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					Michael Splittgerber

CIT 110


         There were many new things that I was able to learn just by researching outlook tips on

search engines like Google. Many tips had to do with email and the calendar but were very

informative none the less.

         The first tips I read about were for the mail section of Microsoft Outlook. One of the

most interesting tool I found was that I could send an email out to multiple people but keep the

identities of everyone separate and secret. It is a very simple step in just adding the names of the

recipients to the Bcc: line. This line is a “blind carbon copy” and a copy is sent to those in the

Bcc: line but their name and identity is kept secret from others. Another cool tip was to add a

reminder to a message you just received. If you want to remind yourself to follow up a message

you can simply right click the message you received and go to Follow Up, then Add Reminder.

After you have selected those you can put the appropriate due date in the due by box and the

correct time with an appropriate flag color. My favorite tip though was changing the new

messages I’ve received to

         Other cool outlook tips I found were for the calendar view of outlook. A really useful tip

I found was to automatically add holidays to my outlook calendar. You can do this by simply

going to the tools menu and clicking options, calendar options, and then clicking add holidays.

Also a really simply tip is when you want to view a couple of dates side-by-side you just simply
drag over the dates you want to see in the date picker. Also a nice tip is when you want to

remind meeting attendees about the meeting you can send out a message to them before the

meeting you can click actions and then new message to attendees.

       Through these tips outlook has gone from easy to easier and it will be really helpful in

keeping things organized throughout the semester and upcoming school years.

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