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February 04, 2010

Doris North Project Distribution List

Via email

Re:      HBML’s updated “Noise Abatement Plan” and Comment Request

Dear Parties:

On December 21, 2009 the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) received Hope Bay Mining
Ltd.’s (HBML) updated “Noise Abatement Plan” for the Doris North Gold Mine Project (Doris
North Project). This plan is a requirement of Doris North Gold Mine Project Certificate, issued
to Miramar Hope Bay Ltd (Miramar and predecessor of HBML) on September 15, 2006 (Project
Certificate 003) by the NIRB. Term & Condition #29 of the NIRB Project Certificate states:

      “MHBL shall develop and implement a noise abatement plan to protect people and wildlife
      from mine activity noise, including blasting, drilling, equipment, vehicles and aircraft. The
      noise abatement plan will be developed in consultation with GN-DoE, EC and HC, and
      includes: restrictions on blasting and drilling when migrating caribou, birds or local
      carnivores may be affected; the establishment of strict standards for noise levels; use of
      equipment and vehicles with the best noise attenuation devices; when practical, the use of
      fences or berms around noisy machinery or sites; flight corridor restrictions over sensitive
      areas with known concentrations of wildlife and birds whenever possible; and requiring with
      the exception of take off and approach for landing, a minimum flight altitude of 300 metres
      above ground level when flights to and from the mine site are passing near sensitive wildlife
      and bird areas. The noise abatement plan will also incorporate the use of sound meters to
      monitor sound levels at sites in and around the mine site and local study area. The location
      and design of the sound meters shall be selected in consultation with EC and set up
      immediately upon issuance of the Project Certificate for the purpose of obtaining baseline
      data, and during and after operations. The final noise abatement plan shall be filed with
      NIRB’s Monitoring Officer within six (6) months of the issuance of the Project Certificate.”

In compliance with Term and Condition #29, Miramar submitted its “Noise Abatement Plan” on
March 14, 2007 to the NIRB. In early 2008, Newmont Mining Corporation (Newmont)
completed acquisition of the Doris North project and established HBML, a new entity to operate
the Doris North Project. In September of 2008, HBML deferred the mine development of the
Doris North Project while continuing its advanced exploration programs in the Hope Bay Belt.
As such, the “Noise Abatement Plan” was not approved by the NIRB at that time, however,
HBML conducted a noise monitoring program based on this plan and has since submitted

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monitoring results annually to the NIRB. HBML’s annual noise measurement reports can be
accessed on NIRB’s ftp site using the following link: - /MONITORING/05MN047-DORIS NORTH/02-MONITORING AND

On November 5, 2009, HBML advised the NIRB of its decision to proceed with the Doris North
Project in a staged development plan. HBML indicated that a detailed proposal was under
development and will most likely be submitted to the NIRB by the second quarter of 2010.
Taking into account the initial mine development activities contemplated by HBML, in
combination with the activities that have been conducted since the issuance of the Project
Certificate, the NIRB recommended that HBML revise its original “Noise Abatement Plan” to
reflect the objectives set out in Term and Condition #29; in particular abatement measures
necessary to mitigate potential impacts of any noise resulting from the development of the

HBML agreed and provided an updated “Noise Abatement Plan” to the NIRB on December 21,
2009. The revised plan is available on the NIRB's ftp site at following link:

The NIRB is requesting that interested Parties review the document and provide comments based
on their jurisdiction and areas of expertise with reference to the provisions of Project Certificate
Term and Condition #29 as noted above. Once comments are received and reviewed by the
NIRB, the Board will provide more formal direction to HBML and may approve the plan for
interim implementation.

Please forward any comment submissions directly to the Board at or via fax at (867)
983-2594 on or before February 26, 2010.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at (867) 983-4606
or at


Li Wan
Technical Advisor
NIRB Monitoring Officer for the Doris North Gold Mine Project

cc:    Chris Hanks, HBML ( )

                   P.O. Box 1360 Cambridge Bay, NU X0B 0C0      Phone: (867) 983-4600   Fax: (867) 983-2594
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