; You Can Lie to Anyone
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You Can Lie to Anyone


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Written By: Jonathan Lewis www.YourBusinessByDesignCoach.com

You can lie to anyone! It’s true, You can lie to anyone…but, If you lie to yourself, you lose! It’s one of those simple truths of living that we all need to be reminded about from time to time.

Ever found yourself lying to others and realizing that what you’re saying is a complete lie?
How about when you lie to someone and you convince even yourself that it’s the truth? That’s when you get in trouble. Here’s a quick example: People probably ask you all the time, “How are you?” If you are like most, you probably respond with a simple “fine” or “good”, when in reality, things are probably anything but “fine” or “good”. Everything could be going your way or the world could be falling apart around you, and there would still be people that you might not want to tell everything to. Again, it’s when even you start to believe that, or start lying to yourself, that’s when you lose! You need to stay true to yourself!


It’s when you lose sight of what needs to happen, the actions that need to be taken to get where you want to go, (even if you’re trying to just get back to the status quo), or perhaps even losing the direction that drives you, all of which will steer you toward failure if you are not honest with yourself.

Honesty is always the best policy,
but honesty is the ONLY policy when it comes to being true to yourself. We must all work to express the truth, Lie when we must, But ALWAYS be true to yourself. Remember you can lie to anyone, but when you lie to yourself… …you lose!

Stay true to yourself!
All the time! No exceptions! Enjoy! -Jonathan

Jonathan Lewis
Personal & Business

Empowerment Coach

Phone: (607) 222-6308
Jonathan@ YourBusinessByDesignCoach.com www.YourBusinessByDesignCoach.com

Jonathan Lewis is a Personal & Business Empowerment Coach that works with individuals and businesses to break through limiting thoughts and turning potential into achievement. For more great information on our online training, newsletters, seminars, and 1 on 1 coaching, please visit our web site at: http://yourbusinessbydesigncoach.com/sq

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