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									Product Liability

When you purchase a product, you expect it to be free from harmful defects, to perform as
warranted, and to serve the need for which it was purchased. You expect it to be safe. What do
you do if it’s not?

The personal injury lawyers at Patton, Hoversten & Berg, P.A. can analyze the situation
and secure the experts you need to prosecute your case.  (Product liability cases usually
require the expert testimony of design, engineering, or other professionals.)  If you’ve been
injured due to a defective product, contact the personal injury lawyers at Patton, Hoversten &
Berg, P.A. 

FYI -- One of the earliest Minnesota product liability cases, in 1964, involved an electric
vaporizer that was manufactured for household use to create steam to soothe the congestion
that accompanies a cold.  A three-year-old girl was terribly scalded by the boiling water inside
the vaporizer when she got out of bed during the night and tripped over the vaporizer’s electric
cord that was plugged into the wall.  The cord ran from the wall outlet to the cap of the
vaporizer.  The cap of the vaporizer simply sat on top of the water reservoir of the vaporizer; it
was not secured.  When the young girl tripped over the cord, the cap came off the vaporizer
exposing the little girl to the boiling water.  The designers of the product were aware that their
product would be used to help small children who were congested, and it was certainly
foreseeable that a small child could awaken during the night to go to the bathroom or to seek
comfort from his/her parents.  Nonetheless, the designers did not incorporate the relatively
simple safety feature of securing the cap to the water reservoir to prevent the escape of the
boiling water.  The manufacturer was held liable for the little girl’s injuries.

The law requires product liability cases to be commenced within a certain amount of time, or
you lose your right to present any claim. Don’t delay in contacting an experienced Minnesota
product liability attorney today.


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