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          “Treaty of Paris (1783) Peace Negotiations (1782 to 3 September 1783) ”

Diplomacy and Revolution: The Franco-American Alliance of 1778. Edited by Ronald
Hoffman and Peter J. Albert (1981).
      “The French Alliance in Historical Speculation,” by Alexander DeConde.
      “Americans Celebrate the Birth of the Dauphin,” by William C. Stinchcombe.
      “France and the American Revolution Seen as Tragedy,” by Jonathan R. Dull.
      “The View from Versailles, Charles Gravier Comte de Vergennes’s Perceptions of
            the American Revolution,” by Orville T. Murphy.
      “The Treaties of Paris and Washington, 1778 and 1949, Reflections on Entangling
            Alliances,” by Lawrence S. Kaplan.

Peace and the Peacemakers: The Treaty of 1783. Perspectives on the American Revolution.
Edited by Ronald Hoffman and Peter J. Albert (1986). Valuable contributed chapters:
       “The British Objectives, 1780-1783: ‘If Not Dominion Then Trade’" by Esmond
       ”Preparing for Peace: The Objectives of the United States, France, and Spain in the
              War of the American Revolution.” by Gregg L. Lint.
       “The American Negotiators: The Diplomacy of Jealousy” by James H. Hutson.
       “Britain's Peacemakers, 1782-1783:‘To an Astonishing Degree Unfit for the Task’?”
              by Charles R. Ritcheson
       “Vergennes, Rayneval, and the Diplomacy of Trust” by Jonathan R. Dull
       “‘They Will All Speak English’: Some Cultural Consequences of Independence” by
              Marcus Cunliffe
       “Military Nationalism in Europe in the Aftermath of the American Revolution” by
              Samuel F. Scott
       “The Peace of Paris: Patterns and Legacies” by Bradford Perkins
       “The Durable Significance of the Treaty of 1783" by Richard B. Morris

The Peacemakers: The Great Powers and American Independence. Edited by Richard B.
Morris (1965).

John Adams and the Diplomacy of the American Revolution by James H. Hutson (1980).
      See also: Lawrence S. Kaplan. “Paranoia and American Revolutionary Diplomacy”
      – Review of James H. Hutson’s John Adams and the Diplomacy of the American
      Revolution (1980), in Reviews in American History, Vol. 9, No.2 (Jun, 1981) pp.166-

John Adams. By David McCullough (2001)

Franklin the Diplomat: the French Mission. By Jonathan R. Dull. (1982).

A Diplomatic History of the American Revolution. By Jonathan R. Dull (1985,1990).

Jonathan R. Dull, “France and the American Revolution: Questioning the Myths,”
Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the Western Society for French History (Las
Cruces, New Mexico, 1974; pp. 110-119)
The French Navy and American Independence: A Study of Arms and Diplomacy 1774-1787.
By Jonathan R. Dull. (1975).
      See also: Lawrence S. Kaplan. “The Diplomacy of the American Revolution: The
      Perspective From France” – Review of Jonathan R. Dull’s The French Navy and
      American Independence (1975) in Reviews in American History, Vol. 9, No.2 (Jun, 1981)
      pp.166-171. [While generally fare in treating France, Kaplan in this review attacks Dull
      for ‘demeaning’ recent popular American writers who try to portray Jay and
      Adams as heros in thwarting Vergennes. Not so much that he agrees that Jay and
      Adams were right, but he finds it ‘unpatriotic’!]

Lawrence S. Kaplan. “Jefferson and the Franco-American Alliance of 1778: Reflections on
Francophilia in La Révolution Américaine et l’Europe,” Colloques Internationaux du Centre
National de la Recherche Scientifique, No. 577; 21-25 février 1978 Paris-Toulouse pp.399-418

France in the American Revolution. By James Breck Perkins (1911).
[Particularly “Chapter XXV - Negotiations For Peace”] This work can be downloaded in PDF
from Google Book Search at

A Century of American Diplomacy. By John W. Foster (1901).
[In particular chapters II - “The Treaty of Peace and Independence” and III - “Peace Under
The Confederation.” Can be obtained from Wikisource website at]

The Diplomacy of the American Revolution. By Samuel Flagg Bemis (1983).

Colonies into Nation: American Diplomacy, 1763–1801. By Lawrence S. Kaplan. (1972.).

Charles Gravier, Comte de Vergennes. By Orville T. Murphy, (1982)
      See also: Orville T. Murphy, "The Comte de Vergennes, the Newfoundland
      Fisheries, and the Peace Negotiations of 1783: A Reappraisal," in Canadian
      Historical Review 46 (1965): 32-46.

The War for America, 1775-1783. By Piers Mackesy (1964).

The Royal Navy in American Waters, 1775-1783, Studies in Naval History. By David Syrett

The British Navy and the American Revolution, By John A. Tilley (1987).

The British Navy in Adversity: A Study of the War of American Independence. By Ernest H.
James (rp 1973).

The American Revolution. By George Otto Trevelan. (1964). One volume condensation of a
six-volume work published in 1899. An exhaustive analysis of political reactions in British
government to global naval and military events – Chapter XX, in particular, covers 1781 through
to 20 March 1782.

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