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					                              ESSE now has a FaceBook page

The new ESSE FaceBook page
The Board of ESSE, meeting at Prague on 30th August 2011, has given its green light to the
use of the ESSE FaceBook page. The purpose of the ESSE FaceBook page is to allow
members to make announcements directly to the whole ESSE community.
What can and cannot be posted on the ESSE FaceBook page
Please post on the ESSE FB page any announcement (in English only!) that can be of interest
to ESSE members and that cannot fit into the existing columns of the ESSE website, such as
interesting links, new books just published, Summer schools, exhibitions, etc.: just use your
Blatantly commercial announcements are forbidden and will be deleted, and so will
announcements of a political or religious nature: this page is not for controversy, but for
The ESSE website will continue exactly as it is, with the existing columns. It will still carry all the
background information about ESSE, and any important information from the ESSE Executive,
from the ESSE Board, or from the committees appointed by the Board (concerning Book
awards, The Messenger, EJES, Bursaries, etc.) Calls for papers, calls for contributions, and
announcements of vacant positions should still be sent to the webmaster for inclusion on the
website and in The Messenger. The ESSE FB page is only for information that does not fit
existing columns of the existing ESSE website.
How to reach the FB page
The url of the ESSE FB page is and
the page is clearly identified by the blue and white ESSE logo.
How to use the FB page
Although any ESSE member is allowed to publish announcements on the ESSE FB page, you
cannot write immediately when you reach the ESSE FB page for the first time. You must first
click the "Like" button next to the title of the page (which, according to the language of your FB
account, can be "Mi piace", "Gefällt mir", "J'aime" etc.). This will open a box with the mention
"Write something" (or the equivalent in other languages, such as "Scrie ceva" or "Escreve
alguma coisa"). You are then allowed to write a message in that box, with a maximum of 420
signs. If you include a full url in your message (including the "http://www" prefix), FB will usually
illustrate your message with a photo retrieved from the website that you have mentioned.
ESSE members who do not have a FB account can send the announcements that they wish to
make to the webmaster, who will post them in their name. On the ESSE FB page, entries
featuring the ESSE logo are by the ESSE webmaster, but they do not necessarily represent
official ESSE policy and they do not commit ESSE in any way.

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