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									     Classroom music resources to make your life easier
            ular de    mand!
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   Creating New Stuff (ages 9-14)
   Kick start your students’ imaginations with one of our Noteable
   originals. It has been improved and re-released due to the
   amount of requests we have for it!! Creating New Stuff is full of
   imaginative ways your students can start to compose. It includes
   group composition activities, creative starter ideas, working
   with themes, as well as some more advanced composition work
   like using chord progressions and forms. As with all Noteable
   published resources, this book is 100% reproducible so you
   can simply photocopy for your students. Take the ideas and
   make them your own, use them in your units or create an
   entire composition unit. Students do not always need to have
   theory skills equal to their performance skills to express their
   ideas and knowledge through music. This book is written and
   designed by music teachers for music teachers with the ideas
   all tested and approved by music students.

                                      Subscribe now to ‘Good Stuff - 2011’
                                      Now in its 4th Year! ‘Good Stuff’ supplies hundreds of music teachers with
                                      easily accessible, ‘grab and go’ lessons to use in their classrooms. Subscribe
                                      and you will receive 2 issues per term emailed straight to your inbox! Recent
                                      issues have included: You Tube in your Classroom, Copyright, Peter and the
                                      Wolf, Putting on a School Production and Programme Music. These classroom
                                      ideas are aimed at students from age 8 to 15. Use them as you
                                      like, they are 100% reproducible and fit perfectly with units
                                      you already teach, or are great ideas for one off lessons to
                                      keep your students enthusiasm up. Never be stuck for great
                                      teaching ideas again!
                                      A                                                             ilable
                                      All ‘Good Stuff’ issues from 2008, 2009, and 2010 are now available
                                      loaded on these awesome wrist-band USBs! The ‘oh-so-green’ Noteable
                                      wristband is the coolest accessory for any music teacher and once you have
                                      downloaded the 9 issues from your wristband, you can use it as you like.
                     Middle Years and Junior Secondary
The Great Composers -                                    The Concepts of Music:
Books 1 and 2 (with CDs)                                 Multimedia (ages 12 - 15)
Both books 1 and 2 of this beautiful series study        This package consists of a CD of graded worksheets
different composers from a variety of musical             and a DVD featuring performances that will capture
periods. Each unit features                              your students’ interest! Your students will examine
facts, stories, teaching ideas,                          how the concepts of music are appliedd
information about each                                   within different genres through this
musical period, the                                      DVD that features a young, very cool
composers life, and other                                drummer. All the preparation has
related ‘must knows’. The CD  D                          been done for you, with each track
contains excerpts from the                               on the DVD tied to a worksheet. The
greatest works of each of                                resource features drum solos, beat
these composers. A lovely                                boxing, tap dancing, original music
resource for all ages.                                   and innovative collaborations.

The Young Person's Guide to the                          Around the Music Room in 180 Days
Orchestra                                                L
                                                         Looking for new activities? Need more  re
An activity book, CD                                     a
                                                         assessment ideas? How about new
and A4 poster set                                        tips for classroom management and
all based around                                         m
                                                         motivation? This is it! This one-of-a-
the instruments of                                       k
                                                         kind compilation of ideas, tips and
the orchestra. This                                      a
                                                         activities comes from the classrooms
excellent and easy                                       of music teachers who know what
to use resource                                          it takes to get the job done. From
covers all the bases                                     Day 1 to Day 180, add spark to your
and will be a great addition to any ‘Instrument of
                       ition     ny ‘Instruments         classroom with teacher tips including anything from
                                                         c                                      g
the Orchestra’ unit. The A4 posters have beautiful       avoiding classroom distractions, charades, and 10
photos and a wealth of information on the back that      ways to avoid burnout and much more! For all ages
makes them perfect for research projects.                (of music teacher!)

Discover Music History and Culture                       Music from the Inside Out
24 A4 posters and fun facts. This is the ultimate        Book, CD, Teacher’s DVD & full-length release
cross-curricular resource. Don't just teach your         DVD. Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike,
students what happened in music history, but             this is an exploration of the magic and mystery of
expand their minds to explore what happened in           music through the stories, passion,
art, history and architecture.                           a
                                                         and artistry of the 105 musicians of
These great A4 sized posters                             The Philadelphia Orchestra. Bring
feature beautiful pictures, and                          t
                                                         the excitement of the film into the
have lots of facts on the back to                        c
                                                         classroom through a newly developed   d
give students a well rounded                             resource that engages students in
view of history. Teaching today                          reading, writing, listening, talking
is all about making connections                          and composing. The accompanying
for students between subjects                            C
                                                         CD includes a wonderful selection of
and experiences.                                         musical examples.

Discover the Great Composers                             Composing in the Classroom
Set of 24 A4 posters. Explore the history of the great   Opus 2 (ages 12-14)
composers from a kid’s-eye view! These attractive        In this helpful classroom resource, students will find
full-colour, laminated posters present 24 composers      a variety of approaches to composition (what to
from the Baroque era to the 20th Century. Each           do and how to do it) and teachers
poster comes complete with a photo or illustration       will find a selection of topics, each
and a short biography on the                             largely self-contained and self-
back, including representative                           explanatory. Opus 2 is suitable for
works and interesting “fun                               classes of 12-14 year olds, and will
facts” to capture your students’                         provide a useful background to
imaginations. You’ll find dozens                          music as well as some wonderful
of uses for this handy resource,                         approaches for students to
including bulletin boards, class                         create their own music.
discussions, and activities.
Music Bingos                                                                         In Tune With Music 4th Ed
Bingo is part of the music teachers                                                  Help your students discover the magic
essential arsenal. These fantastic games                                             and movement of music with the
are fabulous for reinforcing learning                                                new edition of this leading title for
or finishing off a lesson with some                                                    junior secondary. It has been fully and
fun. These educational games are the                                                 fabulously updated! New features
ultimate in painless learning!                                                       include:
• Music Styles Bingo (with CD)                                                       • New unit: ‘Pioneers of Rock’
• Music Symbols Bingo                                                                • Increased focus on Australian
• Rhythm Bingo 1 & 2                             Th     B k
                                           Blitz Theory Books                             content, including Indigenous
• Melody Bingo (with CD)                   This unique range of junior theory             music, Australian rock and
• Instrument Bingo (with CD)               books are presented in a fun and               Australian film music.
• World Music Bingo (with CD)              entertaining way. Blitz books include     • Broader range of listening,
• Lines and Space Bingo                    puzzles and a variety of approaches            performance, creative and aural
                                           to match all students learning styles.         activities, with aims and outcomes
                                           Each level has a student work book, a          stated at the beginning of each unit
                                           teacher guide and an answer book.         • Contemporary works for
                                           Now available:                                 classroom discussion and analysis
                                           • Blitz for Beginners                     Student book, Teacher book, 4 CD Set
                                           • How to Blitz Grade 1, 2 & 3 Theory      and comprehensive Score book
                                           • How to Blitz General Knowledge
                                           • Blitz Book of Theory Games
                                           • Blitz Book of Musicianship

       h S ith
Deborah Smith
Musicianship and Aural Training

                 Level One (ages 12-15)                                         Melodic & Rhythmic
                 This book provides a broad and sequential
                                                                                Transcriptions (senior)
                 music curriculum. Theory lessons from                          This book and CD contain 75 multi-part
                 beat and pitch through to major and minor                      dictation exercises in sequential order. All
                 scales, revision lessons, instruments of                       the hard work has been done for you! This
                 the orchestra, aural skills, music listening,                  resource assists in the teaching of multi-part
                 assignments and puzzles. If you have never                     and rhythmic dictations to senior music
                 used Deborah’s books before - thorough                         students. Contains all student dictations
                 doesn’t begin to cover it! Student book and                    with missing parts and the answers as well
                 Teachers book. Essential for every school.                     as dictation sheets to photocopy.

                 Level Two (ages 14-16)                                         Practice Examinations (senior)
                 Musicianship and Aural Training for                            This teacher’s book with CD gives students
                 students in elective music. Level two of                       practice in examinations covering both
                 these excellent resources provides students                    theory and aural concepts. It contains aural
                 with a concise overview of music theory and                    and written practice examinations suitable
                 comprehension. It is the perfect resource to                   in range from the end of term one through
                 prepare students for senior secondary music                    to pre-exam preparation. The accompanying
                 study. Student book, teacher book and                          CD contains all the dictation tracks and the
                 sequential dictation CD.                                       book includes photocopy permission for the
                                                                                student pages and answers.
                 Level Three (senior) New!
                 This resource provides a much needed tool for students undertaking senior level music and their teachers.
                 It contains theoretical, analytical and academic explanations of the many concepts of music at a senior
                 level and shows how these work. It features hundreds of aural transcriptions and theory exercises given in
                 sequential order of level of difficulty. While designed around the VCE Music Performance subject, it applies
                 equally to all states and countries. Student book, teacher book and CDs for dictation.
                                Secondary Resources
Music: An Appreciation (6th Brief Ed.) Fortissimo! (ages 13-17)
This famed resource introduces students to              Fortissimo! is a comprehensive and motivating
perceptive listening and provides an engaging           secondary music course, encouraging students
insight into musical elements, forms and stylistic      to develop both practical and theoretical skills in
periods. This book is a thorough guide into             performing, composing, listening and appraising
music history, not just for senior students but         music. There are no other resources on the market
for teachers when preparing resources and fact          that explore music from the angless
checking. Comprehensive and beautifully presented       that this series does.
this resource examines styles, composers, major         It uses music from a
works, analysis, listening and                          va
                                                        variety of cultures
so much more! The companion                             an
                                                        and styles to explore
CD set features a wide range                            th
                                                        the elements and
of examples that correspond                             co
                                                        composition processes
to the teacher resource.                                of music. Each chapter
Containing over 60 tracks,                              ha
                                                        has performance,
it provides teachers with a                             co
                                                        composition, listening
greater level of flexibility                             an
                                                        and examples from
when planning lessons and                                                         dent
                                                        a variety of cultures. Student
choosing music.                                         b
                                                        book, Teacher book, 4 CD set.
Book and 5 CD Set.

Music Explained                         Music Dictionary                 The Concepts of Music
Music explained is a unique theory      Roy Bennett                      - with CD (age 14- 17)
resource for secondary schools          This is simply the best          This great new resource is
that includes a CD-ROM featuring        music dictionary ever            fast becoming a favourite! It
a wide range of ready-to-use, 100%      created! After this you          concentrates on standard musical
reproducible worksheets. This book      will never use another           concepts such as pitch, texture,
is great for students who need          reference resource in your       duration and structure in order to
to catch up on theory concepts          class! It has little diagrams,   provide students with the musical
quickly or who have gaps in their       pictures, and simple, clear      literacy they need to study any
knowledge. It includes 50 graded        and easy to understand           style of music while guiding them
student worksheets and answer           explanations for all your        through musical analysis and exam
sheets. This resource is perfect for    students questions. It           preparation. This book is supported
elective students who need to gain      is simply sensible and           by a CD that
comprehensive                           fabulous! You can even use
                                        f                                features listening
theory                                  it when
                                        i                                examples from
knowledge                               the
                                        t                                a variety of
quickly. It                             network
                                        n                                genres. Suitable
moves fast and                          crashes!!
                                        c                                for advanced
is a very handy                                                          elective students
                                                                         e                s
resource for                                                             and seniors.

Jazz and Rock Resource                                                    c
                                                        The Opera and Music Theatre
A comprehensive teacher package that provides           Resource
in-depth coverage of jazz and rock from historical      This resource offers extensive coverage of opera
and musical perspectives. Winner of the ‘Teacher        and music theatre from both an historic and
Resource of Category’ in the 2007 Australian            musical angle. Utilising a wide variety of listening
Awards for Excellence in                                examples, simple concepts are developed,
Educational Publishing                                  addressing the needs of all
this book provides                                      students. Adaptable and flexible
adaptable and flexible                                   this resource is suitable for
approaches suitable for r                               students years 7 - 12. The CD-ROMM
years 7 - 12. Printable                                 contains printable worksheets,
worksheets, chord                                       and score samples. It even
charts, Australian                                      features Australian content!
examples and a bonus
CD, this resource is
simply awesome.
                                   Noteable Resources

 You Can’t Say That!                     Creating New Stuff 2 (ages 9-14)
 (ages 13-16)                            Book 2 of this popular series that makes
                                         composition easy, creative and fun for you and
 The musical game of verbal              your students! It puts the creativity back into
 charades. Players guess the                                                             f
                                         composition. Featuring reflection activities, self
 instrument, style or Italian term       and peer evaluation forms and composition
 being described without the aid         diaries. Both students & teachers will feel
 of some fairly important key            confident and love composition!
 words. The ultimate in learning
 reinforcement. This is a great
 and simple game to play with            Great Relief Middle Years (ages 8-12)
 your classes. Each card has an
 instrument, style or Italian term       This is our earliest cover/extras book and is a
 on it as well as a list of words that   favourite with busy music teachers who care
 cannot be used to describe that         about the quality of their students music
 word. Simply divide your class          education, even when they are away from
 into two teams and watch them           school. Lessons do not require a specialist
 demonstrate their knowledge.            music teacher and all pages are designed to
                                         be photocopied. Topics include: What Makes a
 Each pack includes a set of             Band Rock?, Electric Guitars, The Piano, Tempo
 standard cards and a set of             and Dynamics, Rock and Roll, The Waltz and
 advanced cards so you can play          many more.
 across several year levels.

                                         Great Relief Junior High (ages 11-14)
                                         Our Junior high school extra/covers/relief book.   .
                                         If you can’t be with your class, ensure students
                                         are learning and still loving music. All lessons are
                                          ready to use and self taught which fit easily
                                          into your teaching units. The teacher’s pages
                                          have all the answers and lessons do not require  e
                                          a specialist music teacher. Designed to
                                         photocopy within your school.

Great Relief - Senior High 2nd Ed (ages 14-17)
New and greatly improved, this cover/extra/relief book will ensure your senior
students are learning when you are not with them. It is full of things that your
students should know, not just what they need to know. This book does not need a
specialist music teacher to teach the lessons and comes with full photocopy rights.
Lessons include: Conducting, Jazz Styles, Fun with Chords!, Careers, Music Theatre,
Song Writing, Orchestral Music, Sonata Form and Practice Makes Perfect!

                          Music Rocks! – Book and CD (ages 7-12)
                          Your students can learn about and hear great music as early as possible! This
                          book has classroom music listening lessons, with a variety of great activities and
                          comes complete with CD featuring the original artists. The activities are ready
                          to go with all the answers and teacher information at your fingertips. It covers
                          a huge range of styles from Ludwig to Elton - via ABBA!

                          Puzzles and Stuff             (ages 11-17)
                          Bring a smile to your students faces while they learn by adding these puzzles to
                          your units or lessons to reinforce learning. Easily used for self directed learning
                          and problem solving activities, these puzzles can really challenge your students.
                          This book has a variety of puzzle styles, from very easy to diabolical! Just when
                          your seniors thought you were being nice!
                                              Primary Resources

101 Music Activities (ages 6-12)                                  Music Master Minds (ages 7-12)
Filled with fun activities to supplement your primary music       The ultimate book of cross-curricular music puzzles and
classes, this book contains 101 self-directed, sequential         games. From the woman who bought us all those superb
worksheets divided into chapters.                                 bingo games, comes ‘Music Master Minds’.  ’.
Including: Reading Rhythm, Reading                                A puzzle book full of fun music puzzles
Melody, Key Signatures, Staff and Letter                           that are all carefully thought through
Names, Listening and Literacy. Each                               with learning, not just entertaining in
activity can be used to introduce and                             mind. Linking into other subjects assists
reinforce music concepts and as an                                students to make connections and
assessment tool. Student pages are all                            helps all our students learn and retain
reproducible.                                                     knowledge better.

Fanfare (age 6-10)
The fanfare series is an exciting and lively primary music course based around an extremely
strong selection of musical extracts, including Classical, Popular, Folk, Jazz and music from other
cultures. The CDs alone should be held up as a guide for music listening full of examples that
every student should hear and learn about. The Fanfare Teacher Resource Book is suitable for
both non-specialist and specialist teachers and covers information for both books 1 and 2.
In this series: Book 1 & 2, CD 1 & 2, Teacher’s Book (Covers both books)

My First Classical Music Book (with CD)                           Instruments of the Orchestra (with CD)
This lovely book from Naxos introduces primary students to        This is one of the most beautifully laid out and functional
composers, instruments, performance   ce                          books of its kind on the market. It is
venues and some traditional classical                             narrated by a ‘cartoonised’ Evelyn
pieces. Each page is illustrated with                             Glennie who takes us on a journey
friendly animals and animated                                     around photos, diagrams and
instruments to hook students into                                 explanations of all the instruments
this musical journey. It comes with                               in the orchestra. This is a superb
a CD packed with a variety of great                               resource from Naxos with an
musical excerpts from some of the                                 accompanying interactive CD-rom full
worlds greatest music.                                            of musical selections and examples of
                                                                  instruments played in various styles.
                    Music Fun 101 (ages 7-11)                                        Music Substitute
                      100% Reproducible! This incredible
                                                                                     Sourcebook (ages 8-13)
                      publication includes all your favourite                       This is a ready-to-use resource for
                      games and puzzles, from Alphagrams,                           music teachers and music substitutes.
                      Matching Puzzles, and Crosswords                              These quality, standards-based lesson
                      to Name That Tune, Musical Sudokus,                           plans and student activities have been
                      Word Searches, Mazes, and more!                               developed to allow anyone to easily
                      Clever, educational, reproducible, and                        step into the role of “Music Teacher”
fantastic fun for everyone. Use as a supplement to a topic or     The lesson plans are 100% reproducible and have been
unit, an extra credit exercise, or a homework assignment.         thoroughly tested and enthusiastically endorsed. It has an
Perfect activity for substitute teachers.                         easy-to-follow format and creative, fun-to-teach activities.

                    Composing in the Classroom                                         The Song writing Kit
                    Opus 1 (ages 9-11)                                                 (ages 5-9)
                    In this helpful classroom resource,                               This little kit gives you everything you
                    students will find a variety of approaches                         need to do a memorable unit on song
                    to composition (what to do and how to                             writing with your lower primary classes.
                    do it) and teachers will find a selection                          It provides detailed lesson plans for each
                    of topics, each largely self-contained and                        session in the unit, and reproducible
                    self-explanatory. Opus 1 is suitable for                          photocopy masters for the sheets you
                    classes of 9-11 year olds, and non-                               will use with your class. This is possibly
specialist music teachers will find material easy to follow and    the only resource of its kind that engages students in
fun to explore.                                                   creative composition right from the start!

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