Rate Sheet by hedongchenchen


									                                                                    Current Rates & Options
                                                                         Valid through October 1, 2010
                                                                        See zionmediagroup.com for latest rates

       ZIONFM is the place to reach 18 to 39 year old
consumers every day, in their home, in their office, and
on their phones, attracting both males/females with
above-average household incomes and premium
consumer activity both in-store and online. Weʼre a
new breed of Faith-based radio, founded on solid
Christian fundamentals and attracting a prime “P1”
demographic everyday. With a fully digital Optical-HD
StudioCenter, ZIONFM is a modern, relevant, pop-
culture brand and station reaching thousands of your
customers here in the Columbia Basin and around the
country 24/7!

                          Exposure Options on the All-New ZIONFM

              15/30 On-Air Commercials                                   Website Co-Branding
              Total customization of you radio ad                        The ultimate listener exposure! Your Art & Logo
              campaign for daily exposure!                               throughout the entire website & HD Player!

              LIVE Concert Events                                         Music News
              Sponsor live LOCAL concerts with                            Our newscast runs all day - every day. Each
              on-air mentions, stage banners &                            newscast includes 2 host mentions & spots.

       ON-AIR              Standard        1 Yr. Locked              WEBSITE               Standard          1 Yr. Locked

      :30 Spot                  $9                 $6              Co-Branding              $500/mo

      :15 Spot                  $6                 $4                Site Intro             $200/wk

  :5 Spot (Excl. AM)            $1                                  Banner Ads               $25/Wk             $14/wk

 Morning Billboard             $45                                 Leader Board              $50/wk             $35/wk

    Music News            $500 to $1,500                         Facebook Blast                $50

 Friday Nitro Prog.         $250/show        $200 /show          Concert Sponsor          $100-$500

  Studio Sponsor             $500/mo             $350/mo        Remote Broadcast          Currently Booked

 Concert & Event rates and availability are released per individual event and are posted online up to 90 days before an
 event at www.zionmediagroup.com.

              ZION Media Group, Inc.                                           Sales & Advertising
              P.O. Box 219, Richland, WA 99352                                 jeremiah@zionmediagroup.com
              1-888-4-ZIONFM                                                   1-888-4-ZIONFM
              www.ZIONFM.net                                                   A LOCAL TRI-CITIES TEAM
                                          Definitions & Examples
                         For detailed information or to present a custom idea, please call or write!

Radio Spots (:30/:15/:5)

         Commercial (spot) rates are based on individual units. We recommend running full 13 week packages to maximize market
saturation of your message and brand. Spot rate does not include production costs. We reserve to reject an audio file for quality and
content standards. Please forward your commercial (if we are not producing) for review no less than 72 hours before airplay. Air-slots
missed due to rejection for audio standards are forfeit and may be rescheduled at the discretion of the station. Contact us for production
rates or info at www.zionmediagroup.com or 888-4-ZIONFM.

Morning Billboard

        This is a live, pre-scripted promotional mention by the morning hosts. The script must be approved at the time your contract is
signed. We reserve to reject a script or promotion due to content. Our staff can assist you in scripting the most effective billboard, free
of charge. The billboard rate is based on a single mention. Maximum billboards available to each client is two per day part, and a
maximum of ten per week.

News (MusiCast)

        Our news runs hourly through the morning show and every other hour the rest of the day. Please see the News Sponsor One-
Sheet for details on packages and options available at www.zionmediagroup.com or through your rep.

Friday Nitro

        Friday Nitro is a weekly program dedicated to rock music only. It airs weekly from 8pm to Midnight every Friday. Please see
the Friday Nitro Sponsor One-Sheet for details on packages and options available at www.zionmediagroup.com or through your rep.

Studio Sponsor

         Ever hour, we are required to air a “Station ID”, this element identifies our station, company, positioning as required by law.
You will be billed as the official StudioCenter sponsor at the top of every hour, twenty-four hours a day. For example: “Broadcasting from
the Acme Dental StudioCenter in Richland - This is the All-new ZIONFM!…”

Co-Branding (website)

        There is only one sponsorship available at any time. Your business will be promoted on every page of the website, including
your logo and a few banners. Please see the Co-Branding One-Sheet for examples and details on packages and options available at
www.zionmediagroup.com or through your rep.

Site Intro (website)

        This is a splash ad that comes up every time a listener initially pulls up our website. your advertisement and link will be
spotlighted before they are taken to the main homepage. Introʼs are limited to one-week runs and may only be purchased once every
month as to not over-saturate our audience. This is perfect for special events, concerts and one time promotions.

Leader Board (website)

        This is an oversized banner ad placed at the very top of our website header. This may be updated once a week for long-term
contracts. Art, landing page and content ar subject to approval.

Facebook Blast

        This is a one time post on our facebook page informing our audience of your product/service/business. Businesses are limited
to one blast per week and a maximum of six blasts per calendar year. Blasts are subject to approval for content, artwork.

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