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CFA Society of Iowa - Career Resources - Iowa Society


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									               Employment Resources for Investment Professionals

The CFA Society of Iowa recognizes the difficult employment environment faced by its members and
member companies. The following resources are available to support members looking for
employment opportunities in our local community or across the nation.

CFA Institute Resources

The CFA Institute is currently allowing members who have recently become unemployed to apply for
“retired” status in order to receive a reduced membership fee. For more information, please see the
following CFA Institute webpage: http://www.cfainstitute.org/memresources/members/index.html

Other resources available through the CFA Institute include:

   Resources for conducting a focused and organize job search:

   Job Search Strategies: https://www.cfainstitute.org/memresources/career/events/index.html

   Resume posting on JobLine (a site searched by employers): http://delicious.com/CFAInstitute.

   CFA Society of Minnesota Career Conference, March 27th:

Employment Firms

   Midwest Search Group – Joe Steer (453-2314, www.midwestsearchgroup.com)

Largest Employers of CFA Society of Iowa Members

   AEGON USA Investment Management                          www.aegon.com
   Aviva Capital Management                                 www.avivausa.com
   FBL Financial Group                                      www.fblfinancial.com
   Federal Home Loan Bank                                   www.fhlbdm.com / www.fhlbanks.com
   Principal Financial Group / Principal Global Investors   www.principal.com
   WB Capital Management                                    www.wbcapitalmanagement.com
   Wells Fargo                                              www.wellscap.com / www.wellsfargo.com

Other Employment Resources

   Pensions & Investments – Worldwide Asset Manager Lists: www.pionline.com

CFA Society of Iowa                                                                          2/19/09

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