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					                                         16th Int’l. Trade Exhibition’2012
                                   10th – 13th May, 2012 – Sarit Expo Centre
                                                        Nairobi, Kenya
                              East Africa’s only premier annual Trade Exhibition on
                                          I.T and consumer electronics.

COMPUTRONICS’2012:17th Intl'. Trade exhibition is prominent event of the region which attracts larger number of trade
visitors from East, South and Central Africa. This event will provide leading firms in the I.T. sector with a show-window to display
and demonstrate latest products and services on Information Technology and Communication in the East African market and to
target agents, distributors, corporate offices, govt. departments, businessmen, educationists, IT Training centers and other
professionals etc.
COMPUTRONICS'2012 is expected to bring together on common platform the leading international manufacturers-exporters and
suppliers of all kinds of computers, I.T., tele-communication related products and services and all kinds of consumer electronics

A recent survey has revealed a quiet industrial revolution in Kenya and the neighboring states of emerging micro and medium scale
industries in various industry sector categories including consumer, IT and industrial related products, which play a very important
role in industrial development of Kenya.

Kenya's geographical position and as a commercial hub of East Africa in particular, and whole of Africa in general, coupled with
the advantage of regional centre of international agencies is a natural choice for trading services of most goods consumed in the
region. The potential exhibitors are expected to achieve the following advantages:

      1.   Procure orders and appoint agents and distributors, meet prospective buyers and bulk consumers,
      2.   Establish joint ventures,
      3.   Create awareness in the region about their products and services,
      4.   Popularize their brand name in the region.

Arabian Exposition, Dubai in association with DM Promoters Pvt. Ltd., Goa, India, continue their efforts to bring
together players from I.T. industry sectors through „COMPUTRONICS'2012 for proper exchange of ideas, transaction of business,
appointment of representatives, strengthening brand names, assessment of market potential, launch of new products and
interaction with prospective industry partners.
Products being exhibited

    PC's, laptops, printers, canners,    Barcodes, UPS systems, Pen drives                            Consumer electronics,
    Peripherals, Accessories             word-processing and DTP options and other software           I-Pods, Speakers, Video
    Multi-media options, Networking,     Internet options and e-mail, E-banking, E-marketing,          games,
    Stationery, Notebooks- Net-books      E-commerce and training                                      Digital – still & video
                                          Telecommunication, Mobiles                                    Cameras,
                                                                                                        CD-DVD players etc.

Venue: Sarit Expo Centre, Nairobi, Kenya is fully equipped with most modern exhibition facilities, Octonorm shell scheme
stands, carpeted, CCTV, security system, central a/c , situated in The Sarit Centre which is the first, biggest and busiest
shopping mall in whole of East and Central Africa. It is located in the affluent posh area of Nairobi city- Westlands. It‟s “City Within
A City” concept of providing everything under one roof has since irrevocably changed retailing patterns and spurred shopping mall
development throughout East Africa.

Westlands is a dynamic commercial growth-centre situated in posh area of Nairobi where most of the Asians, Europeans, Arabs
and diplomats reside, only three-km from the capital‟s central business district. Nairobi‟s population exceeds 3 million people. A
busy calendar of trade shows, cultural and community events and shopping promotions around the year.

The visitor‟s attendance on normal days is 8-10,000 per day and on Saturday-Sunday averages nearly 20,000 daily, having doubled
with the opening of the Uchumi Hyper-Market and additional shops and other facilities constructed recently.

Effectively, The Sarit Centre is an inter-active shopping mall offering one-stop access to a complete range of supermarkets, stores,
service outlets, entertainment, and professional and medical facilities unrivalled elsewhere in Kenya
Visitor Profile
       Agents                                                   General public, consumers
       Distributors of IT and electronics related Products      Govt. departments
       corporate offices                                        Businessmen, IT Training centers and other professionals
Promotion of COMPUTRONICS'2012: An aggressive advertising campaign will be carried out to maximize exposure and
visitor attendance.
This will include

    Newspaper Advertising                                          Magazines & Trade Journals
    Outdoor Advertising                                            Online Advertising
    Trade Press                                                    Radio Advertising
    E-Marketing                                                    Direct mail
Country Info
                  Physical Location Kenya is located in Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Tanzania and
                  Somalia. It covers an area about twice the size of Nevada. Kenya has a tropical climate along the coast,
                  turning increasingly arid farther inland. Low plains rise into central highlands bisected by the Great Rift
                  Valley, with a fertile plateau in the west. Natural resources include gold, limestone, soda ash, salt barites,
                  fluorspar, garnets, wildlife, hydropower, and rubies.


31,140,000 people; Kikuyu (22%); Luhya (14%); Luo (13%); Kalenjin (12%); Kamba (11%) Annual growth rate: 1.15% Major
languages are English; Kiswahili; Maasai Religions: Protestant (38%); Catholic (28%); indigenous beliefs (26%)

Communication and transportation

310,000 main telephone lines 400,000 Internet users (2002) 38,198 miles of highway 1,654 miles of railroad 231 airfields 357,000
motor vehicles


Currency: shillings- USD 1= 75 Ksh. Per capita GDP: $1,000 GDP: $ 31 billion GDP growth rate: 1% Inflation rate: 3.3% Labor
force: 75-80% agriculture


Corporate Headquarters                                            East Africa Office :
                                                                  Exposerve Africa Ltd.,Kenya
P.O BOX: 39619, Dubai, UAE                                        Mr. Lawrence Nderitu Kuria, Area Manager,
Tel: + 971 4 2388667                                              Genius Executive Center, 15th Floor,
Fax: + 971 4 2388669                                              View Park Towers, Utalii Lane, /                                      P.O. Box 40665 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya,                                                Tel: +254 20 2639888 /                  Cell: +254 722 858611

India Office:                                                     Supported By
Goa Expositions, Goa, India
Miss Dimple D'Souza, Marketing Co-ordinator,
Mob: + 91 9604931900
Tel: +91 832 2901000 / 2901111
Fax: +91 832 6631977
Email: /                    Joint Kenya Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry

                                                                          India Trade Promotion Services, Dubai,

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