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IN THE CLIENTS WORDS by linxiaoqin


									     IN THE

“It has been a pleasure to work with PARAGON 360 in creating a completely new worship center for our
church. Their professional ingenuity created a completely unique product for our church. I was extremely
pleased with the way they used their creative abilities to match our own environment.”
Carl Setterlind, Worship Pastor, Biltmore Baptist Church, Asheville NC

"We welcomed Donnie Brawner to our production staff in 2001, and he has been an absolute God Send to
what we are doing here at Prestonwood Baptist Church."
R. Todd Bell, Minister Of Music & Worship, Prestonwood Baptist Church

“During my first experience with Paragon, I was concerned about quality. But they deliver an impeccable
product! Paragon is never satisfied with where they are. They are always steeping up their game and creating
new and innovative ways to make things happen for the church. The difference is, they really do care.”
Mark Maier, Assoc Pastor Of Worship/Music, FBC Rogers, AR

“From the initial meeting to the completion of our project your firm went above and beyond, within budget and
on a difficult timetable. Your coordination efforts were incredible and you made us feel like we were a high
Kim Noblitt, Associate Pastor Of Worship Ministries, FBC Springdale AR

"Sherwood Baptist Church has the utmost respect for the team at PARAGON. They will provide you with quality
solutions, the best customer service in the country and have a real heart for the church. They truly get it."
Mark Willard, Worship Pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church, Albany GA

"Confident, creative, cool under pressure and committed to quality performances. That describes Donnie
Brawner and his approach to every show he's directed for us. Thanks for being such a strong partner to the
Ranger family!"
David Sneed, Advertising Director, Ranger Boats

“Brawner & Associates went above and beyond with their design and technology to help us achieve the
potential at our new Fayetteville Campus. Their flexibility and their desire to support our ministry over the last
decade make’s the relationship highly satisfying.”
Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Pastor, Crosschurch

“We had a client that required a two million dollar plus sanctuary renovation, which included a replacement of
the existing stage and an upgrade to the video and lighting system, all provided by PARAGON 360. This project
was started in late spring with the work being completed during the summer. PARAGON 360 was critical to the
success of the project and exceeded MG&A and the churches expectations. We look forward to working
with them again in the near future.”
Rob Flaherty, Director of Construction Operations, MG&A

“I truly recommend their services to anyone. Rest assured that you will be working with people of great integrity,
knowledge, and professionalism.”
Josh Moore, Worship Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lake St. Louis
     IN THE

“We are very pleased with the recommendations and the work done here. It works just as you said it would. It
was a pleasure working with you and your entire staff of professionals. I only wish that we had known about
your team nine years ago!”
Terry Nelson, AV Director, Michigan Conference of Seventh Day Adventist

"When preparing to design our new worship facility, we were looking for a company that could do it all: sound,
lighting, stage design, video, sets & acoustics. Brawner and Associates not only met, but exceeded our
expectations in all of these areas. They were crucial to the success of our project."
Timothy Neptune, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Marco Island, FL

"We thank you…for this tremendous effort and very successful results of a brilliant show. Tourists continue to
rave over this presentation and sing your high praises. Thanks for taking the time to give us and the crossings a
nightly performance that people come to Mackinaw to watch."
William R. Shepler, Sheplers Mackinac Island Ferry

"I’ve been impressed with your depth of technical knowledge and your ability to communicate your specialized
designs with the owner representatives. The owner felt they could trust your recommendations and design. I
know that we’re in good hands when we have your design team on board. Ittner appreciates the ability to work
with Donnie Brawner as a team member in the design process."
Carolyn Green, Architect, William B. Ittner Architectural

“PARAGON 360 is really able to think with the same mindset of those of us in ministry applications. Their
understanding and experience of our somewhat unique niche in the production world gives me a sense of relief
on a major project like this. When you trust someone, the project goes a lot smoother!”
Bryan Bailey, Media Director, Church At Pinnacle Hills

"We wouldn’t even consider a project like this without you and your team making sure everything is on target, on
budget and on time. I know you didn’t have to go the extra distance, but you did. You have spoiled us!"
Denny Hilton, Hilton & Associates Entertainment Consulting

"These guys are a leading force in designing for churches "right." Donnie and his group worked cooperatively
with our church staff, listened and responded accordingly to our needs. The end result of their work will greatly
enhance any worship environment or production. I highly recommend them to anyone serious about doing it
Buster Pray, Associate Pastor Of Worship, Crossgates Baptist Church

"The proof of the quality of their work was shown in our first service. The new systems helped take us to a new
level in our services. Our worship experience has been enhanced, our congregation participates more, and the
mood is better because of the level of excellence of the presentation. I am so glad that we followed their
recommendations and now I can't imagine doing a service without the environment they helped create."
Ritchie Miller, Pastor Avalon Church
     IN THE

"I have worked with Donnie Brawner on four major theatre projects and I would not do another one without
him. His firm is readily available to their client, follow through with excellent results in a timely manner and make
safety a top priority in their design. I trust them to provide me with educated and honest information I can count
Gary Blaylock, Fine Arts Coordinator, Rockwood School District, St. Louis, MO

“I never dreamed that a hockey rink could be transformed into such a powerful production but you made it
happen in Odessa Texas! They worked with my team in ways I’ve never seen. When an area of the show was
going over budget, they went back to the drawing board and came up with an alternative that kept us alive. I
think Donnie Brawner runs the finest design team I have worked with in my 37 years of ministry."
Curtis Brewer, Minister Of Music, First Baptist Church Odessa Texas

"As creator-director of many live stage shows over the last 25 years, I can definitely recognize a skillful,
artistically creative lighting designer when I see one, and Donnie Brawner is one of the best I've ever worked
with. I really appreciate his dedication to understanding my creative desires, and then adding his own originality.
He is a true collaborator."
Michael Meece - Producer/Director, The Savannah Theatre

"Donnie Brawner is the ONLY solution for my projects because of their dedication to seeing a project through to
completion. Not only do they provide the highest quality services, but their work is a vital part of the TOTAL
Audience experience!"
Greg Pierce, Vice President, Flagler Productions, Inc

"As of this year, the integrity, leadership and creative talents of Brawner & Associates has led us to hire Donnie
and his team to oversee the management of the entire production."
Cyndi Nine, Production Manager, Dallas Christmas Festival

“Paragon 360 opens up the door to possibilities. When they walk into a room, they see things you don’t and
they find cost effective ways to make things happen. The possibilities are endless with Paragon.”
Mark Maier, Assoc Pastor Of Worship/Music, FBC Rogers AR

"The virtual lighting and sun study provided by Brawner has given us the confidence and knowledge we need to
proceed unabated into this new form of church worship. We feel that Donnie has put us on a track of originality
and creativity that is missing in many modern worship services."
Josh Stanbery, Worship Pastor, The Church At Pinnacle Hills

"The relationship from start to finish has been exceptional. PARAGON 360 worked hand in hand with our
church design team, architects, engineers, and general contractor to bring the project to completion, on budget
and ahead of schedule with over a thousand miles between us."
Timothy Neptune, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Marco Island, FL.
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“Brawner always follows through with whatever they say, going the extra mile to ensure that we are satisfied
with the final product. They are completely original, not taking the cookie-cutter approach to any of his work.
We will definitely be using Donnie Brawner and Associates for our future development of sets and designs.”
Carl Setterlind, Pastor Of Music & Worship, Biltmore Baptist Church

"I deeply appreciate the opportunity in working with you and I respect the professionalism in which you provided
to create a terrific piece of entertainment and something everyone is very proud of."
Dean Unkefer, Special Promotions, Inc, Executive Producer

"You had a few suggestions for improving the overall lighting concept of our show, I had no idea how exciting
these changes could be. Let me also thank you for being so professional on every aspect of this event, from the
bidding process to the load in & setup to the actual show itself."
Mary Ann Bybee, Executive Director, Miss Missouri Scholarship Program

"Your work, both in the initial pre-production and during the run was exemplary, and added a great deal to the
show's success. The example that you set in managing the myriad concerns and obstacles you were faced with,
and your willingness to work to maintain a high level of communication with all parties was the epitome of
Peter Muste, Producer, Radio City Productions,

“Our project with Brawner and Associates is one of the marquee projects for mg&a. The work provided by
Brawner was first class and met and exceeded ours and the churches requirements in every case.”
Rob Flaherty, Director of Construction Operations, MG&A

“Paragon came in here and made some serious upgrades to our facility before we even got it open. My only
regret with Paragon is that we did not use them for the design of the whole entire sanctuary.”
Mark Maier, Assoc Pastor Of Worship/Music, FBC Rogers AR

“The lighting glamorized each drop, the built scenery and the flow of the scene changes. Your timing with mood
changes & musical score was excellent. The lighting of the Dallas Christmas Festival was simply the best I have
seen in many, many years. In looking at the total production, you managed to tie it together with a very special
artistic gift."
Peter Wolf – President, Wolf Scenic Inc,

“When I saw Donnie’s work with various productions, I asked him to join our production design team for our
new show. He worked closely in design with Jack Regis and myself to create a great product. We were very
impressed with his level of technical knowledge, his creativity and his dedication to pleasing us.”
Louise Mandrell,

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