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AS OF 14 May 2007:                                                                          Overview
                                                                                            Fort Belvoir’s Directorate of Information
                                                                                            Management (DOIM) will soon (May – July
HELPFUL URL:(CTRL+Click on                                                                  2007) start updating the Fort Belvoir Army email
url)FB-DOIM E2K3 Website:                                                                   systems from Microsoft Exchange v5.5 to
http://www.doim.belvoir.army.mil/                                                           Microsoft Exchange 2003 (E2K3) as directed by
e2k3migration/default.aspx                                                                  NETCOM. The entire Army is standardizing on
                                                                                            E2K3 to enhance the security and capabilities of
                                                                                            the Army email services and to assure continued
1. Video on managing mailbox size with pst files
                                                         FORT BELVOIR                       vendor support for the Exchange server
                                                                                            technology. NOTE: This only affects Fort
2. How to create PST files                                                                  Belvoir Army partners.

3. E2K3 Pre-Migration Checklist                                                             The purpose of this handout is to provide you
                                                                                            with information regarding the migration effort
4. E2K3 Data Call                                                                           and how it may affect you.

Since the migration will be completed during                                                Migration Schedule
regular duty hours as well as evenings and                                                   The project will be conducted in a phased
weekends, the DOIM realizes there may be a                                                  approach. Users will be grouped by organization
few hurdles that will need to be worked out,                      EMAIL                     and migrated together from the old servers to the
                                                                                            new. We are working with the Information
for instance, planning calendars and journals                                               Management Officers of each organization and
maintained in Outlook. Some of these
challenges haven’t been tested in every
                                                                       Is                   they will receive notification of the scheduled
                                                                                            migration date.
organization’s architecture, thus some
technical complications may be encountered.                      Migrating to               Important Notice for Blackberry Users
You have our assurance that we will do all                                                  If you are a Blackberry user, you may
                                                                                            temporarily lose some capability during your
possible to minimize disruptions and make this
transition as transparent and painless as                EXCHANGE 2003                      Exchange 2003 migration. In order for your
                                                                                            Blackberry device to receive email and conduct
possible                                                                                    wireless synchronization of other data with the
                                                       To find out what this means          Blackberry Enterprise Server after your
                                                               please visit                 migration, your Blackberry must remain on and
                                                                                            maintain a signal during the migration process,
                                                       http://www.doim.belvoir.army.mil/e   and may need to be reconnected to your
                                                                                            workstation once following the migration.
                                                                                            If you will be unable to meet these requirements
                                                                                            and must maintain Blackberry connectivity, you
               To contact the                                          OR                   may choose to delay your migration. In this case,
                                                                                            please notify the Enterprise helpdesk at 703-704-
  Fort Belvoir Enterprise Helpdesk                              Contact your                1644 via email at
                                                                                            EnterpriseITHelpdesk@belvoir.army.mil no less
                                                                                            than 48 hours prior to your
            CALL 703 704 1644                                Organization’s IMO             scheduled migration date and provide them with
                                                                                            the soonest date after which FB-DOIM can
                24 hours a day                              version 3 of this Tri-Fold      proceed with your migration.
                                                schedule, and migrates your profile when           type in signature and it will show you step
Important Notice for Managers of Other          the schedule dictates. Please DO NOT close         by step.
Users’ Mailboxes and/or Calendars               this window. The utility must be allowed to
                                                run to completion, and will disappear when         Old Belvoir Addresses
If you manage a mailbox or Exchange             its function is completed. After it is has
calendar of another user in BELVOIR, and         completed its function, your mail will be          The old email address of
that user delays his/her migration, you will    accessible. If you close the box you won't be       john.smith@belvoir.army.mil will no
lose the capability to manage their mailbox,    able to open your mailbox until you log off         longer function shortly after the
and may experience delays while new items       and back on to allow the utility to run and         completion of the Exchange 2003
on their calendar synchronizes between the      complete.                                           migration.
old and new Exchange servers. If this would
be an unacceptable loss in capability for       Q. Now that I’ve been migrated, why do I           New Migrated Addresses
you, we recommend that you delay your           see a message each time I send an email
migration similarly, so that you will           stating: “A program is trying to access your        john.smith@us.army.mil
maintain this capability throughout the         mailbox?”                                           john.smith@conus.army.mil
migration process.
                                                A. Do not be concerned, this is NOT a
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)               security issue, it is the Classification Banner     Q. What happens to my group (Shared)
                                                attempting to start. NETCOM is working              mailbox?
Q. Why is DOIM Migrating the BELVOIR            with BELVOIR Mail Administrators to
mail services to Exchange 2003?                 correct this.                                       A. In the new environment they become
                                                                                                    mail enabled public folders.
A. The main reasons for the upgrade are to      Q. Will all my Outlook contacts continue to
enhance the security of the Belvoir email       work?                                               Q. Will I have to do anything special with
Services and to assure continued vendor                                                             digitally signed and/or encrypted emails.
                                                A. Contacts that have been saved with an email
support for the Exchange server technology.     address in the email address field will continue
                                                                                                    A. No the software migration tool will take
                                                to function normally. However, contacts that
Q. If I use rules to manage my Microsoft                                                            care of this.
                                                were created from the Global Address List
Outlook, will my rules be available after the   (GAL) may need the email field to be updated,
migration?                                                                                          Q. Will I have to re-register my CAC or
                                                (i.e. current email address
                                                                                                    republish certificates.
                                                john.smith@belvoir.army.mil to migrated
A. Yes. Rules created by the rules Wizard       email address john.smith@us.army.mil
and by the Out of Office Assistant, will be                                                         A. In most cases NO, but there have been
migrated and available in E2K3, according       Q. How will my email address change and             exceptions.
to software migration tool documentation.       what can I do to prepare?
                                                                                                    Q. Do I need to discontinue my forwarding
Q. When I logon to my system, why do I see      A. Add your AKO address                             of my AKO to my Belvoir account before I
the EMW Client Updating Utility?                (john.smith@us.army.mil) into your                  am migrated?
                                                signature block, so when you send your
A. The EMW Client Updating Utility is a         emails the recipient can start updating their       A. No. After you are migrated you then
tool that will run for all BELVOIR users        CONTACTS for you. For instruction on                need to change your
once the migration project is started and       how to perform creating a signature, go into        john.smith@belvoir.army.mil to
may continue throughout the length of the       outlook and click on help, select, show             john.smith@conus.army.mil.
project. The tool checks a migration            office assistant, click on Office Assistant and

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