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									                                                          Donor News                                      11
                                                          A fundraising update for
                                                          University donors and friends

The royal seal
of approval.                                                                                      We have now
                                                                                                  received our
HM The Queen meets the donors and
supporters of SITraN.                                                                            10,000th
See page 6 for the full story.                                                                      donation
                                                                                                   See page 4

Also in this issue:    Supporting elite student   Fulfilling potential –   A lasting legacy to
                       athletes –                 page 5                   Sheffield –
                       page 2                                              page 18
                                                                                                                   elite student
                                                                                                                   World champion heptathlete and
                                                                                                                   Sheffield graduate Jessica Ennis
                                                                                                                   (BA Psychology 2007, Hon LittD 2010)
                                                                                                                   launched the Elite Sport Performance
                                                                                                                   Scheme (ESPS) at the University in
                                                                                                                   October 2010. The scheme, of which she
                                                                                                                   is patron, provides financial and non-
                                                                                                                   financial support to talented student
                                                                                                                   athletes who represent England, Wales,
                                                                                                                   Scotland or Northern Ireland in one of
                                                                                                                   Sport England’s recognised sports.

Jessica Ennis with donor Daniel Cornwell and BMX racing specialist Emily James, a third-year Management student.   Thanks to generous donations from alumni
                                                                                                                   and friends of the University, as well as local
                                                                                                                   businesses and organisations, 28 students
                                                                                                                   are benefiting from the scheme this year. It is
                                                                                                                   split into two levels, and the launch event saw
                                                                                                                   Jessica congratulate the 17 students awarded
                                                                                                                   Level 1 support and the 11 chosen for Level 2.
                                                                                                                   She said, “I am delighted to be the first patron
                                                                                                                   of ESPS. Studying at the University of Sheffield
                                                                                                                   enabled me to get my degree whilst balancing my
                                                                                                                   training and competition commitments. I hope
                                                                                                                   that I can help to inspire the next generation of
                                                                                                                   Sheffield students to become World or Olympic

                                                                                                                   Level 1 recipients benefit from full access to
                                                                                                                   the University’s S10 Health and Fitness Centre,
                                                                                                                   physiotherapy support, regular lifestyle
                                                                                                                   mentoring and the opportunity to discuss
                                                                                                                   academic flexibility. The students chosen for
                                                                                                                   Level 2 were awarded scholarships worth £1,000
                                                                                                                   over one year, to help with equipment, travel
                                                                                                                   and training costs, in addition to the benefits of
                                                                                                                   Level 1. First-year Economics and Social Policy
Jessica Ennis celebrates with the ESPS students.                                                                   student, and international hockey player, Hollie
                                                                                                                   Webb also received a year’s free accommodation
                                                                                                                   at the University’s Endcliffe Village, worth £4,360,
                                                                                                                   courtesy of Catalyst Higher Education (Sheffield)
                                                                                                                   plc, plus a complimentary eatwithUS card from
                                                                                                                   Accommodation and Commercial Services,
                                                                                                                   worth the equivalent of £3,000. Table tennis
                                                                                                                   champion David Wetherill, a third-year Biological
                                                                                                                   Chemistry student, received the Registrar’s
                                                                                                                   Award of £1,500.

                                                                                                                   Alumnus Daniel Cornwell (BSc Mathematics
                                                                                                                   1997), founder and Managing Director of SPE
ESPS contact                                                                                                       Resourcing, is one of the scheme’s donors: “As a
Alison Muir (BA 2007, MSc 2008)                                                                                    Sheffield graduate, I always said that I wanted to
Development Officer                                                                                                be able to put something back into the University
Tel: 0114 222 5590                                                                                                 where I spent many happy years. I see the sports
Email:                                                                                      scholarship scheme as the perfect opportunity to
                                                                                                                   do just that.”

      of thanks
      I wish to welcome you to this year’s edition of Donor News,
      which provides me with an opportunity to thank you for
      your generous support of the University of Sheffield over
      the last 12 months. The visit by Her Majesty The Queen and
      His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh in November was
      a fantastic occasion for us all, and one of the highlights of
      the day was when The Queen opened the Sheffield Institute
      for Translational Neuroscience (see page 6) in the presence
      of so many of the project’s supporters and donors. Their
      dedication and enthusiasm has been inspiring, resulting
      in the creation of a world-class centre for research into
      degenerative diseases.

      The Royal visit coincided with a great period of change
      in higher education. We are actively considering how our
      ambitions for our students can be achieved in this new world
      of economic austerity. However we remain committed to the
      core values on which the University of Sheffield was founded
      in 1905. I refer to the fact that our University was, in part,
      founded by penny donations made by working people in the
      city. These people made these donations from their very
      limited resources, not because giving was easy but because
      what they aspired to was so very important.

      The culture of our University is one of blending the highest
      standards and ideals with personal warmth and pragmatism.
      Like our home city, we pride ourselves on being accessible
      and down to earth while creating quality. My greatest wish
      is for us to continue to inspire future generations of young
      people to come to Sheffield and develop into the people that
      they can be. As valued members of our community, your
      continued support for the University of Sheffield undoubtedly
      allows us to achieve this ambition.

      Professor Keith Burnett CBE, FRS

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                                                                                                             The University of Sheffield is an exempt
                                                                                                             charity (X1089).

The ties that bind
Miles Stevenson, Director of Development,
comments on the strong links between the
city and the University of Sheffield, and our
10,000th donation.
This high Victorian illuminated manuscript from 1879 highlights
the gratitude of the then Borough of Sheffield to Mark Firth,
the benefactor of Firth College, one of the three constituent
parts of what would become the University of Sheffield in 1905.
The text thanks Alderman Firth for his interest in the “moral
and intellectual welfare of his fellow-townsmen by having at
his sole expense erected a noble building known by the name
of Firth College… for the purposes of higher education”. This
wonderful document has been presented to the University
by Mark Firth’s great-great-grandson, the sculptor Mark Firth
(Hon LittD 2006), and is on display outside Firth Hall.

Today, the principles stated in this letter live on within the
University and the city of Sheffield (city status was achieved
in 1893). I constantly experience examples of staff, students
and alumni working hard to make Sheffield a better place. The
Victorian citizens of Sheffield would be amazed at the work
undertaken by the University over more than a century that
has transformed it into one of the leading seats of learning in
the country. The Times Higher ranks Sheffield as one of 12 UK
universities in the top 100 universities in the world. Our staff
and students are curing diseases, developing new forms of
technology and caring for the community, amongst many other
significant achievements.

Her Majesty The Queen visited the University last November
to open the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience,
and the fantastic work taking place at this world-leading centre
can be seen on page 6. Her Majesty, with His Royal Highness
The Duke of Edinburgh, also visited the University’s Advanced
                                                                    The letter from the Borough of Sheffield thanking Alderman Mark Firth for his benefaction.
Manufacturing Research Centre and opened the Nuclear                It measures 59 x 41cm.
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, which focuses
on the production of components and systems for the new
generation of nuclear power stations.

At a special exhibition in Sheffield Cathedral, students from
SheffieldVolunteering – the award-winning organisation
based in the Students’ Union, presented projects to Her
Majesty which do so much to help local community groups.
In 2010, over 1,400 students actively volunteered in the local
community, helping over 133 groups. I am delighted that the
University’s commitment to the city is as strong now as it was
at its foundation in 1905.

The University was founded on philanthropy and this is another
tradition that continues to flourish. I am pleased to report that
the University has now received its 10,000th donation since
the Alumni Office was founded in 2003 from generous alumni,
staff and friends. Through the pages of this newsletter you will
see the amazing contribution that these donations have made
to the life of the University and all who study and work here.      Miles Stevenson
Philanthropic support from alumni and friends strengthens the       Director of Development
University and in turn enables it to play a larger role in caring   Tel: 0114 222 1070
for the city of Sheffield from which it emerged.                    Email:

Fulfilling potential:                                                      Scholarships:
                                                                           the facts
how the Alumni Fund helps our                                              Of all the scholarships we award from the Alumni
scholarship students                                                       Fund, over half go to undergraduate students
                                                                           (55 per cent), just under half to postgraduate
                                                                           students (42 per cent), and the small remainder
                                                                           to ‘study abroad’ students (4 per cent) – those
                                                                           who spend part of their degrees in the USA,
                                    A university education can be          Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore or Australia.
                                    one of the most transforming
                                    experiences of a person’s life.        Ninety-six per cent of postgraduate students
                                    Unfortunately, an increasing           awarded a scholarship passed. We know that
                                    number of students are finding         some undergraduate students, due to personal,
                                    it difficult to benefit from this      financial and academic reasons, are not able to
                                    opportunity without some form          complete their studies; however 64 per cent
                                    of extra financial support. That’s     of students achieved a First or a 2.1 degree
                                    where donations to the Alumni          classification.
                                    Fund come in: your generosity
                                    not only ensures that talented
                                    individuals have access to a
                                    first-class education, but it also
                                    helps us to maintain and improve
                                    University facilities for current
                                                                           case study
                                    and future generations.
                                                                           Michelle Grant-
                                    Fundraising activities take place      Hornsby
                                    throughout the year by means           Now a maths teacher
                                    of telephone, direct mail and          at Kingstone School
                                    email campaigns. As well as an         in Barnsley, Michelle
A member of the Phonathon team.
                                    opportunity for you to donate to       Grant-Hornsby received
                                    the Alumni Fund, the telephone         a Centenary Scholarship
campaign is a great way for you to share your memories of the              from the University to
University and the city. Our Phonathon Team includes 25 current            help her through her
students, all of whom are happy to discuss the University and answer       Economics degree.
any of your questions. They are also fascinated to hear about your         The £2,000 grant was
own time at the University and how it differs from today.                  divided across three
                                                                                                         Michelle Grant-Hornsby
                                                                           years of study, and she
Since we launched the Alumni Fund in 2003, your generosity                 went on to successfully graduate with a 2:1 in
has resulted in almost £2 million being raised, and we have now            2009. “I don’t know what I would have done
received our 10,000th donation. Thanks to your support, over               without the scholarship,” she said. “It enabled
500 individual students have received scholarships; hundreds more          me to focus completely on my course work; I
now have access to enhanced study and teaching facilities (see page        would have found it very difficult to cope with a
12); and still more have benefited from grants to their clubs, societies   part-time job at the same time. I was able to buy
and volunteering activities.                                               a laptop so I didn’t have to rely on computers in
In 2008, the government launched the Matched Funding scheme.               the library and the money also went towards living
They agreed to match every £3 raised from donations – on top of Gift       expenses. I’m not a big spender but one set of text
Aid – with £1 of government money up to a cap of £2.75 million, until      books cost £250!
July 2011. This means that every gift really does make a difference, and   “I did little bits of teaching during my course,
will go further to helping our students. If you are considering making     helping my friends with the maths component.
a donation this year, you can make it go even further with matched         I also visited my old school in my third year to
funding by donating before 31 July.                                        see what was involved in a teaching career. That
Many thanks to all of you who have supported and continue to               helped me change my mind from going into
support the Alumni Fund: we look forward to keeping you                    banking. I did a PGCE at Sheffield Hallam and my
informed of the Fund’s progress and how our students are benefiting        job in Barnsley was the first one I applied for. I did
from your generosity.                                                      some volunteering work with the British Heart
                                                                           Foundation during my first year at University (my
                                                                           father died from a heart attack when I was 16),
                                                                           and that extra-curricular experience stood out
                                                                           on my CV. Looking back, the scholarship gave me
Alumni Fund contact                                                        a fantastic opportunity to get to where I am now.
Ben Wilson                                                                 Teaching is challenging – I certainly didn’t expect
Annual Giving Manager                                                      the workload! – but it’s really rewarding. I’m
Tel: 0114 222 5594                                                         hoping to move into working with special needs’
Email:                                          pupils at some point in the future.”

The royal seal
of approval

The University was proud to welcome Her Majesty The Queen and
His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh to open the Sheffield
Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN) on 18 November
2010. Among the excited guests at the event were supporters of
the Sheffield Institute Foundation for Motor Neurone Disease
(SIFMND), whose remarkable fundraising campaign resulted in
the donation worth £10 million for the establishment of the centre.
As we reported in the 2010 issue of Donor News, SITraN represents a massive
leap forward in understanding motor neurone disease (MND), which has been a
neglected condition in terms of research funding. There are 40,000 patients who
suffer from MND in Europe, including 6,000 in the UK alone. To date no single
institution anywhere in the world has developed the necessary critical mass and
facilities to focus on this devastating illness and other degenerative conditions such
as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and spinal muscular atrophy. SITraN
now offers the opportunity for a coordinated approach to the development and
clinical trialling of new therapies based on rational targets of proven pre-clinical

Members of the research team – which numbers almost 100 people – have
multidisciplinary skills in neurology, pathology, gene therapy, molecular genetics,
protein chemistry, cell biology, pharmacology, bioinformatics and computer
science. They will exploit the potential of modern neuroscience, the ‘post-genome’
era and exciting developments in biomedical therapeutics. This work complements
the University’s existing partnerships of academic research groups, government
and charitable research funding bodies, the pharmaceutical industry and the
healthcare sector.

“We are truly privileged that Her Majesty officially opened SITraN,” said Professor
Pamela Shaw, Director of SITraN. “The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh met
our research staff, the patrons of SIFMND and some patients with MND and
family members. They were most interested to hear of some of the fundraising
adventures including the trek to the South Pole by Doug Oppenheim and Jeremy
Rogers, and the Bounty Boat expedition led by Don McIntyre which re-enacted
                                                                                         Clockwise from top:
the sea voyage of William Bligh after the Mutiny on the Bounty. The support and
enthusiasm of the patrons of SIFMND have been inspirational, and without them            NIHR Clinical Fellow
                                                                                         Dr Johnathan Cooper-
this would not have been possible. We now need to work on raising the funds for          Knock introduces his
the programmes of research within SITraN and we intend to make our patrons and           work to The Queen
                                                                                         and Professor Pamela
supporters proud of their investment.”                                                   Shaw.

Irene Beard, a patron of SIFMND, added, “SITraN embodies the hopes of all MND            The Queen meeting
sufferers. They now have a world-class scientific institute devoted to finding the
                                                                                         The SITraN building,
cause of this terrible disease, a treatment, and hopefully a cure. We are very proud     designed by architects
to have participated in raising funds which have allowed this to happen.”                Bond Bryan.

                                                                                         One of the state-of-the                                                               art laboratories.

A plaque celebrating the life of SIFMND patron
Shaun Keane is now on display inside the
SITraN building. Sadly, Shaun died in 2010,
following his diagnosis of having MND in 2007.
He was a great inspiration to other sufferers,
and motivated benefactors to support the
SITraN cause, energising key patrons to make
very generous donations. Shaun’s father
Stuart attended the opening of the Institute
by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh
and continues his son’s work by being an
enthusiastic patron himself.

A series of plaques across the campus details
the biographies of our benefactors past and
present. They number 20 to date; further
plaques will be installed as we continue to
recognise our supporters’ generosity. There
are four sited in SITraN: in addition to Shaun’s
they acknowledge the support of Jonathan
Stone whose father, Hyman Stone, was
the first directly elected President of the
Students’ Union; Irene and Richard Beard;
and the Greenwood family in memory of John

Shaun’s father Stuart
The Alumni Foundation

Funding student initiatives across the
campus and beyond
The Alumni Foundation distributes funds from donations made to the Alumni Fund                                                         University
by alumni, staff and friends of the University. Students and staff are encouraged
to submit applications for funding for specific projects, usually for grants between
£100 and £2,000. The Foundation Committee meets three times a year to allocate
the funds to assist sporting, musical, dramatic and cultural projects – £35,000 was
distributed in 2009–10. To spread resources as widely as possible, we encourage
applicants to raise part of the funds needed for their project from alternative
sources.                                                                                                                               Sheffield University Samba Bateria was formed
The Alumni Foundation can only distribute as much money as it receives in                                                              in 2006 and its members meet regularly to
donations. It is completely reliant upon the generosity of donors and we are                                                           play a variety of rhythms similar to the Rio de
very grateful for your support.                                                                                                        Janeiro Carnival style Batucada, Afoxê, Samba-
                                                                                                                                       Reggae and other Afro-Brazilian influences.                                                                                                  The society successfully applied for a grant of
                                                                                                                                       £312 from the Alumni Foundation to buy new
                                                                                                                                       instruments as well as sticks and skins for
                                                                                                                                       their existing drums.

                                                                                                                                       “Samba is easy to pick up and enjoy; we feel
                                                                                                                                       that we cater for students and staff who
                                                                                  The Women’s Lacrosse Team and the new goalie kit.

                                                                                                                                       want to start up a musical hobby but perhaps
                                                                                                                                       feel put off by the formality and difficulties
                                                                                                                                       associated with a more traditional orchestra
                                                                                                                                       or band,” explained Peter Gallivan. “Thanks to
                                                                                                                                       the new equipment, our taster Give It A Go
                                                                                                                                       sessions have accommodated more people
                                                                                                                                       this year and our membership has gone up.
                                                                                                                                       We have played lots of gigs with highlights
                                                                                                                                       including supporting the University’s ice
                                                                                                                                       hockey team at the Hallam FM Arena and
                                                                                                                                       playing at the Meersbrook Bank Primary
                                                                                                                                       School’s carnival. The society is hugely
                                                                                                                                       thankful to you for enabling us to carry on

Sheffield University                                                                                                                   playing music and to share that music with the
                                                                                                                                       University and the people of Sheffield!”

Women’s Lacrosse Club
Over 250 new members signed up to the Sheffield University Lacrosse Club in
2011 – the sport is one of the fastest growing in the UK. The club has thriving
men’s, women’s and mixed teams. Lacrosse equipment is expensive and the
women’s team had been reliant on their goalkeeper having her own kit. They were
also using second-hand kit from the men’s team for their coaching sessions. On
their goalie’s graduation last year, the team was in the position of not having the
necessary safety equipment to allow them to reach their full potential in the British
Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) league.

The team approached the Alumni Foundation for funds to buy a new set of kit. They
received a grant of £564: “By having this new goalie kit the Women’s Lacrosse Team
has gone from strength to strength. We have found ourselves a regular goalkeeper
and are in the process of training a complete beginner in the same position. Last
season we won the BUCS Northern Lacrosse League 2A, and we were runners up
in the cup competition for our division. There is no doubt that the kit has given
increased confidence to our goalkeepers. We know the Alumni Foundation’s
generous gift will continue to help us enormously in the future.”                                                                     Sheffield University Samba Society members.

University of Sheffield High Peak Club
The High Peak Club focuses on climbing, walking and biking and is one of the largest
outdoor clubs in the country with over 350 members. The club runs annual trips and
courses to Scotland to go winter mountaineering. The aim is to give people the skills
and experience they need to be safe in the mountains at an affordable price. The
club provides specialist equipment including ice axes and crampons; however, their
current stock needed to be replaced due to general wear and tear. An application
to the Alumni Foundation for £1,500 was approved and they were able to purchase
new kit, including new maps and compasses – which were also used by more
experienced members when they encountered a ‘white out’ in the Cairngorms. The
club’s Matthew Sharpe said, “The new winter kit certainly got a proper work out in
its first season, being used both on the weekends away and by members of the club
having their own adventures and it is certainly getting a little less shiny. Thank you
for a grant which has, and will, be well used.”

The Singers’
                                                                                             The Singers’ Society comprises three choirs – Main Chorus,
                                                                                             Ladies’ Choir and Socii Cantorum – and includes over 100
                                                                                             members from the University and local community each year.

Society                                                                                      They perform a range of music in concerts held in venues
                                                                                             across the city. In addition, a popular project which has been
                                                                                             gaining momentum over the last couple of years is outreach
                                                                                             work with local school children. The choirs sang at a public
                                                                                             concert in St John’ Church, Ranmoor, on 8 May 2010 that
                                                                                             included performances by children from the Manor’s Emmaus
                                                                                             Catholic & CoE Primary School. A grant of £750 from the
                                                                                             Alumni Foundation enabled the society to ensure that the
                                                                                             children and their families were transported to the church and
                                                                                             back again by coach.

                                                                                             “We wanted to give local children the opportunity to see how
                                                                                             much fun it can be to sing with a full orchestra and a large
                                                                                             choir in a fantastic venue. A group of around 12 volunteers
                                                                                             from the society completed training to work with kids, and we
                                                                                             organised teaching workshops. The concert included several
                                                                                             pieces for them to sing on their own, with the orchestra
                                                                                             and with the choir. We have received glowing letters and
                                                                                             emails of thanks from parents and pupils thanking us for the
                                                                                             opportunity. The grant from the Alumni Foundation helped
                                                                                             us enormously and meant that it really was a superb evening
Children from Emmaus Catholic & CoE Primary School took part in a concert organised by the
Singers’ Society in front of an audience of over 200 people.                                 for everyone involved. Thank you, Alumni Foundation!”

Engineers Without                                                                  The University
Borders (EWB)
EWB-Sheffield supports the work of University students of all disciplines who
want to know more about how engineering can enhance human capacity and
enrich lives. The branch is part of the national charity EWB UK and, since 2004,
has developed from organising a few events and volunteering opportunities
to undertaking a number of projects with non-government organisations in
Sheffield and around the world.
                                                                                   Since the last edition of Donor News,
                                                                                   American alumni and friends have
The branch received a grant of £430 from the Alumni Foundation to enable           given over $116,000 to the University
members to develop a project entitled Building Water Filters in Developing
                                                                                   of Sheffield in America, elevating
Countries Using Local Materials. The aim was to gain practical experience in
constructing a functional water filter using materials that would be available     our grand total to over $395,000,
in countries – the group focused on Nigeria and Peru – where other filters         and making this our most successful
may not be feasible for reasons such as cost and parts acquisition. Designs        fundraising year so far!
were developed in 2009–10 with the prototypes
being completed and tested in this academic year.                                  The ‘University of Sheffield in America’ helps
“To our knowledge, we are the first EWB branch                                     over 2,000 American alumni keep in touch
to undertake such a large project, building three                                  with their University and each other. It also
prototypes of water filters simultaneously, featuring                              enables US tax payers to make tax-deductible
solar distillation, sand filtration, and ceramic and                               donations to the Alumni Fund.
activated carbon,” said participant Yee Li Lee. “We
have produced a set of posters explaining our work
to show students and staff that basic engineering
skills can always be incorporated into practical                                   Scholarships are
humanitarian work. We would like to thank the                                      flourishing
Alumni Foundation for its support.”
                                                                                   Donations to the American Alumni Fund have
                                                                                   enabled us to provide a total of eight Alumni
                                                                                   Scholarships this year – twice as many as last
                                                                                   year. Special thanks go to Dr Mervyn Turner
                                                                                   (BSc 1967, PhD 1970) and Dr Jeffrey
                                                                                   Wadsworth (BMet 1972, PhD 1975, DMet 1990,

Sheffield                                                                          Hon DEng 2004) who provided funding for
                                                                                   two scholarships each. They join The Vice-

                                                                                   Chancellor’s List of donors.

Sheffield Marrow is part of a national
student-run outreach project of the
Anthony Nolan Trust, the charity that
                                                                                   Every year the University of Sheffield
finds matches for leukaemia patients who
                                                                                   welcomes around 50 students from American
need a bone marrow transplant. Their
                                                                                   colleges. By taking part in our international
main objectives are to recruit potential
                                                                                   exchanges programme they spend either a
donors to the bone marrow register and to
                                                                                   full academic year or a semester studying
fundraise for the trust. Wanting to attract
                                                                                   alongside our ‘home’ students. Thanks to the
the attention of students and members of
                                                                                   generosity of our American alumni, eight of
the public, the student society approached
                                                                                   these students will receive a helping hand in
the Alumni Foundation to provide the
                                                                                   the form of a US Study Abroad Scholarship
funds for a new marrow costume for use in
                                                                                   this year. This help is much appreciated:
their publicity campaign. They received a
                                                                                   £1,000 for the year or £500 for one semester
grant of £700.
                                                                                   can make all the difference when you are a
“Our new costume looks incredible!” said                                           long way from home and you want to make
Daniel Harrison, President of Sheffield                                            the most of your precious time in Sheffield.
Marrow. “It is instantly recognisable and
ensures that students are certain to                                               Dates for your diary
remember our society and what we do. In
the short time we have had ‘Mr Marrow’                                             Mid Western Alumni Mixer
we have already noticed a major difference                                         Saturday 28 May, Chicago, IL
in the popularity of our sign-up clinics
as he is rather hard to forget. The kind                                           2011 American Alumni Reunion
donation from the Alumni Foundation has                                            Saturday 27 August, San Francisco, CA
made this possible – it means that your                                            Texas Alumni Mixer
donors could potentially save a life.”          The unforgettable Mr Marrow.       Saturday 22 October, Austin, TX

y of Sheffield in America

                                                         Focus on crop nutrition and protection
                                                         A generous $50,000 grant from the US-based Grantham Foundation for the
                                                         Protection of the Environment has enabled Dr Duncan Cameron, Royal Society
                                                         University Research Fellow, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, to conduct a
                                                         research project, Mycorrhizal Fungi as Agro-ecosystem Engineers: A Role for Crop
                                                         Protection? This project investigated the importance of mycorrhizal fungi for the
                                                         nutrition and health of Europe’s biggest crop – wheat. Mycorrhizal partnerships
                                                         are mutually beneficial relationships between plants and fungi, which take place
                                                         around the plant’s roots. In addition to nutritional benefits, mycorrhizal fungi can
                                                         induce a number of non-nutritional benefits in their hosts, such as enhancing
                                                         water-use efficiency, hence increasing drought tolerance of crop plants.

                                                         The Grantham Foundation was established by Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham
                                                         in 1997; Mr Grantham is a Sheffield graduate (BA 1961), a founder and chief
                                                         investment strategist of Boston-based investment firm GMO. The Grantham
                                                         Foundation supports efforts to raise awareness of the science of climate change
                                                         and the need for policies that will accelerate the transition to a low-carbon
                                                         economy. The University is extremely grateful to have received a further donation
                                                         of $50,000 this year, which is funding research into a new way of illuminating
                                                         photobioreactors to produce algae biomass for biofuel production.

  New imaging equipment for                                                               Award-winning
  glaucoma trial                                                                          Students’ Union, now
  Following an item in last year’s Donor News, we are now delighted
                                                                                          even better!
  to report that the University’s Medical School has taken delivery
                                                                                          American alumni provided $10,000 toward the
  of a brand new OCT (optical coherence tomography) imaging
                                                                                          recent redevelopment of the Students’ Union –
  machine, thanks to a generous donation from the Eye-Bank
                                                                                          see page 13 for more details of how this money
  for Sight Restoration, based in New York. This state-of-the-art
                                                                                          was spent.
  equipment will enable Professor Ian Rennie, Head of the Academic
  Unit of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics in Sheffield, to conduct a
  clinical trial to investigate new and improved diagnostic techniques
  for patients developing glaucoma.

  Office relocation
  The University of Sheffield in America’s office has relocated
  to Seattle, Washington. Please use our new address for

  PO Box 95649
  Seattle, WA 98145-2649

                        Helen Rey (BA 1996)
                        Executive Director
                        University of Sheffield in America
                        Tel: (+1) 509.994.5102

Alumni Fund Capital                                                                   The Alumni Fund
                                                                                      has supported the
                                                                                      Information Commons,

Grants: enhancing
                                                                                      which delivers high-
                                                                                      quality, IT-enabled study
                                                                                      space and 24-hour access
                                                                                      to student materials.

the learning

                                               Ruth Stanley, Deputy Director of
                                               Development, explains how your
                                               donations make a visible and immediate
                                               impact on our students’ physical
                                               learning environment.
                                               Every year, your gifts to the Alumni Fund not
                                               only provide direct financial support to talented
                                               students through Alumni Fund Scholarships and
                                               Alumni Foundation grants – they also provide an
                                               important enhancement to study and learning
                                               facilities at the University.

                                               We allocate around £100,000 of donations per year
                                               to individual departments in the form of grants
                                               for small capital projects. The size of these grants
                                               can be anywhere between £1,000 and £25,000.
                                               The most important criteria for the projects are
                                               that they benefit as many students as possible,
                                               and that they promote and enhance excellence
                                               within the department in some way. We also ask
                                               that the project is sustainable and that the funding
                                               it receives from the grant is not its sole funding
                                               source. Most of these projects would not be
                                               possible, or only be possible in a very basic form,
                                               without the extra support your donations provide.

                                               The Alumni Capital Grants Committee meets
                                               annually, and is chaired by one of our Pro-Vice-
                                               Chancellors. Committee members represent
                                               both academic departments and professional
                                               services, and are drawn from both arts and science
                                               backgrounds; this ensures expert evaluation of
                                               the benefits of each specific project. These grants
                                               have benefited 25 academic departments and
                                               professional services to date with grants totalling
                                               over £300,000. You can read about some of the
                                               projects your donations have helped to make
                                               possible on the following pages.

                                               Our University’s motto is Rerum Cognoscere
                                               Causas (To Discover the Causes of Things;
                                               from Virgil’s Georgics II, 490). Your gifts are a
                                               tremendous support to our students and staff in
                                               fulfilling this aim, helping them to aspire to and
                                               achieve the highest standards of learning and
          Ruth Stanley                         teaching. Thank you very much for helping to
          Deputy Director of Development       ensure that a Sheffield education remains of the
          Tel: 0114 222 1075                   highest quality, and helping our students to achieve
          Email:   their very best.

How we are using donations to
enhance the University environment

                                                                                                Bartolomé Lodge, now the centre for pro bono work.

                                                                                                A new facility at the School of
                                                                                                Law gives aspiring legal eagles
                                                                                                the opportunity to put their
                                                                                                knowledge into practice, whilst
                                                                                                providing a valuable service to the
                                                                                                local community. Bartolomé Lodge
                                                                                                was a previously derelict Grade
                                                                                                II-listed former gatehouse
                                                                                                situated at the School’s entrance.
                                                                                                Donations from alumni, staff,
                                                                                                students and friends – totalling
                                                                                                £150,000 – have transformed it
                                                                                                into a centre for pro bono work:
                                                                                                Pro Uno and the Innocence

                                                                                                The new centre was officially
                                                                                                opened in March 2011; project
                                                                                                donors including representatives
                                                                                                from law firm Nabarro and the
                                                                                                Sheffield Town Trust attended
                                                                                                the special reception. Dr Claire
                                                               The Activities and Sports Zone
                                                                                                McGourlay (PhD Law 2002),
                                                                                                who manages the pro bono

The Activities and Sports Zone,                                                                 programmes, was one of the most
                                                                                                enthusiastic fundraisers – she and
Students’ Union                                                                                 a small team of staff and students
                                                                                                undertook two sponsored swims
Donations to the Alumni Fund and the University of Sheffield in America Alumni Fund             at the University pool, each time
have made an enormous contribution to the new Students’ Union building. Thanks                  swimming the equivalent of the
to the generosity of alumni, parents and friends, the Activities and Sports Zone –              English Channel!
the one-stop student activities resource centre, and starting point for information             Law student Christopher Reece
about sports clubs, societies, Give it a Go and SheffieldVolunteering – has been                said, “Working on the Innocence
relocated, reconfigured and upgraded.                                                           Project has been an invaluable
The Activities and Sports Zone is now larger and more accessible, and opens                     experience, providing real contrast
directly into Coffee Revolution and out into the main building, greatly improving               to my legal study and exposing
pedestrian flow around the building. Union President Josh Forstenzer said, “We                  me to the practical side of the
are extremely grateful to all supporters of the Alumni Fund and the University of               law. It’s also made me aware
Sheffield in America Alumni Fund for making such an important contribution to the               of the importance of using the
new incarnation of our award-winning Students’ Union, and for helping to create a               knowledge and skills I have learnt
physical environment that is worthy of our fantastic students.”                                 during my Law degree to help
                                                                                                those whom the legal justice
                                                                                                system has failed.”

The radio studio.                                                                             Making use of the equipment on the fitness trail.

Upgraded Journalism                                                                           Endcliffe Village
radio studio                                                                                  Fitness Trail
The standard of technical facilities for teaching practical                                   A series of pieces of outdoor gymnasium
journalism has an enormous impact on the student experience. It                               equipment have been placed at regular intervals
is crucial that facilities are as close as possible to those in the ‘real                     around the site of the Endcliffe Village student
world’. A grant of £13,000 from the Alumni Fund has allowed the                               accommodation. This fitness trail is the result
Department of Journalism Studies to upgrade and re-fit its radio                              of a request by Accommodation and Campus
studio. “We are thrilled with the radio studio,” said Marie Kinsey,                           Services to the Alumni Fund for a grant of
Director of Postgraduate Journalism. “Students have individual                                £10,000. The trail promotes healthy living to
voice training sessions in there and it’s also used for hourly ‘as                            students, the wider University community and
live’ radio news bulletins every week during term time, as well as                            local residents – the equipment is suitable for
individual voiceover work for radio and television features. We’ve                            adults and children. Peter Lawton, Residences
now added a 15-minute news magazine programme which will                                      Energy and Environmental Co-ordinator,
further put the studio through its paces. The big test will come                              commented, “The trim trail makes use of our
later this semester when, for four consecutive days, students will                            fabulous setting at Endcliffe. It allows participants
be producing hourly bulletins, a daily magazine programme and a                               to do static exercises along with a running/
two-hour special programme reacting to the results of the local                               jogging/walking course. It is an excellent extra
elections in England and Wales.”                                                              resource and one which will give pleasure to
                                                                                              many future generations of students.”

                                                          Supporting biomedical research
                                                          The Department of Biomedical Science received a grant of £8,000 from the Alumni
                                                          Fund to help with the purchase of equipment that now provides their students
                                                          with an advanced research experience. The new facilities include a tissue culture
                                                          hood, two digital cameras and an incubator. These allow students to develop their
                                                          own experimental skills and to record their data for off-line digital analysis, and use
                                                          in reports and seminars. The equipment is also used to support undergraduate
                                                          teaching and postgraduate research training modules.

The tissue culture hood in use.

The John Carr Design Centre                                                                John and Hilda Carr

In memory of John Carr
In 1994, a substantial donation of £500,000 was made to the
University by Hilda Carr in memory of her husband John, a successful
local businessman, who founded the John Carr joinery business.
Mrs Carr, who died in 2000, was a director of the company for
many years. Part of the money was used to refurbish the old Applied
Science Library in the Sir Frederick Mappin Building, now renamed
the John Carr Library. In addition, the investment income has funded
a number of projects including memorial lectures, sponsorship of a
named lectureship, summer schools, several bursaries and provision
of disabled access to the Mappin Building.

In 2008, it was agreed that the accumulated balance of the fund
should be used to create the John Carr Design Centre, providing
a suite of teaching rooms with top-class equipment. Now
completed, this facility will be of continuing benefit to the Faculty of
Engineering and a lasting memorial to John and Hilda Carr who were
instrumental in its creation.

                                                       English Theatre Workshop
                                                       The Theatre Workshop, on Shearwood Road, and the adjacent building called The
                                                       Cottage have been redeveloped thanks to a £13,000 grant from the Alumni Fund.
                                                       Not only used by University staff and students, the buildings are also regularly visited
                                                       by local schools and professional theatre companies and artists. “We badly needed
                                                       somewhere to put computer-aided-design and video-editing suites,” explained Rob
                                                       Hemus, Theatre Workshop Technician, “and storage space for props and costumes,
                                                       and our students also needed a space they could call their own. Following the
                                                       Alumni Fund grant, The Cottage is transformed into a space for students to work
                                                       in independently on video production and theatre design work, as well as having a
                                                       place to sit and watch YouTube and write essays. The parts of the Theatre Workshop
                                                       that were dark and gloomy are now newly painted and carpeted.”

Making a difference:
scholarships and prizes
help our students
                                                  The Dr Ian Noble Memorial Fund
                                                  Dr Ian Noble graduated in Medicine from the University in 2009, and died tragically in a road accident
                                                  in October 2010. In celebration of his life, his family and partner have established the Dr Ian Noble
                                                  Memorial Fund, which has already raised over £77,000 and provides support for medical students
                                                  who are unable to find the funding to undertake an intercalated degree at the University of Sheffield
                                                  (this includes an optional additional year during which students undertake medical research, leading
                                                  to the award of a BMedSci degree in addition to the MB ChB degree).

                                                  Ian’s friends and family are actively raising funds: Dr Marcus Gleave (MB ChB 2007) is planning to
                                                  take part in a mountain marathon in the Lake District in July (;
                                                  Ian’s partner Dr Annabel Scott (MB ChB 2007) is doing a run in the summer with a group of Sheffield-
                                                  trained doctors; and two of Ian’s friends, Jacqueline and Sally Murray, ran the Paris Marathon in April.
                                                  Professor Nigel Bax, Head of the Academic Unit of Medical Education, said, “Donations to the Dr Ian
                                                  Noble Memorial Fund will help other students who, as well as having high academic ability, share
                                                  the commitment and determination that was so much part of Ian’s persona. The fund, and those it
                                                  supports, will provide a lasting tribute to a much-missed young man who made such a tremendous
                                                  contribution to medicine during his life.”
Dr Ian Noble

Max Hebditch with Rachel Birds and Dr Simon Smith of BioServ UK.

Bioserv UK Scholarships
Launched in 2009, BioServ UK is a University spin-out
company with expertise in the production and processing
of bio-molecules. Profits from the business were used to
                                                                                Our Nanjing Scholars: (left–right) Runzhen Peng, Fei You, Yinan Liu and Jiao Wang.
provide funds for an annual undergraduate scholarship
(of £1,000) for a student in the Department of Molecular
Biology and Biotechnology. Max Hebditch was the first                           Nanjing Scholarships
recipient of a Bioserv UK Scholarship: “I have met the
company staff on many occasions to learn about what                             In order to strengthen links between the University and Nanjing
they do and to observe what lab work is really like. Bioserv                    University in China, four students from Nanjing University were offered
was naturally my first choice when it came to organising a                      scholarships to come and study at Sheffield in the School of English
work placement for the summer. I am very grateful for the                       Literature, Language and Linguistics. Monies for the four scholarships,
scholarship as it has allowed me, for the first time, to be                     worth £1,000 each, came from donations from alumni, staff and friends
able to study without money being a major concern; it has                       of the University to the Alumni Fund.
improved my confidence and strengthened my desire to
work within the field.”

                                                                                                                             The national Eliahou Dangoor
                                                                                                                             Scholarship scheme has been
                                                                                                                             funded by a generous donation
                                                                                                                             from Dr Naim Dangoor and
                                                                                                                             comprises a contribution of
                                                                                                                             £3 million over three years.
                                                                                                                             With matched funding from the
                                                                                                                             government, the total funding
                                                                                                                             available is expected to reach
                                                                                                                             £4 million. These prestigious
                                                                                                                             scholarships assisted over 30
                                                                                                                             students who came to Sheffield
                                                                                                                             in September 2010. They have all
                                                                                                                             written to Dr Dangoor to express
                                                                                                                             their thanks – here is a small
                                                                                                                             selection of their comments:

The Vice-Chancellor (right) with Luis Juste, Director of Santander Universities.
                                                                                                                             Studying Biological
                                                                                                                             Chemistry has allowed
Santander Scholarships                                                                                                       me to get one step closer
Following the signing of a three-year agreement, Sheffield is now the 39th UK university to                                  to fulfilling my dream of
be welcomed into the Santander Universities network. Financial support from Santander                                        one day being able to make
has resulted in five University of Sheffield Santander Postgraduate Scholarships in 2011, each                               a small contribution to
taking the form of a £5,000 tuition fee reduction for the first year of study. At the signing                                medicine and the welfare
ceremony, Vice-Chancellor Professor Keith Burnett said, “We are grateful of the support
                                                                                                                             of others. I guarantee you
Santander has pledged to the University of Sheffield and believe it will have a great impact on
our students. In addition to support for scholarships, the financial assistance will also allow                              that I am doing everything
more staff and students to research overseas, and help support our students in developing                                    within my power to be the
their business ideas.”                                                                                                       best I can.
                                                                                                                             Victor Do Nascimento,
                                                                                                                             first-year MChem Biological
                                                                                                                             Chemistry student

                                                                                   Opal Property                             I would just like to thank
                                                                                   Group remembers                           you for your amazing
                                                                                   Professor Bob                             generosity which has
                                                                                                                             enabled me to throw myself
                                                                                   Boucher                                   into this experience with
                                                                                   The costs of accommodation in             all the energy and drive I
                                                                                   addition to course fees can often         would have hoped for.
                                                                                   appear insurmountable to a graduate
                                                                                                                             Emma Grayson, first-year BSc
                                                                                   thinking of moving on to a postgraduate
                                                                                                                             Biomedical Science student
                                                                                   qualification. Amy Mack, who is
                                                                                   taking an MA in Research Methods
                                                                                   in Politics/International Relations,
                                                                                   has had that worry removed this           This scholarship has and
                                                                                   year as she received a gift in kind       will continue to make it so
                                                                                   of accommodation (worth £4,000)           much easier for me to buy
                                                                                   from Stuart Wall, the owner of Opal       the books and equipment I
                                                                                   Property Group that owns three
                                                                                                                             need for my degree, and it
                                                                                   developments in the city. Mr Wall
                                                                                   made the gift in memory of Professor      allows me the opportunity
                                                                                   Bob Boucher (Hon DEng 2009), our          to concentrate on my
                                                                                   former Vice-Chancellor; they had met      studies and to develop in
                                                                                   when Professor Boucher was Principal      the areas that interest me
                                                                                   and Vice-Chancellor of UMIST in           the most.
                                                                                   Manchester. Amy also received a £2,000
                                                                                   Bob Boucher Scholarship to help fund      Kendra Hall, first-year BSc
                                                                                   her postgraduate studies.                 Medical Biochemistry student
Amy Mack outside part of the Opal student accommodation in Sheffield.

A lasting legacy
to Sheffield

Guests enjoy the inaugural Heritage Circle Lunch in Firth Hall.

Heritage Circle attracts enthusiastic members
We launched the Heritage Circle                                     Members of the Heritage Circle receive:        The launch event for over 80 alumni, staff
in October 2010; it has been                                                                                       and friends was hosted by Vice-Chancellor
                                                                    • priority invitations to selected alumni      Professor Keith Burnett. It included a
established to recognise the special                                  events at the University and across the      drinks reception and lunch in Firth Hall,
commitment of people who choose                                       country, including the Heritage Circle       followed by talks by our special guests
to support the University through                                     Lunch                                        including the historian Emeritus Professor
                                                                    • a commemorative Silver Arrows pin
a planned gift in their Will.                                                                                      Sir Ian Kershaw and Professor Pamela
                                                                      badge                                        Shaw, Director of the Sheffield Institute for
                                                                    • A Legacy to Sheffield newsletter             Translational Neuroscience. The date for
                                                                    • a tour of the University campus.             the next annual lunch is 21 October 2011.

                                                                          A sporting gent
                                                                          We first reported on the generosity of the late John Hawley (BEng 1973) in the 2009
                                                                          issue of Donor News. Deputy Director of the University’s Corporate Information
                                                                          and Computing Services, John was a great supporter of student life at Sheffield.
                                                                          The collection taken at his funeral raised over £1,000 which is being used to
                                                                          create a new trophy cabinet for the Students’ Union and has also funded the
                                                                          Hawley Trophy, which was awarded for the first time at the Union’s Sports Awards
                                                                          Evening last year. The winning team was the Equestrian Club; members had taken
                                                                          part in SheffieldVolunteering activities, performed well in competitions, boosted
                                                                          participation in the sport and also fundraised to help secure the future of the club.
                                                                          Work is ongoing to realise the wishes of the Hawley family that a new sports pitch
                                                                          at the Goodwin Sports Centre be built, following their extremely generous personal
                                                                          donation in John’s memory.
The winning Equestrian Club celebrate after receiving the Hawley Trophy
from John’s widow Pauline Ellis.

                                                                                            Leaving a legacy
                                                                                            David Meadows, Development Officer – Legacies and
                                                                                            Individual Giving, provides the answers to a range of
                                                                                            questions about leaving a gift in a Will. This is one of the
                                                                                            ways in which you can support your University: since
                                                                                            2000, the University has received 43 legacy gifts totalling
                                                                                            over £3.4 million. These funds are helping departments,
                                                                                            research projects and students – both current and future
                                                                                            – in many different ways.
                                                                                            Can I specify where my legacy goes?
                                                                                            Yes, you can. The University has received a range
Sue Ryan, Dr David Ryan’s widow, and his brother Richard Ryan with the plaque celebrating   of bequests for scholarships, endowment funds, ‘in
Dr Ryan’s legacy gift.                                                                      memoriam’ projects, individual departments, the Alumni
                                                                                            Fund and research purposes. However, I do encourage
Medics benefit from                                                                         general bequests to the University as they can meet
                                                                                            pressing needs at the time of receipt.
graduate’s bequest                                                                          Are there tax benefits to leaving a
The Dr David Ryan Room – a new, flexible study space within the
                                                                                            gift in my Will?
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health – was officially opened by                        Yes, the University of Sheffield has exempt charitable
members of Dr Ryan’s family in August 2010. The facility, which we                          status and any legacy is free of Inheritance Tax. Please
first mentioned in Donor News last year, was made possible through                          speak to your financial adviser or solicitor for specific
a generous legacy gift by Dr Ryan (MB ChB 1970), funding from the                           advice.
Faculty and University Library, a grant from the Alumni Fund and                            My family and friends come first – does
a donation from the MedSoc 2010 Committee. Vic Grant, Faculty                               a small legacy make a difference?
Librarian for Medicine, said, “Our students are very pleased to have
                                                                                            I always encourage supporters to speak to their family
a communal area in the library where they can come together and
                                                                                            and friends to carefully consider their needs. In this
discuss their work in more detail.”
                                                                                            case you can always donate a small percentage of your
                                                                                            residuary estate and this will remove the need to decide
                                                                                            on a specific amount now. A residuary gift will rise with
                                                                                            inflation and the most modest figure can make a large
                                                                                            Can you help me with wording my Will?
                                                                                            Of course. Our Legacy brochure contains suggested
                                                                                            wordings and I am always happy to discuss the exact
                                                                                            wording with you. I also strongly advise that you discuss
                                                                                            the wording with your solicitor.
                                                                                            I have already updated my Will.
                                                                                            What can I do?
                                                                                            You can make an amendment to your Will by adding a
                                                                                            codicil form. This is available from the Legacy brochure.
Dr Anne Walker                                SOAMS’ students gain hands-on experience.     Please discuss adding a codicil with your solicitor.

Legacy endows Medical Prize                                                                 How will my legacy be recognised by
                                                                                            the University?
The late Dr Anne Walker (MB ChB 1958, MD 1965) made provision                               During your lifetime the University will recognise your
in her Will to ensure that students currently studying Medicine                             lifetime pledge by making you a member of the Heritage
at the University could be given a financial ‘helping hand’. In                             Circle. On receipt of the legacy, the University will inscribe
discussion with the Medical School, it was decided that the best                            your name on the Benefactors’ Board in the foyer of Firth
use of her legacy would be to endow an annual prize – the Anne                              Court and ensure that relevant publicity of your support
Walker Prize – for a student who performs best in their first-year                          is carried out in close negotiation with your family and
studies and who entered the University through the Sheffield                                friends.
Outreach and Access to Medicine Scheme (SOAMS).
                                                                                            Why do I need to tell the University about
                                                                                            my gift now?
                              Legacy contact                                                One of the most pleasurable elements of my job is being
                              David Meadows (BA 2006)                                       able to thank people for the gift they have planned.
                              Development Officer                                           Notifying the University will enable us to send you
                              Tel: 0114 222 1073                                            the relevant newsletters, event invitations and our
                              Email:                              commemorative Silver Arrows pin badge. I also enjoy
                                                                                            showing supporters around the University or meeting
                                                                                            them to talk about their time in Sheffield and how they
                                                                                            would like their legacy to be used.

With thanks                                                                              The Chancellor’s List
                                                                                         We would like to record
                                                                                         our grateful thanks to
                                                                                                                      The Vice-Chancellor’s List
                                                                                                                      We would like to record
                                                                                                                      our grateful thanks to
We are very grateful to all alumni, staff, parents, friends and organisations            the following individuals    the following individuals
                                                                                         (or their personal           (or their personal
who have made donations to support the University between 19 February                    foundations) who have        foundations) who have
2010 and 21 February 2011. Thank you so much for your generosity.                        made donations of £50,000    made donations of
                                                                                         or more (or $50,000 or       £10,000-£49,999 (or
Donor names listed in bold indicate a donation of £500 (or $500) or more                 more) to support the         $10,000-$49,999) to
within the last financial year.                                                          University since 2002:       support the University
                                                                                         Ms Mary I Brown              since 2002:
We are also very grateful for the support of 30 anonymous donors.                        Mr Raymond                   The Abbeydale Trust
                                                                                         Charlesworth, MBE            Mrs Dorothy Adams
List compiled on 21 February 2011. If you have made a donation since this
date, please accept our sincere thanks. Your name will appear in next year’s             The Honourable Sir Sze-      Mr Thomas Bean
                                                                                         yuen Chung, GBM, GBE,
Honour Roll.                                                                             PhD, FREng, JP               Dr Rachael Brook
                                                                                         Lady Dainton, in memory      Mr Richard Burger and
                                                                                         of Lord Dainton, FRS         Mrs Lisa Burger

The Silver Arrows gift club                                                              Mr A Firth                   Mrs Jean Burkill, in
                                                                                                                      memory of Dr Harry Burkill
                                                                                         Mr Peter A H Glover
                                                                                                                      Mr Landon Clay and
We have designed the Silver Arrows gift club to recognise alumni and                     Mr Jim Grant and             Mrs Lavinia Clay
friends who show their support for the University by making a regular                    Mrs Jane Grant
                                                                                                                      Mr Austin Cole
monthly, quarterly or annual donation through standing order, credit/debit               The Grantham Foundation
                                                                                         for the Protection of the    Dr Naim Dangoor, OBE,
card or payroll giving. As a member of the Silver Arrows Circle you will be              Environment                  in memory of his father
recognised on the Donor Honour Roll, be invited to a special annual donor                                             Eliahou Dangoor
                                                                                         Dr Derek Griess
event and receive a Silver Arrows Pin badge.                                                                          Mr Stephen M de
                                                                                         Mrs Margaret Hand            Bartolomé
The Silver Arrows pin has a rich pedigree – born from the history of the                 Mr Bernard Holliday          Dr Christopher Denison
University and the City of Sheffield. The sheaf of arrows is a play on words             Dr William G Ibberson        Dowager Countess Eleanor
referring to the River Sheaf which flows through the city. The first time the                                         Peel Trust
                                                                                         Mrs Margaret L Jones
sheaf of arrows appears as a symbol for Sheffield seems to be in the seal                                             Dr Ted Dunning and
issued to the Church Burgesses by Queen Mary in 1554.                                    Mr Stephen W J Kiln
                                                                                                                      Dr Ellen Friedman
                                                                                         Miss Margaret Lewis
                                                                                                                      Professor Frank Ellis, OBE
The silver arrows are also a reference to the city’s metal working heritage;             Ms Sylvia McKenzie
the crossed arrows have been uniquely used for marking Old Sheffield Plate                                            Mrs Pauline Ellis, in
                                                                                         The Farah Merali Trust       memory of Mr John Hawley
by some of the city’s earliest silversmiths since the early 19th century.                and Nimah Merali Trust,
                                                                                         in loving memory of          Dr David J Fish
In 1905 the College of Heralds granted the University its coat of arms. Two              Mrs Sanita Merali            The Greenside Trust
sheaves of arrows adorn either side of the azure shield. In addition to                  The Sanita Merali Trust      Habendum Limited
appearing on degree certificates, the coat of arms may be seen throughout
                                                                                         Mr Tony Payne and Mrs        Ms Anne Harper,
the University on its buildings and on its ornaments of governance such as               Shirley Payne, in memory     in memory of
the mace and staves.                                                                     of Julian Payne              Mr Bryan Marsden
                                                                                         Professor Peter Raynes,      Mr Peter J Harper, KSG,
                                                                                         FRS                          FLA
                                                                                         Dr Marjorie Shaw             Mr Walter Hukin
                                                                                         Emeritus Professor           Emeritus Professor Sir Ian
                                                                                         Thomas S Stevens, FRS,       Kershaw, FBA
                                                                                                                      The Kirkwood Memorial
                                                                                         Miss Margaret E Wilson, in   Fund
                                                                                         memory of William Wilson
                                                                                                                      Mrs Joyce Kingman, in
                                                                                         Miss Doreen M                memory of Mr Kenneth
                                                                                         Worthington, in memory of    Brooks
                                                                                         Harry Worthington            Professor Sir Harry Kroto,
                                                                                         Dr Gerard Young and          FRS, and Lady Margaret
                                                                                         Mrs Diana Young              Kroto
                                                                                                                      Dr Peter W Lee and
                                                                                                                      Mrs Gill Lee
                                                                                                                      Mr Richard J Mayson
                                                                                                                      Mrs Muriel M McDermott-
                                                                                                                      Dr Anne C Metten
                                                                                                                      Sir Peter E Middleton,
                                                                                                                      GCB, and Lady Constance
                                                                                                                      Mr John R Midgley
                                                                                                                      The Millard Trust
                                                                                                                      Dr Trevor I Richards
Silver Arrows pin                        Alumnus and Nobel Prize Laureate Sir Richard                                 Sir Richard Roberts, FRS
                                         Roberts wearing the Silver Arrows badge at an
                                         Annual Alumni Reunion.                                                       Mr Kenneth and
                                                                                                                      Mrs Joan Robinson, in
                                                                                                                      memory of Julian Payne
                                                                                                                      Miss Kathleen H Rogers

Dr Elizabeth M Sefton          Mr Paul Hall                  The University of Sheffield      Dr Ruth E Beardmore             Mr Simon C Chubb
                               Mr R A Heath                  in America – Firth Circle
Mr Brian Sellars                                                                              Dr Martin J Beastall            Mr Steve R Clark
                               Mr Brian J Hicks              Dr Naresh Chand and
Professor David G                                            Mrs Rekha Naresh
                                                                                              Mr Hugh A Beavin and            Dr Josephine M Clarke
Shepherd                       Dr Peter J A Holt and
                                                                                              Mrs Gillian M Beavin
                                                                                                                              Mr Richard C Clarke
                               Mrs June L Holt               Emeritus Professor John
Dr Graeme D T Smith                                          C Giles
                                                                                              Mr Nigel Beck
                                                                                                                              Mr Quinten R M Clarkson
Mr Donald H Tomlin,            Professor Mike Hounslow                                        Mr Barnaby J Beere
                                                             Dr William G Hodgson                                             Mrs Ruth H Clayton
CPhys, MInstP, and             Mr Stephen Hunter                                              Ms Lesley M Benson
Mrs Margaret Tomlin                                          Mr Francis J K Ledwidge                                          His Hon Judge Anthony S L
                               Mr Ed J Hutt                                                   Mrs Georgina B Beresford        Cleary
Dr Mervyn J Turner                                           Dr Howard J Mayson
                               Dr Harry R Ingham,                                             Mr Craig G Bickerton            Professor E John Clegg, FIBiol
Dr Jeffrey Wadsworth           FRCPath                       Dr Terence Radford
                                                                                              Dr John A Birkett               Mrs Ruth E Clement
Dr Anne E Walker, FRCP, MD     Emeritus Professor Sir Ian    Dr Trevor I Richards
                                                                                              Mr Adrian Birtles               Mr Gregory C Cliffe
Mr Henry C Whiston             Kershaw, FBA                  Sir Richard Roberts, FRS
                                                                                              Dr Amanda Blackburn             Mr Philip J S Clifford
Mr Brian Whitaker              Mr Robert Kibble              Dr David Tingle, MD, MPH
                                                                                              Mr David R Blackburn            Ms Barbara Clowe
                               Mr Peter King and             Mr Paul Wood
                               Mrs Janet King                                                 Mr Terry D Bonds                Dr Harold Cohen, FRCP
The Firth Circle
                               Mrs Joyce Kingman                                              Miss Helen Booth                Dr Stuart N Cohen
We are very grateful                                         Canada – Firth Circle
for the generous support       Miss Karen V Lees                                              Miss Maryann Bowen              Mr Andrew Cole
                                                             Dr Mohamed A A Jaward
of the following individuals   Mr Simon D Letts                                               Professor Michael J Braddick    Mr David W Cole
who have made leadership                                     Dr Geoffrey J Lloyd, FRCS
level donations of £1,000      Mr Richard J Mayson                                            Dr David C A Bradshaw and       Dr Grant C P Coleby
                                                             Dr Maureen A McTeer
(or $1,000) or more to         Dr Claire McGourlay
                                                                                              Mrs Ping Bradshaw
                                                                                                                              Dr Jane E Coleman
support the University                                                                        Mr John I Bramman
since 19 February 2010:        Dr Michael Moores                                                                              Miss Tina M Conroy
                                                             The Silver Arrows Circle         Mr David C Bratt
Mr Michael R Armitage and      Mrs Joan Noble                                                                                 Mr John J Constable
                                                             We are pleased to recognise
Mrs Philippa Armitage          Professor Philip F Nolan      the valuable contribution
                                                                                              Mr John Brelsford and
                                                                                                                              Emeritus Professor Ian D
                                                                                              Mrs Rachel Brelsford
Professor Micheline            Mr William N Parker           of the following individuals                                     Cooke and Dr Sheila M Cooke
Beaulieu                                                     who are making regular           Dr Robert C Brian
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                               Dr Cynthia Phillips, in       donations to the University
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Mr Michael G Bennett           Mrs Eve Pleming               Dr Hooda S Abdullah              Dr Peter J Bridges and
                                                                                              Mrs Anita M Bridges             Dr Michael A Cooper
Dr Roderick Bennett            Mr Neil Record                Dr Julian D Acland
                                                                                              Dr Audrey M Brook               Dr Jill M E Corbett
Mr Stephen J Betney            Professor John P C Roach      Dr Aileen K Adams, CBE,                                          Ms Rachael J Corver
                               Mrs Anne Robson               FRCS, FRCA                       Dr Rebecca R Brooks
Mrs Connie Biglan                                                                                                             Mr Charles H Cotgreave
                                                             Mr Stuart Aizlewood              Mr J Hamish Brown, FRCS
Mr Lyndon N Bigmore            Mr T B Russell
                                                                                              Ms Jacqueline J Brown           Dr David J Cousins, FFARCS
                               Dr Yu Saitoh                  Mr Barrie S Akin
Miss Julia C Boler                                                                                                            Mr David E Cowan
                                                             Mr James Allan                   Dr Russell Brown and
Mr Anthony Bolton and          Mr David F Sayliss and                                         Mrs Pamela J Brown
                               Ms Carole Sayliss                                                                              Dr John R Cox, FRCP, MD
Mrs Sarah Bolton                                             Mr Andrew J Allison
                                                                                              Mr Jared W E Bryson             Dr Philip J Cox
Mrs Rosemary Boucher           Mr Raymond Scott and          Miss June R Anderson
                               Mrs Diane Scott                                                Mr Michael Bullas               Miss Juliet Craig
Dr Rachael Brook                                             Dr Anne P Andrews
                               Dr Brian A Smith and                                           Mr Kenneth A Burley             Mr Tim Crick
Mr Richard P Burger and        Mrs Elizabeth M Smith         Mr Charles W Ansley
Mrs Lisa J Burger                                            Miss Lindsay J Anstis
                                                                                              Mr Peter L Burnett              Mr Aidan L Croft
                               Sir Hugh R Sykes, DL, FRSA,
Professor Keith Burnett        FCIB, FIoD                    Mr Michael G Archer
                                                                                              Mr David P Burnham              Ms Lucy Crompton-Reid
and Mrs Anne Burnett                                                                          Mr Kenneth J Burton             Dr Dorothy L Crowther
                               Mr Toru Tamura                Mrs Rachel A Archer
Mrs Jane Carter and                                                                           Dr Malcolm A Butler             Dr Geraldine E Cummings
Mr Christopher Carter          Dr Roy Thickett               Mr David E Armsbey
                                                                                              Mr Hugh Cadwallader and         Dr Roger Day and
Mr John A Carter               Mr Donald H Tomlin,           Mr James P Armstrong             Mrs Lesley Cadwallader
                               CPhys, MInstP                                                                                  Mrs Mary Day
Mr Leslie Chapman                                            Professor Arnold Aspinall, FSA   Dr Nicholas J Calder and        Mr Christopher E de Sa
                               Mr William Tuckett and
Mr David H Clayton             Mrs Ailsa Tuckett             Mr Alistair V Astling and        Dr Carolyn E Calder
                                                                                                                              Mr Jamie A M Dear
                                                             Mrs Hazel R Astling
Mr Austin Cole                 Ms Rosemary A Valerio
                                                                                              Mr Donald S Cameron and
                                                                                                                              Mr Andrew P Dicken
                                                             Mr Simon R Atkinson              Miss Helen L S Burt
Mr Stephen D G Coleclough      Dr Osamu Wada and                                                                              Dr Gemma L Dickinson
                                                             Mrs Roselyn A Atoyebi            Mr Neil A Cameron
Dr Judith A Coles              Ms Yoko Ujiie
                                                                                              Mr Scott Cameron                Miss Kara M Dickinson
                               Mr George W Wainwright        Dr Paul H Baker
Mr Stephen Connock, MBE                                                                                                       Mr Matthew C Dickson
                                                             Mr Ian W Banbery and             Mrs Annabelle Campbell
Ms Anne D Cooper               Mr Brian Whitaker
                                                             Mrs Sarah J Banbery              Dr Anne P Campbell, FRCPath     Mr Andrew J Dixon
Mr George E Credland           Mr Alan E Wilkinson
                                                             Mrs Jennifer Barnes and          Mr Ian R Campbell               Mr Mark S Dobinson
Mr Richard A J Curtis          Mr Brent F Wilkinson and      Dr Geoffrey Barnes
                               Mrs Rosemary A Wilkinson                                       Mr John C Cantrill              Professor Hugo J Dobson
Mr Simon D Dudley and                                        Mr Paul R Barnett                                                Dr Peter Dodgson, OBE
Mrs Patricia J Dudley          Dr George G Wilkinson,                                         Mr Mark D Carter
                               MBE                           Dr David W A Barrett and                                         Mr Geoffrey M Donnison
Mr Ian D Dunderdale                                          Dr Patricia L Barrett            Mrs Jane Chafer
Dr Ruth B Edwards              Mr Seng K Wong                Dr Jack Barrott, OBE             Mr George H Chambers            Dr Stephen C Drew and
                                                                                                                              Mrs Helen P Drew
Lady Judith English            Mr Kevin P Woodbridge         Dr James I C Bartlett and        Dr Jane E Chantry
                                                                                                                              Mr Andrew L Ducker
                                                             Dr Margaret H Bartlett
Mr John R Fishburne                                                                           Mr Patrick D Chapman            Mr Andrew E Dunsby
                                                             Professor Peter W J Batey
B France                                                                                      Dr Robert O Chapman             Dr Sally Dutson
                                                             Mr Stephen J Battersby
Mr Dean P Gilmore                                                                             Mrs Corrinne L Charlton         Mr Oliver E Dyball
                                                             Dr Charles L M Beardmore
Mr Edwin J Glasgow                                                                            Dr Monica F Cheale              Mr John C F Dye
                                                             Professor John A Beardmore
Mr Stephen J Gower, MRTPI                                    and Mrs Anne P Beardmore         Miss Joan Chibnall              Mr Michael G Dyer
Mr James Goymour                                                                              Mrs Cheryl M Christian

Our Students’                                           In 2005 Sheffield artist Joe Scarborough (Hon LittD 2008) painted Our University,
                                                        generously funded by the Sheffield University Association. Sales of the limited
Journey                                                 edition signed prints raised over £18,000 for undergraduate scholarships. The
                                                        University has now commissioned Joe to paint a further work entitled Our Students’
                                                        Journey and we are delighted to be selling 500 limited edition signed prints. All
                                                        proceeds will again go to support the provision of scholarships for gifted students in
                                                        need of financial support, and to help the Alumni Foundation, which provides grants
                                                        for student clubs and societies to enrich the life of the University.

                                                                                                         Our Students’ Journey now hangs in
                                                                                                         the Students’ Union and depicts all
                                                                                                         aspects of student life including the
                                                                                                         RAG boat race and parade, student
                                                                                                         officer elections and summer activities
                                                                                                         in Weston Park. Familiar buildings –
                                                                                                         both old and new – such as the Arts
                                                                                                         Tower, the Drama Studio, the Beehive
                                                                                                         Hotel and Meadowhall Shopping
                                                                                                         Centre are also featured. Joe said
                                                                                                         that he wanted to feature all aspects
                                                                                                         of being a student at Sheffield and
                                                                                                         beyond. In the top right-hand corner
                                                                                                         two students can be seen standing
                                                                                                         on Stanage Edge in the Peak District
                                                                                                         looking out at the rest of world – the
                                                                                                         Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal,
                                                                                                         Mount Everest and the Statue of
                                                                                                         Liberty can all be seen from Sheffield
                                                                                                         – in the painting!

                                                                                                         These limited edition prints,
                                                                                                         measuring 19” x 17”, are unframed and
                                                                                                         packed in protective cardboard tubes
                                                                                                         and are priced at £40.00 (including
                                                                                                         VAT). For more information, visit www.
                                                                                                         or call Sarah Heslop on 0114 222 5592.
Our Students’ Journey

Mr Colin J Edwards          Miss Rachael L Fishwick        Mr Thomas A F Griffiths      Dr Andrew J Haslam            Dr George Horn, FIMechE, FEI
Dr D Frances Edwards        Mr Tony Fleming                Ms Anna C Grigson, MCLIP     Mr Stephen J Hatton, FCA      Mr Simon Hosking
Dr Juliet J Edwards         Mr Robert Forbes               Dr Lee K Grimes              Mr John R Haworth             Mr Noel R Housley
Mrs Pamela T Edwards        Mrs Claire G Foreman           Dr Bronwyn S Grimshaw        Dr Peter Haydn-Smith          Mr George D Howard
Dr Rosemary Edwards         Mrs Sheila C Fowler            Mr Lee Gutcher               Mr Alan N Hayes               Mr Leslie Hunt
Mrs Susan L Ellacott        Ms Julie A Fox                 Mr John D V Haines           Sir Brian Hayes, CBE, QPM     Mr Eric Ivison, CEng, FIMMM
Dr Peter Ellis              Professor Christopher D        Mrs Judith F Haire           Mr Roger H Hayward            Mrs Helen P Jackman
                            Franklin, OBE                  Dr Geoffrey E Hale           Mr Anthony C Henshaw          Mrs Janet C Jackson
Mr Bryan Ellison
                            Mr Mark D Franklin             Dr Sally A Hales             Mrs Madeleine Heppell         Mrs Michelle A Jackson
Mr Graham M D Elson, FRSA
                            Dr Robert B Fraser             Mr David J P Haley           Mr David A Herbert and        Mrs Willa A Jackson
Dr William H Emery and
Dr Celia J Emery            Mrs Felicity Freeman                                        Dr Joan M Herbert             Mr Matthew R James
                                                           Dr Christopher J Hall
Mr Alan B Englert           Mrs Doris Fry and                                           Mrs Anne C Hercock            Dr Beryl Jameson, FRCPath
                                                           Mr Kenneth Hall
                            Dr Bernard Fry                                              Mr David Herringshaw
Mrs Idaraesit I Esiet                                      Mrs June Hallgarth                                         Mrs Julia E L Jamieson
                            Mrs Anne T Gambles                                          Miss Sarah A Heslop
Dr John L Evans                                            Dr Beryl M Hamilton                                        Mr Craig Jepson
                            Mr John F Gamlin                                            Mrs Julia K Higham
Miss Tracy Evans                                           Mrs Sarah Hamilton                                         Mr Richard Jewsbury
                            Mr Malcolm P Garton, ACIB                                   Mrs Peta J B Hill
Dr W David J Evans                                         Dr Tiffany C Hamley                                        Mr Kurt L Johnson
                            Professor Andrew P Geddes                                   Dr Andrew Hinde
Mrs Jacqueline Faller                                      Mrs Joanne H Hampton                                       Dr Richard S Johnson
                            Dr Steve Gill                                               Mrs Jane E Hobson
Mr John P Fanning                                          Mrs Sarah A Hard                                           Dr Stephen R Johnson, FRCS
                            Mrs Sheila Gilmour                                          Mr Nigel B Hogg
Miss Jenny Farmer                                          Mr John M Hardy                                            Mr Robert I Johnston, RSA,
                            Mrs Rosemary A Glover                                       Miss Alison S Holden          TEFL, MAAT
Mr Stuart G Farrell                                        Mrs Sarah Harkness
                            Dr Evan R Gough                                             Mr Philip G Holden            Miss Amy L Jones
Mr Martin F Fee                                            Dr Robert J Harrison
                            Ms Judith M Gowenlock                                       Professor Matthew C Holley    Mr Gareth S Jones
Miss Carrie Fehr                                           Mr Anthony J Harrow
                            Mrs Janet Gray                                              Mr Richard E Hollox, FRICS,   Miss M Sheila Jones
Ms Alison T Fernando                                       Ms Lydia L W Harston
                            Dr Mary E Green                                             FRTPI                         Mrs Sheila Jones
Ms Lorraine Fiander                                        Professor James Hartley
                            Mr Stephen H W Green                                        Mr David R Holmes             Dr Stephen W Jones
Miss Amy Finney                                            Mr John M Hartley
                            Mr Timothy J Green                                          Mrs Stephanie Hopkinson

Mr Michael D Jubb             Mr John J McMullen           Mr Glyn Owen                    Ms Hilary R Robinson         Dr David R Stott
Dr Rahul Kacker, MRCGP,       Mrs Mary E McPeake           Mr John D Pacey                 Ms Janet Robinson            Dr A Martin Strong and
MEWI, MAE                                                  Mr David J Pack                                              Mrs Janet E M Strong
                              Dr James McQuaid and                                         Professor Peter P Robinson
Dr Mumtaz A Kamala            Mrs Catherine A McQuaid      Mr Andrew J Palmer                                           Dr Kathleen M Swan
                                                                                           Dr Helen J Rogers
Miss Amy V Kay                Mrs Jennie E Maddison        Ms Janine Parkin                                             Dr Jill M Tattersall
                                                                                           Dr Thomas A Rogers
Ms Joanne L Kearsley          Mrs Norma Makin, JP                                                                       Mr Gary J Taylor
                                                           Mr David R Parry                Mr and Mrs C Rowe
Dr David Kelly                Mrs Rosemary Marshall                                                                     Mr Henry M Taylor
                                                           Dr Janet F Patrick              Miss Zofia S Rumistrzewicz
Mr John G Kelly               Miss Kate E Marston                                                                       Dr Jillian Taylor
                                                           Mr Timothy J Patterson          Mr Anthony E Ruse
The Rt Hon Sir Paul Kennedy   Mrs Jean M Martin                                                                         Mr Tom Thompson
                                                           Lady Brigitte Peach             Professor Tony Ryan, OBE
Mr Nicholas H Kime            Mr Stephen F Marton                                                                       Mr Michael R Thompson, FRCS
                                                           Dr Morris Pearlgood, OStJ       Mr Barry N Sampson
Mr James R N King             Dr Cynthia M Marvin                                                                       Mr Treffry J Thompson
                                                           Mr Karl J Peck                  Dr Edwin Samuels
Miss Hannah K Kirby           Mr Kenneth Mather                                                                         Mrs Sheila D Thornley
                                                           Dr Stephen R Perrin             Mr Geoffrey P Sanford
Dr Geoffrey P Kittle          Mr David J Meadows                                                                        Mr Stephen J Tomlinson
                                                           Mrs Julie E Pescod              Mrs Olwyne Saunders
Mr John C Knight              Ms Janet Megins                                                                           Provost Stephen Tomlinson,
                                                           Mr John L Petch                 Dr J A Scaife
Dr Chetan S Lad               Mr Simon J Mercer and                                                                     CBE, FMedSci, FRCP
                              Mrs Katherine M Mercer       Dr Martin Peters                Mrs Jane Schofield
Mrs Carol Lamb                                                                                                          Mrs Chloe J Trenchard
                              Mr Jens P Meyer              Mr David J Phillips             Mrs Gillian Scotchman
Mr David Lamb                                                                                                           Mr John D Tribble
                              Miss Veronica Miles          Mr David F Picken               Mr Sam F Scott
Mr Michael A Lamb                                                                                                       Miss Ann M Trolley
                              Mr Kenneth J Milgate         Mrs Patricia D Pickering        Mr James W Seabrook
Mrs Sarah A Lambert                                                                                                     Miss Gorkem Tuney
                              Mr Edward R Milne            Mr Trevor Pitman and            Mr Christopher L Seed
Mr Martin P Lang                                           Mrs Evie Pitman                                              Dr Alan W Tyler
                              Dr Sheena C M Mitchell                                       Mr Richard F Seed
Dr Pauline Langridge                                       Ms Courtney M Plank                                          Mr Ubelejit S Urang
                              Miss Sikose Mjali                                            Dr Robert E Senior
Dr Michael I Lavelle                                       Dr Margaret M Platts                                         Mr Charles F Van Ingen
                              Dr Lance S Moir                                              Dr Christine E Sexton
Mr John M Lawlor                                           Dr Margaret A Plowman                                        Mrs Suzy J Vickers
                              Mr John D Molyneux                                           Mrs Ysanne C Shackford
Mr Garth D F Lawrence and                                  Mr Philip Pocklington                                        Mrs Lilian Waites and
                              Mrs Alison K Moore                                           Miss Pamela M Shadlock       Dr Neville H Waites
Mrs Valerie A Lawrence
                                                           Mr David T Pollitt and          Mr Michael T Sharman, MBE,
Dr Helen M Lawson             Mr Gregory J Moreland        Mrs Molly E Pollitt                                          Miss Sophie Walmsley
Dr Ralph Layland              Mr Derek J Morris            Mr Garth Ponsonby                                            Professor Trevor F Walsh and
                                                                                           Mr John M Shaw               Mrs Carol A Walsh
Mr Matthew R Leah             Mr Gareth E Morris           Mr David J Pontin               Professor David G            Dr Jennifer S Walsh
Mrs Judy Ledwood              Mr Simon J Morris            Mr Martin C Popplewell          Shepherd
                                                                                                                        Mrs Barbara P Ward
Mr John Leeson                Mr Les Mosco                 Mr Graham C Porter              Dr Ralph Shuttleworth
                                                                                                                        Mr Gerard J Ward
Dr Vivien F Leigh             Dr Nicola C Moss             Mrs Janet R Powell              Mr Paul Singh
                                                                                                                        Mrs Louise Ward
Mr Peter A Lenihan            Mr John Mould and            Mr John L Powell                Miss Elaine A J Singleton
                              Mrs Patricia M Mould                                                                      Mr Phillip Ward
Mr Christopher C Leong                                     Mr Keith D Powis                Mrs Susan L Singleton
                              Miss Alison R Muir                                                                        Mr Michael G Waring
Dr James M Lewis                                           Mr Edward B Price               Mr Jeremy D Sivyer
                              Mrs Jane Muir                                                                             Mr Ian Warner
Mr Peter Lewis and                                         Mrs Elizabeth A Price, ACA      Mr Keith Slaney
Mrs Maureen Lewis             Dr Paul W S Muller, FRCS                                                                  Dr Alistair Warren
                                                           Mr Timothy R Price              Miss Jody E Slater
Mr Terry R Lewis              Miss Kathleen Mumby                                                                       Dr Chris Warsop
                                                           Dr Cecilia J F Priestley        Miss Beryl Smart
Mrs Alice B Litaba            Mr Joseph J Murphy                                                                        Mr John S Watson and
                                                           Mr Michael J Pring              Mr Garth J Smart             Mrs Ruth Watson
Mr John A N Lockyer           Ms Eleanor M Napier
                                                           Mr Peter R Prinsley             Dr Angela E Smith            Mr Matthew J Watson
Dr Timothy B Longmore         Dr Frank E Neal, MBE
                                                           Dr Mark J Procter               Ms Anne P B Smith            Mr Nigel J Watts
Mr Derek W Louden             Mr John W Neale
                                                           The Hon Mrs Justice Rafferty,   Mr Clifford V Smith          Dr Noreen H Wauchob
Dr Elizabeth M Love           Mr Geoffrey C Nelson         DBE                             Mr David N Smith             Dr Ronald J Wawman
Mr James O Lowe               Mrs Cheryl A Newnham         Mr Robert J Ralph               Mrs Helen A Smith            Professor Tony Weetman
Dr Patrick C Luk              Mr Keith Newsome             Mrs Ann Ramsay                  Dr Martin J Smith            Dr Dilys M Welch
Emeritus Professor David E    Ms Siobhan K Newton          Dr Michael E Rawlin             Dr Michael E Smith           Dr Judith Whalley
Luscombe, FBA                 Ms Anna R Nibbs              Mr Martyn J Read                Dr Raymond E Smith
Mr Bruce Luty                                                                                                           Mrs Anne C Whitcombe
                              Mr Roger C Norris            Mr John B Reavey                Dr Sarah J Smith             Mr Andrew S White, ACMA
Mr Jonathan K Lye             Professor James Norton and   Mr Richard J Reed               Dr Yves J F Sojka
Mrs Angela J Lynas            Mrs Barbara Norton                                                                        Miss Suzanne M Whiteman
                                                           Dr Keith Reid                   Mr Alan P Spier
Mr Barry J McAuliffe          Mrs Claire L Oatway                                                                       Dr Grace P Whitfield
                                                           Mr Mark M Rennison and          Dr Dominic W K Spray and
Mr Andrew J McCardle          Mr Ikechukwu Obianyor        Mrs Carole M Rennison                                        Dr Alan F Whiting
                                                                                           Mrs Lucy J Spray
Dr Gillian T McCarthy,        Mrs Margaret Ogden           Mr Colin Reynolds                                            Mr Thomas A Whitworth
                                                                                           Mr Michael Spruce
FRCP                          Dr John R Ogle                                                                            Mr David M Wickett
                                                           Mr Brian Rich                   Mrs Diana Stainbank
Mr Colin S McDougall          Mr Robert J O’Hare                                                                        Mr Michael D Wilkinson
                                                           Dr Anthony A Richards           Mr Paul M Stainer
Mr Ian McFadyen               Mr Robert G Oldfield                                                                      Mr Anthony P Willcock
                                                           Mr James R Riddell and          Mrs Ruth Stanley
Dr Jolian P McHardy           Ms Victoria Oliver           Mrs Mary F Riddell                                           Professor Peter Willett, DSc
                                                                                           Dr Andrew A Stephen
Mrs Elizabeth A Mackenzie     Mr Dominic J O’Neill         Mrs Kathryn Riddle, JP                                       Mr Gerald B Williams
                                                                                           Dr Michael P Stephenson
Mr Stuart Mackie and Mrs      Dr David G Orchard           Professor Stephen H Rigby                                    Mr Ben Wilson
Elsie Mackie                                                                               Mr Miles Stevenson and
                              Mr Harold Ormerod            Dr John M Roberts, FREng        Mrs Dörte Stevenson          Mr George Wilson
Dr Sandra V McLean
                              Mr Peter Orr and             Mr Paul A Roberts and           Mrs Frances M Stockford      Dr Harry Wilson and
Mrs Alice H McLure            Mrs Sarah C Orr              Mrs Catherine J Roberts                                      Dr Olive M Wilson
                                                                                           Mrs Lynne S Storrar
Mrs Kathleen McManus          Mr Duncan M Owen             Dr Christopher D Robinson                                    Mr Chih M Wong

Formula Student success

                                                                                                          A group of engineering students took part in an
                                                                                                          annual international competition to design, build
                                                                                                          and race a single-seater racing car, culminating
                                                                                                          in three days of judging and racing at the famous
                                                                                                          Silverstone Circuit. Run by the Institution of
                                                                                                          Mechanical Engineers, in partnership with
                                                                                                          various well known companies in the industry,
                                                                                                          Formula Student promotes careers and
                                                                                                          excellence in engineering. The Alumni Fund
                                                                                                          provided a grant of £5,000 to enable Sheffield’s
                                                                                                          team to obtain all the parts they needed to
                                                                                                          build a complete car and advance it to the final
                                                                                                          racing stage of the competition for the very first
                                                                                                          time – where they earned the accolade of ‘best-
                                                                                                          sounding car’ from the judges! Ruth Stanley,
                                                                                                          Deputy Director of Development, said, “The
                                                                                                          Formula Student project is a wonderful example
                                                                                                          of how donations make a huge difference to our
                                                                                                          students’ experience, helping them develop skills
                                                                                                          that will serve them and society extremely well in
                                                                                                          the future.”
The successful team with their prototype racing car.

Mrs Elizabeth A Wood                     Sheffield Pioneers            Miss Elizabeth S Livsey        The University of Sheffield   Mr Michael Barrett and
                                                                                                      in America – Pioneers         Mrs Catherine Barrett
Miss Frances E Wood                      We would like to give         Mr Matthew R F Lynn
                                         special thanks to the         Miss Lora J Middlemass
                                                                                                      Ms Adrienne M Bailey          Mr David Baynes and
Ms Ruth Wood                             following alumni aged                                                                      Mrs Julia Baynes
                                                                                                      Miss Cristina B DeRosa
Mr Paul F Wood, MIStructE,               under 30 who have made        Dr Manisha Mistry
                                         donations to support the                                     Mr Andrew W Jones             Mrs Helen Bean
MICE                                                                   Miss Reena Mistry
                                         University since                                             Ms Amy S Kleefisch            Mr David Bear and
Mr Philip A Woolridge                    19 February 2010:             Miss Kathryn E Moore                                         Mrs Suzanne Bear
Mr Peter H Workman                                                                                    Mr Michal Z Piekarczyk
                                         Mrs Michelle L Alldread       Miss Janan Pakyurek                                          Mr Terry Beardmore and
Mr Richard C Worth and                                                                                Mr Peter B Toutant            Ms Rose Vincent
                                         Miss Joanna L Askey           Mr Laurence R Peacock
Dr Jean M Worth                                                                                                                     Mr Robert Beaumont and
                                         Miss Jessica Barnecutt        Mr Thomas M Pitt
Mr Adam Wozniak                                                                                       Canada – Pioneers             Mrs Elizabeth Beaumont
                                         Mrs Hannah A Z Bielby and     Dr Megan E Powell
Mr Robert J Wright                       Dr Philip R Bielby                                           Ms Carrie N Ford              Mr Alan Belton and
                                                                       Mr Mark W J Queree                                           Mrs Alice Belton
Mr Derek J Yates                         Mr Marek R Bielenica          Mr Joshua Rae and Miss                                       Mr Steven Bennett and
Mr Simon J Yearsley                      Mr Ian D Bragger              Jemma Grew                     The Friends and Family        Mrs Deborah Bennett
Mrs Karen Zeeb                                                                                        Fund
                                         Dr Lucy D Carter and          Miss Elizabeth S Rayner                                      Mrs Irene Birkett and
Mr Walter H Zuber                        Dr Declan L Hyland                                           We are very grateful to       Mr Brian Birkett
                                                                       Dr Natasha H Reed              the following parents,
                                         Miss Louise M Clamp           Dr Kate Rylance                family and friends of         Mr Ian Black and
                                                                                                      current students who          Mrs Renee Black
The University of Sheffield              Mr Ben M Crosby               Miss Rebecca Smiles-Harrison
in America – Silver Arrows                                                                            made donations to support     Mr Robert Blaikie and
                                         Miss Kate H Digney            Mr Mogan Sreetharanathan       the Library through our       Mrs Lindsay Blaikie
Mr Christopher J Cheetham                Miss Daniella Dimopoulos                                     Friends and Family Fund:
                                                                       Mr Swee L Tan                                                Mr Michael Blows and
Mr John A Fidler, RIBA                   Miss Kezia H Drew                                            Mr Nigel Acott and            Mrs Patricia Blows
                                                                       Miss Victoria L Taylor         Mrs Jane Acott
Emeritus Professor Lowell E              Dr Rose E Drew                                                                             Mr R Bommireddy and
Hokin                                                                  Miss Katie L Toll              Ms Brenda Aisbitt
                                         Mr Henrik Dummermuth                                                                       Mrs S Bommireddy
Dr Brian A Jackson                                                     Dr Douglas R Tunney            Ms Gill Allen
                                         Miss Emma L Faerestrand                                                                    Mr L Boraluwa and
Mr Michael S McGregor                                                  Miss Punam S Vara              Mr Michael F Allen and        Mrs Dulani Weerasekara
                                         Dr Matthew J Forbes and       Miss Hannah J Webb             Mrs Bozena L K Allen
Dr Ajay V Pandurangi                     Miss Kerry Dickson                                                                         Mr Perry Bown and
                                                                       Mr Peter G E Welby-Everard     Mr Robert Allen and           Mrs Jacqui Bown
Mrs Helen V Rey                          Miss Francesca M A Gardner                                   Mrs June Allen                Mr Adrian Boyden and
Dr Richard J Romboletti                                                Mr Andrew J R White
                                         Miss Michelle Grant-Hornsby                                  Mrs Elizabeth D J Andres      Mrs Caroline Boyden
Miss Robyn K Wakefield                                                 Mr David R White
                                         Mr Thomas C Gregory                                                                        Mr Michael Brackley and
Mr Jonathan K Wong and                                                 Mr Benjamin E Williamson       Mrs M Ashby                   Mrs Anne Brackley
                                         Miss Stephanie A Hanson
Mrs Carol A Harrison-Wong                                              Miss Heather P J Wintle        Mr Sten Bagert and            Dr K G Bratt and
                                         Mr Matthew N Henton                                          Mrs Ann Bagert
                                                                       Miss Naomi E Wootton                                         Mrs Lelia Bratt
                                         Miss Suzanne Hodgson                                         Mr Nicholas Balding and
Canada – Silver Arrows                                                                                                              Mr Martin Bray and
                                         Miss Crystal Holmes                                          Mrs Rosemary Balding          Mrs Pamela Bray
Mr David P Dransfield
                                         Dr Susanna Jolly                                             Mr Peter Barber and           Mr Stuart J Brooks and
                                                                                                      Mrs Sharon Barber             Mrs Susan M Brooks
                                         Miss Laura Kelly
                                                                                                      Mr Terry S Barker and         Mr Gerald Brown and
                                         Mr Peter Kuchar                                              Mrs Jacqui Barker             Mrs Karen Brown

Mr Ian Brown and           Mr Peter Early and          Mr David Hinchliffe and
Mrs Carol Brown            Ms Rosemary Early           Mrs Margaret Hinchliffe
Mr Stephen Byrne and       Ms Joletta Edgar            Mr Andrew Hoare and
Mrs Christine Byrne        Mr Ron E Edmonds and        Mrs Irene Hoare
Mr Liam A Calladine and    Mrs Diana Edmonds           Mr Alan Hodgkins and
Mrs Mary G Calladine       Mr Andy Egan and            Mrs Joanna M Hodgkins
Mr C and Mrs S Carter      Ms Rosy Leigh               Mrs Judith Hodkinson
Mr Robert J Caswell and    Mr Brian Elliott and        Mr Tony Holland and
Mrs Deborah J Caswell      Mrs Vicky Elliott           Mrs Kate Holland
Mr Jeff Cattle and         Mr Richard Ely and          Mr Michael Hollingworth and
Mrs Elaine Cattle          Mrs Katharine Ely           Mrs Sandra Hollingworth
Mr John Chadwick and       Mr Pollen Exeter and        Mr David Holyoake and
Mrs Jan Chadwick           Mrs Roslyn Exeter           Mrs Catherine Holyoake
Mrs Karen Chalkley         Mr Ian Firth and            Mr Graeme Hood and
                           Mrs Carolyn Firth           Mrs Anne Hood
Ms Theresa Champion
                           Dr Desmond Fitzgerald and   Mrs Maire Horgan
Mr Muni Choudhury and      Dr Anne Fitzgerald
Mrs Maherun Choudhury                                  Mr Steve Howe and
                           Mr Kevin Foley and          Mrs Hilary Howe
Mr Terry Chown and         Mrs Diane Foley
Mrs Diane Chown                                        Mr Adrian Howell and
                           Mrs Shirley Foreman         Mrs Diane Howell
Mr Ian Clapton and
Mrs Linda Clapton          Mr Peter Foster and         Major David Howell and
                           Kate Foster                 Mrs Angela Howell
Mr David Clarke and
Mrs Caren Clarke           Mr Alan Frankham and        Mr David Hume and Mrs
                           Mrs Lesley Frankham         Barbara Hume
Mr Nicholas Clarke and
Mrs Karen Clarke           Mr Patrick C Frith and      Mr Nicholas Hurford and
                           Mrs June A Frith            Mrs Alison Hurford
Mr Brian Cloran and
Mrs Karen Cloran           Mr Luke Gatehouse and       Mr David Jackson and
Mr Mark Cockram and        Mrs Katherine Gatehouse     Mrs Denise Jackson                   Lady English’s
Mrs Anne Cockram
Mr Alan Cole and
                           Mr Lloyd Gatward and
                           Mrs Annie Gatward
                                                       Ms Anne M Jemmett
                                                       Mr R Jobanputra and
Mrs Brenda Cole            Mr Bernard Gibson and       Mrs M Jobanputra
                           Mrs Kathleen Gibson                                              Lady Judith English has kindly made a
Mr David Collins and                                   Mr Roy Johnson and
Mrs Vicki Collins          Mr Colin Gilbert and        Mrs Angela Johnson                   donation to the University’s Archive in
                           Ms Elizabeth Hartley                                             memory of her parents, both graduates of
Mr Michael F Collins and                               Mr Austin Jones and
Mrs Lorraine A Collins     Mr Michael D Gold and       Mrs Daphne Jones                     the University: Dr Kenneth Milne (MB ChB
                           Mrs Anna E Gold                                                  1928, MD 1932) and Dr Constance Milne (née
Mr Michael Connor and                                  Mr Philip Jones and
Mrs Paula Connor           Mr Michael Goold and        Mrs Jane Jones                       Jenkinson) (MSc 1929, MB ChB 1930, MD
Ms Faith Constantine       Mrs Kim J Goold             Mr Roger Keely and                   1933). The collection consists of photographs,
                           Mr Colin Green and          Miss Frances Kemp                    seven medals (including three solid gold
Mr Jonathan Cook and
Ms Lynne Maunder           Mrs Christina Green         Mr Philip Kelly and                  ones won by her mother during her time
                           Mr Henry Green and          Mrs Judith Kelly                     at the University), degree programmes and
Mr Patrick Corden and
Mrs Jan Corden             Mrs Debbie Green            Mrs Claire Kennett                   graduation certificates.
Mr John Cowell and         Mr Andrew C Gretton and     Dr Gavin Kilpatrick and
Mrs Lynne Cowell           Mrs Trudi Gretton           Mrs Karen Kilpatrick
Mr Roy Cruse and           Mr Eric Griffiths and       Mr David King and
Mrs Jacqueline Cooper      Mrs Jane Griffiths
                                                       Mrs Jill King
Mr Carl Cullen and         Mr M J Grinnell-Moore and
                           Mrs T Grinnell-Moore        Dr Brendan Kinsella and
Mrs Jacqueline Cullen                                  Dr Nina M Kinsella
Mr Edmun Curran and        Mrs Patricia Gurney
                                                       Mr Brian Kirk and
Mrs Diane Curran           Mr John R S Hancock and     Mrs Linda Kirk
Mr Leslie D Dakin and      Mrs Barbara Hancock
                                                       Mr John Klimczak and
Mrs Betty Dakin            Mr Stephen Hanson and       Mrs Catherine Klimczak        Dr Patrick McHugh and        Mr Terrence Meltzer and
                           Mrs Sarah Hanson                                          Mrs Maria McHugh             Mrs Rose Meltzer
Mr Andrew Dalley and                                   Mr Mike Laws
Mrs Sarah Dalley           Ms Jane Hargreaves                                        Mr Robert A McIntosh and     Mr Michael Mercer and
                                                       Mr Yuntong Lee and            Mrs Paulette G McIntosh      Mrs Kim Mercer
Mr John Davies and         Mr Derek Harrison and       Mrs Leiwah Lee
Mrs Jayne Davies           Mrs Kathryn Harrison                                      Dr Paul McKenna and          Mr Edward Milner and
                                                       Mr Michael Lee-Wright and     Mrs Rosie McKenna            Mrs Nikki Milner
Mr Richard D Davies and    Mr John Hartley and         Mrs Jayne Lee-Wright
Mrs Nelly Davies           Mrs Joanne Hartley                                        Mr Paul McKenna and          Ms Wendy Milner
                                                       Mr David Liston-Jones and     Mrs Barbara McKenna
Mr Alex Dawson and         Mr Graham Harvey and        Mrs Liz Liston-Jones                                       Ms Sheila Mistry
Mrs Alison Dawson          Mrs Jeanne Harvey                                         Mr Richard Malins and        Mr Paul Mitchell and
                                                       Mr Michael Lole and           Mrs Sarah Malins
Mr Michael Dean            Ms Ann Harwood              Mrs Ruth Lole                                              Mrs Wendy Mitchell
                                                                                     Mr Richard Manning and       Mr Stephen Mitchell and
Mr Paul Dodds and          Mr Jason Hattrell and       Mr Peter Long and             Mrs Valerie Manning
Mrs Angela Dodds           Mrs Claire Hattrell         Mrs Pauline Long                                           Mrs Mandy Mitchell
                                                                                     Mrs Karen S Marsh            Mr Iwan Morgan and
Mr Robert Dodds and        Mr Jeremy S Haynes and      Mr Norman Lynas and
Mrs Jean Dodds             Mrs Elizabeth Haynes        Mrs Diane Lynas               Mr Peter Mason and           Ms Theresa Ball
                                                                                     Ms Ilze Mason                Mrs Deborah Morrison
Ms Jennifer Drysdale       Ms Isabel Heald             Mr Peter Lyon
                                                                                     Mr Nigel Mawer and           Mr Michael J P Mort and
Mr John E D’Souza and      Mrs Vivienne Heale          Mr Paul Maberly and           Mrs Marie Mawer
Mrs Shirley E D’Souza                                  Mrs Helen Maberly                                          Sophia E Mort
                           Mr Ralph Higson and Mrs                                   Mr Frank Mayes and
Mrs Patricia Dunn          Paula Higson                Mr Kevin McCarthy and                                      Mr Andrew Mounstephen and
                                                                                     Mrs Elizabeth Pagnon-Mayes   Dr Suzanne Waterer
Mr Derrick Dunnett and     Mr Nidal Hilal and          Mrs Rita McCarthy
Mrs Elizabeth Dunnett      Mrs Christine Hilal

Mr Phillip S Mycock and      Mr Gordon W Ritchie and        Mr Alan Taylor and          Mr Terry Withers and Mrs        Mrs Maureen Barlow
Mrs Wendy Mycock             Mrs Susan Ritchie              Mrs Irene Taylor            Alison Withers
                                                                                                                        Mr Jack W Barnaby
Mr Stephen Newman and        Mr A K Rivers and              Mrs Alison Taylor           Mr Alan Wong and
                             Mrs E M Rivers                                             Mrs Fendi Wong                  Mr Anthony Barne and
Mrs Karen Newman                                            Mr Brian Taylor and                                         Mrs Jane Barne
Mr Peter Nickolds and        Mr Mark G Robins and           Mrs Karen Taylor            Mr Raymond Wood and
                             Mrs Joanne Robins                                          Mrs Patricia A Wood             Mrs Avril I Barnes
Mrs Catherine Nickolds                                      Mr Keith Taylor and
                             Mr Wayne Roddis and                                        Mrs Alison Woodman              Dr Barbara Barnes
Mr Christopher Ogilvie-                                     Mrs Karen Taylor
Thompson and Mrs Kathleen    Mrs Sharon Roddis                                          Mr Christopher Woodward         Dr Geoffrey Barnes and
                                                            Mr Graham Teague and                                        Mrs Jennifer A Barnes
Ogilvie-Thompson             Mr Les Rushworth and           Mrs Alison Teague           and Mrs Barbara Woodward
Mr Hiroshi Okamoto and       Mrs Lynn Rushworth                                         Mr Martin Woolmer and           Dr Margaret A Barnes
                                                            Mr David R P Thatcher and
Mrs Ritsuko Okamoto          Mr Nick Russell and            Mrs Janet Thatcher          Mrs Tina Woolmer                Dr Charlotte Barrett
Mr Gary Orford and           Mrs Jacqui Russell                                         Mr David Worsencroft
                                                            Mr W E Thomas and                                           Ms Rebecca T Barrett
Mrs Gill Orford              Dr Magda Sachs                 Mrs M C E Thomas            Mr Chris Wray and               Mrs Rachel B Barrow
Mrs Hilary Outlaw            Ms Nicole A Sankey             Mr Mark Thornton and        Mrs Helen Wray
                                                                                                                        Mrs Anne D Bartlett
Mr Jon Page and              Mr Richard Savage and          Mrs Helen Thornton          Mr Norman Wright and
Mrs Jacqui Page              Mrs Sandra Savage                                          Mrs Julie Wright                Mrs Dianne E Barton
                                                            Mr Buster Tickner and
Mr Andrew Parker and         Mr Richard Scott and           Mrs Amanda Tickner          Mr Steve Yianni and             Mrs Sharon V Barton
Mrs Lesley Parker            Mrs Jill Scott                 Mr Michael Tooke and        Mrs Pam Yianni                  Mrs Liz M Bashforth
Mr Stephen Peabody and       Mr Les Sharp and               Mrs Jayne Tooke             Mr Fraser Young and             Mr Steven J Baskeyfield
Mrs Julie Peabody            Mrs Fiona Sharp                Mr George Voyias and        Mrs Louise Young
                                                                                                                        Mr Gavin M H Bateman
Mr Geoffrey Pearce and       Mr Ken Shaw and                Mrs Carole Voyias           Donors
Mrs Tracey Pearce            Dr Diana Stevens                                                                           Mr Gerald A Bates
                                                            Mr Colm Wade and            Thank you very much
Mrs Jane Pearsey             Mr Johnathan Shepherdson       Mrs Anne Wade               indeed to the following         Professor Graham Battersby
Ms Christine Pedder          and Mrs Alison H Shepherdson   Mr Iqbal Waheed and         generous individuals and        Mr Brian Baverstock, CEng,
                                                            Mrs Farhat F Begum Waheed   organisations who have          FIMMM
Mr Gary Peet and             Mr Mark Shepperd and                                       made donations to support
Mrs Jackie Peet              Mrs Margaret Shepperd          Mr Sian M Wan and           the University since 19         Mr James L Baxendale
                             Mr Julian J Silcock and        Mrs Jean K C Wan            February 2010:                  Mr William E Baybutt
Mr Andrew Perry and
Mrs Jillian Perry            Mrs June Silcock               Mr Ian Ward and             Mrs Valerie A Abell             Mr Clive W Beardsmore
                             Mr Dennis Silvester and        Mrs Glynis Ward
Mr Robert Petchey and                                                                   Mr Eric Adjaidoo                Ms W M Beaver
Mrs Julia Petchey            Mrs Barbara Silvester          Mr Peter Watson and
                                                            Mrs Heather Watson          Mr Richard J Adkinson           Mr Thomas Beecroft
Mr Richard Pickin and        Mr Mark Simmons and
Mrs Margaret Pickin          Mrs Beth Simmons               Mr Peter Watson and         Mr Nisar Ahmed                  Dr Peter R Beeley and
                             Mr Richard Simpkins and        Ms Anne O’Dwyer             Mr Michael G Ainsworth          Mrs Jean Beeley
Mr Philip Pike and
Mrs Angela Pike              Mrs Terry Simpkins             Mr Ian Watt and             Mr Peter G Aizlewood            Mr Graham Beighton
                             Mr Colin Smith and             Mrs Sioban Watt                                             Professor Sir Peter Bell
Ms Janet Polson                                                                         Dr Sarah Ajiboye
                             Mrs Sarah Smith                Mr Michael Webb and
Mr William Portch                                                                       Mr Jonathan M Alcock            Mr Thomas P Bellis
                             Mr George Smith and            Mrs Elizabeth Webb
Mr Kevin Povey and           Mrs Brenda Smith                                           Mr Ibrahim E Al-Jumaili         Mr William J Belsham
                                                            Miss Julie Welch
Mrs Julie Povey                                                                                                         Mr Reginald T Benn
                             Mr Robert Smith and            Mr David Westnedge and      Mr Gordon K Allan
Mr William J Power and       Mrs Kate Smith                 Mrs Rowena A Westnedge                                      Ms Claire M Bennett
Mrs Rita E Power                                                                        Mr David E Allen
                             Mr S Smith and Mrs C Smith     Mr Chris White              Dr Stephen J Allsup             Professor George Bentley,
Mr Andrew Pratt and                                                                                                     FRCS, FRCSE, FMedSci
Mrs Janet Pratt              Mrs E Somerville               Mr Mark Whitehead and
                                                            Mrs Josephine Whitehead     Mrs Rachel E I Amos             Mrs Katherine E Bentley
Mr Robert Primrose and       Mr David Spillane and
Mrs Denise Primrose          Mrs Margaret Spillane          Mr Ian Wild and             Mr David J C Anderson           S Beresford
                                                            Mrs Anne Wild               Mrs Veronica F Andrewes         Dr Klaus Bergmann
Mr David Pulford and         Mr Mark Stephens and
Mrs Lucy Pulford             Mrs Lydia Stephens             Mr Robin Willetts and       Mr Paul Andrews                 Professor Neil H A Bermel
                                                            Mrs Teresa Willetts
Mr Anthony Quayle and        Mrs Ann Steven and                                         Mr Paul K Ankerson              Mr V E Berrow
Mrs Donna Quayle             Mr David Steven                Mr Simon Wilson and Mrs
                                                            Diane Wilson                Dr David C Appleton             Mrs Alexandra M Berry
Mr Manjit Randhawa and       Mr M G Sugden and
Mrs Kulvinder Randhawa       Mrs H Sugden                   Mr Christopher Wiper and    Mr William F Arbury             Mr Roger J Betteridge
                                                            Mrs Gail Wiper              Dr Geoffrey Armstrong           Mr Paramdeep S Bhatia
Mr Asam Raza and             Mr Richard Swannick and
Mrs Rubina Raza              Mrs Geraldine Swannick                                     Rev T Peter Arnold              Mr Mark L Bines
                                                                                        Mr Michael J Arthur, MBE, and   Emeritus Professor Clyde
                                                                                        Mrs Tineke Arthur               Binfield, OBE, FSA, FRHistS
                                                                                        Mr Joseph S Ashburner           Mrs Elaine M O Bingham
                                                                                        Mrs Susan M Ashburner           Mr Brian B Binns
                                                                                        Mrs Gillian R Ashton            Mr Colin W Binns
                                                                                        Mr David J Aston
“Since joining the University as a member of                                                                            Mrs Catherine M Birkett
 staff nearly three years ago, I’ve become more                                         Professor Anthony J Avery and   Miss Elizabeth S Bishop
 aware of the power and triumphs that personal                                          Mrs Christine Phipps
 philanthropy can bring. It really does make a                                                                          Mr Robert Bishop
                                                                                        Mr Terence J Baddeley
 difference to the lives of our students and to the                                                                     Lady Rona Black
 transformative research being undertaken here.                                         Mr Dennis Baker
 So, being able to be a part of that is a genuine                                                                       Mr Roger A B Bladen
                                                                                        Mr William Balmforth
 privilege. Yes, as an employee, I give my time and                                                                     Mr Colin Blair
 energy to the institution. But, as a member of the                                     Dr Oliver Bandmann
                                                                                                                        Mr Richard Blausten
 public, I also want to support the work here. I give                                   Mr Peter Barber
 because it’s good to do so, because it’s needed and                                                                    Mr Mark E Bleackley
                                                                                        Mr Roy Barber, FInstP
 because I can help. I hope that you will too.”                                                                         Mr Neil S Block
                                                                                        Mrs Teresa A Barber
Jared Bryson, Development Officer                                                                                       Mr Aidan C Bloomfield
Tel: 0114 222 1077                                                                      Mr Harry D Barker
                                                                                                                        Mr Keith Bloomfield and
Email:                                                         Mrs Mary R Barker

Mrs Geneviève Bloomfield       Mr Chris Butterfield and                                                    Keeping in touch
                               Mrs Dianne Butterfield
Ms Pamela S Blore
                               Mr Peter R Bygate                                                           The Sheffield Alumni Bulletin is sent out
Mr Nicholas D Blowfield and
Dr Philippa C Blowfield        Professor Brian Caddy                                                       four times a year by email to update
Mrs Brenda D Boddy             Mr Thomas J Cadmore                                                         you with news from the University. The
                                                                                                           bulletin also features information on
Mr Jonathan Bond               Mr Andrew Cahn
                                                                                                           upcoming events and services available
Mr Peter Boon                  Mr David N Callow                                                           to alumni. To sign up to receive the
Mr John B Booth                Mrs Mary Canty                                                              Sheffield Alumni Bulletin, please email
Mr Geoffrey D Boothby          Mr John S Carcas                                                  
Mr Keith E Boothroyd           Mr Francis J Carr
Mr Richard J Bosson            Mr Andrew G Carruthers
Mrs Angela Bottom              Dr John Cast
Mr Nicholas J S Boul           Mrs Ann E Cattell
Mr Nigel D Bourne              Dr Teng-Chi Chang
Mr John Bowling and            Mr Keith W Chantler
Mrs Barbara Bowling            Mrs Lucinda J Chapel
Mr Derek W Box                 Mr David J Chapman and
Ms Celia Bradshaw              Mrs Susan J Chapman
Mr Charles F R Bradshaw        Mr Geoffrey N Chapman and
                               Mrs Lesley J L Chapman
Mr Graham S Bramall                                         Dr Clare Corbett                Eur Ing Paul Deakin            Dr Margaret E Eltoft
                               Mrs Marjorie A Chapman
Dr Katie J Bramall-Stainer                                  Mrs Josephine M Corlett         Mrs Zoe A Debenham             Mr David M Evans
                               Mr David J Charnock
Professor Sir Paul A Bramley                                Mr John R Cottam                Mr William T Dennis            Mrs Gwenda M Evans
                               Mrs Pauline L Chatterton
Mrs Claire B Brice                                          Dr Alan G Cox                   Mr Christopher J Derry         Dr Margaret W Evans
                               Professor Philip C Chatwin
Mr Edwin S Brierley                                         Mr James C Craig and            Mr Roy S Derry                 Mr Christopher L B Eve
                               Dr Wui H Chong               Mrs June Craig
Mrs Kathryn J Bright                                                                        Mrs Elizabeth M Dews           Mr David Everest
                               Miss Thelma Clague           Mr Bertram Crapper
Dr Jean Brightwell                                                                          Mr John Dickson and            Mr Timothy Everett
                               Mr David Clapham and         Ms Sadie E Crapper              Mrs Judith Dickson
Mr Richard J Brinkman          Mrs Patricia Clapham                                                                        Mrs Amanda Falk
Mr Alan G Broadbent                                         Dr Thomas H Crawshaw            Ms Angela M Dixon              Mr Howard W Falk and
                               Mr Michael A Clapp
Miss Mary J Broadbent                                       Professor Alan G Crocker, FSA   Mr Bryan Dixon and             Mrs Tania J Falk
                               Mr Mark Clarfelt                                             Mrs Doreen Dixon
Mr Bruce Brodie and                                         Mrs Janice M Cross                                             Mr Lei Fan
                               Dr Charles A Clark                                           Mr Geoffrey W Doole
Mrs Louise Brodie                                           Miss Margaret E Cross                                          Mr Gavin S Farley
                               Mrs Winifred R Clark                                         Ms Jillian M A Doran
Miss Sarah J Brodie                                         Mr Peter A Cross                                               Ms Alison J Farrell
                               Mr Brian Clarke                                              Mr Brian G Dormand
Rev Christine E Brooks                                      Mrs Pamela Crossland                                           Mr Graham B J Farrer
                               Ms Maria Clarke                                              Dr Eleanor Draeger
Mr David Broughton                                          Dr Christopher S Croton,                                       Mr Anthony R Favell
                               Mrs Rhiannon Clayton         MRCP                            Dr Ian S Dring
Mr Alex Brown                                                                                                              Mr Jonathan Fenton
                               Mrs Hilde E Clegg            Dr Barry T Cruddis              Miss Jacqueline A Driscoll
Mrs Anne C Brown                                                                                                           Ms Marie L Fernandes
                               Mr Richard Clement           Professor Alexander L Cullen,   Dr John R Drury
Mr Frank Brown                                                                                                             Mr Vincenzo Ferrara and
                               Mr Malcolm S Clements        OBE, FRS, FREng                 Mr Ian Du Pré and              Mrs Maureen Ferrara
Rev Kenneth R Brown
                               Mrs Ann M Clewett            Dr Ian A Cunliffe               Mrs S Du Pré                   Mr Rodney Fewings
Mr Richard Brown
                               Mr John Close and            Mr Christopher J Curley         Mr David Duce                  Dr James Fiddes
Dr Susan E Brown               Mrs Caroline Close           Mrs Gillian M Curtis            Mr John C Duerden and          Miss Alexandra P R Finch
Mr Peter J Bruce               Mr Richard G Cobbett                                         Mrs Patricia M Duerden
                                                            Miss Sophie Da Silva                                           Dr David J Fish
Mr Richard Bruce, FRSA         Mr Colin J Cochrane                                          Mr Christopher N Dugdale
                                                            Mr Gabriel A Dada                                              Ms Gillian B Fisher
Dr Philip Brumwell and         Mr David P Coffey                                            Mr Nicholas G Duggan
Mrs Suzanne Brumwell                                        Dr Naim Dangoor, OBE                                           Mr James H M Fisher
                               Mrs Wendy Coffey                                             Dr Etienne Dunant
Mr Charles A Buchanan                                       Mrs Joan Darwent                                               Mrs Marilyne Fisher
                               Mr Peter R Cole                                              Dr Sheila L B Duncan
Mr David J M Buddery                                        Mr Francis W Darwin                                            Mrs Susan E Fisher
                               Professor Howard Colley                                      Mr Guy Durdant-Hollamby
Mrs Margaret G Bullows                                      Miss Shree Datta                                               Mrs Susan R Fisher
                               Mr Michael J Collier                                         Mr Stephen J Durham
Mr Kevin J Bulmer                                           Mrs Doreen I Davidson                                          Mrs D Jean Fitt
                               Dr Wendy E J Collier                                         Dr Harold Eckert and
Mr Michael Bunting                                          Mrs Elizabeth A Davies          Dr Joanna Eckert               Mrs Dorothy Fleming
                               Ms Ilse A Collinge           Mr Stephen W Davies
Mrs Cynthia B Bunton                                                                        Mrs Christine Eddowes          Mrs Josephine M Fleming
                               Dr Charles D Collins and     Mr Brian S Davis and
Ms Julie A Burbeary            Mrs Jhoann T Collins                                         Mrs Christine E Edwards        Professor Peter J Fleming
                                                            Mrs Christine M Davis
Mr Michael J Burchnall, MBE    Mr Dennis F Collins                                          Mr Simon Edwards and           Dr Thomas J Foley
                                                            Mr Clive R Davis                Mrs Pauline Edwards
Mrs Gabrielle R Burgess        Dr Diana M Collins                                                                          Mr Peter Folkman
                                                            Dr John M Davis                 Mrs Mary H Egerton
Dr David M Burley              Dr Michael B Collins                                                                        Miss Joanna F Ford
                                                            Mr Timothy J Davis              Dr Christopher J Eggett
Mr Robert L Burney             Professor W Derek Collins                                                                   Mrs Janice J Forder
                                                            Professor Peter Davison         Mrs Margaret E Elder
Dr Alan H Burr                 Mr John Connell                                                                             Mr Mark E Fortescue
                                                            Miss Patricia A Dawson          Mr Brian Elliott
Dr Anthony C Burton            Mrs Hilary A Connor                                                                         Mr Neil R Foster
                                                            Mr Paul W Dawson                Dr Gethin R Ellis
Dr Hazel J Butland             Ms Dorothy Cook                                                                             Mr Len Fowkes
                                                            Mr David J A Day                Mrs Margaret E Ellis
Mr Alan B Butler               Dr Peter H E G Cook, FRCGP                                                                  Mrs Jean Fox
                                                            Mrs Jennifer Day                Ms Susan Ellis
Mrs Sally-Anne Butler          Mr Thomas B Coomer                                                                          R France
                                                            Mr Roger A Day                  Mr Tommy Eltis
Mr Neil Butter                 Miss Margaret A Cooper                                                                      Mr Robin G France
                                                            Mr Ian Dayes

Dr Allan G Franklin         Madam Chit E Gunn              Mr Kenneth A Hicks              Dr David S James, FRCP,         Dr Hellmuth K Kohler
                            Ms Rakhi Gupta                 Mr Christopher Higham and       FRCPsych                        Professor Takashi Kojima
Dr Duncan A French
                            Mr Robert P Haase              Mrs Julia K Higham              Mrs Rosemary M James            Dr Arnold H Kosiner
Mr Peter Frew and
Mrs Mary Frew               Dr Paul E Hadden               Mr David W Higson               Rev David E C Jardine
                                                                                                                           Mr Choy K Kwong
Miss Katharine T Friese-    Ms Chris Hadley                Mr David J Hill                 Mr Ian K W Jarrett
Greene                                                                                                                     Mr Martin L Laina
                            Dr Saleem Hafiz                Dr Geoffrey Hill                Mr Royston Jeans and
Mr Tony Frost                                                                              Mrs Lia G Jeans                 Dr Hem C K Laljee
                            Mr Howard R Hague              Mr Iain G Hill
Mrs Olga P Furby                                                                           Dr Deborah Jefferson            Mr James G Lamb
                            Mr Douglas Haigh               Mr Jeremy Hill
Mr George Fussey                                                                           Mr Michael Jefferson            Dr Stephen D Lambert
                            Mr John A Hailey, OBE, FRSA    Mr Michael J Hill
Dr David R Gabe                                                                            Mr Peter R Jefferson            Dr Rachel E M Lamming
                            Dr Steven Hajioff              Mr Richard F Hill
Mr Paul Gadsby                                                                             Professor Alec Jenner, FRCP,    Mr Michael Landen
                            Mrs Birgit I Hall              Ms Leslie Hills and             FRCPsych, and Mrs Barbara
Mr Martin Garner                                           Mr John Clifford                                                Mr David P Lang
                            Dr Celia M Hall                                                Jenner
Professor John Garside                                     Mr Colin S Hilton                                               Professor Brian E Launder
                            Mr Robert Ham                                                  Mr Howard S F Johnson
Miss Sandra Garstang                                       Mr Peter G Hilton                                               Dr Vanessa V Lawrence, CB,
                            Dr John D S Hammond                                            Mr Hugh Johnson                 Hon FREng
Mrs Patricia L Garth                                       Mr Michael J Hirst              Mr Robert R Johnston
                            Dr Rhinedd Hammond                                                                             Mr Mark Le Fanu and
Ms Jacqui Gath                                             Dr James W Hobbs and            Mrs Jane M Johnstone            Mrs Lucy Le Fanu
                            Mr William J Hampton           Mrs Suzanne J Hobbs
Mr Victor Gatti                                                                            Mr Christopher D Jones          Mr John C Leahy
                            Professor Barry Hancock, OBE   Mrs Vivian M Hodgson
Mrs Julie E Gear                                                                           Mr Gareth A Jones and           Professor Bill Leatherbarrow
                            Mrs Judith M Hancock           Mrs Helen A Holland
Miss Andrea Geoghegan                                                                      Mrs Sheila A Jones              Mr Malcolm Lee
                            Mr Kevin Hand                  Mr Richard M Holland
Mr John A R Gilbert                                                                        Mr Nicholas R Jones             Dr Mark C Lee and
                            Mr Peter R Handley and         Mrs Marilyn L J Hollis                                          Mrs Anita C Lee
Mr Philip A Gilbert and     Mrs Jane Handley                                               Mr Richard M W Jones
Mrs Janet I Gilbert                                        Mr Barry Holmes                 Mr Thomas D Jones               Dr Michael R Lee
                            Mrs Linda Hanna
Mr Tom N Gilbey                                            Mrs Helen W Holmes              Mr Trevor B Jones               Mrs Veronica M Lee
                            Mr Richard P Harbord, RIBA
Mrs Lindsey J Gill                                         Lady M L Holmes                 Mrs Sylvia M Jordan, JP         Mr Paul C Leeder
                            Mr Philip J Hardie
Mrs Susan E Gill                                           Dr Geok S Hong                  Ms Mary Joy                     Mr Ellis C Lees
                            Mrs Debra Hare
Mr John A Gittins                                          Professor Glenn D Hook          Mr Daniel P Jude                Mrs Gillian S Lelliott
                            Mr Robert Harley
Dr Terence Gladman, MBE,                                   Mr Arthur D Hooley              Mrs Alison J Justham            Mrs Ruth N Leuchars
FREng                       Mrs Barbara J Harrington
                                                           Mr David C Hopkins              Mr Maurice E Justice            Mr Gerald L Levine
Mr Ian Gleave and           Mrs Angela E Harris
Mrs Catherine Gleave                                       Mr Roy J Horner                 Mr Umran Kadir and Mrs          Dr Jeremy B Levy
                            Mrs Judith A Harrison
                                                           Dr Jacqueline P Houston, FRCR   Sophie Kadir                    Mr Christopher G Lewis
Mr Brian W Glendinning      Emeritus Professor Pauline M
                            Harrison, CBE                  Professor Peter A Houston and   Mr Aristotelis K Karavokyris    Ms Debrea Lewis
Mr Jonathan Godfrey and
Mrs Jane Godfrey                                           Mrs Julie Houston               Dr Elaine H Kaye
                            Mr Raymond Harrison                                                                            Miss Hong Liang
Mr Roger B Goodier                                         Dr Andrew A Howe                Dr Deborah M Kearns
                            Mr Nicholas L Hart                                                                             Dr Lorna J Lilly
Mr Kenneth S Goodman                                       Mrs Stella J Howe               Mr William A H Keenlyside and
                            Mr David Hartley                                                                               Mr Heng Y Lim
                                                           Mrs Susan C Howes               Mrs Margaret Keenlyside
Dr James R Goodwin          Professor Hans L Hartnagel                                                                     Mr Richard Link
                                                           Mr Martin Hoyle                 Mr David N Keeton
Dr Sheila M Gorrie          Dr Gillian M Harvey                                                                            Mrs Christine Little
                                                           Mr Peter J Hubbard, OBE         Miss Bernice D Keith
Mr Harold J Goulden         Mr Melvyn G S Harvey                                                                           Mr Hugo Llewelyn
                                                           Mr Paul I M Huddlestone         Mrs Alison J Kelley
Mrs Jean Goult              Professor Fumio Hasegawa                                                                       Miss Gwen E Lloyd-Jones
                                                           Mr Barrie Hudson, CB            Mr John R Kemp
Miss Shirley A Gover        Sir Mark Havelock-Allan and                                                                    Mr Michael A Loat
                            Lady A L C Havelock-Allan      Mr Andrew K Hug                 Mr David J Kenton
Mrs Elizabeth S Gower                                                                                                      Ms Pamela Lob
                            Dr John K Hawkins              Mr Brynley D Hughes             Mr Mark Ketteringham
Ms Susan A Grammer                                                                                                         Mrs Susan E Lockyer
                                                           Dr Keith Hume                   Mr Colin P Key
Miss Mo B Grant             Ms Jayne M Hawley                                                                              Miss Siew P Loke
Dr Trevor Gray              Mr Andrew C Hay                Dr Ceris A Humphreys            Mr Nadim Khairallah and
                                                                                           Mrs Theresa Khairallah          Dr David E Long, MBE
Mr Mark Greatrex            Dr Michael E Hayes             Mr Peter Humphries
                                                                                           Mr Sarfraz Khan                 Mr John Longstaff
Mr Charles R Green          Mr Gordon Headley              Mrs Alison Hunter
                                                                                           Ms Marisa Kilburn               Dr Diane Longworth
Mr Francis J Green          Mr Martyn R Heathcote          Mr Robert J Huntley
                                                                                           Mrs Suzan N Kilburn             Mrs Audrey W Lowe
Professor Geoff C Green     Mr Philip M Heathcote          Dr Sarah A Huntley
                                                                                           Mr Gus A J T King               Dr Ismail Lunat
Miss Geraldine F Green      Mr G Heaton and Mrs B Heaton   Mrs Anne Hurst
                                                                                           Miss Helen L A King             Mr Derek J Lyons
Mr and Mrs R Green          Mr David Hedges                Mr Edward Hurst
                                                                                           Mr James A King                 Mr Albert M Mac Hale and
Miss Karen E Greenfield     Mrs Barbara M Hedley           Mrs Janette Hurst                                               Ms Ellen Mac Hale
                                                                                           Mr James E King
Mrs Ann Greenwood           Dr Franz Hehmann               Mr Brian Hutson                                                 Dr James Macdonald and
                                                                                           Dr Rosemary L King and          Mrs Catherine Macdonald
Mr Christopher Gregg and    Mr Neil T Helsby               Mrs Vera Ibbetson               Mr David H King
Mrs Jane Gregg                                             Dr Salwa M F Ibrahim                                            Mr Bruce Macfarlane
                            Dr Edward Henderson and                                        Mr Stephen A King
Mr Ian J Greggor            Dr Sally Henderson             Dr Amelia E Iliffe                                              Ms Rosamond Mackay
                                                                                           Lady Valerie Kingman
Mrs Gillian Gregory         Mrs Jolanta T E Henderson      Mr Peter Illingworth                                            Mr Lachlan Mackenzie, MIET
                                                                                           Dr Robert M Kinsey and
Mr Martin L Grey            Mrs Cathreen M Henwood         Dr Alison J Inman               Mrs Jean G Kinsey               Mr Anthony M Maclachlan and
                                                                                                                           Mrs Eileen J Maclachlan
Miss Margaret L Griffiths   Ms Eileen B Herlihy            Mrs Judith H Instone            Dr Janet D Kirkham
                                                                                                                           Dr Clifford T Major
Dr Rosalind E Griffiths     Professor Tamara K Hervey      Mrs Jane R Ireland              Mr Clive A Knight
                                                                                                                           Mr Anthony C Malyon
Dr Helen Grote              Dr Bithiah L Heung             Mr Michael S Isherwood          Mr Anthony P Knowelden
                                                                                                                           Lt Cdr David R G Manners
Ms Jane Guaschi             Mr Peter G Hewitt              Mrs Patricia M Jackson and      Mr Alan Knowles
                                                           Dr Peter T Jackson                                              Professor Averil O Mansfield
Mr Leopold J Guerrero and   Dr Raymond Heyworth                                            Professor Lenny Koh
Ms Jennifer M Guerrero                                     Mr Alan James                                                   Mrs Diane V Mark

                                                                                                          “Having a PhD in Engineering from
Dr Gill Markham              Mr Francis E Morgan          Mr Richard J Orton                               Sheffield University has proven a
R J Marsden                  Mr Garth J Morgan            Mrs Nina Othman                                  significant advantage throughout my
                                                                                                           career and has, in my opinion, boosted
Mrs Anabel C Marsh           Mr Neville R Morgan          Professor Christopher W                          my earning potential considerably.
Mr Gregory J Marshall        Dr Ronald F Morgan                                                            It is in appreciation of this that I
Dr John S Marsland           Mr Thomas Morgan and         Mrs Gladys B Owen                                contribute to the Alumni Fund.”
                             Mrs Ruth C Morgan            Mr Martin C Page                                 Dr Mark Singleton (PhD 1986)
Mr Geoffrey J Marston, OBE
                             Ms Helen E Moriarty          Mr Seung Kyoo Pak
Dr David E Martin
                             Dr William B Morrison        Mr Mark E Palmer
Mr John C Martin
                             Mr Amyas Morse and           Mrs Eleni Pappa
Mr David N N Martineau       Mrs Louise Morse
Mrs Kathleen P Mason                                      Mr George Pappadakis
                             Mr Christopher A Moss
Dr Simon N Matthews                                       Mrs C Parker
                             Mrs Sheena F Moss
Mr William J Matthews                                     Dr Elinor S H Parker
                             Mr Terence R Mowschenson,
Mr William B Mawson          QC                           Dr Ann Parr
Mr David J May               Mr Marek Multan              Miss Elizabeth A Parry
Mr Andrew J McCall           Dr Robert Mulvaney, OBE      Dr Derek Parsons
Dr Allan R McCarthy, FRSC    Dr Roger Muncaster           Dr John G Parsons
Mrs Ann C McCarthy           Mr Toshio Murotani           Ms Judith C Parsons
                                                                                            Councillor Mike Pye, FRSA    Dr Paul Rutter and
Mr Peter McCarthy and        Mr John F Murphy             Mr M G Patch                                                   Mrs Jean Rutter
                                                                                            Dr Asad S Qazi
Mrs Jackie McCarthy          His Hon Judge Michael        Mrs Ella R Paterson                                            Mr David Ryder
                             Murphy, QC                                                     Mrs Deborah R M Rabot
Ms Lucy A McCaskie                                        Mrs Julietta Patnick, CBE                                      Emeritus Professor Eric E
                             Mr Engin Mustafa                                               Mr Leslie J Rackham, OBE     Sainsbury, OBE
Mr Shaun McConnell                                        Dr Sharon Patrick, FRCPath
                             Mr David F Naert                                               Dr Seemeen Radatz            Mr Kenichirou Saitou
Mr Stephen P McConnell                                    Mr Eric Pattison
                             Mr William H Nankivell and                                     Dr Jane R Rafferty           Dr David G Samuel
Dr Malcolm P McDonald                                     Mr Robert M Pattullo
                             Mrs Betty Nankivell                                            Mr John A Rafferty
Mrs Victoria A McDonald                                   Professor Dimitris Pavlidis and                                Mr Erling W Sanderberg
                             Mr Roger L Nash              Mrs Vasso Pavlidis                Mr Keith M M Ramsay
Mrs Esme McGee                                                                                                           Emeritus Professor Akio Sasaki
                             Dr Peter Naylor              Mrs Rachael A Pearce              Mr Michael A Rance
Mr Ian P McGrady                                                                                                         Mr Robin J Saunders
                             Dr Philip B N Neal           Professor Anne M Peat             Mr John S Rank
J A McHale                                                                                                               Mr Terry Saunders
                             Sir James Neill              Dr Clive C Peat                   Mr Christopher Rath
Mr Michael J McLindon                                                                                                    Mr Dennis Scorah and
                             Mr John H Nelson             Mrs Loraine S Pedelty             Dr Ivor R Rawlings           Mrs Joyce D Scorah
Mr Raymond T McMillan
                             Ms Sally C Neocosmos, OBE    Mrs Sheila Pendrick               Mrs Judith C Redfern         Mr Brian L Scott
Mr John T Mee
                             Dr Helen E Newall            Dr Antony N R Perera              Mrs Jennifer M Reed          Mr Christopher E Scott
Mr Adam Meeney
                             Dr Martin R Newby            Mrs Beryl S Perry                 Mrs Ruth C Reilly            Miss Elizabeth B Scott
Mr Peter H Meldrum
                             Mr Roger Newman              Ms Stephanie J Peterson           Mr Philip E Reynolds         Mr Gary Scott and
Mr John Melville and                                                                                                     Mrs Karen Scott
Mrs Hilary Melville          Dr Christopher G Newton      Mrs Elizabeth C Philipps          Mr Paul A Rhodes
                             Miss Sandra C Newton                                                                        Mr Kenneth Scott
Mr Victor M Mercer                                        Mrs Alison Phillips               Mr Neil Richardson
                             Ms Jane E Nicholls                                                                          Dr Kirsten Scott
Ms Susan A Merenyi                                        Dr Margaret R A Phillips          Dr William S Riddell and
                             Dr Arthur R Nicholson and                                      Mrs Jane E Riddell           Mr Martin J R Sealey
Miss Amy L Messham                                        Mr Robert D Phillips
                             Dr Jacqueline Nicholson                                        Mr Robert H Rigby            Dr Graham S Sellens
Dr Thomas Meyer                                           Dr David A Phipps
                             Mrs G Nicholson                                                Dr Arnold S Rinomhota        Mr Anthony Settle
Mr Peder Midttun and                                      Dr G D Jack Pickering
Mrs Maxima M Midttun         Dr Hazel C Nicholson                                           Mr Martin J Ripley           Professor Vincent Shacklock
                                                          Mr Ian Pilkington
Miss Elizabeth M Mildner     Ms Christina Nicolaou                                          Emeritus Professor Hamish    Dr Norman G Sharp
                                                          Dr Ian M Pinder                   Ritchie
Dr Lyndon Miles              Mrs Brenda Nicoll                                                                           Dr David W Sharpe
                                                          Dr Jennifer M Pinder              Mr Brian D Roberts
Mr Geoffrey F Miller         Dr Gerard M Nolan                                                                           Mr Malcolm D Sharpe
                                                          Mr David Pioli and                Mr Graham J Roberts and
Mr Leslie Miller             Mr Peter F Noonan            Mrs Elizabeth M Pioli                                          Dr Anton J Shaw and
                                                                                            Mrs Susan E Roberts
Mrs Janice Millington        Mr Kenneth J Norbury         Mrs Carol J Plows                                              Mrs Joan M Shaw
                                                                                            Dr Helen J Roberts, MRCP
Mr Derek A Mills             Mrs Susan Nuttall            Mr Leonard W Plumstead                                         Dr Stuart W K Shaw
                                                                                            Mr Mark P Roberts
Mr Michael G Milnes          Mr Philip Oaten              Ms Sarah Poland                                                Mr Watson O Shaw and
                                                                                            Mr Mark V Roberts            Mrs Shirley P Shaw
Mr Paul F Minshull           Ms Ruphine S Obare           Mrs Sarah L Pooley                Mr Quentin Robey             Mr Junji Shirafuji
Mr Pramodkumar Mistry        Dr Bartholomew A Ochia       Mr Alexander Posner               Mr G W Robinson and          Mr John E Short
Mr David Q Mitchell and      Mr Brian J O’Connor          Mr Jonathan Potts                 Mrs E G Robinson
Mrs Judith M Mitchell                                                                                                    Dr Victor Simons
                             Mr Peter J Odell             Dr Julieanna W Powell-Turner      Mr Anthony M Robson
Mrs Caroline F Mockford                                                                                                  Mrs Adrienne Simpson
                             Mr Charles M Odia            Mr John C Pratt                   Mr Peter Rogers and
Mr Hugh Molloy                                                                              Mrs Sheila Rogers            Mr Christopher V J Simpson,
                             Mr Finbar J O’Donovan        Mr Andrew P Price                                              CEng, FIMechE, MICE, FRSA
Dr Nicoletta Momigliano      Mr Christopher N Oji                                           Mrs June Rolfe
                                                          Dr Gerard A Price                                              Mr Ian Simpson
Dr Michael T Monaghan and    Mr Graham P O’Keeffe                                           Dr Monica Rorison
Mrs Mary C Monaghan                                       Mr Owen J Price                                                Mr John M Simpson
                             Mr John O’Leary                                                Mr Richard A Rostron
Mr Braxton Moncure                                        Mr Andrew Prickett, CBE                                        Professor Geoffrey D Sims and
                             Miss Jennifer S Oliver                                         Dr Ian M Rowbotham           Mrs Pamela Sims
Mrs Claire Monteith                                       Mr James D Priestman
                             Ms Zoe K Ollerenshaw                                           Ms Wendy Rowland             Mrs Valerie Sinclair
Dr Richard Moody                                          Mr David J Pritchard
                             Dr Paula O’Neill and                                           Mr Charles P Royle           Mr Ladplie Sindusopon
Dr Austen J Moore                                         Mr John A Pritchard and
                             Dr Brian Dillon              Mrs Anne S Pritchard              Professor Michael D Rush,    Dr Ute-Maria E Skiba
Mr Fred Moore                Mr J Barry Orr, MBE                                            FRSA
                                                          Mrs Andrea R D Pull                                            Professor Maurice S Skolnick,
Ms Sandra Moors                                                                             Dr Rosemary A Russell        FRS

Dr Paul M B Slate              Mr Bernard B Swithern         Mr Peter J Vaughan and         Dr Alan R Wilkinson             Ms Sarah P Colon
                                                             Mrs G M Vaughan
Mr Jonathan P Slater           Miss Doodle Symes                                            Miss Barbara A Wilkinson        Mr Francis J Cooper
                                                             Professor Gavin P Vinson
Mr Alan L Smalley              Mr Nicholas A Taub                                           Mrs Denise E Wilkinson          Mr David J Daly
                                                             Mrs Angela G von Wallwitz
Mrs Alison Smith               Mr David J Taylor                                            Ms Emma J Wilkinson             Dr Christopher Denison
                                                             Mrs Mary Wackerbarth
Mr Graham M Smith              Dr James M Taylor                                            Mr Peter R Wilkinson            Mr Martin G Euler
                                                             Mr Bernard J Waddingham and
Mr Graham Smith                Mr Michael R Taylor           Mrs Margaret M Waddingham      Mr Nigel K A Wilks              Dr Abdel Aziz Fahmy
Mrs Hilary E Smith             Dr William R Taylor           Mrs Anna Walker                Ms Jane Will                    Mr Peter G Faulkner
Mr Matthew L Smith             Mrs Catherine M Tetzlaff      Mr Howard J Walker             Mrs Marjorie J Willcocks        Dr Maria C Glennon
Mr Roger A Smith and           Mrs Rosemary Thomas           Mr Paul Walker and             Mrs Angela C Williams           Dr Edward Grant
Mrs Brenda Smith               Mr Timothy G Thomas           Mrs Sandra Walker              Mrs Barbara J Williams and Mr   Mrs Ann E Hall
Mr Stefan Smith                Mrs Julia J Thomasson         Mr Philip J E Walker           David H Williams                Mrs Ann P Hall
Mr Ciarán Smyth                Sir Richard P H Thompson      Mr Matthew Wall                Emeritus Professor David        Miss Amanda L Hayward
Dr M Cristina Sousa            Mr Steve J Thompson           Rev Seija M Wallace                                            Mr John A Heath and
                                                                                            Professor Gareth Williams       Mrs Juliet C Heath
Mr William R Souster           Dr Rachel E Thorman           Dr Patrick C Waller
                                                                                            Mrs Janet E Williams            Mrs Pauline J High
Mr Richard J C Soutar          Professor Andrew J Thorpe     Professor Trevor F Walsh and
                                                             Mrs Carol A Walsh              Mr Martin F Williams            Dr Michael J Hine
Mrs Helen Speed                Mr Roy T Thurling
                                                             Miss Alexandra C Walton        Mr Peter J Williams             Mr Peter Ho
Mr Keith Spencer               Mr Terence F Thurogood
                                                             Mr James E Walton              Mr Christopher J W Willows      Dr Adrian D Hobson, CChem,
Mr John V Spicer               Mrs Karen A Tickle
                                                             Mr Roy Walton                  Ms Joanna Wilmot                MRSC
Mr Gerald S Spinks             Ms Kathryn Tillett
                                                             Mr Ronald Warburton            Ms Cheryl-Anne Wilson           Dr Nicholas M Huckle
Mr Peter G Spinks and          Miss Elizabeth O Tinker
Mrs Joan Spinks                                              Mrs Virginia M Ward            Dr David W Windle               Mrs Jillian Hughes
                               Mr John Tissiman                                                                             Dr Alison Hynd
Mrs Patricia M Spragg                                        Mr Colin Wardle                Dr Shelagh M Winship
                               Mr Stewart B Todd                                                                            Ms Rebecca E Jackson
Mr Michael Sprot                                             Dr Stanley Wardle              Professor Desmond
                               Ms Ilana Toeg                                                Winterbone                      Mrs Kimberly Jokisch
Dr Michael Squires                                           Mr Eric W Warner
                               Mr Philip M Toft                                             Mr Michael J D Wiseman          Mr Michael King and
Dr Anthony J Stafford                                        Ms Irena Wasilewska
                               Mr Robert C Topping                                          Ms Elaine Withey                Mrs Jacqueline King
Mr John Stansfield                                           Mrs Elizabeth Wass
                               Mr Dhiraj V Tosar                                            Mr Roy Wolstencroft             Professor Paul L Knox and
Mr Richard G K Stark                                         Miss Catherine J Waters                                        Mrs Lynne Taylor Knox
                               Rev John C Travell, FRSA                                     Mr Kamshing Wong
Dr Pawel J Staszek                                           Dr June F Waters                                               Professor Sir Hans L Kornberg,
                               Mrs Helen M Trayers                                          Mr A J Wood                     FRS
Dr Terence A Stefani                                         Dr John I Watkin
                               Mr Richard G Tregea                                          Mr George M Wood                Mr Jeffrey D Kusniez
Dr G M Steiner and Professor                                 Mrs Catherine R Watson
Josephine Steiner              Mr Dale Trimble                                              Mr William J Wood               Dr Avrum I E Lapin
                                                             Mr Peter Watson
Mrs Mary F M Stephens          Dr Alan Tulley                                               Mr Francis H Woodger            Dr Marian Lauchlan
                                                             Mrs Rosalind Watson
Mr William Stephenson          Mr Peter Turnbull                                            Mrs Kathryn E Woodhouse         Miss Roseann Mark
                                                             Ms Sally Watson
Mr Peter A Stern               Professor Grenville Turner,                                  Mr Richard J Woolerton          Dr Nicholas A Meanwell and
                               FRS                           Dr David E Watt
Dr John M Stevenson                                                                         Mr Brian K Worbey               Mrs Patricia C Meanwell
                               Mr Michael I Turner           Mr Ian Watts
Mrs Christine E Stewart                                                                     Colonel Leslie Wright, TD, DL   Dr Colin G Miller, FICR
                               Dr William D Turner           Dr Donald A Webb
Professor Peter Stonier                                                                     Mr Lionel G Wright              Dr David C Molyneux, CEng,
                               Professor Sir James C E       Mrs Elizabeth M Webster                                        MIEE
Mr Robin L Story               Underwood and Lady Alice C                                   Dr Thomas F Wright
                                                             Mr Ronald S Webster                                            Mr Colin D Morris
Mr Keith F Sugden              Underwood                                                    Mr and Mrs J Wyer
                                                             Mrs Sylvia Webster                                             Dr Edward A Moses, MRCPsych
Dr Takayuki Sugeta             Miss Frances Upchurch                                        Mr Mark J Yeneralski
                                                             Dr Jan Welch                                                   Dr Margaret E D Muster
Ms Fay A Sullivan              Mr Graham A Upton                                            Mr Christopher M Young
                                                             Dr Stephen M Welford                                           Mr Gordon Nilsen
Miss Rachael J Sullivan        Mrs Doreen M Usher                                           Mr Craig J Young, CEng
                                                             Dr Janet Wells                                                 Professor Eric Oldfield
Mr Gerald Sweetman             Mr Stuart Utley                                              Miss Susan E Young
                                                             Dr Susan West                                                  Mrs Lucinda J O’Leary
Dr Ruth D Swetnam              Dr Jennifer C van Hamel
                                                             Mr Philip H Whalley                                            Dr K R Olen
                                                                                            The University of Sheffield
                                                             Mrs Sue Wharton                in America – Donors             Dr Rebecca M O’Malley
                                                             Mrs Margaret A Wheatcroft      Mr Matthew J Ambrose            Dr Jill E Parker
                                                             Mr Keith R White               Mrs Kathleen M Bailey           Mr Anthony F Poile
                                                             Professor Paul E White and     Dr Michael J Baldwin            Dr Joseph H Polifroni
“My feeling of gratitude                                     Mrs Liz White                  Mr David Banton                 Dr Lee Pullan
 towards the University                                      Ms Rachael White
 persists to this day, which                                                                Mrs Julia H Bergman             Mr Paul M Robinson
 is why I have continued my                                  Mr Timothy J White             Professor Pallab K              Mr James M Romano
 support. It is my hope that                                 Professor Colin R Whitehouse   Bhattacharya
 those currently benefiting                                                                                                 Dr Frank L Rowland and
 from scholarships in the gift                               Dr John A Whiteman             Mr David Body, FAIA, RIBA       Dr Jean MacKenzie Rowland
 of the University will share                                Mrs Elizabeth A Whitethread    Mrs Francesca M Bolton          Dr John P Rowland
 my sense of gratitude and                                   Mr John D Whitfield            Mr Jonathan J Brundrett         Mr Anthony J Ryan
 will make some return when
 their circumstances permit.”                                Mr Owen E Whitfield            Emeritus Professor John H D     Professor Ranbir S Sandhu
Dr Jack Barrott OBE                                          Mrs Judith M C Whiting                                         Mrs Stephanie H Shapiro
(BSc 1949, PhD 1952)                                                                        Mr Edward I Bryant
                                                             Dr Stanley J Whittaker                                         Dr James A Sheppard and
                                                                                            Mrs Joan E Calvert              Dr Beth M Sheppard
                                                             Dr Brian Whittington
                                                                                            Dr Margaret M Charsley          Mr Timothy M Shooter
                                                             Mr Robert R Wilberforce
                                                                                            Mr John L Cloutier              Dr Mark F Singleton
                                                             Mr Robert H Wilde

Professor C Alan Soons                                                                                                            The Donor
Mr Christopher J Spalding                                                                                                         Honour
Mr Jonathan S Spatz
Ms Bridget A St John
Mr Desmond T F Stevens                                                                                                            The Donor Honour
Ms Caroline Stockdale                                                                                                             Board records the
Mr Eric R Stones                                                                                                                  names of all benefactors
Mr Michael P Sudbury                                                                                                              to the University who
Mr John Swales                                                                                                                    have donated a gift of
                                                                                                                                  £1,000 (or $1,000) or
Dr John E Teggins
                                                                                                                                  more since 2000. It
Mr Michael H Trager                                                                                                               is located in the foyer
Dr Mervyn J Turner                                                                                                                of the award-winning
Mr Sivasubramonian                                                                                                                Information Commons,
Vallinayagam                                                                                                                      which opened in 2007.
Dr Jeffrey Wadsworth
Mr Bryan M Walker
Mr Philip C Wert
Dr Anne W West
Mr David P Whelan
Dr James B Whiteside and        Professor Richard J               Mr Michael Lynch-Bell and      Emily Weircroft Charitable       Toshiba International
Mrs Ruth A Whiteside            Carwardine                        Ernst and Young                Trust                            Foundation
Dr Jeffrey N Whitmore           Professor Robert J Cook           Mr Richard Mayson              The Enid Linder Foundation       Vanson Bourne Limited
Mr Mark H Williams              Ms Sharron A Crapper              Nosh, Sheffield                The Farah Merali Trust           Westfield Health
Mr and Mrs Arthur E Wilmarth    Dr Patrick Fairclough             Mr Sebastian Peake             Gradfinale Yearbooks
                                Mrs Christine S Franklin          Dr Trevor Richards and         The Grantham Foundation          Matched Giving
Mrs Daeneen A Wilshire                                            Ms Julie Tereshchuk for        for the Protection of the        Organisations
                                Dr Robert B Fraser                sponsoring the Austin Mixer
Mr Philip M Wright                                                                               Environment                      BP Foundation
                                Ms Debora G M Green               The Rutland Hotel
Dr Michael Yates                                                                                 The Greenside Trust
                                Ms Sally A Green                  Vito’s Italian Restaurant,
Mr Dennis Zadell                                                                                 The Greville Trust               The University of Sheffield
                                Mrs Hazel Hampton                 Walkley, Sheffield
                                                                                                 Habendum Limited                 in America – Matched
                                Mrs Rosemary Harper               Mr Dave Wickett and The Fat                                     Giving Organisations
Canada – Donors                                                   Cat pub, Kelham Island         Higher Education Careers
                                Professor Christopher                                            Service Unit                     BD
Mr William Armstrong and        Heywood
Mrs Elizabeth A Armstrong                                                                        The Hugh Neill Charity           Bristol-Myers Squibb
                                Dr Wesley S Hydes                 In Memoriam
Professor Jonathan P Baggaley                                                                    The Integrated Humanities        Chevron Humankind
and Mrs Sheila Baggaley         Mr Leon Kaplan                    Mr Graham Allen, in memory     Association
                                                                  of Mrs Rosanne Allen                                            Coca-Cola Company
Dr Andre Bazergui               Dr Linda M Kirk                                                  International Golf
                                                                  Ms Margaret Gregg, in memory   Development
Mr Gopal Bhattacharyya          Mr Kevin J Mahoney                of Gladys Malpass
                                Professor Josephine A Maltby                                     London School of
Dr Joyce Brace                                                    Mrs Hazel Hampton, in          Commerce
Mr Yiyuan Bu                    Dr Elizabeth C Murray             memory of Emeritus Professor
                                                                  William ‘Bill’ Hampton         Medella Therapeutics Ltd
Dr Doreen J Campbell            Mr Andrew J Parrett
                                                                  Dr Cynthia Phillips, in        The Millard Trust
Mr Anthony Cowley               Professor Anthony J Parsons       memory of her father Roy       Motor Neurone Research
Mr Roger K R Croft              Dr Stephen A Rolfe                Holtam                         Centre
Professor John Farley           Dr Svetlana E Sedelnikova         In loving memory of Joyce      Nabarro
                                                                  Ka Yi Wu
Mr Wenlu Feng                   Dr Christine E Sexton                                            The Nimah Merali Trust
                                                                  In memory of Dr Ian Noble
Professor Peter G Fernandez     Professor Peter E Sudbery                                        NOREC Ltd (The Keith
                                                                  In memory of Fred              Schofield Scholarship)
Mrs Susan E Gorman-Winser       Professor Andrew B Tylecote       Archer-Joy
                                Professor Lucy R Wyatt                                           Ono Pharmaceuticals
Mrs Anthea C S McLauchlan                                         Mrs Nora Greenhow, in
                                Professor Alan S I Zinober                                       The Reidler Foundation
Dr Jack Rowland                                                   memory of her dear friend
                                                                  Mrs Rose Rayner                The Robert Kiln Charitable
Dr Suppiah Senthe Shanmu                                                                         Trust
Ganathan                        Gifts in kind
                                                                                                 Rotary Club of Grimsby
Dr John E Sitch                 Mr Robert Piggot                  From the estate of
                                                                                                 The Sanita Merali Trust
Professor Sat Somers            Catalyst Higher Education         Dr Anne E Walker, FRCP, MD
                                (Sheffield) plc                                                  Schweitzer Engineering
Dr Anthony G Taylor                                                                              Laboratories, Inc
Professor David M L Williams    Opal Foundation                   Organisations                  Sheffield Institute
Dr Keith Wilson                                                   Aurelius Charitable Trust      Foundation for Motor
                                Special Thanks to                                                Neurone Disease
                                                                  The Barham Charitable
                                All swimmers who took part in     Trust                          Sheffield Medical Society
Sheffield University
Southern Africa Students        the Pro Bono Challenge            Bechtel Group Foundation       Sheffield Town Trust
Scholarship Fund                Dr Marcus Gleave, Jacqueline      The Biochemical Society        SPE Resourcing
Ms Gill Anderson                and Sally Murray, and Dr
                                Annabel Scott, sponsored          C M Keyser Charitable Trust    STAC Consultancy
Mr Paul C Blomfield             challenges for the Dr Ian Noble   DLA Piper                      Technical University of Madrid
Dr Philip A Booth               Memorial Fund
                                                                  Elsevier Ltd                   Thelma Brown Charitable
                                Jurys Inn, Sheffield                                             Trust

Widening horizons
Generous donations from alumni have increased the opportunities                                The students in Prague, with Melissa Cotsford on the left of the front row.

available to today’s students to experience the benefits of travelling
abroad as part of their coursework.
The Department of Geography has set up three bursary schemes, all funded by alumni
following an appeal during the department’s centenary celebrations in 2008: the
Geography Postgraduate Fieldwork and Hardship Bursary, the Geography Undergraduate
Field Class Bursary, and the Masters-level University Bursary. The fantastic response of
the department’s alumni means that these bursaries are being awarded over three years.

A centenary fieldwork bursary helped Margi Bryant meet the cost of carrying out
fieldwork in Kenya for her dissertation for her MA in Social and Cultural Geographies.
Her research explored the relationship between international volunteering and nature
conservation in a post-colonial context. She undertook a case study of a small wildlife
organisation which hosts fee-paying volunteers, spending a month examining the
perceptions, priorities and aspirations of international volunteers and local participants:
“Living and working as a volunteer in Kenya was a crucial part of the research, allowing
me to observe processes and relationships at close hand.” She hopes her research will
cast useful light on the rapidly growing phenomenon of international volunteering and its
potential impact on conservation agendas.
                                                                                               Margi Bryant (seated, front left) with fellow volunteers in Kenya.
In 2009, the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies received a grant of £3,000
from an anonymous graduate donor to support student travel to central and eastern
Europe. Part of the fund was allocated to an undergraduate trip to the Czech Republic
last year. The students were given short tasks to complete independently in Prague
where they visited cultural attractions, took photos and gathered information, as well as
touring important sights including the famous castle Karlstejn on the outskirts of the city.
Professor Neil Bermel commented, “It was impressive to see a group of mostly first-year
novices to the language activate their ‘book knowledge’ and cope with a range of daily
situations. It clearly boosted their motivation and self-esteem.” One of the students,
Melissa Cotsford, added, “It was great to put what we’ve learnt into practice. There was
a great atmosphere in the group and I have no doubt I will return, hopefully even more
confident to speak in Czech.”
Donation Form
Please complete the relevant sections in block capitals, and return the whole form to the
address overleaf.

In addition to Gift Aid, the Government Matched Funding Scheme adds an extra £1 to every
£3 donated, up until July 2011. Every donation we receive will now go even further to helping
our students.

  A. Gift Aid (for UK taxpayers)

  If you Gift Aid your donation, the University of Sheffield will receive an additional 25p for
  every £1 you donate.
  Please help us to increase the value of your donation, at no extra cost to you, by signing the
  Donor Declaration below.
  DONOR DECLARATION: I confirm that I am a UK taxpayer and pay Income/Capital Gains Tax
  equivalent to the amount of tax the University will reclaim on my donations. I wish the University
  of Sheffield to treat this donation and all subsequent donations as Gift Aid donations. I will notify
  the University if my circumstances change.
  Name ___________________________________________________________________________
  Address _________________________________________________________________________
  ___________________________________________________ Postcode ____________________

  Signed __________________________ Date ____ / ____ / ____

  B. My Donation – Single Gift

  • I enclose a cheque for the value of £______________ (cheque payable to ‘The University of
  •   I enclose a CAF/GAYE Voucher to the value of £______________
  • I would like to make a donation by credit/debit card. Please debit my card to the sum of
  Credit card number       
  Debit card number    
  Expiry date ____ / ____ / Issue number (if applicable) 
  Card type       MasterCard           Visa          CAF 
                  Switch/Maestro  Delta 
  Name ___________________________________________________________________________
  Address _________________________________________________________________________
  ___________________________________________________ Postcode ____________________

  Signed __________________________ Date ____ / ____ / ____
  Card security number
  (the last 3 digits on the back of your card)   

If you would like to make a regular gift please complete Section C overleaf
Donation Form
Please fill in the form overleaf and return to:

Development and Alumni Relations Office
The University of Sheffield
267 Glossop Road
Sheffield, S10 2HB

Telephone: (0114) 222 1071
Fax: (0114) 222 1044

Request further information

Please send me more information about:

 leaving a gift to the University in my Will
(NB: as the University of Sheffield is an exempt charity (X1089), your bequest will be given
free of tax and could reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax payable by your estate).

 donating stocks/shares to the University
Alternatively, you can make either a one-off or a regular donation online by credit or debit
card at

  C. Regular Gifts (Standing Order)

  Please pay The University of Sheffield the sum of:
  £ ________________ per month / quarter / year (please circle), starting ____ / ____ / ____
  until further notice
  or for ______________ years (delete as appropriate)

  Account holder name __________________________________
  Account number
  Sort code     
  To the Bank Manager of (branch name and address)
  ___________________________________________________ Postcode ____________________

  Name ___________________________________________________________________________
  Address _________________________________________________________________________
  ___________________________________________________ Postcode ____________________

  Signed __________________________ Date ____ / ____ / ____

  For Office/Bank Use: Please quote reference number
  For Office Use Only: To Lloyds TSB plc, 6/7 Park Row, Leeds LS1 1NX (Sort code 30-97-51) for the
  credit of the University of Sheffield Alumni Account (Account Number 04570191)

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