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                                        Version 1.4
                                  Version Date 5/24/2011

                             Brad Schick - NWS Goodland KS

This script will allow users to make Facebook posts to the office Facebook Wall from
within AWIPS. A GUI will launch on the LX’s or XT’s and allow users send text,
capture images, and send just text or text and images to the wall

Installation Prerequisites:
   1. Your LS has been setup to use the CR Mail Forwarder per instructions found at:

Required Files: (Included in the FB-Updater.tar.gz downloaded from the LAD)

FB-Updater.tcl –Main Script
This script contains all the code that allows users to capture images and send images
and/or text to Facebook.

You will need to modify lines 16 – 18 for your specific install. More information on this
later in the document.

Installation: (In this document, we assume /awips/dev/localapps/ for install path)

       1. As user fxa on DX1
       2. mkdir /awips/dev/localapps/FB-Updater
       3. chmod 755 /awips/dev/localapps/FB-Updater
       4. cp FB-Updater.tar.gz /awips/dev/localapps/FB-Updater
       5. cd /awips/dev/localapps/FB-Updater
       6. tar –zxvf FB-Updater.tar.gz
       7. Edit FB-Updater.tcl and make changes to path, wfo, and
          facebook_mobile_email variables as needed.
              a. path needs to be set to the location where you just installed FB-
              b. wfo needs to be set to your local wfo 3-letter ID.
              c. facebook_mobile_email needs to be set to your office’s Facebook
                 wall mobile email address. (See Appendix A for information on how
                 to obtain this information.
       8. Create a link in your favorite local launch utility to run

   1. Edit /awips/dev/localapps/FB-Updater/FB-Updater.tcl and temporarily change
       set facebook_mobile_email
       to your personal email address.
   2. Launch FB-Updater.tcl from a LX or XT.
   3. Try to send some text, and/or text and image combination. You should get an
       email with the subject that contains the text from the GUI and attached to the
       email should be the test image if you decided to attach one.
   4. Once done testing, go back and change step 1 back to your office’s “Facebook
       Mobile Address” Once you change back, updates will then be sent to Facebook.

Troubleshooting Info:
To help troubleshoot problems with the FB-Updater.tcl script, check in the directory in
which you installed the FB-Updater scripts. The FB-Updater.tcl script creates a debug.txt
file that should be very helpful in resolving configuration issues.

When you are troubleshooting/testing, be sure to change the set facebook_mobile_email
variable in your FB-Updater .tcl to something other than your Facebook Mobile email
address. (See Testing: above)

If your message does not seem to be posting to your Facebook wall, try the following:
        1. Change facebook_mobile_email in FB-Updater.cfg to your email
           address. If you get the email, then change facebook_mobile_email to a non-
  account, perhaps your home email address. If you DO NOT get the
           email to your account then there is probably a problem with
           your mail setup on your ldad. Double check instructions found at:


       2. If you DID get the email to your account, then:
              a. Login to your Office Facebook page and navigate to the Wall.
               b. Click on                on the upper right of the wall.
               c. Click on             on the left menu.
               d. Next click on Learn More

               e. Now click on “refresh your upload email” in the Tips section.

               f. Now you should be presented with a new “Mobile Email Address”
               g. Update that info in GCast2Facebook.cfg and try test again.

       3. You may also want to look at /var/log/maillog on your LS for clues if the
          email does not seem to be getting out.

If you are unable to resolve your issue, please contact for

Known Issues:
-If you have a multiparagraph graphicast description, the GCast2Facebook.tcl script will
make all paragraphs into a single paragraph. If this is not done, only your first paragraph
will show up in the Facebook posting. This behivor of the script is normal.

Appendix A:

To get your office’s “Facebook Mobile Email Address” do the following:
   1. Login to your Office Facebook page and navigate to the Wall.
   2. Click on              on the upper right of the wall.
   3. Click on              on the left menu.
   4. Then note your “Mobile Email Address” Something similar to Don’t share this email address! People with this
      email address can post to your Facebook account!


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