FFL 2007 Judging Rubrics by stariya


									                                                                  PROGRAMMING RUBRIC

                                                                Fair                    Good                           Excellent
Criteria                         Improvement
                                                                 1                       2                                3
                                Results                Results somewhat        Results are predictable     Robot is extremely reliable
                                unpredictable          unpredictable           most of the time

                                                                                                          Programs always work, even for
                                Programs do not        The programs are        Programs do what they’re complex tasks.
                                accomplish             efficient at completing expected to do most of the
                                expected tasks         some tasks              time                       The team uses a unique or creative
                                                                                                          programming strategy that allows the
                                Programs are           Programs are            Programs are designed to robot to complete multiple tasks with
                                designed to            designed to             accomplish more than one the same mission
                                accomplish one         accomplish more than task and work most of the
                                task                   one task, but seldom time
                                Programs are           Programs are            Programs are organized All programs are logically organized

                                disorganized           somewhat organized and easy to use and find and easy to use and find

                                The programmer     The programmer has a        Programs have sequence Programs are sequenced in the most
                                does not know      specific sequence and       and they are easy to follow efficient fashion
                                which program will can execute it
                                run and when
                                Team members can Team members can              Team members can            Team members can describe what
                                not describe basic describe basic              describe what each          each program does, the teams

                                programming logic programming logic and        program does and the        thought process for choosing this
                                and strategies     strategies                  thought process that they   logic and strategy and methods they
                                                                               used for choosing this      used to enhance and optimize their
                                Variables, loops,      Variables, loops,       logic and strategy          code
                                subroutines, and       subroutines, and
                                conditionals are not   conditionals are used   Variables, loops,           Team demonstrates complete
                                used                   but not understood      subroutines, and            knowledge of variables, loops,
                                                                               conditionals are used and   subroutines and conditionals, use
                                                                               understood, but could be    them effectively, and they are simple
                                                                               more efficient              and elegant
                                Sensors absent or      Sensors are used        Sensors are used            Sensors are used effectively and the
                                inadequately used                              effectively                 robot obtains predictable results
            SENSOR USE

                                                    Programs use sensor                                    based on a combination of sensor
                                Programs use        feedback to move from Programs use sensor              feedback and programming
                                internal timing to  point to point         feedback to reposition the
                                control robot                              robot on the board         Programs use sensor feedback to
                                actions                                    enabling complex task      reposition the robot on the board
                                                                           completion and the         enabling complex task completion
                                                                           program works most of the and the programs work all of the
                                                                           time                       time
                                Little knowledge of Knowledge of           Knowledge of               Knowledge of programming shows

                                code components programming shows          programming shows          thorough understanding of code

                                and algorithms      minimal understanding moderate understanding of components and algorithms
                                                    of code components     code components and
                                Little or no        and algorithms         algorithms                 Complete and thorough
                                understanding of                                                      understanding of the purpose of
                                what each icon      Minimal understanding Moderate understanding of each icon
                                does                of what each icon does what each icon does
                                                                                                      Programming was done by team
                                Programming         Programming seems Programming mostly              members
                                appears primarily primarily DIRECTED directed by team
                                DONE by coach       by coach               members, with HELP from
                                                          RESEARCH PRESENTATION RUBRIC

Criteria                             Needs
                                  Improvement                   Fair                    Good                            Excellent
                                       0                         1                       2                                 3
                                  Presentation         Research topic is        Research topic is fairly   Organized: Clear beginning, middle
                                  rambles              vague                    clear, but could use a     and end

                                                                                little tweaking
                                  Lack of coherent     Topic is implied                                    Persuasive arguments and examples
                                  arguments                                     Main point is clear
                                                       Organization elements                               Research topic is concise and clear
                                  No clearly defined   are present, but weak Goals are articulated
                                  topic                logical flow                                        Topic is stated directly and explained
                                                                             Group effort is seamless
                                  Team members         Team member ideas                                   Presentation shows logical thought
                                  ideas not integrated not well integrated   Presentation outline is       progression
                                                                             clearly evident
                                                                                                           All elements are relevant and well
                                  One team member Less than ½ team              ¾ team doing the work      All team members participating
                                  doing all the work doing work
                                                                                All aspects of             Original data carefully documented
                                  No evidence for      Project not fully        assignment carried out
                                  conclusions          understood                                          Team provides judge more than the

                                                                                Good use of technical      assignment requires
                                  No position on       Arguments obscured       terms
                                  issues               by jargon                                           All students are able to answer the
                                                       Insufficient data        Evidence is clearly        judge’s questions
                                  Unable to answer                              presented
                                  judge’s questions    Incomplete analysis                                 This project is clearly the work of the
                                                                                ¾ able to answer           children
                                  Excessive adult    Inferences                 judge’s questions
                                  intervention (help unsupported
                                  from mentor/coach)                       The project is clearly the
                                                     ½ team able to answer work of the children
                                                     judge’s questions

                                                       Adult intervention is
                                  No outside sources Very limited outside       Good sources               Books, periodicals and websites cited
                                  (books, websites, sources – only one                                     (variety)
                                  etc) used            source or type of        Credit is given to other

                                                       source cited             when due                   Credit given clearly when due
                                  Personal opinion
                                  treated as universal Credit to sources not    Supporting printed         Supporting printed materials given to
                                                       given                    materials provided to      judge
                                  No visual aids                                judge
                                                       Inappropriate use of                                Visual aids clearly support research
                                  Presentation has no sources                   Visual aids support        topic
                                  link to research                              research topic
                                  topic                Link to research topic                              Visual aids are carefully chosen
                                                       is vague

                                                       Outside sources
Criteria                       Needs
                            Improvement                  Fair                  Good                         Excellent
                                 0                        1                     2                              3
                            No relevance to     Relevance is unclear   Personal relevance and Conclusions are clearly supported by
                            FLL Challenge                              relevance to FLL theme data
                                                Alternate views

                            theme                                      is clearly stated
                                                dismissed                                     Analysis clearly relates to research
                            Lacking personal                           Implications have been topic
                            reflection          Conclusions are        considered
                                                vague, unsupported                            Clear, well-supported position on
                            Alternate views                            Students take firm,    issues
                            ignored                                    articulate stand
                                                                                              Alternate views considered
                                                                       Awareness of differing
                                                                       views                  Relation to personal experience is

                                                                                              Original, important insights are shared
                            Many errors         Presentation seemed    Well-edited            Creative, imaginative
                                                rushed or unrefined
                            Too long/short                             Proper length          A joy for the audience – humor,
                                                Few errors                                    personal touches
                            Not rehearsed                              Well rehearsed

                                                Too long/short                                Model of clarity and good speaking
                            Plagued with                               Very minor technical
                            technical difficulties Semi-rehearsed      difficulties           Well-rehearsed

                            Excessive computer Plagued with technical Creative format         No technical difficulties
                            sound/visual effects difficulties
                                                                                              Clever choice of presentation style

To be considered for a Research Presentation Award, the team MUST complete all three portions of the
             1. Select a building and evaluate the energy use.
             2. Propose solutions to reduce energy consumption or move toward alternative energy use.
             3. Share the changes to your building with the community
                                                                             ROBOT DESIGN RUBRIC

                                                                           Fair                   Good                          Excellent
Criteria                                    Improvement
                                                                            1                      2                               3
                                           Robot chassis weak Robot chassis base          Robot chassis stable but Robot chassis stable and robust
                       STRUCTURAL DESIGN

                                           – falls apart when structure has some          not robust
                                           handled or run     stability                                            Robot displays wide range of
                                                                                          Attachments are          capabilities.
                                           Robot designed         Attachments are not     somewhat precise and
                                           from book or web       precise or repeatable   repeatable               Attachments perform tasks extremely
                                           with little                                                             well and are repeatable
                                           modification by the    Robot show signs of     Robot designed by team
                                           team                   team’s design ideas                              Robot is designed by team; design is
                                                                                                                   unique and creative
                                           Robot has difficulty Robot travels the         Robot travels the        Robot travels defined distances

                                           traveling the same defined distance            defined distance most of accurately and efficiently

                                           distance on          sometimes                 the time
                                           repeated missions                                                       Turns accurately and consistently
                                                                Turns are sometimes       Turns are reasonably
                                           Turns inaccurate or accurate                   accurate and consistent

                                           Manipulators are      Manipulators are used Manipulators are used in Manipulators are used in unexpected
                                           not used                                    unexpected ways           ways
                                                                 Attachments are

                                           Attachments are       difficult to apply    Attachments are           Attachments are modular
                                           weak and fall apart                         modular
                                           often; difficulty     Attachments are not                             Attachments function all of the time
                                           completing task       modular.              Attachments function
                                                                                       most of the time          Attachments can easily be added or
                                           Attachments are                                                       removed from robot.
                                           overly complex                              Attachments take some
                                                                                       time to assemble.
                                           Sensors are not       Sensors are           Sensors are used          Sensors guarantee certain actions in
                                           used                  occasionally used     effectively               every trial

                                           Robot makes no                              Allows for variables like Excellent allowance for variables like
                                           effort to know        Robot makes little or battery wear and          battery wear and obstacles
                                           position on table     no effort to know     obstacles
                                           beyond distance       position on table                               Robot uses various sensors to know its
                                           traveled              beyond distance       Robot uses various        position accurately at all times
                                                                 traveled              sensors to know position
                                           There is little       The knowledge of      Knowledge of robot        Knowledge of robot structure shows
                                           knowledge of why robot structure shows structure shows                thorough understanding of underlying
                                           some parts are        minimal understanding moderate understanding design, science and technology

                                           located as they are of underlying design, of underlying design,
                                           on the robot          science and           science and technology Building was done by team members
                                           There is little or no                       Building mostly directed
                                           understanding of      The building seems    by team members, with
                                           the parts of the      primarily DIRECTED HELP from coach
                                           robot do              by coach

                                           The building
                                           appears primarily to
                                           be DONE by the
                                                           TEAMWORK AND VALUES RUBRIC

                                                               Fair                    Good                            Excellent
 Criteria                         Improvement
                                                                1                       2                                 3
                                 No clearly defined    Loose role             Clearly defined roles       Clearly defined roles
                                 roles                 assignments
                                                                              Team members               Team members understand each
                                 Not clear who         Uneven work            understand each others others roles
                                 completed which       distribution           roles , but focus on their
                                 tasks                                        own                        Team members can fill each other’s
                                                      Time management                                    roles (happily) if needed

                                 Very uneven          skills are weak         Work is distributed fairly
                                 distribution of work                                                    Work load is distributed fairly
        ROLES AND

                                                                              Team members will help
                                 Time management                              each other if asked        Team members assist each other
                                 is poor or directed                                                     without being asked
                                 by coach                                     Team mentions learning
                                                                              time management            Team members give concrete
                                                                                                         examples of learning time

                                 Team members        Team members show Team members show                  Team members give concrete
                                 show little/no      limited respect for each respect for teammates       examples of respect for teammates
                                 respect for each    other
                                 other                                        Team members imply          Team members show increased

                                                     Team members show increased awareness of             awareness of their school &
                                 Team members        limited awareness of school and/or                   community
                                 show no awareness school & community         community
                                 of school &         issues                                               Team members clearly discuss how
                                 community issues                             Team members are            this increased awareness translates
                                                     Team is aware of         vague about how this        into other areas of their lives
                                 Team members        gracious                 awareness translates
                                 compete with each professionalism, but       into other aspects of       Team members give concrete
                                 other to be heard   gives no concrete        their lives                 examples of how they help other
                                 during judging      examples of what they                                teams solve problems
                                                     have done to help        Team implies that they
                                 Team doesn’t        other teams              are interested in helping
                                 understand the                               teams others
                                 concept of gracious

                              GRACIOUS PREOFESSIONALISM
   Gracious Professionalism can and should mean different things to each of us. It is possible,
however, to outline some of its meanings:
    Gracious attitudes and behaviors are “win-win”.
    Gracious folks respect others and let that respect show in their actions.
    Gracious professionals make a valued contribution in a manner pleasing to others and to
       themselves as they possess special knowledge and are trusted by society to use that
       knowledge responsibly.
   In the long run, gracious professionalism is part of pursuing a meaningful life. One can add
to society and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you have acted with integrity and
                                                                        Fair                      Good                           Excellent
Criteria                                  Improvement
                                                                         1                         2                                3
                                         A problem was       A problem was identi-       A problem was identified A problem was identified and the team
                                         identified, but no  fied, but the chosen        and there is compromise worked together to find a solution

                                         steps were taken to solution was                in the solution
                                         identify a solution inadequate to some                                   Various solutions were tested and then
                                                             team members Some           Team tested various      incorporated
                                         One team member team members didn’t             solutions to solve the
                                         used power to       accept the solution         problem                  Cooperation and co-ownership are
                                         reach their desired                                                      dominant themes
                                         outcome             Simple majority had         Cooperation is a
                                                             input at meetings.          dominant theme           Team members show equality and
                                         One person’s ideas                                                       value each other’s roles
                                         are used            Decisions made by           Team focuses on
                                                             simple majority without     individual tasks         Group sees the big picture and overall
                                         Team members        collaborative                                        goal
                                         working against     discussion                  Decisions made by most
                                         each other                                      of the team              Members recognize interdependence
                                                             Coexistence is a
                                         Coercion and/or     dominant theme                                         Decisions made by the entire team
                                         Only one team       About ½ of the team         Everyone was ready to All team members show confidence in

                                         member spoke to spoke to the judges             answer at least one      themselves as well as the team
                                         the judges                                      question from the judges
                                                             About ½ the team                                     Members work together to include each
                                         Some team           seemed interested           Most of the team         other
                                         members seemed                                  appeared excited and
                                         uninterested                                    interested               Concrete examples of enthusiasm are

                                                                                                                    Team members show equal investment
                                                                                                                    in all aspects of the goal

                                                                                                                    All team members where prepared and
                                                                                                                    excited to speak to the judges
                                         No clear              Some members show         Team shows a keen          Group articulates a clear understanding

                                         enthusiasm for        an interest in science,   interest in problem, but   of FLL


                                         science,              engineering or            limited use of concrete
                                         engineering or        technology                examples                   Team gives concrete examples of their
                                         technology                                                                 interest in the subject area
                                                            Limited attention paid Team implies that
                                         Team doesn’t       to the development of they’ve learned new               Team clearly talks about new skills
                                         mention new skills new skills             skills with this project         acquired and is eager to show what
                                         learned                                                                    they’ve learned.

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