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Environmentalistes Sans Frontieres

                                       Environmental Management

                               Nairobi, Kenya


 The Firm                      1

 Corpporate Phylosophy         1

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Our Services

 Overview                      2

 Environmental Assessment &
 Management                    3

 Natural Resource Management    4

 Institutional Strengthening
 and Capacity Building         7

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Our Staff and Clients

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                     Our Firm
                        Environmentalistes Sans Frontieres (ESF) consultants was established
                        in the year 2000 as an Environmental Management Consultancy firm
                        with the objective of providing sound and effective solutions to the
                        common environmental challenges affecting the livelihood of
                        communities, institutions and corporates.

                        We are registered with the National Environmental Management
                        Authority (NEMA) - Kenya and have also aqcuired membership with
                        various environmental management bodies including, International
                        Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) and East African Association
                        for Impact Assessment (EAAIA).

                        Our lead offices based in Nairobi Kenya, serves as a central coordinating
                        and clearing house for the rapid development of environmental solutions
                        to serve both locally and internationally. Besides undertaking some large
                        scale development projects in Kenya,We are also proud to be serving
                        both the Eastern and Central Africa Region.

                        We have a wide base of expertise to enable us undertake and provide
                        solutions to the diverse and ever dynamic environmental challenges we
                        face. These we achieve through the use of up to date procedures as
                        well as the most advanced and highly efficient technologies. In addition,
                        we employ the expertise of our professional and well informed staff to
Your Environmental      provide services of superior quality promptly and as required.

                     Corporate Philosophy
                       We devote ourselves to applying professionalism and most appropriate
                       technologies to develop workable and effective environmental solutions.
                       We value committed employees dedicated to providing innovative and
                       excellent services to the clients.

                       We strive towards provision of exceptionally sound solutions that
                       promote a balanced and sustainable development for the emerging
                       and ever changing global environmental challenges.

                     International Experience
                        Our reputation within the international spheres precedes us. We have
                        gained world-class service delivery experience to complement with the
                        available technologies. ESF has participated in international trainings
                        hosted by reputable organizations such as Tellus Environmental
                        Institute of Stockholm, USAID, World Bank and Southern Africa Institute
                        for Environmental Assessment (SAIEA).

                        Our project distribution matrix has enabled us gain relevant international
                        experience especially in countries including Southern Sudan, Democratic
                        Republic of Congo and Tanzania. We are particularly conversant with
                        sector and general Environmetal Assessment and Management guidelines
                        of International development bodies including The World Bank, USAID
                        Europen Union and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

                                         Our Services

                     We offer our clients a broad range of services that can be placed in four
                     general categories. These categories are;

                                                 Environmental Assessment & Management
                                                          Natural Resource Management
                                                           Training and Capacity Building
                                                      Compliance & Corporate Investment

                     We undertake a wide variety of comprehensive development programs
                     through the project cycle, and understand clearly, the significance of the
                     interdisciplinary nature in the intergration of bussiness, academia,
                     governments, community groups and individuals in problem defination,
                     needs assessment, planning and strategy development for an effective

                     A mojority of assigned tasks require two or more disciplines of expertise. In
                     most cases, these tasks engage the involvement of crucial disciplines such as
                     management,planning, design, applied research, audit and general assessment.

                     Based on the high caliber of our in house experts, we do offer a number of
                     servicesthat are compatible to a healthy environment and sustainable
                     development. To this end, we commit ourselves to helping our clients
                     identify themselves with the best practices and opportunities through offering
                     solutions that point out, reduce and manage environmental risks.

                     Our goal is to achieve worthy, long term reliable association with our clients
                     and host country affiliates. We therefore work with all parties to seek
                     common interests and approaches, given the ever growing pressures and
                     flactuating priorities of the morden world.

                                                                   Consortium Agreement
                     Our goal is to achieve worthy, long term reliable association with our clients
                     and host country affiliates. We therefore work with all parties to seek
                     common interests and approaches, given the ever growing pressures and
                     flactuating priorities of the morden world.

Your Environmental
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                           Environmental Assessment
                                      & Management

    Under the Environmental Assessment and Management category, we offer services that
    assess particular physical, social and economic impacts of planned activities on the
    environment and provide policy and decision makers with Scientific Information of likely
    consequences of such activities for better environmental management. In addition,
    we intergrate other special activities to identify emerging environmental issues and to
    enable maximization of environmental positive impacts and minimization of the negative

                                                The services we offer in this section include;

                                                Environmental Impact Assessment
                                                     African governments are increasingly enhancing laws and regulations that
                                                     require the mandatory subjection of proposed developmenbts to EIA in order
                                                     to predict and mitigate potential impacts of developments on environment.
Case Study
                                                     We have carried out research for more than 5 years and have become a
ESF Consultants was commissioned                     leader in Environmental Impact Assessment for water and sanitation projects,
to review an EIA study for Masinga                   housing and construction, hydrocarbon handling and storage, agriculture,
Dam undertaken by Knight Piésold in                  roads, biodiversity conservation projects, wildlife Conservation, Irrigation
association with Mott Ewbank Preece                  and infrastructure development.
in 1997 and upgrade the assessment
to cover the raising to full supply
level (FSL) of Masinga Reservoir by
between 1.5m and 2m, and increasing
spillway capacity.
                                                Environmental Monitoring & Evaluation
Construction activities were to take place          We carry out environmental monitoring and evaluation as a tool and service
over a period of 2.5 years and involving up         for our clients. We are proud of our capacity to develop baseline monitoring
to 250 workers. The expansion of the dam            and evaluation indicators and targets including the effective design of flexible
in Kenya is set to occur on within its              bechmarks for various programmes.
prescribed boundaries.
                                                    Oxfam Quebec, a Canadian International Non-Governmental Organization has
The Masinga Dam is at the head of                   used our environmental monitoring and evaluation services for more than
a cascade of four dams in Kenya and                 2 years for their environmental management projects in Kenya
a major supplier of hydroelectricity
generation. The dam also serves as a
water storage facility for the other
dams downstream. It was expected that
                                                 Strategic Environmental Assessment
storage capacity would be increased
from 1566 million cubic metres                      The worldwide appeal towards the application of SEA in the incorporation
(at 1.5m increase) or 1805 million                  of environmental aspects into higher level of planning processess of more
cubic metres (at 2m increase).                      strategic nature has lead to ESF offering SEA in various sectors including
                                                    Agriculture, Building and infrastracuture, Energy sector, Water and sanition
                                                    among others.

                                                    We were contracted to undertake Strategic Environmental Assessment for
                                                    tissue-cultured banana covering 5 districts in Kenya where pilot projects were
                                                    being undertaken by Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and the
                                                    International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications
                                                    (ISAAA- AfriCentre).

                                                    This study examined capacities, phyto-sanitary regulations and
                                                    Biosafety procedures within the various laboratories undertaking in-vitro
                                                    propagation.The project was funded by International Development Research
                                                    Council [IDRC], Canada and International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
                                                    in partnership with the Rockefeller foundation (RF).

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                                              Natural Resource

        The world’s natural resources are facing increasing pressure from human exploitation
        as we hit the 6 billion human population mark. The tropical zones, which we may refer
        to as the last frontiers, are most threatened, as they remain the key havens of
        biodiversity and other natural resources.

        ESF well understands the need to develop in order to sustain communities. We also
        clearly recognise the fact that development and survival is solidly pegged on sustenance
        of the environment and its natural resources. We have therefore developed and adopted
        tools that assist our clients in exploiting and managing natural resources in a manner
        that realises maximum benefit with least damage.

        Due to the uniqueness of ecosystems and the natural resources they bear, there are tools
        that are generally applicable to a wide variety whereas there are those specialised for
        specific ecosystems and/or resources. Some of the services that we offer our clients
        within this component include;

               Geographic Information Systems
                    GIS is a tool that we frequently use to map out occurrence and distribution
                    of resources such as soils, water bodies and vegetation types. This tool also
                    assists in defining topography, ecosystems and their boundaries as well as
                    mapping out vulnerable and critical ecosystems.

               Habitat Surveys
                    ESF Consultants have been involved in undertaking Habitat surveys within
                    different ecosystems. These surveys have provided reliable estimates of
                    quantities, qualities and spatial distribution of flora and fauna types.
                    This instrument provides concrete baseline biodiversity data.

                    Habitat surveys have formed core decision support tools for projects in
                    conservation, wildlife management and ranching to name a few.

              Environmental Modelling and
                   We provide clients with information that is vital to making decisions in
                   investment venture. Through environmental modelling and forecasting, we
                   are able to postulate possible environmental scenarios over time durations
                   in the event that a particular action is taken. This is vital information
                   for any investor whose intended investment is significantly governed by
                   the existence and state of natural resources e.g. mining.

                   It is our ambition to provide our clients with the most reliable
                   information, which they can use to support decision-making. In addition
                   this tool is also used to identify impacts and mitigate them to avoid
                   additional costs and litigation.

Your Environmental
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                                                            Natural Resource

                                                             Cost Benefit Analysis

                                                                 In many cases our clients will have more than one option in manner
                                                                 of investment and/or operation. Though these options may have little
                                                                 difference or straightforward implications in economic terms, they
Case Study                                                       may bear hidden environmental costs or benefits.

Wasini Mangrove Forest and Coral                                 As such, ESF undertakes Environmental Cost-Benefit analysis on project
Garden Conservation Project was an                               to examine the overall implications. This has proved a vital tool over
initiative to promote the conservation of                        the years and helps our clients suffering unanticipated environmental
mangrove forest and coral garden through                         costs.
enterprise development and sustainable
management of existing resources.

The project involved the extension of the Wasini
Boardwalk to open up bird watching as an additional
                                                              Intergrated Ecosystem
attraction and to enhance visitor satisfaction,
diversifying the income base for the community
                                                                 As is duly recognised, ecosystems support one another to form
through establishment of crab farming, improving
                                                                 larger and more complex ecosystems. Projects may be located in
the utility of the Wasini Boardwalk and enhancing the
                                                                 areas where there are multiple ecosystems. This would therefore
conservation status of the Wasini mangrove forest
                                                                 require a good understanding of these ecosystems, their dynamics
and coral garden.
                                                                 and how they relate.
ESF was consulted to analyse and document existing
                                                                 We provide solutions to proper ecosystem management regardless
baseline conditions before construction begins, ascertain
                                                                 of the ecosystem type. In our undertakings we focus on core
whether there will be water quality and/or biological
                                                                 functions and the way they relate to each other thereby providing
impacts as a result of construction activities associated
                                                                 answers that are feasible, economical and practical.
with the project, identify and assess impacts of the
proposed project on the natural resources in Wasini,
assess the environmental costs and benefits
of the project to the society and design an
environmental management plan.

The project was funded by the Biodiversity                    Community Based Natural Resource
Conservation Programme (BCP) under                              Management
European Union/Government
of Kenya grant.                                                  Working with communities can prove a tricky affair especially
                                                                 in responsibility allocation and benefit sharing. We have been
                                                                 involved to large extent with providing community natural
                                                                 resource management training and advice for an array of clients.
                                                                 Though a challenging task, we have been able to develop not only
                                                                 materials for Community-Based natural Resource Management,
                                                                 but also Community-Based Environmental Assessment and Sound

                 Your Environmental
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                                 Natural Resource

           Carrying Capacity Assessment
               ESF undertakes carrying capacity assessments to estimate sustainable
               levels of populations and facilities in sitting and development of
               infrastructures and area development.

               We have developed in house tools based on critical thresholds and Limits
               of Acceptable Change (LAC) systems to assess the carrying capacity of
               agricultural systems, tourism areas, rangelands, settlement schemes,
               waste management sites, and industrial areas

           Land Use Planning
                The firm has been involved in developing Participatory Land Use Plans
                for areas under diverse land uses. Based on participatory tools and GIS,
                ESF Consultants developed a land use plan for lake Jipe Ecosystem, an
                important international water body straddled along the Kenya-Tanzania

                ESF has developed Plans for rangelands, irrigated areas, protected areas,
                forests, wetlands, and urban zones.

           Hydrological Survey
               In the water resource sector, the firm is involved in hydro
               dynamics studies of both surface and subsurface water resources.
               Major development agencies in Sudan have contracted ESF to carry
               out hydrological assessments for underground and riverine systems.

Your Environmental
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                              Institutional Strengthening
                                        & Capacity Building

Training is part of the capacity building initiative by this firm in line with empowering our clients
to foster positive environmental action. At a time when humanity is faced with challenging problems
of environmental and resource degradation, ESF Consultancy has been on the forefront in building our
clients base through training in Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Educating, training and/or
giving advice is without doubt the major objective of consultancies as it is the core of enabling societies
deal with various environmental situations appropriately.

                                                          Environmental Management Systems
                                                             ISO 14001
                                                                Our firm assists corporate organizations to reduce costs through training and
                                                                implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS). These systems focus
                                                                on reduction of wastes, improvement of health and safety management, public
    Case Study                                                  image enhancement, increasing credibility, and reducing environmental risk.

    ESF was contracted to build the
    capacity of local communities in                      Hazard Analysis Critical Control
    arid areas of Magadi, to equip them                     Points (HACCP)
    with the necessary skills to sustainably
    contribute to the management and                           In food industry the firm offers training in HACCP. This is a scientific, rational
    utilization of their existing resources.                   and systematic approach to identification, assessment and control of hazards during
                                                               production, processing, manufacturing, preparation and use of food to ensure that
    Training was offered on water resources,                   food is safe when consumed (no unacceptable risk to health)
    bee keeping as an alternative source of
    livelihood in arid and semi arid lands,                    Benefits of the HACCP system include overcoming many of the limitations of the
    eco-tourism, livestock management, dry                     traditional approaches to food safety control (i.e. snapshot inspection and end
    land farming, and water harvesting.                        product testing) by allowing for identification of conceivable, reasonably
    On dry land farming, our purpose was to                    expected hazards, even where failures have not previously been experienced.
    present to the trainees the various modern
    farming methods which would result in
    increased produce to ensure food security               Occupational Safety Hazard Assessment
    while conserving both soil and water on the
                                                             System (OSHAS)
    farms hence sustainable dry land farming.

                                                               ESF Consultants has wide experience in the development of training modules
    Training methodologies employed by ESF
                                                               and packages for OSHAS encompassing human resource needs, infrastructure
    involved participatory rural appraisal
                                                               requirements, training, management and empowerment.
    techniques such as pair-wise matrix
    ranking and resource mapping. Trainees
                                                               The training is geared towards reducing and preventing accidents and
    were capacitated to initiate and develop
                                                               accident-related loss of lives, time and resources by helping to foster
    existing community based development
                                                               improvements in today’s workplace in the areas of workplace health, ergonomics,
    projects that would provide them with
                                                               job design and safe use and control of chemicals.
    alternative & sustainable livelihood
    sources while at the same time
                                                               Our OHSAS 18001 training can be applied to any type of business, organization
    overseeing sustainable utilization
                                                               or industry that wishes to manage its risks for Health & Safety in the work place.
    of natural resources within
    Magadi division.

                                                           Natural Resource Management Training
                                                               As a firm, we have been building the capacity of local communities and charity
                                                               organizations in management of their natural resources in line with the principle
                                                               of sustainable development. We offer capacity building in the management of aquatic
                                                               resources, dry land management, coastal and marine and forestry resources.

                                                               In addition, we have developed training manuals and models for training in the
                                                               Great Horn of Africa as well as best practices manual for resources management
                                                               in developing countries. We have also been involved in development of EIA guidelines
                                                               for Environmentally Sound Design projects in Eastern and Central African countries.

                   Your Environmental
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                                     Compliance & Corporate

                                              In recent years, it has become evident world over that environmental management
                                              has benefits to business. It cannot be denied that the fundamental goal of business
                                              is to make profit. On the other hand, development has been charged with a duty of
                                              ensuring that its activities do not harm biological life and the environment at large.
                                              ESF has developed products and services that ensure businesses can reap direct and
                                              indirect benefits from appropriate environmental management and consideration.
                                              The wide range of such products, their flexibility to be either very specific or
                                              broad in approach as well as their adaptability ensures that we are able to cater
                                              for a wide spectrum of clients.

                                              Core products include Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM), Environmental Risk
                                              Assessment (ERA), Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) and Corporate Social
                                              Responsibility (CSR).

  Clean Development
    Requirements to reduce and manage Green House Gases pollution levels by industries
    have often proved very expensive and in some i nstances fatal to companies. Clean
    Development Mechanism (CDM) allows developing countries and its private sector
    operators an option to attract a hard currency revenue stream by selling carbon credits
    from projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Under the Kyoto Protocol, countries
    in the European Union, Japan, New Zealand and Canada and a number of transition
    countries have adopted emission reduction targets. This has been carried out in two
                          Undertaking domestic measures
                          Buying of Carbon credits from CDM project operators

    Because of their project-based character, CDM can assist project developers in enhancing
    the economics of their project by selling the resulting emission reductions. We provide
    services in identifying, planning and implementation of such projects. In addition, our
    wide network of partners provides leverage in identifying potential clients to buy

  Environmental Due
    Costs associated with safety, Health and Environment are in many cases indirectand
    difficult to quantify. Unlike other financial matters such as profit margins, tax implications
    and direct input costs, costs such as those to rehabilitate contaminated land, third party
    claims or upgrading production processes to reduce emissions are not immediately recognised.
    Firms are increasingly turning to Environmental Due Diligence in order to correctly identify
    and assess EHS values and risks associated with transactions such as acquisitions, mergers and
    divesture to mention a few. Also emerging is a clearer picture of the merits associated with
    implementing a management plan based on the Environmental Due Diligence for the entire
    duration of an investment.

    Vendor EDD reports can be used to support the sale documents, retain control of the process
    hence confidentiality and facilitate for an easy EDD for the purchaser.

    Our input during planning of such transactions ensures that clients can make better-informed
    decisions with an advantage of reduced potential of retained liability.Through EDD, ESF advises
    its clients of the environmental risks associated with investments and provided solutions to
    those risks.

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                                      Compliance & Corporate

                                              Corporate Social
                                                 Constant change in consumer expectation demands that business redesigns its
                                                 mode of operation. There is increasing public pressure and expectation that
                                                 firms invest in social programmes where they operate. In addition, communities
                                                 are increasingly demanding regular reporting on such initiatives. Such requirements
                                                 are quickly shaping the manner in which businesses are viewed and appreciated
                                                 therefore directly affecting profitability.

                                                 ESF offers clients advice and services on corporate social image enhancement and
                                                 reporting. We do this on behalf of our clients to enhance and report on what their
                                                 businesses are doing to improve social welfare of their clients and citizens of
                                                 countries where they operate.
Case Study
                                                 ESF Consultants has been involved in Corporate Social Reporting for British
ESF was contracted to build the                  American Tobacco (K). Through such activities, businesses insure that they are in
capacity of local communities in                 tandem consumer expectations. Openness of this nature also ensures that
arid areas of Magadi, to equip them              consumers and the public in general understand clearly the endeavours and
with the necessary skills to sustainably         bottlenecks of a firm’s operations towards better environmental and social
contribute to the management and                 performance.
utilization of their existing resources.

Training was offered on water resources,
bee keeping as an alternative source of
                                              Environmental Risk Assessment
livelihood in arid and semi arid lands,          Compliance with country requirements especially on environmental issues and
eco-tourism, livestock management, dry           performance requires a good understanding of a projects nature and processes.
land farming, and water harvesting.              Risks associated with chemical manufacturing, handling or movement can be high.
On dry land farming, our purpose was to          We provide clients with knowledgeable and workable plans to reduce the
present to the trainees the various modern       possibilities of emergencies and disasters as well as emergency and disaster
farming methods which would result in            management plans to not only protect on-site staff but also surrounding
increased produce to ensure food security        communities. In undertaking ERA for projects we focus on
while conserving both soil and water on the
farms hence sustainable dry land farming.
                                                                       Process Hazard Analysis
Training methodologies employed by ESF                                 Comprehensive Prevention Program
involved participatory rural appraisal                                 Emergency Response Program
techniques such as pair-wise matrix                                    Risk Management Plan
ranking and resource mapping. Trainees                                 Worst Case Release Scenario
were capacitated to initiate and develop                               Emergency Response Plan
existing community based development
projects that would provide them with
alternative & sustainable livelihood
sources while at the same time                Environmental Audit
overseeing sustainable utilization
                                                 Countries worldwide have or are currently instituting regulations that govern
of natural resources within
                                                 development’s interaction with the environment. More is being required of companies
Magadi division.
                                                 with regards to resource exploitation, energy use, waste management and health &
                                                 safety management. In most of these countries, periodic audits of processes and
                                                 activities are mandatory to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

                                                 We are determined to provide our clients with comprehensive compliance audits
                                                 resulting in management plans which are feasible, cost friendly and appropriate.
                                                 Our experience spans across a wide variety of sectors enabled by the wide spectrum
                                                 of expertise that we engage in undertaking our tasks.

                                                 Other than for compliance purposes only, we insist on providing our clients with
                                                 environmental management plans that give them an edge in profitability. Whether
                                                 large or small, our clients’ overall benefit from the audit exercise is our single
                                                 biggest concern.

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                                      Our Clients
                                    Our Clients

                     We provide support and services to government agencies, regional and
                     international development banks, the private sector, non-governmental
                     organizations and educational and research organizations.

                     We have worked with numerous clients including;

                               Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI)

                               International Service for the Aqcuisititon of
                               Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA Africentre)

                               United States International Agency for
                               Development (USAID)
                               Oxfam Quebec
                               European Union
                               Government of Kenya
                               Dawoodi Bohra Community

                               Insurance Company of East Africa (ICEA)
                               Regurb Associates
                               Beglin Woods Architects
                               Fuelex (K) Limited
                               Plence International
                               Shiloah Investments
                               Coopers Kenya Limited
                               Crown Berger paints

                               Kenya Tea Developmet Agencies (KTDA)
                               British American Tobacco (BAT)
                               Sudan Production Aid (SUPRAID)
                               Triad Architects
                               Ingeno Group of Companies – Germany.

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                                                         Our Principal

We stand out as a market leader in the provision of Environmental research
and management solutions.We have a strong team of professionals supported
by a broad Network of information and technology and currently have and
engage over 100 professionals.

We understand the need to be versatile in our approach due to the diversity of
our clientele and their needs. We therefore undertake constant research and
re-tailoring of our products to ensure that you are well catered for in your
requirements. Environmental Planners, Engineers, Sosciologists, Hydrologists,
                                                                                                                          James Kambo
GIS Experts, Claimatologists, Zoologists, Botanists, Geologists, Ecologists,
Economists, Natural and social scientists.

                                                James Kambo is an Environmental Planner with more than ten years experience
                                                as an Environmental Impact Assessment and management expert. Significant
                                                projects in his portfolio include hydropower projects such as ‘Raising of the
Quote                                           Masinga Dam by the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen), management
                                                of shared wetland ecosystems such as Lake Jipe (Kenya-Tanzania border), and
                                                biotechnology among others. James has participated in a number of projects and
"As we enter the 21 st century,                 developments, ranging from EIA, SEA, Environmental Auditing,
environmental challeges require                 to project evaluations and natural resource management
new approaches which integrate
science, art and technology to
combart the ever growing complex
                                                Tito Joel Kodiaga, Nairobi, Kenya, apart from technical environmental and
environmental problems.
                                                local EIA coordination support, facilitates stakeholder involvement and public
                                                participation processes in ESF assignments

                                                Tito has direct, hands-on experience of the natural resources of Kenya having
                                                developed strategic and other plans for wetland protection, fauna and flora
                                                inventories and the control of soil erosion and water conservation, and having
                                                coordinated various local Environmental Impact Assessments. Tito is an advisor
                                                to the World Bank Environmental Assessment Capacity Building Project in
                                                Southern Africa as well as Ethiopia. Furthermore, he has conducted extensive
                                                training in community based impact assessment and has coordinated the
                                                Community Based Impact Assessment Network for Eastern Africa. He is thus is
                                                keenly familiar with local needs and circumstances, and the requirements and
                                                needs for public participation in EIA.

          Tito Kodiaga                          Duncan Oyaro leads and coordinates ESF projects and multi-disciplinary
                                                assignments and supports the integration of engineering, technical evaluation
                                                and public issues. Duncan is a qualified environmental management practitioner
We at ESF Consultants are ever                  with over ten years of professional experience in Kenya, Sudan and Israel having
developing new ways to address                  coordinated a wide range of assignments and reviewed numerous studies and
these challenges"                               audited several manufacturing projects. He has developed cipal EIA/EA expert
                                                with more than ten years of professionalexperience in Kenya, Israel and Sudan as
                                                an Environmental Assessment and Management Expert. Duncan has been involved
                                                in assessing biotechnology, infrastructure, agricultural and waste management
                                                projects as well as developing of training manuals for Environmental Assessment in
                                                East & Central Africa.

                                                                                                                      Duncan Oyaro

  "High demand for well-integrated and comprehensive environmental solutions
  has ensured that we keep a constantly updated and sufficient database of the
  best available proffessionals, engaging them in our assigned tasks to ensure
  customer satisfaction and well-advised decision-making in development and
  project management." Duncan Oyaro - Managging Partner ESF

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      Felicia Muriuki has more than 15 years experience in Environmental Management.                             Felicia Muriuki
      Felicia has undertaken studies on outlining Tourism Management Guidelines for the
      Erongo Coastal Region, Namibia. She has also been involved in drawing up management
      guidelines for the Kiunga Marine Reserve, Lamu and participated as a technical
      team member in developing of an Integrated Coastal Management Plan for
      the Erongo Region, Namibia

      Stella Keino is an Environmental Policy Analyst with more than ten years of
      reviewing and formulating policies. She has more than 10 years hands on
      experience as a environmental policy analyst having worked for World Bank-
      Environment, Social, Sustainable Development (ESSD), UNEP-Communication
      and Information Department, GIS related research for Habitat for Humanity
      and collecting GIS data for the expansion of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge a major
      connector bridge for the Washington DC metropolitan area. Stella has reviewed
      policies of shared riparian resources –Nile River Basin. Stella has analyzed
      NGO and International Organization (IO) policies within various areas of the
      environment field.
                                                                                                      "As we enter the 21 st century,
                                                                                                      environmental challeges require
                                                                                                      new approaches which integrate
      Jennifer Mwonjoria is a Strategic Environmental Assessment and Management                       science, art and technology to
      Expert for Infrastructure project. Jennifer has been an advisor for Applied                     combart the ever growing complex
      Environmental Research Center in Essex, UK in the Planning, EIA, and SEA group.                 environmental problems.
      Her main area of expertise is in SEA and has coordinated all SEA work for AERC.                 We at ESF Consultants are ever
      She has previous EIA experience and worked as Planning Policy Officer for Oxford                developing new ways to address
      sire County Council thus gaining experience in Planning Policy Formulation and                  these challenges"
      Implementation. Her experience includes conducting Sustainability Appraisals of
      Development Plans and Programs.

   Future Prospects
      ESF has put in place a comprehensive plan that will foresee establishment of
      regional offices across Africa. We have ventured into Southern Sudan, DRC and Tanzania as
      part of our expansion program. Our focus also extends to southern parts of Africa where
      we are formulating expansion plans and projects.

      Fundamental to ESF is the concept of alliance building and partnerships. As our strategy,
      we value working with local partners in countries we operate in.This enables thorough
      understanding of the local working environment and also builds local capacities. As a result,
      we have entered preliminary stages of refining roadmap for action with the various local
      firms in North and West Africa and to offer joint services with them in their respective
      countries. This will form our basis for the establishment of our regional offices regionally
      and internationally.                                                                                          Stella Keino

      At the moment, we operate in Central Africa through a Consortium Agreement
      with Golder Associates International, a firm with about 90 offices worldwide
      whereby we offer joint services to clients in the region.

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                                      Our Contacts

                                         ESF Consultants
                                         ICN-Toshiba Hse,
                                      Menelik Road, Kilimani.
                                       P.O.Box, 7745-00100,
                                          Nairobi, KENYA.
                                      Tel: +254-020-3876512
                                           +254-722-479 526

                                       Fax: 254-020 2738231

                                 Environmentalistes Sans Frontieres

Caesar & Oyuma
Interactive Media Consultants
P.O.Box 30891-00100
Tel: 254-721 206 497
     254-721 296 313
Environmentalistes Sans Frontieres

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