Fundraising AFJROTC Fundraising Communication by linzhengnd


              Fundraising                            Communication

        Each year we do fundraising to          Communication is important and
help with operational expenses, Cadet    this year we have decided to do some
trips, Instructor and classroom needs.

Some of the fundraising events coming
                                         extra things to make sure that every
                                         person has the ability to know what we
                                         are doing.
up this school year are:
    Ostrich Festival
    Change Wars
                                              We now have our own website:
    Dog Tags
    Huskie Bracelets                      The website will have a lot of useful
    Chick-fil-a                              information on it to include:
    Car Wash
    Krispy Kreme                                     Newsletters
    And many more                                   Meeting Dates
                                                    Photo’s of Events
                                                   Meeting Agenda’s
                                                    Meeting Minutes
                                                  And much, much more

                                                 Make sure to check it often for
                                         all our current and upcoming activates.
                                                                                   A Parent’s Guide
                                                                                     to AFROTC
             Who we are                        Meet Your Booster Club Board                       Ireland Trip 2012
      We are a group of parents that                                                          The AZ-862 AFJROTC group has
work together to help out the              President- Cindy Fairbrother                been invited to do the Color Guard in
AFJROTC AZ-862 at Hamilton High            Email-                  Ireland for the Hamilton High School
School. The board members are parents                                                  football game.
of Cadets that are or were in the          Vice-President- Kristy Clark
AFJROTC AZ-862.                            Email-                      This is a once in a lifetime
                                                                                       opportunity for 6 lucky cadets. We the
       We meet once a moth as a group      Treasurer- Martha Weisman                   booster club are assisting them in
on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in        Email-                  raising the money for them to go. Our
G104 at the High school. All parents of                                                goal is to raise $28,000 dollars. We
a cadet are welcome to come and we         Secretary- Micki D’attomo                   have already raised enough to pay the
encourage you be a part of the group.      Email-                  initial deposit but have a long way to go
       If your cadet is like so many
others and sometimes forgets to tell              All of us are very committed to             We are asking all cadets and
you things, then our group can help. At    the Booster Club. We are so committed       their parents to help raise the funds.
the meetings we discuss many things to     to our group that we even had meetings      We have many fundraisers that we are
include what the Cadets are doing and      throughout the summer to prepare for        working on to achieve our goal. We
their upcoming events.                     this school year.                           understand that all of us are very busy
                                                                                       but there are things that you can do
       It’s a great way to meet new                We don’t consider ourselves just    that take very little time. One of the
people and form new friendships. It        board members but good friends as           easiest is tax donations. We will be
only takes coming to one meeting and       well. Please feel free to contact any one   sending a copy of the form home for all
your hooked. While our main goal is to     of us with any questions you have.          of you. Please feel free to ask friends
discuss items that are important, we                                                   and family to help.
manage to have a good time too. You
never know what to expect from Master
Sgt or Col. They keep us guessing all
the time.

      We hope to see you all there!!!!!!

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