; Essential DJ Equipments To Create Great Beats And Tunes
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Essential DJ Equipments To Create Great Beats And Tunes


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									Essential DJ Equipments To Create Great Beats And Tunes

Whether you aspire to be a disc jockey, just starting out as an amateur DJ or have the talent and
desire to be a professional DJ ready to churn out a career in the world of music remixes, you
need to have some knowledge of and experience in the basic DJ equipments. This is essential
because these are the tools of the trade that will get you going in this world of mixing and
matching beats and tunes.

There are a number of aspiring youngsters who want to start out as a DJ, but do not know enough
about getting started and what to start with. For those who are serious about becoming a DJ, the
first step is to invest in the basic but essential DJ equipments that you cannot do without, that
being turntables, headphones, speakers and a DJ mixer. Of course, as you gain experience and
popularity as a DJ, you can then upgrade to more sophisticated DJ equipments.

The most important DJ equipment for you to master is the turntable. For your first set of
turntables it is always a good idea to start with a used version, or if you decide to purchase a new
one, at least to purchase an inexpensive model. Getting to the level of spinning the turntable in
front of a packed audience and wowing them with your great beat and music requires much
work. In fact, to many beginners, that is a nerve-wracking prospect, as being great on the
turntables requires a lot of practice and dedication. So start out amongst friends and friendly
crowds before stepping up to bigger and less familiar audiences. Once you become quite good at
it, you can start upgrading the turntable. The Technics 1200 or 1210 is a popular model to start

The next important item on the DJ equipment list is a good pair of headphones. According to the
more experienced DJs, the Sony headphones make the best choice for beginners.

If you are on a tight budget, you can postpone your purchase of a DJ mixer as you can manage
without one in the beginning. Once you have made a mark in this business and started making
some money, then you can think about investing in a good DJ mixer.

In order to get started in any profession you have to make some investment and the DJ
profession is no exception either. A beginner in this profession should expect to set a budget for
basic DJ equipment purchase of approximately US$2,000, as a turntable sells for about $1500,
and the mixer, headphone and speaker for about $100 each.

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