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Glogster All About Me Lesson Plan.docx - Wikispaces


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									                                                    Lesson Plan
Title of Lesson: All About Me Glogster                      Date: September         Timeframe of Lesson: 8 Lessons
Author(s): Diane Friday                                     School District: Oshkosh Area School District

Subject Area(s): Computer Technology/Literacy            Grade Level(s)/Course: Grade 4
Multiple Intelligences                                   Intrapersonal (Self) and Visual/Spatial
State Standards               Subject Specific: Literacy
http://www.dpi.state.wi.us/   LITE1.4.1 Know how to use computers to acquire, organize, analyze, and
dpi/standards/                communicate information

                                Technology Specific: http://dpi.wi.gov/imt/itlstfst.html
                                A.4.2 Identify and use common media formats (Students will use the internet and
                                computer software to organize and create an informational display incorporating
                                graphics, pictures, and sounds into a document.)
                                A.4.5 Use media and technology to create and present information (Students will plan
                                and create a multimedia presentation.)

                                Teacher Standards
                                Standard 4: The teacher understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies,
                                         including the use of technology to encourage children’s development of
                                         critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills.
                                Standard 6: The teacher uses effective verbal and nonverbal communication
                                         techniques as well as instructional media and technology to foster
                                         supportive interaction in the classroom.
                                Standard 7: The teacher organizes and plans systematic instruction based upon the
                                         knowledge of subject matter, students, and curriculum goals.

Stated Objective(s)                      The student will be able to use a digital camera to take a picture and
                                          download it to his/her document file.
                                         The student will be able to complete an “All About Me” worksheet that
                                          gives information about himself/herself.
                                         The student will be able to create a Glogster using their “All About Me”
                                          worksheet. The site will include a picture, graphics, and text. (See
                                          enrichment activities for students who have a broader knowledge of
Procedures for Lesson                1.   Review/teach the use of digital camera and instruct students to take a
                                          picture of themselves in the school environment.
                                     2.   Review/teach students how to download the picture to their individual
                                     3.   Complete the “All About Me” worksheet to gather needed information for
                                          the Glogster presentation.
                                     4.   Show students how to get into their individual Glogster accounts. Have
                                          them write their code names down in their computer folders.
                                     5.   Introduce how to use Glogster, showing students how to create the wall
                                          page, download their picture, frame the picture, add graphics, add text, add
                                          a link to a favorite webpage, add music (if able), and add video (if able).
                                     6.   Stress the use of appearance (color choices, text choices, and balance).
                                     7.   Review rubric for what will be evaluated on the Glogster.

Assessment or Evaluation        Completed Glogster with picture(s), frames, graphics, text, and link.
                                Rubric to be filled out by the student and the teacher

Enrichment                      Using Photo Story or Movie Maker to add more than one picture, adding music,
                                adding video from School Tube.

Materials                       “All About Me” worksheet, digital camera, Glogster accounts, rubric

Technology Resources            24 Computers, Internet
Alternate Activity for MI       Addition of music (could be one’s own arrangement) to Glogster.

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