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					          Pastor’s Message                    Jesus in conflict with the Pharisees about
                                              Sabbath-keeping, centers the dispute not
I spent my recent sabbatical focused on       in whether to keep Sabbath, but in how to
Sabbath, through experience and study.        keep Sabbath—in a way that honors
Before I left, many of you had shared your    God’s intention to bring wholeness to our
thoughts, memories, and questions about       neighbor, ourselves, and indeed, to all of
Sabbath keeping, and I know that during       creation.
my absence, some of you have engaged in
a book study on Sabbath, as well as           Perhaps we can learn something from the
ruminating on the topic in various ways. I    Jewish practice of keeping a ―Sabbath
trust that in the coming weeks and            box‖ in our homes. Into the Sabbath box
months, we will create some opportunities     goes whatever one needs to ―let go of‖ in
for both structured and informal              order to truly be at rest. There it is kept
conversation about Sabbath, and what it       safe and doesn’t get lost… and is ready to
might mean for us who are ―spiritual          pick up again when Sabbath ends.
heirs‖ of some key Jewish understandings      Although at the time, I had been unaware
of Sabbath keeping (through our shared        that I had tapped into this tradition, at the
body of scripture, which Christians often     beginning of my sabbatical, I had
call the ―Old Testament‖), and of Jesus’      purposefully removed my church key
re-claiming of Sabbath from its misuse in     from my key ring and set it aside in a safe
his own day, as well as of many centuries     place where I would find it again—an
worth of history, theology, and practice of   intentional, prayerful, purposeful ―letting
Sabbath keeping. As an entry point into       go‖ for the duration of my sabbatical….
all this, here are some of the ―Sabbath       followed by an intentional, prayerful, and
things‖ I’ve been thinking and learning       purposeful re-placing of that key back on
about as I emerge from my sabbatical          my key-ring on the morning I resumed my
experience.                                   place here at Holy Trinity.

Sabbath comes to us as gift, not demand.      Keeping Sabbath does take some
In the creation story in Genesis 1, God’s     preparation. (Most of us can’t ―just stop‖
final act of creation is…rest! Creation is    for any length of time without getting
not ―finished‖ until God rests on the         ready in advance.) Perhaps a first step
seventh day. The Bible’s Sabbath-related      toward ―keeping Sabbath‖ is engaging in
commandments are aimed, not at                some honest self-reflection of what one
legalistically deflating anything and         needs let go of, or do differently, in order
everything that’s fun (although some          to enter into the spirit of Sabbath. This, I
people throughout history have been adept     think, involves both personal discernment,
at turning them into that), but to create     and some playful experimentation. Your
space and time for us to embrace God’s        idea of ―work‖ might be my idea of ―rest‖
gift of rest. The gospels’ depiction of       and vice versa—after all, I’m the one who
spent some ―Sabbath time‖ during my           Sunday Morning Adult Education
sabbatical bicycling in the Yukon!) It                  “Faith at the Table”
may take some trial and error, coupled
with time for prayerful reflection to         Jan. 3   Epiphany – No classes
discover just what one needs to let go of              Single Worship service at 10 AM
(and to ―pick up‖) in order to receive
Sabbath as a gift, and to practice Sabbath    Jan 10   All Church Focus – Baptism
time in a way that honors God, yourself,               Prayer Shawl Ministry (page 5)
and one another. Sabbath time is a gift
that takes practice, intentionality, and      Jan. 17 To be announced!
growing into! May Sabbath be a gift that
we can all welcome and come to enjoy          Jan. 24 Advocating Congregations
more fully!                                           (see page 6)
                                                       Brainstorming ―The Arts‖ at
In Christ,
                                                       Holy Trinity (see page 3)
Pastor Julie
                                              Jan. 31 To be announced!

       “Pennies For Peace”                    Also, in Room #301 upstairs- Faith &
    Epiphany Sunday, January 3                Society: PBS’ Religion & Ethics
        10:00 AM Worship                      program: a weekly discussion group that
                                              views a current event video that sparks
The Sunday School classroom ―Pennies          lively conversation.
for Peace‖ containers are filling up. If
you have been collecting pennies, bring
them to worship on Epiphany Sunday,
January 3rd. Pennies will be gathered and           Children’s Sunday School
collected during worship. Just like the           resumes the regular schedule
kings arriving in Bethlehem with their
gifts, we too can bring our gifts (pennies)        on January 10th at 9:45 a.m.
to celebrate the newborn King!

               Preschool                        Brianstorming “The Arts” at
  Jesus loves children and we do too!!!                 Holy Trinity
Bells were our instrument of choice as we          January 24 at 9:45 AM
prepared for Christmas. We sang and          Do you have a passion for drawing,
played about the joy of Jesus’ birth. Our    painting, dancing, music, drama, design –
focus for December was learning about        or anything else? Would you like to see
the miracle of Jesus’ birth and the many     more of The Arts at Holy Trinity? Please
angels that told of his coming and told of   come to a ―brainstorming‖ session during
his birth. We made pine cones and candy      the Education hour between services on
cane ornaments for the tree.                 January 24. Bring your ideas for what
Our Christmas parties were wonderful.        you’d like to see more of in the way of
Thanks to all the parents who continually    The Arts in our congregation – no idea or
up lift our preschool. Also, thanks to the   suggestion will be dismissed! This will be
HTLC staff for your support and              an ―exploratory‖ meeting – no long-term
encouragement. Happy New Year!               obligations, just your ideas. Please come!
                                             (If you’re unable to attend, please feel free
Peace,                                       to contact Bonnie Christianson with your
                                             idea(s):, 452-5238.)

            Z’s Green Tip                               Radio Broadcast
              By Zorba Stricker                         Sponsors Needed
 A challenge for the new year – replace      The 2010 chart is on the bulletin board in
 one roll of toilet paper with a recycled,    the lobby. The cost is $50.00 per week.
non-chlorine bleached one – it will soon      There are two lines for each week so two
become a habit. The amount of trees and      can share the cost at $25.00 each. Contact
         water saved is amazing.              Peggy in the church office at 452-2323 if
                                                      you have any questions.

       Congregational Life                     Tuesday Morning Adult Bible Study
                                               meets at 9:30 AM in the Fireside Room.
The Retirees’ Lunch Group will meet            Pastor Julie will be leading a study of the
on Tuesday, January 5th at noon at             Gospel of Luke. You are invited to join
Joshua’s Restaurant. $11 pays for your         at any time.
meal, tax and tip. All retirees are invited!
Contact Esther Swenson 457-4646 or Lois        The Saturday Men’s Breakfast group is
Larsen 457-9706 for more information.          open to all men. They start with breakfast
                                               at 7:30 AM and conclude around 9:00
The Holy Bookers Book Club meets on            AM after discussion time on various
the first Wednesday in the church library.     topics. This group is meeting upstairs in
New members are welcome, Wednesday,            the ENCORE space for now.
January 6th from 5-6 PM. The following
is a schedule of books to be discussed:        Lutheran World Relief Quilters meet on
      January: The House on Mango             the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays each month,
         Street by Sandra Cisneros,            January 12 & 26 at 10 AM in the quilting
         leader Elizabeth Christian            room downstairs. Many hands are
      February: Stones Into Schools by        needed. No experience is necessary. All
         Greg Mortenson, leader Eldora         are welcome!
      March: The Help by Kathryn              Bulk Food Repackaging News
         Stockett, leader Ann Marie                             Your donations totaled
         Rahfeldt                                               nearly $800 in the last
      April: Hotel on the Corner of                            two months of 2009. The
         Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford                         Salvation Army and Port
         leader Gordon Jones                                    Angeles food banks are
      May: The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt      extremely grateful for the steady supply of
         and the Fire That Saved America by    soup for the hungry in the community.
         Timothy Egan, leader Elizabeth        Their demand is up considerably this year.
      Christian                                Thanks for all the support.
      June: Strength in What Remains
         by Tracy Kidder, leader Lou           We will be assembling Bean and Barley
         Templeton                             soup on Wednesday, January 13 in
                                               Room 1 at 5:30 PM and could use more
                                               volunteers. If you would still like to
                                               contribute to this project we are almost
                                               out of quart size Ziplocs and cash is
                                               always welcome.

Our Stewardship Project of the Month           Advocating Congregation... if you
is items for the Lutheran World Relief         wonder what this means, please join us
sewing kit:                                    between services on January 24 and find
      3 yards cotton or cotton blend fabric    out. There will be a presentation and
      package of needles                       discussion to answer questions and get
      spool of matching thread                 your input and support in hopes that we
      card of buttons                          (HTLC) might deepen our participation in
                                               advocacy. 'Through God's gift of holy
Holy K.O.W (Kids on Wednesdays)                baptism we are called to follow the
This fun evening for families with young       example of Jesus and serve those in need,
children begins with a meal provided at        work for justice and peace in all the earth'.
5:30 PM, followed by fun activities that       We hope your interest, concern or support
vary each week. Our time ends at 6:30          will encourage you to come, and to
PM with a Bible lesson and dessert.            discover what this could mean to you and
Come join us!                                  to the congregation.
(No Kids ? – contact Vicki Corson about
volunteering to support our young families!)
                                                       Check out the Prayer
Friday Night Movie gathering meets in                    Shawl Ministry!
the Youth Room at 7:00 PM. Popcorn is
provided. A list of movies is in a large       Join us in the Fireside Room between
envelope on the bottom shelf just outside      services on Jan. 10th to explore whether
the office. The ratings are listed with each   joining our new Prayer Shawl ministry
movie so parents can decide if the movie       group is for you. All knitters & crocheters
will be appropriate for their children.        (and prospective knitter and crocheters)
Child care is not provided so children         are welcome. If you need learn or polish
must be accompanied by an adult.               skills, we'll have people to help. Find out
                                               how prayer and projects came combine to
If you would like to receive a list and        create warmth and peace well beyond the
description of the movies by e-mail, send      "warm fuzzies" one might expect.
an e-mail to Bonnie Christianson at                             For more information, call Karen Epler
                                                at 582 0485.or Carol Dunlap at 452-2537

      Boy Scout Presentation                    High School Senior Spotlight
Are you interested in the Boy Scout          Thomas Meyer attends Port Angeles High
program? Would you like to have a Boy        School. He is taking AP English, AP U.S.
Scout troop here at HTLC? Derek              Government, Symphonic Orchestra,
Ballinger, the area representative for the   Physics, and AP Statistics. Thomas also
Boy Scouts, will give a presentation to      participates in cross country, track, the
families of young children on Wednesday,     Multi Cultural Club, ASB Leadership and
January 13th at 6 PM in the Fireside         Knowledge Bowl.
Room. Come and join us!
                                             Thomas was born in Baltimore, Maryland
                                             and first started attending Holy Trinity in
                                             1996. He is involved in worship ushering,
                                             reading, serving communion and special
Please remember to have a family             music. He is active with the ―Dining with
member or friend contact Pastor Dick or      God‖ high school group and has helped
Pastor Julie if you are hospitalized or      with Vacation Bible school.
need pastoral care. Their home and cell
phone numbers are printed on the             Thomas plans to attend a four year
calendar page of the newsletter if you       university. At this time his top choices
need to reach them during an emergency.      are Pacific Lutheran University or
                                             American University.

                                             Thomas is the son of Andy & Karen
                                             Meyer. He has an older sister, Erika.

     Update on Fellowship Hall                  begin work on January 11, and should be
                                                done within the week. During the time
―What is happening with the fellowship          they are here, no one will be allowed to
hall?‖ you may be wondering. It has been        enter the fellowship hall or kitchen. We
over a month since the water flooded the        will have removed all the appliances and
lower level of our building, and left the       furnishings so they will be able to work
staff trying to keep warm during working        without hindrance.
hours using portable heaters.
                                                After the abatement has been
I’m sure you have noticed that the heat is      accomplished, there may be work that we
back on after a propane sensor was              can take care of on a volunteer basis, but
replaced and the water evacuated from the       we want to handle the task as
boiler room. The lower portion of the           expeditiously as possible. Dean Johnson,
elevator shaft has been sealed, and a new       Gene Unger, Rob Ruud, Don Schuba, and
and larger pump placed in the sump to           Pastor Dick comprise the task force that
keep the ground water flowing out and           will determine what volunteers are
away from our building. The storm water         capable of doing. A small committee
sewer out from the church has been              (Peggy Romero, Vicki Corson, Merry
cleaned out as far as the plumber’s             VanDeusen and David Christian) has been
equipment will reach (180 feet), however,       selected to make decisions about floor
the last distance to the city sewer is yet to   coverings and colors. The question still
be cleaned out. The water is flowing            remains concerning the extent of
about 70% better than it was before the         insurance coverage. Clearly there will be
process was begun.                              expenses we will have to cover; however,
                                                most should be within the scope of our
The carpeting has been removed from the         policy.
fellowship hall, and we are awaiting the
arrival of a certified asbestos abatement       We thank you for your patience as we
company to remove the decaying floor            have worked to resolve this situation.
tiles and the lower 2 feet of wall board.
The delay has been due to two things: 1)
the lack of clarity concerning the extent of
work to be done by the company dealing
with water removal, and 2) the slowness
of the three- way conversation that had to
take place between the insurance adjuster,
the abatement company and us. Currently
the abatement company is scheduled to

     St. Vincent de Paul to host              7:30 pm or earlier on extremely cold
          Warming Station!                    days. If information on SOS is needed
                                              call Laurie Kross at 452-5700 or email at
Beginning Monday December 21st, St. 
Vincent de Paul will host a warming
station for the homeless to get out of the
cold. They are located at 112 East 8th
Street and are asking people to enter by         HTLC’s Mission Statement
the East doors off the back parking lot
                                              Called by God’s grace to share the
(they will have a sign). The warming
station will be from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm                   Good News,
Monday through Saturday. People can              We are the hands of Christ:
drop in anytime, grab a cup of coffee,                  opened in love,
warm up in a special seating area with              extended in welcome,
books, TV/VCR, and grab a snack.                      joined in worship,
                                                      offered in service,
Barbara Townsend, from St. Vincent de
Paul, thought of this idea when she saw              reaching for justice.
Serenity's House's plea for help. St.
Vincent has everything needed, a warm
building, supervision and some kitchen
assistance. The warming station will                       Baptisms
remain at St. Vincent de Paul until the
                                                        Joseph Earl Ellis
Hygeine Center is completed on First
Street next to the Street Outreach Shelter             December 27, 2009
or until March 1st, whichever comes first.
Barbara is still in need of volunteers to                   Deaths
help in the morning hours until more staff               John D. Funk
arrives. She can also take donations of                November 29, 2009
food. Please call Barbara at 457-5735 or
e-mail her at if you
can help. Arrangements will be made to
open the warming station on Sundays and
holidays in extremely cold weather (below
32 or other cold factors such as windchill
or storms), and stay open longer if needed.
The Street Outreach Shelter is staying
open until 7:30 am and is re-opening at

                Thanks!                        “Resident Chorale” Status for
                                               Northwest Women’s Chorale Dean Johnson, Mike Piotrowski and
Merry VanDeusen for helping with the         The Holy Trinity Vestry has extended an
Christmas Tree.                              invitation to the Northwest Women’s
                                             Chorale to enter into a ―resident chorale‖
…to the ―Dining with God‖ High School
                                             status with our congregation. The
youth for making the Christmas swags.
                                             governing board of the Northwest
…the Christmas Worship Service               Women’s Chorale has accepted that
musicians, bell choir, chancel choir, and    proposal. What this means for Holy
worship volunteers.                          Trinity is occasional performances by the
                                             Chorale during worship services. It also
…to the Air Panes & Pipes committee for      means that Holy Trinity will continue to
organizing, publicizing and hosting the      anchor Port Angeles performances of the
Organ Dedication Concert. Over $7,000        Chorale with audiences that may become
was donated from the event.                  familiar with our congregation and our
                                             ministries. The ―resident chorale‖
…to all who supported the ―Dining with       arrangement continues the HTLC
God‖ High School youth bake sale. $466       outreach tradition of enriching the greater
was donated which helped them go to          community through choral and
Seattle for the Black Nativity and $50 was   instrumental music and enhances future
donated to Pennies for Peace.                musical options for our congregation.

           LIBRARY NOTES                      A Child is a Child by Brigitte Weninger,
                                              illustrated by Eve Tharlet. Neighbor-
           Welcome to our HTLC                hood animals are sorry for two abandoned
            Self-service Library!             baby frogs, but can’t think of a way to
     Choose engaging reading from about       help until a charming and wise Mother
     3,500 books and several periodicals      Mouse gets into the act. Under her
 The Outstanding New Books Introduced         guidance, each provides something and
      Below Can be Found in the               finally the frogs have a home, friends,
   New Book Displays in the Library           food and love. ―After all,‖ says Mother
                                              Mouse, ―a child is a child; it’s just that
     New Library Books For Children           simple.‖
                 by Vi Nixon
                                                  New Library Books For Adults
Dewey: There’s A Cat in the Library! By        by Don Corson, Carol Duncan & Karen Epler,
                                                   Eldora Pederson, Ann Marie Rahfeldt,
Vicki Myron and Bret Witter. The                Caralee Rupprecht, and Merry Van Deusen
impossibly cut, beguiling kitten that is
portrayed on the cover of this book is no     Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace
ordinary cat! He is Dewey Readmore            with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan
Books, the world-famous library cat from      and Pakistan (2009) by Greg Mortenson
Spencer, Iowa. Myron and Witter, who          picks up where his first book, Three Cups
wrote an adult version about Dewey,*          of Tea, left off in 2003. Mortenson has
have authored a simpler narrative for         built more than 130 schools educating
children. Steve James’s irresistible          58,000 students in Afghanistan and
illustrations accompany this book about       Pakistan. U.S. Military leaders have
survival, loyalty and love. By Vi Nixon       sought his counsel on how to build better
*Very popular adult book in our HTLC          relationships with tribal leaders. Read this
Library.                                      dramatic and inspirational account of trust
                                              building (including with former Taliban)
Puppies for Sale by Dan Clark,                and remarkable work. By Eldora
illustrated by Jerry Dillingham. The          Pederson
$2.37 that a little boy has in his pocket
does not buy him a puppy but gets him in      The Case for God (2009) by Karen
to see the litter. He chooses one, based on   Armstrong provides wide-ranging and
his own humble sense of need and love.        helpful insights into humanity’s
This story, whose author believes in          understanding of God from pre-history to
―changing the world one story at a time‖,     the present. She consistently points out
delivers a vivid message of human             that science and religion have not always
understanding for all ages.                   been in conflict and should not be now.
She shows religion not as a crutch but a        perspective. ―The Qur’an describes itself
vehicle to ―…live intensely and richly          as a book of guidance, rarely offering
here and now‖. By Don Corson                    detailed accounts of specific historical
                                                events…‖ Most interesting to me was
The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of         reading familiar stories, some with unique
Skepticism (2008) by Timothy Keller             twists, and knowing I was looking at the
addresses doubts that can nag skeptics          actual Quran. By Ann Marie Rahfeld
AND believers. If you, like me, don’t
have all the answers to questions that have     Life Among the Lutherans (2009) by
lingered around the edges of your faith for     Garrison Keillor. Growing up in the
years, this engaging book is a helpful          Midwest, I can relate to the stories of
resource. If you have all the answers, you      Lake Wobegon and can put my own
will still find it a fascinating read. Keller   names on the characters in the book!
is a pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian            Richard Bliese, the President of Luther
Church in Manhattan.                            Seminary writes of Keillor’s latest book:
 By Merry Van Deusen                            ―It’s filled with wit and wisdom from the
                                                life and lore of everyday Lutherans.‖ I
Knitting Into the Mystery: A Guide To           especially got a kick out of the Herdsmen
The Shawl-Knitting Ministry (2003) by           chapter, as the ushers go to the church
Susan Jorgensen and Susan Izard                 Ushers Competition. By Caralee
focuses on love and grace. It suggests          Rupprecht
ways for the knitter to commune with
God’s love and healing while making a           LIBRARY BOARD MEMBERS: Helen
shawl created to bring comfort or support       Harvey, Trudy Lalonde, Lois Larsen, Vi
to the recipient. Included are poems,           Nixon, Ann Marie Rahfeldt, Trudy
thoughts, scriptures and prayers from           Rittenhouse, Caralee Rupprecht, Merry
many faith traditions that guide the            Van Deusen, Eldora Pederson - chair
knitters into a ―prayer-full‖ shawl creation
offered in gratitude and reverence for God
and the recipient. By Carol Duncan &
Karen Epler

Al-Qur’an: A Contemporary Translation
(1994) by Ahmed Ali. This very readable
translation of the Muslim Holy Book
offers us an opportunity to see familiar
characters - including Noah, Abraham,
Jacob, Joseph and Jesus - from a Muslim

     Tanzania Infirmary Update                           Our Mission Partners
                                                      First Step Family Support Center
We have an on-going appeal to raise                               Parentline
$10,000 to fund the building of an                         Encore-Adult Day Care
infirmary at the Makumira Secondary                 Lutheran Community Services NW
School in Tanzania. The school has 900                 Tanzania - School Scholarships
full-time boarding students and no where                       Holden Village
to isolate ill students. We have so far             Salishan Eastside Lutheran Mission
received donations totaling almost                          SW WA Synod ELCA
$9,500. If you would like to help you               Lutherwood Camp & Retreat Center
may donate any amount to HTLC and                    Serenity House and Dream Center
mark the memo line on your check                    Healthy Families of Clallam County
―infirmary.‖ Contact Stephen Kennedy               Volunteers in Medicine of the Olympics
at 457-8156 to get more info.

                                                       “The Christian Church in
                                                             Asia Minor”
      Financial Situation as of                           Take a tour to Turkey
        November 30, 2009                                    April 14-30, 2010
         General Fund Income:                    For details visit the website of Pastor Don
            Budget: $43,196                         Cornell at
            Actual: $45,129                       (There are flyers for you to take on the
     General Fund Expenses: $43,253                        table by the elevator.)
      Mortgage Balance: $425,484

Submissions for the monthly newsletter:
Send to the office by the 15th of the month.     USPS Identification Statement:
Copies can be sent via e-mail, regular mail or   The Trumpet Newsletter is published monthly
in person. Items are subject to editorial        by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 301 E.
review by the staff.                             Lopez Ave., Port Angeles, WA 98362


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