious. Aconite
                                                                Immune Support
has sore, dry throat with fever, anxiety and thirst.
Symptoms often come on after exposure to cold, dry              W      hen unwell with a sore throat or cold symptoms
                                                                       eat plenty of garlic, ginger and onions, as the
                                                                sulphur in these vegetables helps improve lymphatic
wind. Use Belladonna when the throat is red and shiny
especially on the right side, it’s painful to swallow and       waste removal and the immune system’s ability to fight
the face is flushed with dilated pupils and bright lips.        off an infection. Decrease acid forming foods such as
Sore swollen throat and palate with burning, stinging           dairy, sweet foods and wheat and concentrate on
pains that may travel up to the ears suits Apis. The            an alkaline diet full of vegetables, fruit and broths.
tonsils are purple red and glazed.                              Gargling 2 -3 times a day with salty water with added
The Hepar sulph throat has white pits full of pus and           herbs such as olive leaf, sage and Echinacea helps
has stitching, splinter like pains that can run into the        relieve pain and you can also include some Vitamin C
ears or glands on swallowing. The symptoms can come             powder. Alternatively you can mix a pinch of turmeric
on after cold food or drinks and are better from warm drinks    and a spoonful of honey in a glass of lukewarm water
and the person is extremely sensitive to drafts and cold air.   and drink slowly.

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   Classes & Talks 2010
   Advanced Home Prescribing Class: Come along                  May 2 - 9 also saw the return visit by the Madjitil Moorna
   and increase your confidence and home prescribing            choir who worked and played with the kids and held
   skills in this half day class; explore simple case taking,   community concerts in Halls Creek and Warmun.
   potency and dose, repertorising and common remedy            www.kimberleydentalteam.com
   pictures. Saturday, 16th October 10.00 – 2.30.               www.madjitilmoorna.org.au
   Fee of $95 includes morning tea and a light lunch.           PS I hope to also get a chance to do some homoeopathy
   Homoeopathy & Bach Flowers for Animals: A 3hr class          while in the Kimberley!
   that covers Bach Flower remedies and acute and first
   aid remedies for your animals using homoeopathy;             Healthy Pets Naturally
   including case taking, Materia Medica, potency and           Inflamed Throats in Animals
   dose. Saturday, 26th June 10.00 – 1.00, Fee $65              Dr Clare Middle is on leave and so it has fallen to me to
   Home Prescribing Classes: Learn to use your Home             write this article. Luckily for me the same home prescribing
   Remedy Kit for treating acute symptoms and first aid         principles apply to animals as for humans. Jan Owen

   situations at home. The next class is on Saturday 12th           nflammation of the throat and tonsils indicates
   June or 24 July 12.00 - 3.00.                                    a defensive reaction of the body and calls for
   Home Prescribing DVD or CD: If distance or other             Belladonna or Aconite and Ferrum phos. The animal
   circumstances preclude you attending this class              may be off colour; possibly choking, coughing and
   you can still learn about using the 40 remedies in the       drooling. There may be loss of appetite and reflex
   Owen range. Phone or order online. Just $19.95               vomiting due to swelling and pain and Hepar Sulph
                                                                can help. If the voice (meow or woof) sounds dry,
   You can view details and book classes for 2010 online        raw and hoarse consider Spongia. If the breath is
   at www.h-e-c.com.au.                                         foul and the animal drooling consider Mercurius.
   Kimberley Dental Team News                                   Sepia is good for breeding females who are tired and
                                                                irritable, Baryta Carb for older weak pets or puppies/
   Strong Teeth, Strong Body, Strong Mind
                                                                kittens who are ‘slow’ and delayed in their growth or

   I  n 2010 John and I continue to provide dental
      health education and treatment in the Kimberley.
   In January we travelled to Warmun and Frog Hollow
                                                                Calc Phos if they are thin with delayed growth but
                                                                otherwise mentally well developed.
                                                                Clare suggests extra vitamin C, a pinch of powder
   and saw many children and adults for screening and
                                                                twice daily in food for cats to a teaspoon of powder
   treatment. We returned to Halls Creek and surrounding
                                                                or 1000mg tablet for a large breed dog. Additionally,
   communities with a team of volunteers in May and
                                                                herbs such as Echinacea, Olive leaf, Andrographis,
   will do so again in August. In 2009 KDT distributed 500
                                                                and Astragalus help the immune system. Dose range:
   toothbrush packs.
                                                                from 1/8th of a human dose for a cat or small dog to
                                                                a whole human dose for a large dog.
                                                                Dr Clare Middle - runs a natural therapies only veterinary practice
                                                                in Bibra Lake P: 08 9494 1243; www.claremiddle.com

                                                                  Book Corner
                                                                  Children’s Types
                                                                  If you enjoy reading about and
                                                                  understanding homoeopathic constitutional types
                                                                  this little book by English homoeopath Douglas M
                                                                  Borland will be a welcome addition to your library
                                                                  allowing you to build and expand your knowledge
                                                                  base. A Bargain at just $11

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