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           2008 SPRING ISSUE Volume 35, Number 1
About the Cover . . .
   “Time Pieces,” by Jennifer Hudson of Fort Worth, Texas, scored 97 points
 and took the American Society of Photographers’ Regional Medallion Award
 at the Southwest Professional Photographers Association’s print competition at
 the 2007 Texas PPA Regional convention in Arlington.                                                Editor & Advertising Manager
                                   The award was presented by Texas Presi-                            Donald Hayden, Cr. Photog.
                                 dent Glen Olsen and SWPPA President Jim                                  3414-B S. Yale Ave.
                                 Cunningham.                                                                Tulsa, OK 74135
                                   Hudson had the high print case for both                                   (918) 742-3002
                                 Texas and SWPPA with 356 points or an                              imagerybyhayden@sbcglobal.net
                                 average of 89 points for each of four images.
                                 The image also received a Distinguished Print                                   Printed by
                                 Ribbon in the Masters Division and a Judge’s                               The Imaging Bureau
                                 Choice Ribbon.                                                             4545 Cambridge Rd.
         Jennifer Hudson
                                                                                                           Fort Worth, TX 76155
                                                                                                              (817) 868-0200
     President’s Message                            3
     The Editor’s Desk                              4
     Convention Sponsors                            5
     Member Spotlight                               6-7                      State News
     Convention Schedule                            8-9
     Judging Panel                                  10                      Arkansas..................................................32
     Speakers                                       11-19                   Louisiana.................................................33
     Photo Gallery                                  20-21                   New Mexico.............................................34
     More Speakers                                  23, 25-27               Oklahoma................................................35
     Old Southwest                                  28-29                   Texas........................................................36
     Hall of Fame                                   38
     ProEDGE Anniversary                            39
     Registration Form                              40

       Print Competition Information Packet located in
     the middle of the magazine.

   Presented three times annually as the official publication of the Southwest Professional Photographers Association Inc., the magazine’s
purpose is to better inform and prepare the photographers of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico,Oklahoma and Texas and to seek their
active support and participation in SWPPA activities.
   Acceptance of advertising, press releases and other material does not imply endorsement of such by the association or editor/pub-
lisher. Permission is granted to similar photographic industry publications to reprint contents provided both the author and Southwest
Image are credited as the source.
   Articles and photographs are welcomed, but the editor reserves the right to revise or refuse material.

Southwest Image                                                                                                                               Page 
                                           EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                    Mike Scalf Sr., M. Photog., Cr., CPP
                                   P.O. Box 1779, Blanchard, OK 73010
                        Phone (405) 485-3838          E-Mail: michael@swppa.com

              EXECUTIVE BOARD                                              STATE DIRECTORS
                     PRESIDENT                                                 Joel Schmidt, CPP
             Don Dickson, M. Photog. Cr.                                Little Rock, AR (501) 455-2910
                                                                        Robert O. Seat, M. Photog., CPP
             Plainview, TX (806) 296-2276                                Batesville, AR (870) 793-3291
                  VICE PRESIDENT                                                    Louisiana
                                                                            Tom Elwell, Cr. Photog.
            Tom Flora, M. Photog., Cr., CPP                               Metairie, LA (504) 888-5990
             Shawnee, OK (405) 273-8631                                  Jim Pitre, M. Photog., Cr., CPP
                                                                           Houma, LA (985) 868-0700
                                                                                  New Mexico
                                                                              Marie Leslie, CPP
           Marty Sikes, M. Photog., Cr., CPP                           Albuquerque, NM (505) 344-3171
                                                                                Shelley Rice
            Conway, AR (501) 327-8300                                   Lovington, NM (505) 396-5767
                                                                       Randy Taylor, M. Photog., Cr., CPP
             Clay Allen, Cr. Photog., CPP                                Edmond, OK (405) 341-5088
                                                                            Mike Scott, M. Photog.
          Broken Arrow, OK (918) 307-1377                                 Clinton, OK (580) 331-2125
            CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD                                        Bill Hedrick, M. Photog., Cr.
                                                                         Kilgore, TX (903) 983-1612
           Jim Cunningham, M. Photog., Cr.                              Dan McDonald, M. Photog., Cr.
            Little Rock, AR (501) 225-5324                                Hurst, TX (817) 545-1199

                                            EDITOR NOT CLAIRVOYANT!
      SWPPA MISC.        If you are moving, please let us know. Send your old as well as new address to:
                         Editor Southwest Image, 3414-B S. Yale Ave., Tulsa, OK 74135. Allow six weeks’ notice.
                                            Magazine Ad/Copy Deadlines
                        Spring Issue   Nov. 15   Summer Issue March 15         Fall Issue        July 15
      DEADL                                       Mark Your Calendar
                        Southwest PPA Regional Convention & Affiliated Print Competition Feb. 16-20, 2008,
                        Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center, Arlington, Texas
    New Mexico PPA State Convention - March 16-18, 2008, Albuquerque, N.M.
    Oklahoma Spring Seminar – March 28-30, 2008, Quartz Mtn. Lodge, Lugert, Okla.
    Texas Summer Seminar – June 22-25, 2008, Kerrville, Texas
    Arkansas State Convention – July 13-16, 2008, Doubletree Hotel, Little Rock, Ark.
    Oklahoma State Convention – Sept. 12-15, 2008, Radisson Inn, Tulsa, Okla.
    Southwest PPA Regional Convention & Affiliated Print Competition Oct. 3-7, 2008, Arlington, Texas

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 From the President’s Desk . . .
     It is all about friendships
               By Don Dickson, M. Photog., Cr.
   In October I buried my best friend, Ken Porter.
   Ken fought a long battle with colon cancer, a disease to which he dedi-
cated himself to bringing awareness.
   Ken taught everyone so much along the way during his battle.
   Ken was a fighter; Ken was role model, and Ken was a blessing to all
that knew him.
   I did not meet Ken in high school or college, but rather it was our love
of photography that brought us together.
   We rode motorcycles together, snow skied together, raised our chil-
dren together, and spent countless hours sharing photography and Photo-
shop tricks.
   I was so touched at Ken’s funeral by the hundreds of photographers                           Don Dickson
from around that state that came to remember this special man.
   The church held 975 and there was standing room only in the lobby.            I had to opportunity to know Ken Porter,
   Ken’s competitors, Ken’s friends, and Ken’s co-workers all sat togeth-     and have made friends for life because of the
er as a family of photographers.                                              work I have done with associations.
   Ken had worked in the Texas Professional Photographers Association            I encourage each of you to get involved.
and attended every Texas School and SWPPA convention for the last 15             Go to your state association, SWPPA, Imag-
years and made new friends at every one of them.                              ing USA or any the weeklong schools - Texas,
   It was these friendships he made at conventions that kicked in and         Oklahoma, or Delta school.
helped Ken with his studio anytime that he needed.                               The very survival of your studio depends on
   Who would have thought the photographers Ken competed against for          growing knowledge through education; your
businesses, would be the ones to help.                                        happiness depends on the friends that you
   But countless fellow photographers volunteered to shoot Ken’s assign-      make at these events.
ments when he was too sick and supported Ken through one of the most             Ken Porter’s life helps us remember the im-
difficult times in life.                                                      portant things in life, God, family, and great
   When I spoke at the funeral, I joked that Ken had brought many of the      friends.
south plains photographers to know the Lord.                                     I hope to see you this February for our
   I described that when you rode with Ken, at 90MPH, in the rain, 3          spring SWPPA convention and next October
inches from the car in front… you got down on your knees and prayed           for our very first fall SWPPA convention.
to God that this would not be your time to go.                                   Remember, it is all about friendships…
   He could have won any Indy race that he entered.                              Thanks for the opportunity to be your presi-
   It was Ken’s love of photography and conventions that made                 dent.
him go to Texas school, carrying a fanny pack that pumped his
chemo into his body on a 24-hour basis.
   Ken was always optimistic and looked at the bright side of
things, always saying, “I am so blessed to be here!”
   Even though I have now buried my best friend, I know I have
many more because of the wonderful profession that we are in.
   I will remember Ken for his love, friendship, his willingness
to share with others, and his desire to help so many.
   Ken had a strong love of God and would continually pray for
people that were so much better off than he was.
   Ken leaves us with so many memories and examples of how
to live life to the fullest; I can only hope that I touch as many
lives as he did.
   I realize how wonderful this photography profession really is.
Southwest Image                                                                                                       Page 
                                                                    Like forgetting to reset the camera after a double expo-
                                                                    Bet a lot of you have been there too.
                                                                    And then, there were problems just getting to wedding
                                                                    You just haven’t lived until you have to change a flat tire
                                                                 on the traffic-side of an expressway shoulder.
                                                                    In your suit, white shirt and tie, no less.
                                                                    And much of my career was in the days before GPS and
                                   By Don Hayden                 cell phones and I did a lot of weddings out in the boon-
                                     Cr. Photog.                 docks.

                                                                    So what about getting lost and having to ask for direc-
          bout the time convention rolls around, my studio -
                                                                 tions from a convenience store attendant who just moved
            Imagery by Hayden - will be entering its 25th year
                                                                 here from Idaho.
            in the profession of photography.
                                                                    I always had more stress getting to the wedding site than
   I had been a photographer for others – mostly for news-
                                                                 photographing the event.
papers – before that time.
                                                                    Since I was pretty poor in those early days, I became
   In those early days, I specialized in everything. (That’s a
                                                                 like the airlines and overbooked weddings and then tried to
joke). Maybe some of you can relate.
                                                                 figure out how to photograph them all.
   But what really turned me on was photographing wed-
                                                                    During one weekend, I had a wedding on Friday, three
dings, especially during the “altar return” segment.
                                                                 more on Saturday and one on Sunday.
   I always wanted to keep the flow going and developed a
                                                                    There must be better ways to try to kill oneself.
long list of one-liners (translation – a load of BS).
                                                                    But after I had to not just break the speed limit, but shat-
   I also made it a point to memorize the names of brides-
                                                                 ter it, to get from one wedding to another, I decided it was
maids and groomsmen down pat prior to the ceremony so
                                                                 neither fair to me or the bride and groom to photograph
I could direct them as to where I wanted them to stand and
                                                                 more than one wedding a day.
who when with whom.
                                                                    Along the way, I have seen an interesting paradox.
   It was better than saying, “you there, on the end, come
                                                                    A bride and groom come in to book your services for
over here.”
                                                                 their wedding and in the course of writing up the contract,
   And I believe they truly appreciated being called by their
                                                                 you ask the bride for her address.
                                                                    Then you ask for the information from the groom and he
   I almost short-circuited during one wedding where three
                                                                 says “the same.”
of the bridesmaids had similar names – Teri, Terry and
                                                                    But neither wants to do photography (of both of them
                                                                 together) prior to the ceremony.
   In that first year, however, I thought I was jinxed.
                                                                    “We can’t see each other before the wedding . . . That’s
   It seemed like something went wrong every time (not
                                                                 bad luck.”
with photo equipment, but with the principals).
   Like the time one of the ring bearer’s shoes did not fit
                                                                    Nowadays, I probably only photograph a dozen a year.
so he had to make it down in aisle in his stockings. (Fortu-
                                                                    And it’s probably just as well.
nately they were black.)
   Like the time a bridesmaid stood too close to a candela-        There will be times when you will be in the field with-
bra and her hair caught on fire.                                 out a camera.
   Like the time the groom (who evidently had forgotten to         And, you will see the most glorious sunset or the most
each lunch) passed out half-way through his vows.                beautiful scene that you have ever witnessed.
   Like the time at the reception when the six-tier wedding        Don’t be bitter because you can’t record it. Sit down,
cake toppled off the table.
                                                                 drink it in, and enjoy it for what it is! ~DeGriff
   But after awhile those weird aspects seemed to dissipate
and then I became the one with the problems.                                      MEMBER CLASSIFIEDS $25
                                                                    Have something to buy, sell or trade? Or perhaps a seminar to
   Like forgetting to change the shutter speed back to the
                                                                      promote? SWPPA members (excluding vendors) can place
sync speed on a medium format camera and getting only                   a “member’s classified” like this for only $25 per issue.
half a frame.                                                    Your ad will be in 3,000 copies of this magazine in 34 states. And, as
   Like putting a 15-exposure roll in a 30-exposure insert.       the magazine is on the SWPPA website, you’ll have visibility 24/7.
                                                                                   For more information, call the editor
                                                                                    Don Hayden, at (918) 742-3002.
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    SWPPA 2008 Spring Regional Convention
           Sponsorship Level List

                         Platinum Sponsor
                          ($7500 or more)

                           Gold Sponsor
                          ($5000 to $7500)

                  Silver Sponsor – ($2500 to $5000)

                  Bronze Sponsor – ($750 -$2500)

Southwest Image                                       Page 
                                                                             This is another in a continuing series of articles
                                                                          calling attention to various photographic opera-
                                                                          tions in hopes of acquainting members with each
                                          By Don Hayden                   other.

  Once Awestruck, Now Awesome!
  The allegory of a metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a            Horton sees his “remote” location studio – about six
butterfly couldn’t be more appropriate in the case of Okla-       miles south of Thomas (a town of less than 2,000) – as a
homa master photographer Dwaine Horton of Thomas.                 benefit versus being in a storefront location.
  An auto mechanic turned professional photographer,                 Folks like to come to the country studio with a plethora
Horton has accumulated accolades for which many in the            of props along with 14
trade would be envious.                                           different indoor back-
  Considered by many to be the most award-winning                 grounds and more than
photographer in western Oklahoma, Horton has 14 national          50 outdoor settings
loan prints and more than 50 print merits (131 total merits).     – everything from old
                                                                  vehicles to boulders to a
                                                                  variety of specialty build-
                                                                     The drawback today is
                                                                  the high price of gas, but Horton has figured out a way to
                                                                  help beat that with a promotion whereby three paid ses-
                                                                  sions will get a fourth one free.
                                                                     While another drawback is in the cost of shipping final
                                                                  orders, clients have the option of either viewing images
                                                                  almost immediately following the session or online.
                                                                     A look at his work makes it easy to understand why his
                                                                  client base is within a 100-mile radius of the studio.
                                                                     Horton is assisted by Eldora, his wife of 28 years, who
                                                                  acts as office manager, Kelly Raji, the graphic artist and
                                                                  Joyce Currell, receptionist.
                                                                     In 1985, when he attended his first PPO spring conven-
                                                                  tion, Dwaine Horton was awestruck by the print competi-
                                                                     A year
 Horton Studios - (l-r) Kelly Raji, Dwaine Horton,
                                                                  later, he en-
Eldora Horton and Joyce Currell.
                                                                  tered prints and
  He received his Master of Photography degree in 1996            was thrilled
and Photographic Craftsman in 1998.                               with the prints
  At the 1996 convention of the Professional Photogra-            which scored
phers of Oklahoma, Horton’s print “In the Mist” took Best         in the 70s and
of Show in the general division. He also had the highest          the honorable
print case total that year. A year later, as a Master photogra-   mention he
pher, he took best of show in that division for “Lost Inno-       received.
cence.”                                                              He reached              Multi-Set Camera Room
  Winning back-to-back trophies in general and master’s           his first pinna-
exhibits had never happened at PPO and has not happened           cle in 1992 by taking home the “Best of Show” trophy for a
since!                                                            print entitled “A Touch of Red” which scored an 89.
  Surrounded by wheat fields, Horton Studios Inc. definite-          Horton would be the first to admit that the road from
ly qualifies as being “out in the country” or perhaps even        where he was to where he is was filled with a lot of pot-
“in the middle of nowhere.”                                       holes.
Southwest Image                                                                                                            Page 
 Wheatfield to Ocean - Part of the Horton magic
is in the transformation of the simple to the complex.
Clockwise: Photo 1 - large boulder (trucked in from
southwestern Oklahoma) sits in foreground of vast
wheat field (bare in October). Subject is positioned
atop it and photographed. Photo 2 – Graphic Artist
Kelly Raji and Horton alter sky and empty field color
and add water and even a reflection. Photo 3 – The
end result (and seeing truly is believing) is a young
lady on a rock in the middle of water.
   Dwaine said he and Eldora went to the same high school,
but did not start dating until about four years after gradua-
                                                                him was going to be more than just a hobby and converted
   He said he was working as an auto mechanic at a Weath-
                                                                the living room into a camera room.
erford dealership when Eldora came in for a pickup truck
                                                                   “We shopped around for a new mobile home with a re-
                                                                quirement of being able to turn one of the bedrooms into a
   They began dating a short time later and on one, Eldora
                                                                larger darkroom. I don’t remember how many salesmen we
purchased a Kodak Tele Ektra One.
                                                                made mad when their homes did not have plumbing right
   “Photography still had not crossed my mind,” Dwaine
                                                                next to the bedroom wall,” he said.
                                                                   A major pothole occurred a short time later, in May 1982,
   The Hortons were married on April 21, 1979 and on their
                                                                when Dwaine, an only child, learned his father had termi-
first vacation together, went to Colorado.
                                                                nal cancer. He died about six months later.
   “Eldora packed the camera and I packed the suitcases. I
                                                                   With funds from his ancestral estate, Dwaine purchased
took an interest in photographing the mountains and on the
                                                                a canvas background, a Mamiya RB 67, and a Novatron
way home, stopped in Amarillo and bought a fully-manual
                                                                lighting set.
Yashica 35mm camera,” he said.
                                                                   “Eldora grew tired of our living room furniture being in
   “I was really getting disgusted with my auto job and was
                                                                the kitchen so we went to Thomas to look at vacant build-
growing to love photography every time I pushed the shut-
                                                                ings. Oil was still king in Oklahoma and all the buildings,
                                                                which needed redecorating, were overpriced,” he said.
   “In 1981, I enrolled in a home study course from the
                                                                   When they tried to get money from the bank, the loan
New York Institute of Photography and purchased a black
                                                                officers just laughed at them, which made Dwaine all the
and white darkroom kit from Sears,” he said.
                                                                more determined - and another pothole to cross.
   “For nearly a year, Eldora thought she was a widow. I
                                                                   “My mom loaned us money to purchase a repossessed
would come home from work, eat supper, go straight to the
                                                                14X70-foot mobile home which we remodeled and three
books and then to the darkroom which was also the guest
                                                                months later - on Nov. 10, 1984 - had our grand opening.
bathroom,” he said.
   It wasn’t long before Dwaine realized photography for                                         See Spotlight, Page 37

Southwest Image                                                                                                      Page 
          2008 SWPPA Convention (Spring Edition Part 1)
Friday, Feb. 15
4 p.m. – 10 p.m.      Print Committee Meets
4 p.m.                Set up Print Competition Rooms
7 p.m.                Deadline for Hand Carried Print Cases

 Saturday, Feb. 16

9 a.m. - 12 Noon      Print Judging – (A thru L)
9 a.m. - 12 Noon      Print Judging – (M thru Z)
7:30 a.m. -7 p.m.     Registration
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.       “Photoshop for the Portrait Photographer” – Robert Seat (*) Sponsored by Miller’s
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.       “The Perfect Face and Eyes” Workshop – Marlene Loria (*) Sponsored by CPQ
12 Noon - 1:30 p.m.   Lunch (on your own)
1:30 p.m. - 6 p.m.    Print Judging – (A thru L)
1:30 p.m. - 6 p.m.    Print Judging – (M thru Z)
1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.    “Making Digital Photography Easy, Predictable and Fun” – Bob Lloyd
4 p.m. - 6 p.m.       Trade Show Opens
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.       Dinner (on your own)
8 p.m. - 11 p.m.      “Managing a Diverse Portfolio of Business” – Terrell Lloyd Sponsored by Canon
                                                 (*Fee Req’d)

 Sunday, Feb. 17

6:30 a.m. - 8 a.m.    “Software Runs Your Studio” – Mark McCall
6:30 a.m. - 8 a.m.    “Seeing Light Naturally” – Gary and Kathy Meek
7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.    Registration
8 a.m. - 11 a.m.      “Don’t Let Your Flash Get You Down”– Doug Box
9 a.m. - until ?      Print Judging – (A thru L)
9 a.m. - until ?      Print Judging – (M thru Z)
9 a.m. - Noon         Texas PPA Executive Council Meeting
11 a.m. - 3 p.m.      Trade Show Opens
3 p.m. - 5 p.m.       Vendors Private Reception (Exhibitors Badge Req’d)
3 p.m. - 6 p.m.       “No More Excuses! Every Wedding has Potential” – JB and DeEtte Sallee
6 p.m. - 11 p.m.      Dinner Party @ the Trail Dust Restaurant Sponsored by BWC Lab
Southwest Image                                                                                           Page 
          2008 SWPPA Convention (Spring Edition Part 2)
  Monday, Feb. 18

6:30 a.m. - 8 a.m.      “Work Smarter, Not Harder” – Marc Bailey
6:30 a.m. - 8 a.m.      “Are You Shooting in the RAW? If not, why not?” – Dan McDonald
7:30 a.m. - 9 a.m.      Southwest PPA Past Presidents Breakfast
8 a.m. - 11 a.m.        “The Fine Art Side of Photography” – Michael & Tina Timmons
9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.      Southwest PPA Board Meeting
11a.m. - 3 p.m.         Trade Show Opens
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.     Southwest PPA Past Presidents’ Spouse Luncheon
1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.   CPP Test
3 p.m. - 6 p.m.         “Keeping up with the Times” – Larry Peters
4 p.m. - 6 p.m.         Regional Affiliate State Officers Meeting
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.         Dinner on your own
8 p.m. - 11 p.m.        “Keeping up with the Times” – Larry Peters (continued)

   Tuesday, Feb. 19

6:30 a.m. - 8 a.m.      “Proper Use of Fill Flash Outdoors” – Robert Faust
7:30 a.m. - 9 a.m.      Texas PPA Past Presidents’ Breakfast
8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.      Texas PPA Past Presidents’ Spouse Breakfast
8 a.m. - 12 Noon        “Designing and Creating Lifestyle Family Portraits” - Don MacGregor
9 a.m. - 11 a.m.        Texas School Trustee Meeting
12 Noon - 2 p.m.        Texas Board of Directors Luncheon
12 Noon - 1:30 p.m.     Lunch on your own
1:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.   “The Heart of Children’s Photography” – Dennis Craft Sponsored by MAC
5:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.   Texas PPA General Membership Meeting
6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.   Cocktail Reception
7:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.     Print Awards Gala & Dinner
10 p.m. - Midnight      Hospitality Suite Reception

 Wednesday, Feb. 20

6:30 a.m. - 8 a.m.      “Creating Art of Children” – Ann Naugher
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.         “Automating the Photographers Workflow” – Julianne Kost Sponsored by Adobe
Southwest Image                                                                                      Page 
                                   Warren Motts - Groveport, OH        Dennis Craft - Marshall, MI     Sher Carroll - Harleysville, PA
                                        Overall Chairman                       Chairman                            Judge

Debra Chagares - Richmond, IN        Patty Geist - Kearney, NE       Dennis Hammon- Idaho Falls, ID    Dave Huntsman -Versailles, KY
           Judge                               Judge                            Judge                             Judge

J. Michael McBride - Omaha, NE        Larry Peters- London, OH          Rick Staudt - Houston, TX     Dave Swoboda - Kansas City, MO
             Judge                             Judge                              Judge                          Judge

 Mike Timmons - Frankenmurth, MI   Tina Timmons - Frankenmurth, MI     Paul Tisim - Marshfield, WI    Gregg Wurtzler - Middletown, OH
            Judge                              Judge                              Judge                            Judge

Southwest Image                                                                                                               Page 0
 17 Programs Featured at SWPPA Convention
  From the two hands-on, all-day Saturday, Feb. 16 work-          required), nine regular-length programs and six “early bird”
shops of Robert O. Seat’s “Photoshop for the Portrait Pho-        programs.
tographer” and Marlene Loria’s “The Perfect Face and                 In addition to the multitude of topics will be other activi-
Eyes” to “Automating the Photographers Workflow”                  ties including two days of print judging, a three-day trade
with Julianne Kost on Wednesday, Feb. 20, convention              show, parties and a print award gala and banquet.
registrants will have the opportunity to attend more than 57         The cast of speakers and their topics will be read in order
hours of programming.                                             of their appearance – a rooster denoting early bird pro-
  All told, there will be two all-day workshops (extra fee        grams.

                             The Power of Digital Imaging . . .aka
                             Photoshop for the Portrait Photographer
                                                                  Robert O. Seat
                                                                  lessons will apply to CS and CS2.)
                                                                    Make sure that your computer is working and trouble-
                                                                    You must have
                                                                  adequate free
                                                                  hard drive space
    Robert O. Seat                                                for the lessons,
   In this hands-on workshop, Robert O. Seat, M. Photog.,         and a good
Cr., CPP of Batesville, Ark. will walk you through many           working mouse
time saving-tips, tricks and shortcuts that will make your        or, preferably, a
life a little better in the digital world.                        graphics tablet.
   You will learn how to use CS3’s Bridge and Camera Raw            Seat has been
file converter with RAW or JPEG files to create presenta-         photographing
tion files that have been custom cropped, vignetted, black        families in the
and white, color, super saturated, desaturated, retouched,        Batesville area
and enhanced before they are ever opened in Photoshop.            for the last 30
   Then Bridge will be used to batch process any size files       years.
you need, on demand.                                                He has suc-
                                           Learn how to “cheat”   cessfully made
                                        in the retouching pro-    the transition
                                        cess using a few simple   from traditional
                                        actions, skin grafting,   photographer
                                        and plug-ins. Save time   and lab tech-
                                        and make more money.      nician to the
                                           Each student will      world of digital
                                        be provided with the      imaging. He has adapted many of his skills as a traditional
                                        necessary files and       retouch artist into an effective production style for the
                                        notes to follow Seat as   digital age.
                                        he guides you through       He has created new interest from his existing client base
                                        Photoshop’s new tools,    by adding a custom, handcrafted look to his portraiture.
                                        retouching and you will     He also has found ways to create new products and to
                                        actually be shown how     present them in a way that really sells, thanks to The Power
to write some of the actions used.                                of Digital Imaging.
   You will need your own computer with Photoshop in-               His work has been included in the ASP Traveling Loan
stalled.                                                          Collection, displayed at the Epcot Center in Disney World,
   (CS3 will be used for this class, however, several of the      and accepted into the Photography Hall of Fame.
Southwest Image                                                                                                         Page 
                                                                  recent - only two years ago.
                                 The Perfect                         She has been given “rave reviews” by clients and col-
                                                                  leagues about the digital artistry techniques she uses, describ-
                                    Face                          ing them as “…amazingly detail oriented…flawless…and
                                                                  beautifully painted…”
                                  and Eyes                           Now she receives the same response from her own por-
                                                                  trait client base and is specializing in digitally painted wall
                                                                     In her workshop – “The Perfect Face and Eyes” – Loria
                                                                  will touch on the various topics she has perfected both tradi-
                                                                  tionally and digitally
                                                                     Highly regarded by her peers, Loria’s program is a “must
     Marlene Loria                                                see” as her knowledge, skills, and artistic insights are consid-
   Originally from Canada and now residing in New Mexico,         ered some of the finest in the digital retouching and photo-
Marlene Loria, M. Artist, Cr., CPP continues to pursue her        graphic industry.
lifelong passion for the photographic arts.                          As a retouch artist, Marlene has held the title of PPOC Ca-
   Well known in the photographic industry as “one of the         nadian National Retouch Artist of the Year six times and had
very best photographic retouch artists,” Loria said she usually   attained her Craftsman and Fourth Bar Master of the Photo-
works providing a very small, exclusive client base of portrait   graphic Arts while in Canada.
photographers with artwork and all the finishing touches that        She has been published in many trade and industry maga-
create “one-of-a-kind masterpieces.”                              zines in Canada and has four of her prints on display at the
   More recently, however, she has been recognized for her        International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.
own photographic works.                                              Her enthusiasm and dedication to her craft are all en-
   In 2007 - her first time                                       compassing as she tirelessly and graciously encourages and
entering print competi-                                           guides students through the technical and creative challenges
tion as a photographer                                            she has mastered through
and less than seven                                               more than two and a
months behind the cam-                                            half decades of artistic
era - she won 11 awards                                           accomplishments and
including a Kodak                                                 competition judging.
Gallery Award, two Fuji
Masterpiece awards and
a Judges Choice Ribbon.
   At the PPA Internation-                                               “Before”
al Photography Competi-
tion, she had all four of
her images accepted, as
well as one being pub-
lished in the PPA Show-
case Book with another
in the PPA Loan Collec-
tion Book.
   She was also named
one of PPA’s 2007 Silver
Photographers of the
   A master artist with                                                                                         “After”
over 28 years of experi-
ence in the “traditional
artwork” field, her transi-
tion into the digital “re-
touching” world is fairly
Southwest Image                                                                                                           Page 
Making Digital Photography . . .
  . . . Easy, Predictable and Fun
   Robert D. Lloyd, Cr. Photog., CPP, Hon. M. Photog., API,         shop and Bridge as produc-
has served all offices of the Associated Professional Photog-       tion tools, maintaining pixel
raphers of Illinois, President 1986-87, President of Southern       quality throughout workflow,
Illinois Art League and Executive Secretary for 15 years, PPA       camera and computer settings
Convention Chairman 1994-1995, PPA Board of Directors               and much more.
1995-2006, PPA President 2003-2005.                                    Attendees will learn:
   He taught aerial photography at Winona for many years,           • To shoot fast and effort-
Winona on location classes, PPA Affiliate Schools, and                   lessly with confidence
teaches throughout the country.                                     • A practical understanding                Bob Lloyd
   Lloyd will take you through the steps of learning the issues          of color management
and equipment necessary to efficiently operate a digital studio     • Predictability of prints from the lab or your own printer.
through delivering the product to your client.                      • How to photograph with emphasis on your subject, cre-
   “Efficiency means profitability. You don’t have to have the           ativity and fun rather than distractions from camera and
newest and best equipment to make money,” he said.                       equipment.
   Topics covered will be: ease of shooting with the use of         • How to create perfect image files every time without
raw capture, monitor calibration, efficient use of Photo-                opening Photoshop.

Managing a Diverse Portfolio of Business
   Since 1992, Terrell Lloyd, Cr. Photog., has provided pro-        game and his passion for sports
fessional photography services to individuals and organiza-         photography exploded.
tions throughout the United States.                                   Lloyd got his start by shooting
   Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lloyd is most known         weddings and portraits, and was
                                      for his special combina-      routinely engaged for corporate events by some of the largest
                                      tion of artistic vision and   companies in Silicon Valley.
                                      cutting-edge technology.        He also is the staff photographer for the San Jose State
                                         An avid football fan,      University Spartans.
                                      he is currently one of          When Terrell Lloyd is not shooting sports, the focus is
                                      the San Francisco 49ers       turned to matters of the heart. Over the past 14 years, Lloyd
                                      team photographers.           has diversified his business where he photographs a multitude
                                         In 1994 Terrell was        number of weddings.
                                      granted the opportunity         He also has mastered the art for the corporate world as well
          Terrell Lloyd               to shoot on the sidelines     photographing high end corporate events, portraits, products,
                                      at a San Francisco 49ers      and more.
Southwest Image                                                                                                           Page 
  His high profile corporate clients included companies such        the business, and turned it into a full-time endeavor. He will
as Yahoo, Merrill Lynch, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Hewlett Pack-          go through his career leading up to his position with the San
ard, Nortel Networks, Sony, Sun Microsystems, 3Com, Intuit,         Francisco 49ers and how he embraced digital technology to
Levi Straus, BMW, and many others.                                  enhance his career.
  Shooting football has opened many doors for Lloyd and en-           He will also discuss
                                       abled him to cover other     how he is managing the
                                       major sporting events        different areas in his pho-
                                       such as the PGA golf,        tography business and
                                       professional tennis, the     how you can too.
                                       NFL Super Bowl, major          The program will
                                       league baseball, the NBA     reveal how he turned his
                                       and more.                    wedding/portrait/event
                                         Most recently to add to    business into a profes-
                                       his accomplishments Ter-     sional sports career; how
                                       rell Lloyd was selected      he took advantage of
                                       by Canon USA in May of       digital technology and
                                       2006 to their Explorers of   where he is today with
                                       Light program.               digital imaging.
                                         In addition to running       He also will discuss building relationships, shooting
his full-time photography business Lloyd speaks and trav-           corporate meetings and events, performing onsite printing at
els to speak to other professional photographers around the         events, easy tools to use, work flow strategies, his techniques
county in New York, Florida, San Diego,                                                on the field, shooting positions, camera
Los Angles as well as other professional                                               setting, scheduling youth games, selected
photographers associations.                                                            shots that sell, pricing strategies and how
  As a photographic artist Terrell Lloyd                                               his wedding and portrait training has helped
continues to stay and remain on the leading                                            him in shooting sports.
edge technology as he continues to provide                                                In a live, on-stage photo session, Lloyd
his clients with the top level of service and                                          will offer tips using a two-light system,
professionalism.                                                                       portable high-key & low-key backgrounds
  Lloyd will discuss how he got started in                                             and on-site printing.

                     Software Runs Your Studio
                       “Face it, your studio runs on soft-          software packages that are
                     ware. It’s the tool you need to complete       either inexpensive, or in some
                     everyday tasks,” said Mark McCall, Cr.         cases, FREE.
                     Photog., CPP, F-TPPA, F-SPPPA owner              Computers have totally
and operator of a medium volume studio in Lubbock, Texas,           changed how photographers
specializing in upscale wedding, family portraits and aircraft      run their business, and it’s not
photography.                                                        always good news.
  “Client contacts, invoicing, accounting, online previewing,         “Time is money. Learn to
protecting precious studio files, updating your website, prod-      use simple and economic tricks
                                       uct presentation are just    to speed up your workflow,
                                       a few of the things you      and enjoy your life away from            Mark McCall
                                       do on a daily basis and,     photography,” he said.
                                       like any other expense,        McCall had one of the first fully digital studios in Texas,
                                       software costs money….       quickly recognizing the future of digital imaging.
                                       but how much money is          He has won numerous awards for his work on the state,
                                       up to you,” he said.         regional and national levels and is TPPA’s resident expert on
                                          Come early and learn      digital imaging, workflow, technology, software and com-
                                       McCall’s tricks to keep a    puter issues.
                                       lid on his studio’s costs      His bi-annual photographic seminars have sold out every
                                       by using little known        year since 2002.
Southwest Image                                                                                                           Page 
  His marketing pieces have garnered five PPA An-Ne                  *Sales session software that knocks hours off production
Awards for excellence in photographic marketing.                   time at no cost to you.
  McCall is the webmaster for SWPPA as well as numerous              *Create professional CD presentations for your client - at
other photographic and wedding based websites.                     less than 35-cents each.
  His work has appeared in several national publications, and        *Quickly make a PDF from Microsoft Word.
he is also a marketing and technol-                                                            *Place important studio docu-
ogy columnist for Texas Professional                                                         ments, tax records, employee files
Photographer and Southwest Image                                                             in a “vault” online at no cost.
Magazines.                                                                                     *Create a professional website
  He beta tests for leading photo-                                                           with only basic Photoshop Skills
graphic software companies, finding                                                            *Create stunning graphics for
problematic areas of software, and                                                           your website with free software
providing recommendations to the                                                             readily available on the internet
engineers for implementation.                                                                  *Create a web gallery that can-
  Covered in this program:                                                                   not be copied from your website
  *Teleconference with friends and                                                             *The secret trick for tripling
family, anywhere in the world with                                                           your wedding reorders
sound and video for FREE                                             *Learn how to get $100-$200 more for every bridal portrait

                                Seeing Light – Naturally
                               Gary A. and Kathryn Meek,           outdoors and cover the use of additive and
                            both Master, Craftsman and             subtractive lighting, the use of reflectors,
                            Certified Professional Photog-         flash and bare bulb outdoors to give studio
                            raphers own and operate Gary’s         quality lighting on location.
                            Studio of Photography in Hot              “If time permits, we will do a hands-on demonstration and
                            Springs, Ark.                          photo safari,” they said.
                               Approved photographic                  Gary served on the Board of Directors of Professional
                            instructors, the Meeks have            Photographers of America 1999-2007, is a past president of
                            received their Associate Fel-          Arkansas Professional Photographers Association, a past
                            lowship, Fellowship and Senior         president of Professional Photographers of the Ozarks and
  Gary A. & Kathryn         Fellowship Degrees from Arkan-         was president of Southwest Professional Photographers As-
          Meek              sas Professional Photographers         sociation for two consecutive years.
                            Association.                              Kathy is a
  Both have been awarded Life Membership in Arkansas               councilor for
Professional Photographers Association and Southwest Pro-          PPA, on the
fessional Photographers Association and have received a Fel-       Board of Gov-
low of Photography degree in conjunction with Professional         ernors of ASP,
Photographers of the Ozarks.                                       past president of
  Both are alumni of Winona International School of Profes-        Arkansas PPA
sional Photography and are on the list of International Judges.    and is a past
  This program is designed to show the photographer how            president of
                                              to look for the      SWPPA.
                                              quantity, qual-         Gary has received numerous print awards in all categories
                                              ity, color and       including Best of Show and Photographer of the Year. He has
                                              direction of light   received the Arkansas Distinguished Service Award and the
                                              outdoors.            National Award from Arkansas PPA and SWPPA.
                                                 “We will             Kathy has received numerous print awards also, including
                                              show you how         Best of Show several times.
                                              to find the main        She has been named Arkansas Photographer of the Year.
                                              light, fill light,   Kathy has also received the Distinguished Service Award
                                              background light     from Arkansas PPA and the National Award.
                                              and hair light          Both have had prints go into the loan collection.
Southwest Image                                                                                                        Page 
Don’t Let Your Flash Get You Down
   Plus Marketing, Sales and Making Money in the Digital Age!
   Even the best photographer in the world will go broke             ment or junk?
without a steady flow of new customers. In today’s economy                 • Want to better utilize the
it’s NOT how much you know about photography - it’s how              flash you already own?
much you know about marketing.                                             • Frustrated with the white
   You can fight it and go broke or you can accept it and make       balance issue?
lots of money.                                                             • Want really distinctive
   “It simply amazes me how many photographers feel frus-            lighting?
trated, working their butts off, barely making a living instead            • Want to add direction of
of a fortune,” Box said.                                             light to your outdoor portraits?           Doug Box
   Box, M. Photog., Cr. of Caldwell, Texas noted “If you’re                • Want an easy set up for
like most photographers, you spend a lot of time creating            in-home sessions?
great photographs and not enough time creating a great busi-            Plus - a fun business section:
ness,” he said.                                                            • Find the hidden wealth in your business - it’s there, get
                                          Do you think selling is    it out and use it.
                                        a dirty word? OK, per-             • How to charge more than your competition - and get it!
                                        suade, but what you’re             • Take control of your time by establishing “Prime Time”
                                        really doing is helping      appointment times to increase your profit and give you more
                                        your clients get what they   time to enjoy your life.
                                        want. So you can get               • How to turn your studio into a Business-By-Refer-
                                        everything you want!         ral - cut your marketing in half and increase business if you
                                          Whether you are new        do it right. Learn how to add this powerful, lead generating,
                                        in the business or a 20-     strategy.
                                        year veteran you will              • Receive marketing ideas that work - no matter what
                                        enjoy Doug’s fun style of    type of business you have
                                        teaching.                       Besides being a photographer, Box as a speaker has
                                          You spend a lot of time    appeared in seminars and conventions in 47 states in the
                                        creating great photo-        U.S. plus Canada,
                                        graphs and not making        Mexico, Scotland,
enough “PROFIT!” In this day of Digital Photography you              Wales and England.
have to be a better marketer! You are spending more time on             He was chosen to
each image and you have to write off your equipment even             teach at the Inter-
faster!                                                              national Wedding
   Topics will include:                                              Institute and has
      • Can’t always shoot during the “sweet light “time?            taught at 18 different
      • Can’t find “Great Light” outdoors?                           PPA Affiliate week
      • It is overcast and you can’t find any direction to the       long schools.
light?                                                                  His articles and
      • Hate that “On Camera Flash” look?                            images can be seen
                                                      • Tired of     in many professional
                                                 taking too much     photographic publi-
                                                 equipment on        cations.
                                                 location?              He is the author of
                                                      • Want an      The Power of Busi-
                                                 easy system for     ness marketing sys-
                                                 twin lighting at    tems and has written several books including “Professional
                                                 weddings?           Secrets of Children’s Photography,” “Professional Secrets of
                                                      • Tired        Photographing Weddings” and “Natural Light Photography,”
                                                 of buying the       published by Amhurst Publishing.
                                                 wrong equip-
Southwest Image                                                                                                              Page 
                                 No More Excuses!
                                    Every Wedding has Potential
                                  JB and DeEtte Sallee are a        The pair plans on sharing with us the secrets to their wed-
                                young married team located       ding success and will discuss what has propelled them into
                                in Dallas, Texas and since       being one of the most sought after Dallas Wedding Photogra-
                                opening their doors in August    phers in just three short years.
                                2003 their studio has gained        They will talk you through some of their award-winning
                               many awards and respect in        flush mount album page designs and also spend some time
   JB & DeEtte Sallee
                               the photographic community.       creating masterfully composed album pages right before your
  In 2005, the pair won numerous awards at their local Dallas    eyes.
PPA guild including Dallas Photographer of The Year, Wed-           “You will leave being inspired to create your wedding day
ding Photographer of The Year, Best Album Designer of The        images and wedding albums as works of art,” they said.
Year, and Best Folio of The Year.
  Some of their other honors just this year include: A Perfect
100 and Kodak Gallery award at this year’s convention of
the Southwest Professional Photographers Association on a
wedding album.

   They recently received Best Multi-Maker Wedding Album
in Texas, Best First Time Entrants, Best Groom, and Best
Group at a Wedding, along with a Fuji and another Kodak
award at the Texas summer seminar.
   The pair also received seven Loan recognitions out of a
combined eight entries entered this year at the PPA compe-
tition and three of their four albums were voted “Top 10”
internationally through PPA.
   Recently they were awarded with a first place trophy for
a non-wedding event album through WPPI and received
another five loans combined through PPA in 2007.

                             Work Smarter, Not Harder
                              Marc Bailey, CPP, owns             photography and a minor in art from East
                            Marc Bailey Photography in           Texas State University.
                            Longview, Texas, and has been          In addition to photography Marc also
                            a professional photographer for      writes and produces films. His interests include drawing,
                            13 years.                            sculpture, theater, comedy along with music & architecture.
                              He is past president of the Pro-     He moved to East Texas from Dallas to pursue a more
                            fessional Photographers Forum,       personal lifestyle in a small town and is actively involved in
                            a guild in East Texas and has        giving back to community events and organizations.
                            earned his artisan degree from         He believes that being involved in the community is a way
                            his East Texas Guild.                of giving back to others.
     Marc Bailey              Bailey holds a B.S. degree in        Bailey said he considers himself a minimalist and concen-
Southwest Image                                                                                                         Page 
                                    trates on “breath of life” portraits of children
                                    and families.
                                       His motivational program will showcase
                                    how to use your mind in producing maximum
                                    income, not your brawn.
                                       In this program you will learn how to signifi-
                                    cantly improve your productivity with a device
                                    you currently have in your studio that you are
                                    probably under utilizing.
                                       You will learn how to make big positive
                                    changes in your studio in small simple steps you can use immediately.
                                       In this crash course you will learn the importance of a database and using it effectively to
                                    fan the flames of your studio and catch fire in your area.
                                       In this early bird program you will learn how to change time into money by implement-
                                    ing four policies into your work flow that cost nothing, and will bring in colossal income
                                    today and tomorrow.
                                       If you do not “code” your clients, you have no barometer by which to guide your studio.
 You will learn how to take the helm of your studio & bring in the cash you deserve with less work.
 He said he believes that brains not brawn or effective effort verses shear effort equals more income.

Sunday Night Dinner at the . . .                                      2300 East Lamar Boulevard
                                                       For more than 40 years and 19 million steaks, Trail Dust and its staff
                                                     have been dedicated to offering its customers excellence in food, enter-
                                                     tainment, and value.
                                                       They believe that their success is a result of a consistent commitment to

Southwest Image                                                                                                           Page 
                                                   Are You Shooting in the RAW?
                                                   If not, why not?
                                 “If you are shooting all of your      “Find out how much
                              assignments in .JPG mode, then        and what kind of control
                              you are missing an opportunity        you have,” McDonald
                              to have better exposure control,      urged.
                              better color, and higher quality         He has been operating
                              images,” said Dan McDonald,           a full time studio for 19
                               M. Photog, Cr, ACE, a commer-        years, and has specialized
     Dan McDonald              cial photographer and graphic        in commercial and adver-
layout specialist in the Hurst/Fort Worth, Texas area.              tising photography for the
   His early bird program will explore the pros and cons of         past five years.
using RAW image capture and why it should be used in any               McDonald taught digital
situation that matters.                                             imaging at the Texas
   “Photographers exclusively using JPG mode for wed-               School of Professional
dings or any other important assignments are just asking for        Photography for five years
a disaster to happen,” he said, noting that the RAW mode is         and is currently teaching
much like using a color enlarger to adjust film images after        one class in digital photo-
exposure.                                                           journalism at the Univer-
   “You have some degree of post capture control that you           sity of Texas at Arlington.
do not have with a JPG file once it has been processed in the          He is a board member of
camera.                                                             the Southwest Professional
                                                                    Photographers Association.

Southwest Image                                                                                   Page 
                   “Eight                    “Pickett
                      is                      Fence”
                  Enough”                       by
                     by                       Glenn
                   Donna                    Hohnstreiter

    “Silhouette               Cool . . .
      of Life”               Carli ‘07”
         by                     by
     Kimberly                 DeEtte
       Wylie                   Sallee

                                            Blue Moon”
                    “I’m                        by
                   Outa                       Dwaine
                   Here”                      Horton

                                of Form”
    “Day of                         by
  Redemption”                    Jacklyn
      by                        Patterson

Southwest Image                                   Page 0
               “Life is Good”
             by Lance Johnston

                                              “As We Stand Before God”
                                             by Phuwadol Thamathitikhun
        “A Glimpse
        My World”                           “The Bond
            by                               Between
         Kathryn                               Us”
          Meek                                 by


    Revisited’”                              “The Rising”
        by                                       by
       Loy                                      Rick
      Payne                                    Staudt

Southwest Image                                                               Page 
Southwest Image   Page 
                                The Fine Art Side of Photography
                                  Michael and Tina Timmons           competition and received
                                own and operate Gallery 143 in       the Imaging Excellence
                                Frankenmuth, Mich., a fine art       Award in Las Vegas in
                                gallery offering photographic        2003.
                                works of art, poetry, glass             Both he and his wife
                                works, and other fine gifts and      are approved affiliated
                                collectibles.                        PPA international jurors.
                                  In this fast-paced program,           Michael is a past
                                the pair will share the secrets      president of the Arkansas
   Michael and Tina           and successes that they have           Professional Photogra-
        Timmons               experienced in the world of fine       phers Association, has
                              art photography sales. In addi-        served on the Portrait
tion they will share the pitfalls and failures that starting a new   Group for Professional Photographers of America, including
endeavor can create.                                                 Chairman of the committee, has also served PPA as a member
   For over twenty years Michael has been involved in land-          of the Photographic Exhibitions Committee, and has served
scape and fine art photography. After he met Tina in the late        on the board of directors of the Professional Photographers of
nineties, she quickly became fascinated with this art form as        the Ozarks.
well.                                                                   He has also received the Arkansas Distinguished Service
   The program is split into two different parts.                    Award, the Michigan Service Award and the coveted “Nation-
   Part one consists of sharing with the audience the reasons        al Award” from the Professional Photographers of America.
that we entered into this field and how they can also get               Tina, an accomplished artist and photographer for over
involved.                                                                             24 years, has received numerous awards for
   “We will also share the                                                            her photography including Michigan Pho-
successes and failures                                                                tographer of the Year, and Mid East States
that we encountered in                                                                Top Ten, as well as receiving the Illustrative
our first few jobs. In ad-                                                            award on two occasions.
dition, we will point out                                                               Tina was also awarded a 99 print score at
ways that you can avoid                                                               the Mid East Regional judging and has been
making some of the same                                                               awarded the Fuji Masterpiece Award, along
mistakes that we made                                                                 with several distinguished awards in both
along the way,” they said.                                                            Michigan and the Mid East states including
   Part two consists of                                                               Best of Show and judges choice awards.
actual demonstrations                                                                   She has several PPA Loan Collection prints
of how to create fine art                                                             and has been published several times in the
pieces in the computer using Adobe Photoshop, Nik Color              PPA General Collection book and has received the PPA Pho-
Efex Pro and Corel Painter.                                          tographer of the Year award three times.
   Tina will share the marketing and sales techniques that              Tina is two time past president of the Mid Michigan Pro-
she uses to develop new clients and sell wall décor to clients       fessional photographers association, has been awarded the
across the country.                                                  Michigan Service Award, and serves on several area commit-
   Michael, a published poet, writer, artist and photographer        tees.
has been involved in the arts for more than 25 years and has            She also has
lectured across the United States and has been awarded near-         had her work
ly every major photographic award, including, two selections         published in
for the Epcot Center at Walt Disney World, ASP State Elite           PPA Storyteller
award on two occasions, Michigan Photographer of the Year            magazine, as
twice, Arkansas Photographer of the Year twice, three time           well as the New
Professional Photographers of America Photographer of the            York Times
Year, 12 Kodak Gallery Awards, 10 Fuji Masterpiece awards,           Magazine.
many Best of Show and Judges Choice awards.
   Michael has also been awarded two “100” scores in print
Southwest Image                                                                                                            Page 
Southwest Image   Page 
Keeping Up with the Times . . .
  Are you spending hours on your computer? Are you up              to unique Children’s
late at night working not spending time with your family?          photography also.
  Are you getting good averages from your photography and             Besides the three
providing for your family? Are you getting the number of           studios, Peters and his
clients you want?                                                  wife and a life-long
  There are all kinds of reasons for answering either yes or       friend operate a prop
no to these questions but if you truly are working too hard        company which sup-
and long hours and not getting the money you need to live          plies the industry with               Larry Peters
comfortably, you need to see this program.                         well built, light weight
  Larry Peters, M. Photog., Cr., M.EI, is a self-taught full       wood props that will withstand years of abuse in a photogra-
time photographer.                                                 phy studio.
  He began his working career as a high school business               His oldest daughter Melinda has her own interior design
teacher after having graduated from London High School,            business and has helped decorate the studios.
Bliss College and Xavier University.                                  Peters brought Senior Photography to what it is today
  He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree plus a Masters            with contemporary photography and now with the advent of
                                      Degree in secondary          digital, new digital ideas that not only look different, but have
                                      education.                   many sales advantages and markets.
                                        After teaching school         He also implemented never-before-used direct mail, the 12-
                                      and spending six years       hour sale and new sales techniques and packages.
                                      in a family run business,       Larry has authored two books primarily on Senior Photog-
                                      he and his wife Karen        raphy, speaks nationally and internationally and has several
                                      launched Main Street         video series.
                                      Photography out of their        He was a part of the Portrait 2000 broadcast and was a
                                      home.                        Kodak Marketing Program participant.
                                        This business grew            Peters’ style of photography has earned many awards with
                                      overnight and went from      Peters and his
                                      photographing 200 high       son-in-law and
                                      school seniors on a part     daughter all
                                      time basis to photograph-    being Master
                                      ing 750 seniors the very     Photographers.
                                      next year.                      Their photog-
                                        After two week-long        raphy studios can
courses at Winona, he decided that his photography was go-         boast of photo-
ing to look different from other area photographers and began      graphing over
developing props, sets and launched new marketing ideas.           1800 students
  These same principles have been used over the last 23            each year with
years.                                                             averages ranging
  The business has grown to three studios in Central Ohio          from $1100 plus sitting fees which reach as high as $420.
with 24 employees and gross sales of over 2 million per year.         The Peters staff also has studio seminars for fellow photog-
                                                 His daugh-        raphers in the spring of each year concentrating for the most
                                               ter Janine and      part on Senior Photography.
                                               her husband,           Larry was award the “2000” Senior Photographer of the
                                               Brian Killian       Year award from Senior Photographers International.
                                               help share the         He had the highest scores in both the girls’ and the boys’
                                               management          competition.
                                               duties as well as      Marketing, Sales, Photography and good common sense
                                               being full time     highlight this working photographer’s program.
                                                                     I think a photography class should be a requirement in all
                                                                   educational programs because it makes you see the world
                                                 The studio has
                                                                   rather than just look at it. ~Author Unknown
                                               branched out
Southwest Image                                                                                                            Page 
                               Proper Use of Fill Flash Outdoors
                                Robert Faust                   for 11 consecutive years.
                              has been a                          His program will cover
                              professional                     the advantages of using
                              photographer                     fill flash in outdoor pho-
                              for 25 years as                  tography.
                              well as a digital                   “We will cover simple
                              artist for the                                      equip-
                              past 13 years.                                      ment se-
                                He is one of                                      lection,
                              less than 10                                        proper
      Robert Faust
                              photographers                                       meter-
in the world to hold all four degrees from                                        ing for
the PPA, and the only photographer in PPA                                         com-
history to have earned 45 print merits in less                                    bined
than five years.                                                                  fill
  Several of his prints and wedding albums                                        flash and ambient light, and balancing the
have been included in the PPA traveling                                           exposure of the two light sources to give a
loan collection.                                                                  perfect natural light look to any environ-
  Faust is a PPA approved instructor and has                                      mental portraits,” he said.
taught at the Texas School of Photography

Designing and Creating                                         compensation.
                                                                 MacGregor Studios
                                                               started in 1974.
Lifestyle Family Portraits                                       The studio has grown
                                                               from a humble beginning
                                       Don MacGregor,
                                                               in an apartment to a 500-
                                     M. Photog., Cr. was a
                                                               square-foot store front
                                     speaker in the Philip-
                                                               and finally to a 3,500-
                                     pines and has presented
                                                               Square-foot building in
                                     programs all over the
                                     United States and
                                                                 The studio has gone
                                     Canada and has been an
                                                               through several changes
                                     instructor at the Texas
                                                               over the years.
                                     School of Professional
                                                                 Wedding photography
         Don MacGregor               Photography every
                                                               has comprised approx.
                                     year from 1993 through
                                                               40 percent of the studio
2007. A member of Cameracraftsman of America, he is past
                                                               business and has been
president of the Professional Photographers of Canada and
                                                               consistent over the years.
the Professional Photographers of
                                                                                           Graduation portraits were a foun-
British Columbia and is the direc-
                                                                                         dation in the ’70s and ’80s. The ’90s
tor for the International Commit-
                                                                                         saw a dramatic focus on lifestyle
tee, Professional Photographers of
                                                                                         family and wall portraiture which
America, as well as chairman for
                                                                                         now comprises almost 40 percent of
PPA Affiliate schools.
                                                                                         the studios sales. The studio focuses
  His program will establish
                                                                                         on wall portrait and wedding work
the professional skills needed to
                                                                                         only and does virtually no volume,
elevate your family and group
                                                                                         contracts or “specials.”
composition and lighting skills
to create portraits that command                                                               See MacGregor, Page 29
the client’s attention and financial
Southwest Image                                                                                                       Page 
The Heart of Children’s Photography
  Dennis D. Craft, M. Photog., Cr., runs a successful portrait
studio in the historic town of Marshall, Mich. where his work
includes many photographic areas, but is best known for
imaginative children’s photography.                                 tive, creative children
                                                 Craft Photog-      photography along
                                               raphy opened         with the masterful way
                                               in 1979 in a         he relates to children.
                                               downtown store-         His program will
                                                                    look into the heart of
                                                                                                        Dennis Craft
                                               front. Nine years
                                               later, a renovated   the photographer, the heart of the child, and the heart of the
                                               historic home        parents.
                                               became the              Craft will spend time sharing the emotion of beautiful chil-
                                               studio.              dren photography and show “how images we create not only
                                                 In 1999 the        affect the parents but also the photographer.”
                                               business and            He will spend addition-
                                               home moved           al time on building the
outside of Marshall on thirteen acres, surroundings of which        relationships between the
serve as a perfect backdrop for the focus on fanciful child         children photographed
portraiture.                                                        and their parents.
  A Michigan Top-Ten photographer 12 times, 12 of his merit            This course will also
prints have been selected into the International Loan Col-          look at the many dif-
lection; three have been selected for exhibit at Walt Disney        ferent products that can
Worlds Epcot Center, and one is on display in the Interna-          be marketed to today’s
                                     tional Photography Hall        parents along with tips
                                     of Fame.                       for success and how to
                                        Craft was named             find a place in today’s
                                     Photographer of the Year       marketplace.
                                     in Michigan in 1992 and           Dennis has spoken at
                                     1996 and in 1997 was           state and regional con-
                                     awarded the Fellowship         ventions and numerous local affiliates. He was also an early
                                     Degree from the Ameri-         bird program at PP of A’s National Convention in 1992 at
                                     can Society of Photogra-       Orlando Fl, a platform speaker in 1993 at Nashville TN, and
                                     phers.                         Portrait Parade of Stars in 1994 in Denver.
                                        This program looks             Craft has also taught at Winona International School of
                                     into the heart of chil-        Photography, West Coast School, MAIPP Professional Pho-
                                     dren’s photography.            tography School, Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Photogra-
                                        Craft has been known        phy Texas School, and Georgia School.
                                     for years for his sensi-          Most of his honored prints are of children..

                               Ann Naugher,
                             M. Photog., CPP,         Creating Art of Children
                             of Broken Arrow,                       patience with children, clients are often
                             Okla., has been creating portraits     willing to wait to have a session with
                             of children professionally for         Ann’s studio.
                             about six years.                         Currently, her schedule is full for the
                               She owns and operates a low-         next 15 months with a long cancellation list.
                             volume studio that specializes in        Since first entering national print competition in 2003, she
                             high-quality wall art of children      has been honored with 12 prints and one album in the PPA
                             and their families.                    Loan Collection.
                               Because she is known for
                             perfectionism in her art and for                                        See Naugher, Page 31
     Ann Naugher
Southwest Image                                                                                                            Page 
Tales from the old Southwest . . .
Editor’s Note:                                                       It was a unanimous verdict that they were only trouble
  This the second of a new series about the early days of the     makers, and instead of offering prizes, all pictures that rated
Southwest Professional Photographers Association based on         above 70 points would be hung in a salon of merit, with the
a book by past president Greer Lile () of Little Rock, Ark.   ten best of these sent to the National Convention for exhibi-
and used with his permission.                                     tion.
             The Beginning of the New                                During this board meeting, a favorable vote was taken
                                                                  to authorize secretary Stall to see if New Mexico would be
      First Annual Convention of the Southwestern                 interested in sending delegates to the next convention.
               Photographers Association                             This was the initial action to complete the five-state com-
             Dallas, Texas, April 27 – 30, 1920                   pliment of Southwest.

  Will Towles of Washington, D. C. was to serve as judge                 Montgomery Advances March 15 - 17, 1921
of the exhibits and was introduced to the group. It was
made known to all present that if there were any objections         Four hundred and fifteen Southwesterners gathered at the
to Towles being the judge they should be made known then          New Jefferson Hotel for the finest photographers meeting
or hold their peace forever. There were no objections.            yet held by newly formed SWPA and were welcomed by
  Towles proceeded with the judging and the outcome was                                        hotel owner Charles Mangold.
Grand Prize Winner Birdsall                                                                      The new constitution and
and Vorhees of Dallas, with                                                                    by-laws of the Southwestern
seven other winners of class                                                                   Association were read and
following.                                                                                     adopted by unanimous vote of
  New officers were elected as                                                                 the convention.
follows: Joe Montgomery of                                                                       This acceptance made the
Dallas, Texas - president; N.                                                                  Southwestern Association a re-
B. Stall of Ada, Okla. - sec-                                                                  ality; and while changes exist,
retary-treasurer; W. D. Orr of                                                                 by and large the same govern-
Memphis, Texas - vice-presi-                                                                   ing rules exist today.
dent of Texas; W. E. Brooks of                                                                   President Montgomery took
Shawnee, Okla., vice-president                                                                 the effort to prepare a printed
of Oklahoma; D. M. Marks of                                                                    program for the convention,
Fort Smith, Ark., vice-presi-                                                                  and the business meeting,
dent of Arkansas and Tessie                                                                    demonstrations, and lectures
Dickerson of Shreveport, La.                                                                   all went through on schedule
- vice-president of Louisiana.                                                                 time.
  The size of the association                                                                    This is the first written report
was increasing at such a rate                                                                  of a printed program being
that the secretary was authorized to hire a stenographer for      used by the Southwestern Association.
the two-month period preceding the convention at a rate of          Among the featured speakers was William Shewell Ellis
$60 per month.                                                    of Philadelphia demonstrating with lecture the art of making
  This marked the beginning of executive secretary position       advertising pictures and cover designs.
and records indicate no money was used for this until the           He was followed by D. E. Agler of Van Wert, Ohio, on
1923 meeting.                                                     merits of photography as a business, and Guy Reid of Ot-
  In an effort to make the bank account stronger, dues were       tumwa, Iowa, demonstrating the air brush.
voted to be raised from $3 a year to $5 with waiving of             Numerous others gave excellent demonstrations which all
initiatory fee in all cases. All members present immediately      seemed to enjoy.
paid their dues for the coming year.                                All was not work, for we had much time devoted to enter-
  While handling some $4,000 during the course of the             tainment which consisted in part of a get-together meeting
year, treasurer N. B. Stall ended the year with $410.99 after     with music, dancing, and punch and on Wednesday the
all bills were paid.                                              entertainment committee prepared a real treat in the form of
  During a board meeting in November 1920, the giving of          a dinner-dance
prizes was brought up.                                                                            Continued on next page
Southwest Image                                                                                                         Page 
and carnival given in the junior ballroom of the Adolphus        small multigraphing outfit, a great deal of printing could be
Hotel.                                                           saved by its use, whereby Guy Reid volunteered to loan the
  While the convention was the finest yet held, the secre-       secretary his new $300 mimeograph machine which was
tary upon balancing his books found he had ended with a          graciously accepted.
deficit of $5.50. This was the first time in the short history     This was the humble start of communication with the
of Southwest that a serious deficit occurred in finances.        membership.
  At a later date, it was decided to hold no convention in         The management of the Adolphus Hotel tendered the use
1922 and try to negotiate a loan for $400 to enable the          of the Junior Ballroom if the board would designate their
board to carry on the business of the association until some     hotel as headquarters, which the board found was adequate
funds could be collected.                                        and was accepted.
  Mr. George Bellar (the Hammer man), bless his soul, vol-         (Note: The year  marks the 00th anniversary of
unteered to make the loan, and a note was made and signed        photography as reported by the historian Potonniee who
by the board, and also by G. H. Pittman.                         stated the world’s first photograph was made in 1822 by
  The secretary pointed out that if the association owned a      Joseph Nicephore Niepce.)
Continued from Page 26
  MacGregor has been to the awards podium
virtually every year since obtaining member-
ship in PPA including best of class, Kodak
Gallery, Epcot, Fuji Masterpiece and aggregate
awards in almost every portrait and wedding
  In many cases the awards have been received
numerous times (i.e. wedding album awards
more than ten times and portrait of a woman
seven times).

                              The Polaroid
                            camera was
                            invented by
                            Edwin Land
                            in 1948.
Southwest Image                                                                                                       Page 
Southwest Image   Page 0
Naugher                                                              Come and see how beautiful children are and why show-
Continued from Page 27                                             casing that beauty is consistently rewarded by appreciative
  She earned the Master of Photography degree through PPA
                                    in four years entirely on
                                    print merits and her work
                                                                   honors include:
                                    has been published more
                                    than once in Professional
                                                                   Photographer of
                                    Photographer magazine
                                                                   Year – General
                                    and has graced the cover
                                                                   Division - 2003,
                                    of that publication.
                                                                   2004, 2006;
                                      Naugher will share
                                                                   2005 Southwest
                                    with you a bit about how
                                                                   PPA Photogra-
                                    she handles business and
                                                                   pher of Year;
                                    clients and a lot about her
                                                                   2005 “Top Five” PPA Album Maker; 2004 Silver PPA Pho-
                                    love - creating large, fine
                                                                   tographer of Year; 2005 Diamond PPA Photographer of Year;
                                    art portraits of children.
                                                                   2006 Diamond PPA Photographer of Year and 2007 Gold PPA
                                      She works daily in
                                                                   Photographer of Year as well as Fuji Masterpiece and Kodak
Adobe Photoshop CS2 and in Corel Painter - her paintings are
                                                                   Gallery Awards.
the studio’s main draw and are a large part of her business.

                             Automating the Photographer’s Workflow
                                 Joining Adobe Systems in          the most efficient and productive work-
                              1992, Julianne Kost has learned      flow for your business so you may learn
                              her craft through hands-on           how to establish and implement your own
                              experience and now serves as the     personal “best practices” so that every-
                              Senior Digital Imaging Evange-       thing after capture becomes natural and
                              list.                                instinctive.
                                 Spanning digital imaging and         Discover how to download and move
                              illustration, her role includes      quickly through large
                              customer education, product de-      volumes of images, edit
                              velopment, and market research.      and refine image de-
      Julianne Kost              She is a frequent contributor     velopment, add special
to several publications, a speaker at numerous design confer-      effects, and output in the
ences and tradeshows, and a teacher at distinguished photog-       formats desired by your
raphy workshops and fine art schools around the world.             clients.
                                          A passionate photogra-      From novice to
                                       pher herself, she com-      advanced, everyone
                                       bines her background in     can benefit from the
                                       psychology in creating      little-known secrets and
                                       artwork, seen in several    powerful shortcuts Kost
                                       showings and published                                           will share throughout the
                                       in several magazines.                                            session to save time and
                                         She is the author be-                                          keep your business run-
                                       hind “Window Seat – The                                          ning full throttle!
                                       Art of Digital Photog-
                                       raphy” and “Creative
                                       Thinking and the Photo-
shop Fundamentals and Advanced Photoshop Techniques”
training DVDs published by Software Cinema.
   In her program - “Lightroom and Photoshop – Automating
the Photographers Workflow” - Kost, will lead you through
Southwest Image                                                                                                          Page 
                                 Major Merit Duo at Fall Seminar
                                    World-renowned photog-     to Senior Success,” Walter Eagleton, Cr.
                                  raphers, Jo Alice and Tom    Photog., CPP of Denton, Texas included
                                McDonald of Jonesboro,         extensive instruction in marketing, pho-
                              Ark. led off the Arkansas Fall   tographing, and selling to the high school
                             Seminar Nov. 11-12 at the 4-H     senior market.
                            Center in Ferndale.                   Known for his effective marketing
                             The McDonalds presented their     techniques, Walter began the day with
                           day-long program covering every-    an overview of his strategies to get the
                           thing from lighting and posing to   phone to ring, how to do an effective
their secrets to running a successful studio.                  phone or in-person consultation, provid-       Eagleton
   Working with live models, Tom and Jo Alice demonstrat-      ing outstanding service to the client, cap-
ed their “sure-fire” approach to lighting and posing.          turing sales-producing images, and workflow from camera
   Jo Alice explained how to use psychology to coax selling    to delivery.
expressions from children and how to keep them in focus           The day also included live model shooting of a girl and
range by entertaining                                          a boy, demonstrating flattering and great-selling poses for
them.                                                          each.
   Tom demonstrated                                               Walter also gave instruction on preparing the images for
posing for adult subjects                                      slideshow presentation, and how to construct the all-impor-
and how he brings forth                                        tant sales design sheet, and packaging and selling for profit.
character and the human
spirit in his portraits by
putting his subjects at                                                Arkansas State
   They ended up with                                                   Convention
discussions about how
print merits will lead to                                       Slated for July 13-16, 2008
greater dollars and ways
to produce year-around                                            at the Doubletree Hotel
cash flow and managing JoAlice and Tom McDonald
a business for maximum                                                 in Little Rock
   Tom and Jo Alice started with zero
sales and built a successful studio by
working at twin goals of increased
sales and artistic growth through print
   They have spoken to photographic
organizations worldwide.
   Tom has had 30 prints go loan and
has more than 900 merits - currently
ranked fourth in merits with PPA.
   Jo Alice earned her Masters of Pho-
tography degree in 1997. She currently
has more than 200 merits.
   She has received most of those mer-
its with children’s photography and
her children’s articles have appeared in
many professional publications.
   In the second day-long program,
entitled “Shooting to Sell: Six Steps
Southwest Image                                                                                                     Page 
                         Byron Named Photographer of the Year
                               Babin Gets National Award
                                    Terry Daigrepont has highest print in state competition
                                                              By Rick Massarini
                                        PPLA Secretary and Photographic Competition Committee Chairman
                                   Taking top honors            Distinguished Print Awards in the General Exhibition
                                 with Best of Show in the     were awarded to the following: Portrait - Pam Eggers and
General Exhibition of the Professional Photographers of       Paul Wood; High School Senior - Heidi Bowers and Tim
Louisiana’s 58th Annual Print Competition in New Orleans,     Eddington Bridal Portrait - Robby Bishop; Photojournalism
was Terry Daigrepont of Slidell, LA for her 98 scoring im-    - Tim Eddington and Leslie Faust; Commercial - Patrick
age “Traffic Elimination - Arc Transformation.”               Bates and Terry Daigrepont; Illustrative - Patrick Bates and
  In the Masters Division, Best of Show was awarded to        Stan Bonis; Unclassified - Tim Eddington and Rick Massa-
James Byron of Patterson, LA for his 93 scoring print “You    rini; Electronic Imaging - Tony White and Tim Eddington;
and Me Against the World.” The PPLA Photographer of           Digital Retouching - Terry Daigrepont and Tony White.
the Year award also went to James Byron for the highest
total print case score.

                                                        Tim Babin Receives National Award - In recog-
                                                       nition for his many years of service, Timothy Neal
                                                       Babin, Cr. Photog. was honored by the Professional
                                                       Photographers of Louisiana as its 2007 recipient of the
                                                       prestigious PPA National Award. Tim has served the
                                                       PPLA for many years as a member of the Board of Di-
                                                       rectors, and is a PPLA Past President. The award was
                                                       presented by PPA Board of Directors members Ralph
 Photographer of the Year - James W. Byron is present-
ed with the 2007 PPLA “Photographer of the Year” award Romaguera and Don Dickson, president of the South-
by Barbie Vallot, last year’s recipient.               west Professional Photographers Association.

   In the General Exhibition, First place Honors were           In the Masters Division, First Place Honors were
awarded to the following: Portrait - Travis Gauthier; High    awarded to the following: Portrait - James Byron; High
School Senior - Patrick Bates; Bridal Portrait - Terri Ed-    School Senior - Don Daigrepont; Bridal Portrait - Robert
dington; Photojournalism - Leslie Faust; Wedding Album        Faust; Photojournalism - Barbie Vallot; Commercial - Don
- Robert and Leslie Faust; Commercial - Tony White;           Daigrepont; Illustrative - James Byron; Unclassified - Don
Illustrative - Stan Bonis; Unclassified - Terry Daigrepont;   Daigrepont; Electronic Imaging - Don Daigrepont.
Electronic Imaging - Tony White; Digital Retouching -
Terry Daigrepont.                                                                    See La Competition, Page 38
Southwest Image                                                                                                   Page 
                               PPANM 2008 Convention
                                   March 9—11, 2008
                  At the Quality Inn & Suites, 25 Hotel Circle NE in Albuquerque
                                          (505) 271-1000
                          All-day programs: The Simones and Steve Ervin
                                     Early Bird: Mark McCall

                                                     Glenn Hohnstreiter
                                                     Gets National Award
                                                        Glenn Hohnstreiter, M.Photog., Cr., CPP
                                                     of Albuquerque was the 2007 recipient of
                                                     the National Award from the Professional
                                                     Photographers of America to the Profes-
                                                     sional Photographers of New Mexico.
                                                        The presentation was made during the
                                                     PPAMN convention.
                                                        An award winning photographer, Glenn
                                                     Hohnstreiter has exhibited black and white
                                                     and color photographic images in juried
                                                     shows and international competitive events
                                                     for many years.
                                                        His images have been selected for exhibit
                                                     at EPCOT Center in Orlando, at PHOTO-
                                                     KINA in Cologne, Germany, in Korea, and
                                                     several of his images are included in the
                                                     permanent collection of the International
                                                     Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma
                                                        His work has been shown in New Mexico
                                                     for years in many single and multiple artist
                                                     exhibits, and one of his images is on per-
                                                     manent display at the New Mexico Natural
                                                     History Museum.
                                                        He is a former PPANM president and is
                                                     a member of the invitation-only American
                                                     Society of Photographers.
                                                        His images have appeared in numerous
                                                     fine photography publications, recently the
                                                     cover and his article “Beyond the Basics:
                                                     Strategies for Creating Award Winning
                                                     Photographs,” in the Nov/Dec 2002 issue of
                                                     View Camera Magazine.
                                                        He is the owner of Images of the South-
                                                     west studio.

Southwest Image                                                                          Page 
Magazine                                                        submitted photographs taken at the Murrah Federal Build-
                                                                ing bombing in April 1995.
                                                                  A graduate of Oklahoma State Tech with a degree in
Editor Receives                                                 technical drafting and design, Smith attended Rose State
                                                                College in broadcasting and journalism and the University
National Award                                                  of Oklahoma.
                                                                  A graphic artist and printer for the First Baptist Church in

  O     ne of the most visible and hard-working members
        of the Professional Photographers of Oklahoma -
Moore photographer Jon Smith became the newest addition
                                                                Moore, he has operated a photography studio there for 10
                                                                  He and his wife Debbie have been married 21 years.
to the exclusive club of National Award recipients.               The late PPA President Louis Garcia of Eastchester, NY
  The highly-coveted award from the Professional Pho-           created the National Award in 1958, “for all the hard work
tographers of America was presented to Smith at the state       by others to further the profession while asking nothing in
convention’s banquet held Sept. 23.                             return.”
  Editor of the organization’s chief publication, The Okla-       Garcia decided these individuals should be recognized for
homa Photographer since 1997, Smith also is its webmas-         their exceptional contributions and created the distinguished
ter. He has received national recognition for the magazine.     national award.
                                                                  Each year, PPA makes the award available to its state,
                                                                regional, national and international affiliates. While PPA
                                                                bestows many awards to affiliate members, this is by far the
                                                                most coveted and prized honor.
                                                                  The National Award is given to individuals who go be-
                                                                yond what is expected of them.

                                                                Judging Machine Designer Dies
                                                                  LeRoy Kline, designer of the first print judging machines
                                                                for the Professional Photographers of Oklahoma, died Sept.
                                                                27. He was 89.
                                                                  A native of Oklahoma – born Aug. 18, 1918 on a farm
                                                                near Helena – Kline graduated from Helena High School in
                                                                1935 and worked in produce with his father for a few years
                                                                before moving to Stillwater to attend college at OSU (then
                                                                Oklahoma A&M) in 1940.
                                                                  He started working at the Stillwater
                                                                Flying Service where he received his
                                                                A&E Aircraft license and later joined
                                                                the Air Force just in time to serve during
                                                                World War II as a major.
  PINNED - Marvel Nelson, past PPA and PPO presi-                 In 1949 he married Beth Koeh and
dent, affixes National Award pin to Jon Smith’s lapel.          three years later they had a son, Charles.
                                                                  Upon moving back to Helena in 1952,
  Prior to the actual presentation, past recipients Celia       the family had a formal portrait done by     LeRoy Kline
Moore and Brenda Martin laid the groundwork of vague            a photographer named Hal Owens (PPO
(on purpose) background for the recipient.                      President in 1941). LeRoy was mayor of Helena for many
  Another past recipient - Marvel Nelson, past PPA and          years.
PPO president, represented the national organization in           The family moved to Yukon in 1958 and five years later
making the award.                                               Beth began working for Owens.
  Smith has taught PPO education classes, worked in the           Owens began putting studios into TG&Y stores and his
print rooms for PPO and Southwest PPA for numerous              Yukon studio expanded to the point that he asked Kline if
years, coordinated the audio/visual needs for PPO events        he would be interested in learning maintenance on all his
and assisted the executive directors with the computer skills   equipment.
they needed to perform their many tasks.
                                                                                                    See Kline, Page 38
  Time Inc. purchased and published several images from

Southwest Image                                                                                                      Page 
                                                                      Digital Masters with Don Emmerich and Frank Cricchio (I
Texas School:                                                      or A)
                                                                      Full Circle Studio: From Weddings to Babies with Rick and
Coming Soon                                                        Deb Ferro (B or I)
                                                                      Mastering the Techniques ~ How to be a Complete Photog-
    By Don Dickson                                                 rapher with Hanson Fong (I or A)
  The Texas School of Profes-                                         Weddings 101: Let’s Kick it up a Notch with John-Michael
sional Photography returns to                                      Hannan, Jr. (B)
Texas A&M. April 27 - May 2.                                          Essentials and Exposure... The Business of Fine Art Photog-
  “If you’ve ever attended our school, you                         raphy with Jamie Hayes and Mary Fisk-Taylor (B)
know just how much fun it can be.                                     Common Sense Seniors with Kalen Henderson (I)
  “Just being able to spend five days with the                        Marketing and Your Creative Process with Jennifer Hillenga
instructor of your choice is worth it all,” Dickson said.          (I)
  However, in addition to the intense instruction, there are          Dream High with Elizabeth and Trey Homan (I)
social events every night throughout the week, with plenty of         The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro with Steve Kozak
fun, food and fellowship.                                          (B)
  “This will be our seventh year at the beautiful Texas A&M           Digital Studio Operations with Robert D. Lloyd (B or I)
campus, in College Station, Texas,” he said.                          Lifestyle Portraits with Don MacGregor (I or A)
  Registration and lodging information as well as complete            A Week With Dave Newman: Portrait Essentials with Dave
course descriptions may be found on the Texas PPA website:         Newman (B or I)
www.tppa.org.                                                         KISS and Tell... Keep it Simple Strategies for Success with
  There are 34 scheduled instructors for various levels of skill   Lori Nordstrom (I)
  Basic Courses (B): Designed for students with very limited          Senior Photography with Larry Peters and Brian Killian (I
photographic experience or for a refresher course for experi-      or A)
enced students.                                                       Children and Family Photography with Karen Peters and
  Intermediate Courses (I): Designed for students with at least    Janine Killian (B or I)
two years experience.                                                 Art of Building a Successful Boutique Children’s Studio
                                                                   with Sarah Petty and Scott Kurkian (I)
                                                                      New Age Artistry Meets Old World Romance with Arthur
                                                                   Rainville and Jennifer Hudson (I or A)
                                                                      Senior, Family and Children Photography with Michael
                                                                   Redford and Brad Allan (I)
   Advanced Courses (A): Designed for students with at least          Making a Good Living With Your Eyes, Heart and Camera
five years of experience or those well grounded in most as-        with Ralph and Ryan Romaguera (B or I)
pects of photography.                                                 Welcome to the BIG SHOW with Jed and Vicki Taufer (B
   Instructors for 2008 (in alphabetical order by first present-   or I)
er):                                                                  The Art and Business of Portrait Photography with Tim and
   Photoshop: Efficiency + Creativity = Digital Success with       Beverly Walden and Ann K. Monteith (B or I)
Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga (I)                                   The A. B. C.’s of Photoshop CS3 with John Wilson (B)
   Bring Your Own Brain with Carol Andrews and Joe Glyda              The Art of Painter - The Photographer’s Edge with Helen
(I or A)                                                           Yancy (I)
   Photoshop: Layers, Layers, Layers with Al Audleman (I)
   Portrait and Wedding Photography with Doug Box (B or I)                          Writers Wanted
   It’s Your Year with Colleen Gonsar and Darty Hines (I)
                                                                      Share your story
   The Power of Light 2008 with Tony Corbell (A)
                                                                    with Southwest
   Jazz Photography & Fashion Portraiture with Bry Cox (I or
                                                                    members like Bill
A)                                                                  Hedrick did in the
   Portraying Children with Dennis D. Craft (I)                     Fall Issue.
   Corel Painter for Photographers with Jim Cunningham (B)            We all will profit.
   Mastering the Upscale Gallery with Gregory and Lesa                Contact the editor
Daniel (I or A)                                                     (See top of Page 1 for
   Video Production with Mitch Daniels and Billy Welliver (B        address or E-mail).
or I)                                                                 Thanks.
Southwest Image                                                                                                          Page 
Spotlight                                                    where PPO board members were meeting and remembered
Continued from Page 7                                        thinking he “could never be near the level of those indi-
                                                             viduals leading such an outstanding organization.”
  “The `office area’ consisted of wicker furniture and a
                                                                 There were many times he felt the photography business
card table, but we were officially in business,” Dwaine
                                                             was not going to work out no matter how badly he wanted
  By this time, Eldora left her vending machine job and
                                                                 “We both had given up our 8 to 5, Monday-through-Fri-
began working in the studio during the daytime. Dwaine
                                                             day-with Saturdays-off, two-weeks paid vacation jobs and
continued to photograph sittings at night and on weekends.
                                                             the business had to work,” Eldora said.
  Totally disenchanted with his regular job, Dwaine loaded
                                                                 From the humble beginnings of a 35mm camera, the
up his mechanic tools on April 5, 1985 and began working
                                                             Horton operation progressed to two Hasselblads with four
full time as a studio photographer.
                                                             lenses, a Norman Superlight 800, Norman P200D, and five
  It was during that year Horton took his camera to the
                                                             other Norman light heads, a Photogenic Powerlight 600,
Thomas high school’s homecoming even though he wasn’t
                                                             an electric background roller system and the EPS Scene
being paid to be there.
  Instead of taking the standard line-up pose (which the

paid photographer took), he photographed the young ladies
                                                               That was back in 1989 and the bankers weren’t laughing
in a convertible looking back over their shoulders.
                                                             this time. The Hortons were able to borrow more money
  “That put me on the map,” Horton recalled. “That was
                                                             than either had thought possible.
the only photograph they wanted.”
                                                               With the money, they purchased a 28X52-foot double-
  Dwaine had become a member of the Professional Pho-
                                                             wide mobile home which now has been redesigned to be
tographers of America following his graduation from NYI
                                                             the studio.
and was interested in joining the Oklahoma association.
                                                               Today, the operation is totally digital and has been since
  Today, 22 years after joining PPO, Dwaine admitted
                                                             2000. In addition to his Canon 5D camera, Horton utilizes
he was “awed” by the excellence of the photographs on
                                                             the latest Adobe Photoshop programs as well as numerous
display, never believing he would produce anything which
                                                             special effect plug-ins.
would compare.
  He also chanced to pass by an open door into a room                                       Continued on next page
Southwest Image                                                                                                   Page 
   The Hortons live on a quarter-section (for you non-farm-   PPLA Presidents Award for Best Black and White image
ers, that’s 160 acres), built a 2,900-square-foot home in     all went to James Byron for his 93 scoring image “You and
1999 and no longer live in the studio.                        Me Against the World.”
   Horton, PPO president in 1997-98, has presented pro-         The PPLA People’s Choice Award was presented to
grams and workshops at local, state and regional associa-     Barbie Vallot for “Tiny Bubbles - Singing your favorites
tions and has been an instructor for the Oklahoma School      from the Aloha State”
of Photography.                                                 Judges Choice Ribbons were awarded to James By-
   In 2001, the Hortons received the National Award from      ron, Patrick Bates, Leslie Faust, Terry Daigrepont, Travis
PPA to PPO.                                                   Gauthier, Robert Faust, and Don Daigrepont.
   “Do we love photography? We can’t imagine doing any-
thing else,” they said.                                          Relive Historic Moments with
Kline                                                         Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographs
Continued from Page 35                                           OKLAHOMA CITY – View the world’s most iconic im-
  Kline agreed and was then sent to California and            ages such as the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima and the 9/11
Youngstown, Ohio to learn all about Beattie-Coleman cam-      terrorist attacks in the upcoming exhibition at the Interna-
eras and Photogenic lighting equipment.                       tional Photography Hall of Fame and Museum.
  After a few years Owens studios decided to turn to color       “Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs,” the
and again asked Kline for his help to install the new color   most comprehensive collection of 138 Pulitzer Prize-winning
lab and keep it in top running condition while his wife       photographs, will be on display to March 30 throughout all
managed the lab.                                              galleries.
  During this time Kline became involved with PPO and in          “The International Photography Hall of Fame is pleased to
1975, President Roy Helt asked if Kline would build some      exhibit the best in photojournalism,” said Director Katie Sut-
judging machines for the association.                         ton. “The images in ‘Capture the Moment’ are a testament to
  His expertise on fixing equipment was in such demand he     the importance of photography in reporting world events.”
put a shop together in the garage of his home so he could        The exhibit includes many photos from historic moments
start maintaining equipment for the other professional pho-   that are instantly recognizable, especially war-related photos.
tographers of Oklahoma.
  The Klines became Honorary Life Members of PPO in
1995 and were given the National Award from Oklahoma
in 1998.

La Competition
Continued from Page 33
   Distinguished Print Awards in the Masters Division
were awarded to the following: Portrait - Barbie Vallot and
James Byron; High School Senior - Barbie Vallot; Bridal
Portrait - James Byron and Robert Faust; Commercial -
Barbie Vallot; Illustrative - James Byron and Don Daigre-
   Kodak Gallery Awards were presented to Travis Gauth-
ier in the Portrait Category, Terry Eddington for Wedding,
Robert and Leslie Faust for Wedding Album, James Byron
for Commercial-Illustrative, and Don Daigrepont for Elec-
tronic Imaging.
   Fuji Masterpiece Awards were presented to Don Dai-
grepont in the Portrait Category, Leslie Faust for Wedding,
Robert and Leslie Faust for Wedding Album, Don Daigre-
pont for Commercial, Stan Bonis for Illustrative-Unclassi-
fied, and Terry Daigrepont for Electronic Imaging.
   Best First Time Entry was awarded to Travis Gauthier
for his image “Mom Squared.” Highest scoring print by
a CPP, highest scoring print by an ASP member, and the
Southwest Image                                                                                                      Page 
 ProEDGE Systems.com® celebrates 10th anniversary
  by adding a new color to its hi-tech framing system
   Ten years ago, a digital printer in central Missouri had an     Our prospective customer industries include photographers,
idea. Ric Brady, founder of ProEDGE Systems.com was              photo finishers, digital printing and signs, and anyone who
one of the first to invest in wide format imaging technology,    seeks a “finished, professional edge,” Brady said.
which at that time, was just starting to take off.                 In celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the company will be
   The parent company of ProEDGE Systems.com® began to           introducing a special new “10th Anniversary” framing color
experiment with a precision mitering tool they had invented      in January 2008.
to allow them to install custom frames to mounted prints.          To vote for the color of your choice, go to www.fastframer.
   Now, ten years later, ProEDGE Systems.com®, is the            com and click on the “survey” link to cast your vote.
manufacturer and U.S. patent holder of the fastframer custom
framing system. The company now offers
three different models of mitering tools.
   The special hi-tech moldings, which look
like aluminum, but are actually made of
a special hi-tech plastic co-extrusion, are
available in 6 different gap widths and 12
different colors.
   The different gap widths allow the fram-
ing of photos or images mounted to virtu-
ally any standard graphic art board sub-
strate, such as foamboard, gatorfoam, pvc,
plexiglass, etc.
   “By utilizing our U.S. patented technol-
ogy,” Brady said, “Our customers can mea-
sure, notch and install a ProEDGE® frame
in about two minutes.”
   “The average aluminum frame takes a
minimum of ten to twenty times more labor
to miter and install,” Brady said. “When
everything is finished, it is virtually impos-
sible to distinguish an image framed with an
expensive polished aluminum frame from
that same image framed with ProEDGE®.”
   There is a huge difference in material
costs, installation labor, finished weight and
tools needed to complete the job of framing
the image in aluminum vs. ProEDGE®.
           Member Spotlight
           Seeks Candidates
     If you would like to have your
   photographic operation featured in
   an upcoming issue of the Southwest
   Image, please contact editor Donald
   Hayden, 3414 S. Yale Ave., Ste.
   B, Tulsa, OK 74135 or call (918)
   742-3002 or e-mail to imageryby-

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      *Free attendance requires having your state membership dues paid before February 1, 2008. State membership is
       defined as being a current dues paid member of the state within the Southwest Region where your business is
          located (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas). Being an “out-of-state” member of another
                           regional state within Southwest does not qualify for free registration.

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