Excuse Me - Fancy Feet Linedancers

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					                                         Excuse Me

Description:        4-Wall Line Dance, 32 count, Improver
Choreographed by:   Thomas Malmgren (SWE, dec 2009)
Choreographed to:   Excuse me by The Playtones (150 BPM)
Note:               24 count, Start on vocals.
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Mambo rock back, Full turn Left.

1–2        Rock Left back, Recover forward on Right.
3–4        Step Left forward, Hold.
5–6        Step Right forward, Turn ½ Left.
7–8        Make ½ turn Left and step back on Right, Kick Left forward.

Slow coaster step, Step turn ¼ cross.

9 – 10     Step Left back, Step Right beside Left.
11 – 12    Step forward on Left, Hold.
13 – 14    Step Right forward, Turn ¼ Left.
15 – 16    Cross Right over Left, Hold.

Chasse Left, Rock back, Chasse Right, Rock back.

17 & 18    Step Left to Left side, Step Right beside Left, Step Left to Left side.
19 – 20    Rock back on Right, Recover forward on Left.
21 & 22    Step Right to Right side, Step Left beside Right, Step Right to Right side.
23 – 24    Rock back on Left, Recover forward on Right.

Toe strut x2, Kick ball change, Touch, Unwind ½.

25 – 26    Touch Left toe diagonally forward Left, Drop Left heel to floor.
27 – 28    Touch Right toe diagonally forward Left, Drop Right heel to floor.
29 & 30    Kick Left forward, Step Left beside Right, Step Right beside Left.
31 – 32    Touch Left behind Right, Unwind ½ Left (weight on Right).

Ending:    Wall 12: Dance first 12 count then:
1–3        Step Right forward, Turn ¾ Left, Step Right beside Left..

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