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					                          SWCBA Conference Call Minutes
                                August 30, 2010

I.     Meeting Called to Order by President Rita Widder
II.    Roll call by Secretary/Treasurer Jacque Ochs
       Rita Widder, President
       Eddie Turner, Past President
       David Ritz, President-Elect
       Jacque Ochs, Sec/Treasurer, NACS Trustee
       Brenda Reinke, Oklahoma Trustee
       Carolyn Williams, Texas Trustee
       Tammy Smith, At-Large Trustee
       Corrie Thibodeaux, Associate Trustee Book
       Arlinda Bush, Associate Trustee Non-Book
       Starla Clawson, Administrative Assistant
       Todd Cragg, Arkansas Trustee
       Colleen Durrett, Louisiana Trustee
       New Mexico Trustee Vacant Position
III.   Approval of Agenda
       Corrie Thibodeaux made a motion to approve the agenda.
       Motion was seconded by Carolyn Williams.
       Motion carried.
IV.    Approval of July 22, 2010 Conference Call Minutes
       Carolyn Williams made a motion to approve the July 22, 2010 conference call
       Motion was seconded by Corrie Thibodeaux.
       Motion carried.
V.     Treasurer’s Report
       a. Jacque Ochs reported the following monies:
           New Mexico Bank & Trust $4048.00
           Penn Security $14234.44
           New Mexico Bank & Trust CD $10,841.45
       b. Status of Checking Account.
           Jacque has not been able to get the checking account moved to Wells
           Fargo but will before the Regional Meeting in Little Rock, AR.
VI.    Administrative Assistants Report
       a. Were there any local foundations for SWCBA to take donations?
           Starla reported yes, she is waiting for official letterhead from “Volunteer to See”.
       b. Vendor/Store Packets.
           Starla reported that both “Vendor” and “Store” packet emails have gone out and
           all forms have been sent to David Brown to be made available on-line.
       c. Lifetime Achievement Award
           Starla emailed all Board Members the one nomination that was received.
           Motion was made by Carolyn Williams to accept Bill Coulter’s nomination to be
           the next recipient of the “Lifetime Achievement Award.”
           Tammy Smith seconded the motion.
           Motion carried.
      d. Matthews Book Co.
          Starla reported that Matthews Book Company had sent in their booth registration
          information but their membership was not current. She did email them with an
          invoice and explained they must be a member in order to set-up at the tradeshow.
      e. Vendors Registrations
          Starla reported that she had received 8 registrations to date. She is keeping a
          spreadsheet with all of the information and will be forwarding checks to Jacque
          Ochs until the checking account is set-up so that she can deposit checks as well.
          Starla is going to give weekly reports of vendors to Corrie and Arlinda until we
          get closer to the meeting at which point they will get daily updates.
VII. Reinstatement of Membership
      a. Texas A&M University Bookstore, Commerce, TX
      b. Temple College Bookstore, Temple, TX
      c. South Plains College Bookstore, Temple, TX
      d. Odessa College Bookstore, Odessa, TX
      e. Midland College Bookstore, Midland, TX
      f. Darren Croom, Greenville, TX
      g. New Jersey Books
      h. Gotstuff Inc, Juan Ontiveros
      Brenda Reinke made a motion to reinstate all of A-H listed stores and vendors as
      active members.
      Motion was seconded by David Ritz.
      Motion carried.
VIII. Regional Show
      a. David Ritz suggested we send email blast weekly starting after Labor Day. He
          also wanted to see more information regarding the “Poster Sessions” and an
          updated “Education Schedule.”
      b. Starla asked about the “Art Work” and “Room Assignments” for putting together
          a program.
      c. Closing Night Festival – game assignments
          Team Pictionary – Rita                Egg Race – Carolyn
          Bingo (6 players)                     Junk-n-Trunk – Arlinda
          Rodeo Roping – Starla                 Cake Walk – Todd
          Plunger/TP game – David               Flipper Ping Pong Race – Tammy
          Golf Putting Green – Jacque           Beer Bottle Cup Flip – Corrie
          Washers Game – Melanie                Cup Stacker Team – Brenda
IX.   Old Business
      a. New Mexico Trustee – Melanie Sparks
          Motion was made by David Ritz to accept Melanie Sparks to fulfill the remaining
          2 year New Mexico Trustee position which was vacated by Sandra Rodman.
          Carolyn Williams seconded the motion.
          Motion carried.
      b. Texas Trustee – Voting ends September 3, 2010
          Tabled until next conference call.
      c. Louisiana Trustee – still in the air?
          Eddie reported he had tried to reach Colleen but had not heard from her. He
          would try again next week to reach her so that we could finalize the Louisiana
          Trustee position.
X.    New Business
      a. Student Panel scheduled 8:30 – 10:00 on Monday 18th; reminder for Todd to start
         gathering students. Add to next agenda.
      b. Next conference call scheduled for September 16, 2010 at 10:30am. Also, next
         conference call Eddie said we need to make decision on 2011 meeting.
      c. David has announcement.
         David announced he is resigning from Tulsa Community College and going to
         work for MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc effective September 13, 2010.
      d. Partnership Proposal
         David Ritz made a motion to accept the proposal submitted by Tina Shaw with
         Motion seconded by Tammy Smith.
         Motion carried.
XI.   Adjourn
      Meeting was adjourned.

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