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					        Iphone & Ipad App Secrets
   Creating and Selling an App - No Sweat!
                               By Charlie Gray

Disclaimer: This report is the property of Charlie Gray and may not be sold,
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              Well That's Just App-Tastic...
Can you believe how much money people are making off of the apps they
create for iPhones?

We've all heard about the creators of iShoot, iFart and other phenomenally
successful apps who literally got rich overnight. Have you ever wondered if
you couldn't do something like that?
The answer to that question is that YOU CAN. And I'm going to tell you
exactly how you can in this report with my 9 tips for creating and marketing
an iPhone App that will take the App Store by storm. But first, let's get real.

What would be your number one obstacle?

For most of us, coming up with an idea is the easy/fun part, but the thought of
translating that idea into the coding for an actual app is a bit more daunting,
especially for those of us without a lot of (or any) programming experience.

The solution that a lot of people fall right back on is to outsource the writing of
the code to an app developer. They pay a steep price up front for the app
and then work to get a return on their investment. If you are certain of your
success and have the money to invest, go for it! But...

I'm here to tell you that you don't have to go that route. You actually can
create your app on your own, no matter what your background is. If you have
a lot of time and are interested in learning something new you can find
information about how to do it online or in books on the subject of creating an

Also, you can save a lot of time, money and stress by grabbing a course
called iPhone DevSecrets that takes pretty much all of the guesswork, and
trial and error out of developing your own app. It basically walks you step by
step through the process of creating and marketing your iPhone app.

One thing I love about that course is that it is very thorough. You really don't
have to know a thing about programming. If you can work your iPhone and
are familiar with basic computer software you have everything you need.

Now, following are my 9 suggestions for how to create and market your
iPhone app for success, whatever your budget or level of experience in

Tip # 1 : The Big Idea

Of course if you are planning to make an iPhone app, chances are you
already have this part down, but you need to answer the question: What's the
big idea?

Your idea may come from a “vision” you've had for a long time, a need that
you have noticed or even be based on your use of an app that you thought
needed work.
Make sure the app is something that YOU are interested in, but also that you
can imagine other people would be excited about using either for practical
purposes or for entertainment.

Tip # 2 : Check out your competition

You may think you have the best idea in the world, but, keep in mind, there
may have been 50 people before you who thought the exact same thing.
Take a look at any apps that might be similar to your idea.

If there are not too many, review them and see if your idea trumps what
others have done. Or even look at what there is and see how you could
improve on it.

You've maybe heard that you want to be the first or the best, or better yet,
both? Well, never did that apply more than in creating an iPhone app.

If there are a lot of them, or they seem really well polished, consider starting
with a new idea.

Tip # 3 : Create the look

First you will want to design the app, which you can do on a free website such
as, where you can actually put your ideas into app form and
make it look awesome.

Tip # 4 : The hard part? Coding the app

If you want to have your app in the store ASAP, hiring an app developer is the
best way to go, especially if you are not familiar with programming.

Hopefully you've done your homework and are sure this application will be a
hit because the cost of having it coded can be pretty steep. You want to start
getting a return on your investment before the turn of the next century!

Keep in mind, though, that if you have time on your hands you can learn to
create your app for yourself. There are software programs that you can use
to create your app and some seriously helpful courses you can buy.

Tip # 5 : Test it!

Once your app is up and running, you want to do everything to make sure it
succeeds. The first thing you need to do is make sure that it works well and
is intuitive.
Ask people to try it out and give feedback on what they do and don't like
about it. You know how sometimes you've been looking around for
something, say your sunglasses, for a long time and somebody can walk into
the room and find them right away?

“New” eyes can sometimes see things you can't. Remember, you've been
thinking about and involved in your app for awhile and it can be helpful to
have some fresh users tell you what strikes them about it, good and bad.

Make any improvements you think will make it better than ever.

Tip # 6 : Spread the word

The last thing you want to do once your app is in the store is to sit around and
wait until people stumble across it! Get marketing!

There is no bad way to get out information about your app. Use social
networking sites where you can create a page for you app and join groups of
people that might be interested in your application. Use your blog, word of
mouth etc.

Think about where your target audience is likely to hang out and start hanging
out there, too. Forums where people interested in the need or interest your
app covers are a great place to start. You can spread the word in comments
or other postings.

Tip # 7 : Go toward the Lite

Assuming your app is paid, and not a free one which you plan to put ads on,
one of the best ways to get people to give your app a try is to offer a trial run.

Lite apps are versions of the full, paid application that are offered for free and
act as a sort of teaser for the app. Like sitting in the theater before your show
starts, watching a good preview where you almost wish you were watching
that full movie instead of the one you paid for.

If you decide to create a lite version of your app be sure that you make it
good enough to be useful/entertaining, but don't include so many features
that there is not really any need to get the full version. Just give a good taste
that will make people realize how helpful/fun the app is and have them
wanting more features.
Tip # 8 : Advertise

Here is another place your may have to put some cash down as an
investment but it can be very lucrative. To avoid too much risk, the best is to
start small; run a sort of test.

With Admob you can run different ads at once and test which is more
effective. You can target certain devices or countries and keep track of your
new users and ranking. As those numbers go up you can put more money
into the advertising.

Tip # 9 : Free Exposure

There are a number of great ways to spread the word without spending any
money. People are searching every day for information on new apps and
looking for reviews before they make purchases.

Search for YouTube users that review iPhone or iPad apps. Find app review
sites or bloggers who review applications. Contact them, tell them how
fabulous your app is and ask them to review it on their site.

You can also find blogs that specialize in your subject area and are likely to
have many readers interested in what you have to offer and ask them to
review your app.

There you have it! My 9 tips should get your iPhone app up, running and
making money in no time. Remember, don't underestimate the power of

Get the word out every way you can and don't be afraid to invest a little
money to see how ads can boost your sales.

Also, remember that I strongly recommend the iPhone Dev Secrets course,
which will save you a ton of money on app developing fees. You'll learn
everything you need to know to create and market your app.

What you learn can be used over and over to create as many apps as you
want until you come up with your own iShoot (or whatever) and strike it rich!

For more information about the course, click here to visit the official website.
To your success!

Charlie Gray

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