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					                IN    OUR      43RD       Y E A R O F L OYA LT Y A N D S E RVI C E

                  TORONTO BRANCH

VOLUME 43      NUMBER 2                                                              SEPTEMBER 2011

"Catherine and I are so delighted to be here in Canada. Instilled in us
by our parents and grandparents, who love this country, we have been
looking forward to this moment for a very long time - and before we were
married, we both had a longing to come here together." The Duke of
Cambridge addressed the crowd on Parliament Hill on July 1, 2011.
The couple's first overseas visit as a married couple took them to Montreal,
Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, NWT and Calgary, all in 9 days. They
then journeyed to Los Angeles.

                                                    (left) The personal
                                                    Canadian flag of the
                                                    Duke of Cambridge.

                                                    (right) The Duke and
                                                    Duchess of Cambridge
                                                    arrive in Ottawa, June
                                                    29, 2011.

Send your e-mail address           2
Chairman’s Message                 2    Some 300,000 came
                                        out to greet the cou-
Goodbye to Frances Sutherland,          ple on July 1, the
Helen Webb                         2    largest crowd ever
Weddings, April 29, July 30        3    to celebrate Can-
The Cambridge Name                 4    ada’s birthday.
                                        2011 makes the
Prince Philip at 90, HM’s 85th     5    144th year of
Royal Week Report                  6    Confederation.
Diamond Jubilee News               7
Branch Events                      8
          CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE                                              BRITISH ISLES SHOW
                                                                    Once again, Toronto Branch
Dear Members,                                                    took a booth at the British Isles
    We’ve all seen the coverage of the visit to Canada of the    Show, held on April 15, 16 and
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It was wonderful and              17 at the Queen Elizabeth Build-
flattering, if not educational. The royal couple did present     ing, Exhibition Place. The focus of our booth
                                                                 was the 90th birthday of HRH Prince Philip.
themselves as caring and concerned, and at ease with the
huge crowds. And how wonderful that a number of our
members saw them in person, in Ottawa.
    2012 will be an exciting year for us, with special events
planned to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, in
England and here. Let’s celebrate together.
   We are coming to you members at this time with a num-
ber of requests—our usual Fall appeal, the special Jubilee
Rose Garden Appeal and help to provide framed portraits
of Her Majesty. As you know the Branch does not receive
any funds from members’ annual dues, as that all goes to
                                                                The Queen signed the Letter of Consent, allow-
the Dominion office, so we are in need of your special assis-   ing Prince William to marry.
tance. We ask for a minimum $40 to help with each por-
trait. We have requests from a number of Legions and                              PASSAGES
schools, waiting to be filled.
                                                                   The Branch recently bade goodbye to two
    Note the new location of our meetings—at Blessed Sac-
                                                                valued members. Frances Sutherland died in
rament Church. Thanks to Garry Toffoli for securing the
                                                                November 2010 and Helen Webb May 8, 2011.
space for us.
In Loyalty,                                                        A pleasant gentle person with a coy sense of hu-
                                                                mour, Frances Sutherland was a committed monar-
                                                                chist, attended League events, helped with mailings
                                                                and regularly supported appeals.
                                                                   Helen Webb, as befitted the granddaughter of a
                  E-MAIL UPDATE                                 carpenter who helped build the Prince Edward Via-
                                                                duct, was also an unflinching royalist. She was nearly
    Toronto Royalist is now available on our website,           ninety-five. An executive secretary by profession, she, in full colour.                        joined the League in the mid 1970s.
    We still are seeking to gather everyone’s e-mail, to send       One of the early volunteers, Helen assisted with
out news and changes in our program.                            mailing the Branch newsletter when it involved many
                                                                hours of folding, stuffing, addressing, stamping and
   Please send Chairman Doreen Vanini a quick hello, so
                                                                sealing. In all her years as a member she helped To-
we can update our e-mail lists. Write her at:                   ronto Branch in a multitude of ways. Thank you.                                 She received the Phyllis Bousfield Branch Volun-
                                                                teer Award as volunteer of the year for 2004-2005.
                 TORONTO BRANCH                                 Independent in character and a staunch, generous per-
      THE MONARCHIST LEAGUE OF CANADA                           son with many interests and skills, Helen was active
   206D–3050 YONGE ST. TORONTO, ON M4N 2K4                      and involved to the end.
                   PHONE: 416-482-4157                              She was also a regular supporter of the League’s
                                                                associated educational charity the Canadian Royal
                                                                Heritage Trust. God Save the Queen was sung at her
                                funeral, which was attended by Branch and Trust
      Toronto Royalist is published each Spring and Fall.       members.

                                  WE CELEBRATED, TOO on APRIL 29
                    Loyal Societies Celebrate the Royal Wedding with a Reception for 250

   On Friday, April 29, 2011 in the
Duke of Westminster Pub in down-
town Toronto, some 250 gathered to
celebrate the wedding of HRH
Prince William to Miss Catherine
   The large hall of the pub was
crowded as members and friends
mingled, all in a festive mood.
   Guests enjoyed a special WC
Cocktail, ample finger foods, cham-
pagne for a toast, wedding cake, even
a bouquet to catch. Large screens
showed the wedding, which had
taken place earlier in the day.
   For the Diamond Jubilee, the
societies will work together again.

Participating societies: British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Central Region; Canadian Royal
Heritage Institute, Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area Branch; English-Speaking Union of Canada, Toronto-
Hamilton Branch; Freemen of the City of London, Toronto Branch; Monarchist League of Canada, Toronto
Branch; Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada, Toronto Branch; Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, Toronto
Branch; Royal Over-Seas League, Ontario Branch; St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto; The St. George’s Society of

  MIDDLETON COAT OF ARMS                                   ZARA PHILLIPS MARRIES ON JULY 30

                                                     Zara Philips mar-
                                                  ried her long-time
                                                  boyfriend rugby
                                                  captain Mike Tindall
                                                  in a ceremony in
                                                  Canongate Kirk in
                                                  Edinburgh on Sat-
                                                  urday, July 30. A
                                                  pre-wedding recep-
                                                  tion was held
   Michael and Carole Middleton, Kate's par-
                                                  aboard the former
ents, were granted a coat of arms to mark their   royal yacht Britan-
daughter's April 29 nuptial. Working in con-      nia, moored in Ed-
junction with an artist at the College of         inburgh.
Arms—the esteemed institution that creates            Following the
arms—the family created a lozenge-shaped          wedding, some 400
coat of arms. Three acorns represent the three    guests enjoyed a
Middleton children (Kate, Pippa and James),       dinner and recep-
and invoke the oak tree—a symbol of west          tion at Holyrood
Berkshire, where the family has lived for 30      House.
years. The division down the middle of the            There will be no
shield is a play on the Middle-ton family name,
while the gold chevron refers to Carole's
                                                  honeymoon for the      turns to her eventing training and Mike
maiden name Goldsmith.                            couple, as Zara re-    Tindall returns to his rugby schedule.

             CAMBRIDGE:                                              father Adolphus in 1850 but had contravened the Royal
        WHAT’S IN A ROYAL NAME?                                      Marriages Act. His irregular marital alliance disqualified his
                                                                     sons and grandson from ever inheriting the title. The sec-
   Canadian monarchists know – or should know – that                 ond Duke is best known to history as Commander in Chief
King George III’s son, Prince Edward later Duke of Kent,             of the Forces – the imperial army – from 1856 to 1895. As
lived in Quebec City from 1791 to 1794. One evening the              such, in 1868 he adopted the Canadian designed jack boot
Prince attended a performance at the city’s famous mario-            for servicemen. It pleased the Toronto military author
nette theatre. The theatre mounted a full-scale representa-          George Taylor Denison that the Duke culled the idea from
tion of the entire Royal Family on the boards. When Prince           his book Modern Cavalry.
Edward saw the marionette figure of his youngest brother,                The Dukedom of Cambridge vanished for over a century.
Prince Adolphus come lolloping on stage nostalgia for his            But despite the title’s brief life, the Cambridge branch of the
family overcame him. He burst into tears.                            Royal Family played a crucial role in the evolution of the
   Adolphus, the cause of this acute attack of homesickness,         Monarchy. Her Majesty the Queen may have had that in
is remembered by history as the first Duke of Cambridge.             mind when she revived the Dukedom of Cambridge for her
He was created Duke in 1801. But he was not the first per-           grandson Prince William on his wedding day, April 29, 2011.
son to be given the title. It was originally bestowed on four            What was that important role? The Cambridge mission
successive sons of the future James II by his brother King           turned out to be providing the Royal Family with one of its
Charles II. Sadly the four sons, children of James by his            most famous modern members – the Queen’s grandmother,
first wife Anne Hyde, all died in infancy.                           Her Majesty Queen Mary. The first Duke of Cambridge had
   Some years later, Queen Anne revived the Dukedom of               two daughters. The younger one was Her Royal Highness
Cambridge for Prince George, the Elector of Hanover. The             Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge. Popularly known as
Act of Settlement had made George second in line to the              ―the people’s princess‖ from her extensive charity work, or
Throne. Queen Anne’s move was to make the unknown                    more affectionately ―fat Mary‖ from her girth, this eccentric
Prince, a German Protestant who could not speak English,             but genial lady became the mother of King George V’s re-
seem less foreign. When Prince George succeeded her as               vered consort. Through Queen Mary, Edward VIII, George
King George I the Cambridge title returned to the Crown.             VI and Elizabeth II, as well as the Prince of Wales and
The Dukedom of Cambridge to that point had had little                Prince William of Wales, are all descended from Prince Ad-
chance of capturing public awareness.                                olphus.
   For the public, Prince Adolphus, the first person to be               Shortly after the Cambridge Dukedom became extinct,
known to them for a lifetime by that title, was the first Cam-       Queen Mary’s brothers Adolphus and Alexander unexpect-
bridge Duke. Adolphus was an amiable individual. He was              edly brought the name to the fore again. In 1917, the broth-
a good soldier who also had a keen interest in science and           ers had to renounce their German titles of Duke and Prince
music. And unlike his brothers he lived a modest life. The           of Teck. When they did, Adolphus was created Marquess of
high point of his existence really came when his son Prince          Cambridge by King George V and chose Cambridge as his
George of Cambridge, as the only legitimate grandson of              surname and that of his descendants. His younger brother
George III, was briefly – for two months – the sole Heir to          Alexander adopted the surname Cambridge too and was
the Throne of his generation. The birth of Princess Victoria         created Earl of Athlone. The Cambridge family had been
in 1819 quickly changed that.                                        very popular. Reintroduction of their name was widely ap-
   Adolphus’ single major public office was his appointment          proved.
as Governor General of the Kingdom of Hanover. From                      From 1940 to 1946, the younger brother, the Earl of Ath-
1816 to 1837 he represented successively his father King             lone held the post of Governor General of Canada.
George III and his brothers King George IV and King Wil-             Throughout the Second World War Canadians had Cam-
liam IV in the north German realm. His role came to an end           bridges living among them. The Earl of Athlone; his wife,
when the Hanoverian Crown separated from that of the                 Her Royal Highness Princess Alice of Albany; their daughter
Empire on the accession of Queen Victoria. As a woman,               Lady May Cambridge (by then Lady May Abel Smith); and
Victoria was not entitled to succeed to the Hanoverian               the latter’s three children were all at Rideau Hall. Those six
Throne under the country’s Salic law. The Duke of Cum-               years, though they were hard and tragic, were one of the
berland, an older brother of Adolphus became King instead.           happiest ―residences‖ by Royal Family members Canada has
   The muted public life of Prince Adolphus explains why             experienced.
his geographical presence in Canada is minimal. Apart from               The Queen’s choice of Duke of Cambridge as the title for
Adolphustown in Ontario, the only other places named for             Prince William of Wales, second in line to the Throne, has
him are Cambridge Bay in Nunavut and Cambridge-                      brought a chapter of Royal family history virtually forgotten
Narrows in New Brunswick.                                            back to light. If it is not a well known one, it deserves to be
   The Dukedom of Cambridge proved to be short lived. It             and from now on may be better appreciated. Certainly the
died out with the second Duke in 1904, a century after its           title Cambridge for the newly married royal couple is one
creation. Prince George of Cambridge had succeeded his               Canadians welcome as having special significance for them.
                                                                                                                   Arthur Bousfield
                          SPECIAL HONOUR FROM THE QUEEN

                                                       (Left) The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh with the Dean of
                                                       Windsor, Very Reverend David Conner, after a service to mark His
                                                       Royal Highness’s 90th birthday, St George's Chapel, Windsor Cas-
                                                       tle, Berkshire on 12 June 2011.

                                                         At a private luncheon, Her Majesty made the Duke LORD
                                                       HIGH ADMIRAL. An official ceremony will be held in the future.

                                                       (Below ) The Duke of Edinburgh with a home-made birthday card
                                                       that was given to him by the Action on Hearing Loss charity
                                                       (formally Royal National Institute for Deaf People), of which he is
                                                       Patron, during a reception to mark its Centenary at Buckingham
                                                       Palace, London on 10 June 2011.

                 HER MAJESTY’S 85th BIRTHDAY
             Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada
                   on the occasion of Victoria Day
May 22, 2011 Ottawa, Ontario
―Tomorrow, I will join Canadians across the country in the official cele-
bration of the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of
―On Victoria Day, we pay tribute to the life and leadership of The Queen
and reflect on the close friendship Canada enjoys with the United King-
dom. Canada’s British heritage has been pivotal in shaping our country’s
identity and many British traditions and institutions remain an integral
part of our culture.
―Canada holds the Royal Family in very high esteem and is looking for-
                                                                             The Queen’s exemplary service as Canada’s
ward to welcoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they embark
                                                                             Head of State.‖
on a tour of Canada from June 30 to July 8, their first overseas tour as a
married couple.                                                              ―On behalf of Canadians, I am pleased to ex-
                                                                             tend our best wishes to Her Majesty The
―Mounting excitement for Her Majesty’s upcoming Diamond Jubilee –
                                                                             Queen and all people who will be celebrating
which will be celebrated in Canada throughout 2012 – is a testament to
                                                                             this special day.‖
                                             TROOPING THE COLOUR

In London, The
Queen and mem-
bers of the Royal
Family greet the
crowd gathered for
the annual Troop-
ing the Colour
ceremony on June
11, which marked
the Queen’s
official birthday

                                                ROYAL WEEK 2011

 Photos: Doug DesRoches
    This year our Royal Week luncheon was held in the          role of the speakers and his various meetings with members
beautiful main dining room of The Albany Club. With its        of the Royal Family.
high ceilings and stained glass windows, the room was per-         He came with a pen for each guest, as well a lovely golden
fect for our reception, silent auction and luncheon. As in     mace pin, the symbol of the office.
the past, the Dalyma Trio provided the music.                      Speaker Peters has been a great friend of the Branch; we
    Guest speaker Hon. Steve Peters, Speaker of the On-        wish him well in his future endeavours, as his term as
tario Legislature, spoke to us about his time in office, the   Speaker is over.

                                                    A FINE DAY AT

                                                   The Queen’s Birthday
                                                Classic Race was won by
                                                Euphrasia, by a good mar-
                                                gin. A few members of the
                                                Branch presented our gift
                                                of a handsome stable blan-
                                                ket and a portrait of Her
                                                Majesty. Horse owners, the
                                                Russells, were very pleased
                                                with the portrait, telling us
                                                they are monarchists, too.
                                                    The race was held on a
                                                beautiful sunny day on Sat-
                                                urday, May 21. Our mem-
                                                bers and guests enjoyed the
                                                ample buffet and wine

                               THE QUEEN’S DIAMOND JUBILEE 2012
   A ''tender'' new portrait photograph of the Queen and the Duke of Edin-
burgh sitting together at their Windsor Castle home was unveiled today. The
portrait, commissioned to mark the Queen's forthcoming Diamond Jubilee,
shows the monarch wearing a mint-coloured dress, seated with Prince Philip in
the castle's Green Drawing Room.
   It was taken by German artist Thomas Struth on April 7 this year and also
marks the Duke's 90th birthday earlier this month.
   The picture is to go on display at the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh
tomorrow, part of its touring exhibition The Queen: Art & Image.
   It is the first double portrait of the couple to be commissioned by the Na-
tional Portrait Gallery, London, and the first portrait of the Queen since John
Wonnacott's Royal Family group painting in 2000. James Holloway, director of
the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, said: ''I have no doubt that Thomas
Struth's impressive and tender portrait of Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal
Highness the Duke of Edinburgh will be seen as one of the definitive images of
the Royal Family.        From The Telegraph, June 25 2011

                                                            JUBILEE STATUE for WINDSOR CASTLE

                                                       Designs for a statue to honour the Queen in the 60th year of her reign
                                                   have been chosen for Windsor. Caroline Basra, 14, won a competition to
                                                   create a sculpture for the diamond jubilee celebrations in 2012.
                                                       The monument will be displayed close to Windsor Castle in King Ed-
                                                   ward's Court and has been described as "very imaginative", by judges. It
                                                   is hoped the new statue will become as popular as the jubilee statue of
                                                   Queen Victoria in Castle Hill.
                                                       The committee behind the tribute also hope the Queen will inaugurate
                                                   the statue when it is finished.

                                            THAMES JUBILEE FLOTILLA
    The Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, on 3 June            hythe.
2012, will be one of the main events of a four-day bank        Their peals will be answered and echoed by chimes from riv-
holiday weekend marking her 60-year reign.                  erbank churches along the route.
    The Queen will head the fleet of 1,000 vessels,
which will include vessels from the UK, Common-
                                                                 TORONTO BRANCH JUBILEE EVENTS
wealth, and around the world. This is the first major
public event marking the jubilee to be announced.
    The flotilla is expected to be seven-and-a-half miles        Besides our regular meetings
long and feature a mix of private and commercially           this season, there will be special
owned historic and modern boats - ranging from row-          events to mark Her Majesty’s Dia-
ing boats and sailing ships to steamers, wooden              mond Jubilee.
launches and larger motorised craft. The public will         * Unveiling of the new Jubilee
take part with their own vessels.                            Rose Garden at Queen’s Park
    Eight New Bells
    The flotilla will be made up of five sections each       * Dinner Dance with other Loyal
separated by a "herald barge", the first of which will be    Societies
a floating belfry of eight new bells cast by the White-
chapel Bell foundry in east London and commissioned          * Other events, still in the plan-
by the 17th Century City Church of St James Garlick-         ning stages.

                                                                            EVENTS OF
                BRANCH MEETINGS
                                                                  CANADIAN ROYAL HERITAGE TRUST
                                                                     ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION
             Meetings begin at 7:30 PM,
             followed by refreshments.                              Members are encouraged to join these events.
                                                                  CANADIAN ROYAL HERITAGE TRUST
      Blessed Sacrament Parish Hall                               416-482-4909 or for more details
24 Cheritan Avenue, on west side of Yonge St.
One block south of Yonge St. & Lawrence Ave.                       "Monarchy 2020" monthly presentations on
Elevator Entrance on north side of building, through                     the future of the Canadian Crown
                 small parking lot.                                Fealty Heritage Centre, 3050 Yonge Street (at
                                                                                   Lawrence Ave)
          Friday September 16, 2011                               September 19 to 24; October 17 to 22; Novem-
            Speaker: John Higgins,                                        ber 21 to 26; December 12 to 17
        former Chef of Buckingham Palace                            Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Tuesday,
On his career path from Scottish cook to preparing                       Thursday & Saturday at 2:30 p.m.
           banquets for heads of state.
                                                                   Canadian Royal Heritage Awards Dinner
           Friday November 11, 2011                               Duke of Westminster Restaurant's Grand Hall
                 Remembrance Day                                  (First Canadian Place, 77 Adelaide Street West)
       Speaker: Richard Fiennes-Clinton                           Saturday 29 October, 6:00 p.m. for 7:00 p.m.
      Visual Presentation on ‘Georgian Toronto’
                                                                        ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION
     AGM & Tea Saturday January 14, 2012                                           OF CANADA
       11:30 AM Vote for Executive, Board                         416-482-2897 or for
      12 Noon: Tea and Speaker $25.00                             further details of events
             Nathan Tidridge, author of                                    Afternoon Tea and Speaker
        ‘Canada’s Constitutional Monarchy’                          (author David Beasley on Major Richardson
He presents the Canadian Crown as a colourful and                              and the War of 1812)
 unique institution, exploring its history from its be-               Toronto Cricket Club (141 Wilson Ave)
ginnings in fifteenth century English exploration and                    Saturday 10 September, 2:00 p.m.
sixteenth century New France, as well as its modern
 relationships with First Nations, Honours, Heraldry,              Shakespeare on the Platform Competition
         and the day-to-day life of the country.                               for High Schools
  He teaches Canadian history and government at                        Arts & Letters Club (14 Elm Street)
           Waterdown District High School.                               Friday 16 November, 6:00 p.m.


    A number of you have received letters of appeal for our Special Jubilee
Rose Garden. This is for a third garden, to be located next to the existing Sil-
ver and Golden Jubilee Rose Gardens planted to honour Her Majesty’s mag-
nificent reign. The design and space for the new Diamond Jubilee Garden has
been laid out, and we are in the process of designing the plaque.
    We ask for your generosity in answering our appeal for funds for the 60
rose bushes and the plaque, so we may continue to show our loyalty to the
Crown to the many thousands of visitors to Queen’s Park, and to provide a
beautiful spot for photos and reflection. The gardens and our maple tree,
planted to honour the 60th wedding anniversary of Her Majesty and Prince
Philip are located in a perfect spot—just outside the office of the Lieutenant
Governor. The appeal form follows.

       Donation Form                      BRANCH APPEAL                         Fall 2010/Winter 2011
Toronto Branch is financed by two annual appeals to its members. It receives no portion of membership fees or subsidies
for its work and activities from the Dominion level.

NAME ___________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________________________

CITY __________________ CODE ____________ TEL ____________E-MAIL_______________________________

DONATION: $ ___________

Please mail cheque to The Monarchist League of Canada, Toronto Branch, 3050 Yonge Street, Suite 206D,
Toronto, Ontario M4N 2K4

     Donation Form                      PORTRAIT DONATION                                           Fall 2011

NAME ___________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________________________

CITY __________________ CODE ____________ TEL ____________E-MAIL_______________________________

DONATION: $ ___________

Please mail cheque to The Monarchist League of Canada, Toronto Branch, 3050 Yonge Street, Suite 206D,
Toronto, Ontario M4N 2K4

        Afternoon Tea at Branch AGM, Saturday Jan. 14, 2012                                    Winter 2012

NAME ___________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________________________

CITY __________________ CODE ____________ TEL ____________E-MAIL_______________________________

Number attending _____ x $25.00 = Cheque for $ ___________

Please mail cheque to The Monarchist League of Canada, Toronto Branch, 3050 Yonge Street, Suite 206D,
Toronto, Ontario M4N 2K4

                       Toronto Branch Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Project                                         2012
                            Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Rose Garden
NAME _________________________________________________________________________________________


TEL _______________________________________ E-MAIL_____________________________________________

I would like to donate to the Toronto Branch Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Project, and enclose my
cheque made out to the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust for the amount of $ ______________

To obtain an income tax receipt, your cheque MUST BE MADE OUT TO THE
Please mail cheque to The Monarchist League of Canada, Toronto Branch, 3050 Yonge Street, Suite 206D,
Toronto, Ontario M4N 2K4

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