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									                                                          ACTION ITEMS - OPEN

ACTION NUMBER                           SPSRB ACTIONS                                                    Original Due
  (YYMMDD-#)    Due Date             Updated August 22, 2008                    ASSIGNED TO                  Date          NOTES ABOUT ACTION ITEM
                                                                              David Benner, Ingrid
                                                                                  Guch, Mitch
                           OSDPD & STAR management will identify staff          Goldberg, Kent
   080319-1     Sep-2008   for a software standards review group.                   Hughes                Apr-2008                      OPEN
                           Draft a policy memo for sign-off by the SPSRB                                                OPEN Letter has been drafted and is
                           chairs, regarding the STAR File Format                                                       in route to SPSRB co-chairs (Maurice
   080618-1     Sep-2008   Proposal for NetCDF4.                                  Ingrid Guch             Jul-2008      McHugh 7/24/2008).
                           OCIO is developing I.T. security software
                           standards to be imposed on STAR and others.
                           The standards will be included in new starts for
                           FY09. SPIWG and the software standards             David Benner, Ingrid
                           group needs to coordinate with OCIO and then           Guch, Mitch
                           introduce the standards into the SPSRB               Goldberg, Kent
   080618-2     Sep-2008   process.                                                 Hughes                Jul-2008                     OPEN
                           Devise a methodology for retiring user
   060719-1     Sep-2008   requests.                                                SPIWG                 Jan-2008                     OPEN
                           Update on Declaring MSPPS Snowfall Rate
                           Operational. SPSRB reviewed Feb 20, 2008
                           and asked for 1 additional year of development      Limin Zhao, Huan
   080220-1     Feb-2009   before returning to SPSRB.                         Meng, Ralph Ferraro    C
                                                                                                          Feb-2009                     OPEN

                           Provide a one year update (or earlier) to the
                           SPSRB on how the user community is using
                           the ACSPO clear sky radiances, sea surface          John Sapper, Alex
   080416-1     Apr-2009   temperatures, and aerosol optical depth.             "Sasha" Ignatov           Apr-2009                     OPEN
                                           ACTION ITEMS - CLOSED SINCE LAST MEETING

ACTION NUMBER                  Action Items Closed Since Last Meeting -                   Original Due
  (YYMMDD-#)    Closed Date             Updated August 22, 2008             ASSIGNED TO       Date          NOTES ABOUT ACTION ITEM

                                                                                                         CLOSED. A.K. provided some
                                                                                                         relevant URL’s:

                                                                                                         Standards Process Group:

                                                                                                         Backtrack Search Algorithm RFC:
                              Provide the software standards review group                                http://www.esdswg.org/spg/rfc/esds-
   080319-2      Aug-2008     with the EOS standards for tools.             A.K. Sharma    Apr-2008      rfc-010/
                                                          ACTION ITEMS - CLOSED

ACTION NUMBER                   DESCRIPTION OF SPSRB & Triage Action                                Original Due
  (YYMMDD-#)    Date Closed           Items (Updated August 22, 2008)            ASSIGNED TO            Date       NOTES ABOUT ACTION ITEM
                              Acquire user requests earlier for the triage
   040408-1                   board to review                                     Eileen Maturi
                              User request on fire needs more information on
   040408-2                   relationship to IGOS program                             ALL
   040408-3                   OSDPD participation at Triage Board                   Al Powell
                              Define Requirements Manager's roles and
   040408-4                   responsibilites/statement of work                       ALL
                              Amend user requests that have been sent back
   040408-5                   for clairification and updated                      Eileen Maturi

                              Information on the Instrument POP needs to be     John Bates/Eileen
   040408-6                   acquired for the triage to discuss the issue           Maturi
                              Gather Information oncontractors working on
   04053-1                    web page                                               Maturi
                              Contact Gene Pol to task JCSDA to become a
   040707-5                   member of the cal/val team                             Powell
                              Provide a static example of each new NWS
   040707-6                   product                                                 Heil
                              Gather information on the Testing &
   040707-7                   Certification List from Steve Lord                    Al Powell
                              Provide the ORA policy on Intellectual Property
   041110-1                   rights to the Board                                   Fran Holt
                              Address issue of product format on user
   041202-2                   request form                                         Tom Schott
                              Update Technical Assessments for 0411-
   050106-1                   2/0411-3                                            Eileen Maturi
                              Send all SPSRB minutes from April to David
   050106-2                   for inclusion in the web site                        Tom Schott
                              0411-1 Harmful Alfal Bloom forecast System
                              User Request will be dicussed at the March
   050210-1                   Triage                                                   All
                              ORA/ORAD will generate a development
   050210-4                   proposal for aerosol corrected SSTs                  Eric Bayler

                              CRAD present proposal for funding for the Full
   050210-6                   Disk GOES Surface and Insolation Product            Dan Tarpley
   050210-5       14-Jul      Clairfy Implementation of aersol coefficients         OSDPD                             15-Jun -COMPLETED

                              Mark DeMaria provide a proposal for product
   050512-1       14-Jul      development briefing at the June SPSRB              Eileen Maturi                       15-Jun -COMPLETED
                              Send results of Triage meeting to Mark
   050512-2       14-Jul      DeMaria and IPT members in e-mail                  Selina Nauman                         13-May-completed
                    George Stephens to provide developmental
050512-3   14-Jul   brief at May SPSRB                                  Eileen Maturi      18-May-completed
                    Contact Paula Davidson(request Originator) to
                    dial in or attend SPSRB when her user request
050512-4   14-Jul   briefed                                            David Benner        13-May-completed
050512-5   14-Jul   Provide action items for read ahead                Eileen Maturi
050512-6   14-Jul   Send out updated May Agenda                         Tom Schott         13-May-completed
                    Check on Status of Mark DeMaria's brief and
050512-7   14-Jul   verify title of brief                               Eileen Maturi      13-May-completed
                    Request Mark De Maria to put “The Tropical
                    Cyclone Formation Probability Product into the
                    Proposal for Product Development Decision
                    Brief Template to send out before the
                    meeting(substitute the old spsrb tracking
                    number with new spsrb tracking number,
                    explain what the users specifically asked for in
050613-1   14-Jul   this user request).                                 Eileen Maturi         COMPLETED
                    Request David Ngo to restrict only the user
                    request form to gov and mil. Open the rest of
050613-2   14-Jul   the page to any users.                              Tom Schott            COMPLETED
                    Provide a briefing slide to the executive
                    secretary to send out as read ahead material
050613-3   14-Jul   for June 15th                                       Tom Schott          6-Jun Completed
                    Add a suspend date to the Triage Action Item
050613-4   14-Jul   List.                                               Eileen Maturi       14-Jul Completed
                    Provide the ORA technical assessments for
                    0504-1,0506-1 ,0506-2 prior to the special
050714-1   21-Jul   triage meeting                                     Mitch Goldberg            closed
                    Provide the OSDPD Technical Assessment for
                    0504-01Sea Nettles prior to the special triage
050714-2   20-Jul   meeting                                            John Paquette             closed
                    Convene a ORA/OSDPD small group meeting
                    to divse a plan to acquire and distribute Cosmic
050714-3   27-Jul   data                                                  Jim Yoe       closed overcome by events
                    Submit a User Request for Cosmic BUFR
                    data to be accessed from CEMSCS so this can
050714-4   15-Jul   be rushed through the SPSRB Process                   Jim Yoe                closed
                    Provide a list of products that have become
                    operational in the past month at the end of
050714-5   20-Jul   each SPSRB monthly meeting                          Eileen Maturi            closed
                    Add a "projected operational date" to the
050714-6   17-Aug   Operational Decision Briefing Template              Tom Schott               closed
                    Triage members are asked to provide feedback
                    to John Paquette in the notes pages of the
050714-8   1-Aug    MTSAT presentation                                       All                 closed
                     Send a Memo to SPSRB that Starting Oct 1,
050714-10   20-Jul   2005 all POPS will meet their briefing schedule      Eileen Maturi             closed
                     Send a list of ' Projected Operational MTSAT
050714-12   20-Jul   Products' to Jim Heil for his review                 Brian hughes              closed

                      OSDPD will explore options to retrieve the
                     COSMIC data in BUFR format from UCAR and
050727-3    11-Aug   make it available to the user community data.        David Benner    closed receiving cosmic data
                     Provide information to Selina to update sea
050727-5    17-Aug   nettles user request for August SPSRB                Kent Hughes               closed
                     Set up special meeting between ORA and
                     OSDPD regarding the funding of MTSAT
050714-7    17-Aug   products                                             Brian hughes              Closed
                     Draft a letter to the Chesapeake Bay Facility
                     alerting them that the Sea Nettle Algorithm
                     Software will be transitioned to them for
                     operational implementation. The best 1km SST
                     will be provided to them but there will be no
                     expected maintenance from NESDIS for the
                     sea nettle algorithm software. This letter will be
                     sent to the Triage for review before being sent
                     out (Mark De Maria, Acting Director of the
050727-1    21-Sep   Cooperative Institutes).                             Kent Hughes               Closed

                     Ask Andy Heidinger to generate a proposal for
050915-1    16-Nov   product development for User Request 0507-5.         Selina Nauman            CLOSED
                     Update Block23 on User request 0507-5 with
050915-2    19-Oct   the IPT team names.                                  Selina Nauman            CLOSED
                     Send to Jim Heil the list of user requests that
                     are still missing and need to be included in the
                     User Request Data base. He may have copies
050915-3    3-Oct    of the NWS user requests.                            Brian Hughes             CLOSED
                     Send to the Triage Board the detailed list of
                     the products transitioned from research to
050915-4    3-Oct    operations                                           Eileen Maturi            CLOSED
                     Develop a project plan for the 7KM SST Global
050727-4    19-Oct   Product and present to the SPSRB.                     John Sapper             CLOSED
                     Send an e-mail to Kent identifying the IPT to
                     develop a project plan on how to transition
                     Ocean Color from reaearch to operations, and
                     send the two updated user requests (0509-1
051109-1    8-Dec    and 0509-2)                                          Selina Nauman            CLOSED
                     Send a copy of the letter from Chris Brown to
                     the Chesapeake Bay Facility regarding the Sea
                     Nettle Algorithm software transfer transition
                     signed by Mark DeMaria and approved by Al
051109-3    8-Dec    Powell and Mike Matson                               Eileen Maturi            CLOSED
                          Determine how to capture these performance
            February 2006 metrics in the operational products web page
050727-2       Triage     development.                                            SPIWG                       CLOSED
                          Kent will put together a project plan on how to
                          operationalize Ocean Color, and include the
            February 2006 two user requests (0509-1 and 0509-2) in the
051109-2       Triage     project plan.                                        Kent Hughes                    CLOSED
                          Jim Heil to confirm the requirements by
            February 2006 Weather and Water for moisture profiles, to
051208-6       Triage     send e-mail                                             Jim Heil                    CLOSED
                          Eileen will send to the SPSRB and Triage
                          principals the updated SPSRB process briefing,
            February 2006 in preperation for the NESDIS Quarterly on
051208-8       Triage     2/6/06                                               Eileen Maturi                  CLOSED
            February 2006 Talk with Lou Cambardella to determine what is
050714-9       Triage     the osd Budget for MTSAT                             Brian Hughes                   CLOSED
                          Update the Ocean Color brief with the
                          recommended changes and send the final
                          briefing to the Ocean Color Oversight Panel
                          and invite them to the February 15, 2006
060209-2     March Triage SPSRB.                                              Linda Stathoplos                 Closed

                            Dave Benner will send an invitation to Reggie
                            Lawerence and Barbara Banks to ensure that
060209-3    March Triage    they attend the February 15, 2006 SPSRB.           Dave Benner                     Closed
                            Identify the OSD Position on Funding non-                            CLOSED- YES OSD will provide
05714-11     April Triage   NOAA geostationary satellites using G-PSDI         Dave Benner       funding on non-NOAA satellites
060309-1     April Triage   Develop a Technical Assessment Template           Selina Nuaman                   CLOSED
                            SPIWG will evaluate the POP presentations
                            and determine where key issues should be
                            identified, and identify linkage to the Goal
051208-10    May Triage     teams, and the key future science issues.             SPIWG                       CLOSED
                            notify Tim Mavor, STAR, and John Sapper,
                            OSDPD, that User Request 0603-03 has been
                            approved. They should form an IPT team and
                            present a project plan to the SPSRB in June.
                            This presentation should include 1) the
                            transition to operations plan, 2) format change
                            to netcdf and 3) the product being generated
                            will be a daily global product with no
060413-1     May Triage     composites.                                       Selina Nauman                   CLOSED
                           Request 0603-02 hsbeen approved. Notify AK
                           Sharma, OSDPD and Istvan Lazlo, STAR, to
                           form an IPT team to 1) provide a current
                           assessment of the current OLR products and
                           the products that use the OLR as input, 2)
                           coordinate with CPC, John Janowiak, to inform
                           them of the current OLR products available,
                           and 3) present to the SPSRB within the next
                           few months a proposal for product development
                           on the OLR from MetOp.
060413-2    May Triage                                                     Selina Nauman                   CLOSED
                           Determine whether 160 hours are required to
                           perform this change format. If this change
                           format cannot be completed within 160 hours,
                           the user request will be brought back to the
060413-3    May Triage     Triage Board for review                          Ricky Irving                   CLOSED
                           Append the approved technical assessment
                           template to the user requests when she sends
                           them out to the technical assessors.

060413-4    May Triage                                                     Selina Nauman                   CLOSED
                           identify the technical assessment leads in
                           STAR and provide that information to Selina

060413-5    May Triage                                                     Eileen Maturi                     CLOSED
                                                                                             OPEN-modified 050714-9 funding for
                           Update SPSRB on the funding sources for the                       MTSAT needs to be discussed at the
                           HRIT data stream, resulting from the COPC                         April C OPC-(Dave Benner will check
050714-9a   April Triage   meeting.                                        John Paquette     on this and provide update) close
                           Lakel Smith to form the IPT for the AVHRR
                           Radiances in response to SPSRB User
                           Request 0511-01 - AFWA IJPS Products.
051208-2    June Triage    Report on User Request to Selina.                Lakel Smith                     OPEN

                           Gene Legg and Paul Chang to form the IPT for
                           ASCAT Sea Surface Winds in response to
                           SPSRB User Request 0511-01 - AFWA IJPS        Gene Legg   Paul
051208-3    June Triage    Products. Report on User Request to Selina.        Chang                         OPEN
                           AK and Chris Barnet to form the IPT for
                           atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles
                           in response to SPSRB User Request 0511-01 -
                           AFWA IJPS Products. Report on User Request AK Sharma      Chris
051208-4    June Triage    to Selina.                                         Barnet                        OPEN
                             AK and Chris to form IPT for IASI and AMSU-A
                             radiances in response to SPSRB User Request
                             0511-01 - AFWA IJPS Products. Report on      AK Sharma    Chris
 051208-5      June Triage   User Request to Selina.                            Barnet                                  OPEN

                             Selina and Tom will develop a METOP priority       Selina Nauman      Tom
 051208-1         TBD        list following the next IJPS TIM meeting                   Schott                          OPEN

                             Lakel Smith to verify the comms sizing to make
                             sure SPP can accommodate increased data
                             volumes from Metop, and work with Gary Petti
 051208-7      June Triage   for COPC for data storage requirements at DoD          Lakel Smith                         OPEN
                             Ricky Irving will submit a CCR to provide the
               December      JCSDA with STAR's version of WindSat data
 061009-1       Triage       via OSDPD's anonymous ftp server.                      Ricky Irving                       CLOSED

                             Selina will notify Ralph Feraro that information
                             brief of existing SSMI products and proposed
                             SSMIS products is requested by the Triage                                   CLOSED- Check user request and
                             Board for the December SPSRB meeting. It                                    figure out what is going on...Ralph
                             should also include details concerning the User                             Ferarro Presented a information
 061009-4    January Triage Request 068-004 specifics.                             Selina Nauman         Brief at the Jan. Triage
                             Ricky Irving will provide the status of
                             development activities concerning the GOES                                  OPEN- Expect to be complete in
               December      frontal product via CCR review and consulting                               Janaury...Operational December
 061009-7        Triage      PALs.                                                  Ricky Irving         2006
                             Kent Hughes will give an update to clarify User
                             Request 0610-0006. ORA and OSDPD Ocean
                             leads will provide and update at the January
061214-01S   Febraruy Triage Triage                                                 Kent Hughes                        CLOSED
                             Ricky Irving will submit a CCR regarding User
                             Request # 067-003--Provide the QUIKSCATT
                             BUFR of High Resolution (12.5 km) ocean
                             surface winds (direction and speed) to the
               December      NWS forecast field via AWIPS--will consult with                             OPEN- submitted provide CCR
061009-5S        Triage      Genne Legg on the Status.                              Ricky Irving         number to SPSRB manager
                             Ricky Irving will provide the status of
                             development activities concerning the GOES
               December      level 2 product via CCR review and consulting                               OPEN-- Expect to be operational in
 061009-6        Triage      PALs.                                                  Ricky Irving         February
                             Linda Stathoplos along with STAR, Mike will
                             examine what it takes to go operational with
                             the Chesapeake Bay chlorophyll algorithm,
                             Request # 0610-006 and present a Proposal            Linda Stathoplos
 070111-1      April Triage for Product Development                                  Ricky Irving                       OPEN
                           Linda Stathoplos, IPT lead will develop a
                           proposal for product development for acquiring
                           MERIS data for ocean color product generation
                           and present the proposal at the April
                           SPSRB...Triage reccomended her report
                           include the cost for development, the access
                           issue and the MODIS Terra backup. It should
                           be noted that only one region is being
                           The IPT team should include Michael
                           Ondrusek, Sathyadev Ramachandran, Philip           Linda Stathoplos
070215-2    April Triage   Keegstra, Kent Hughes and Joaquin Trinianes.          Ricky Irving                       OPEN
                           Contact Tom Passin Mitretek to discuss
                           connection of direct readout user database to
 0306-2S                   SATPROD database                                   Darrell Robertson
                           OSDPD to validate requirement to run
 0308-1S                   HYSPLIT Program Operationally                        Mike Matson
                           Brief SPSRB on Status of the OSDPD Porting
040414-2S                  Effort                                             Reggie Lawerence
                           Donna McNamara make a presentaion on
040414-3S                  IGOS                                               Donna McNamara
                           Develop a statement of work for requirements       Tom Schott/Eileen
040520-1S                  manager                                                 Maturi
                           Send e-mail to reggie lawerence inquiring
                           about the status of the dark fiber connection in
040616-1S                  WWB                                                  Eileen Maturi
                           Ask Gene Legg to brief SPSRB on MODIS data
040714-1S                  flow                                                 Eileen Maturi
040714-2S                  Confirm ORA migration recommendations                Hank Drahos
                           NCEP is requested to ask Bill Smith to provide
040818-1S                  a brief on the dark fiber link in WWB                  Jim Heil
                           Inquire about status of SSMI/S data release
04915-1S                   date                                                   Al Powel
                           Clarify actions needed to push data through
041020-1S                  dark fiber link in WWB                             Reggie Lawerence    C

                           Kent send user request by 12/15/04 for Triage
041020-2S                  Board Review                                         Kent Hughes
                           Draft a memo to Lou Ucellini and Bill Smith
                           requesting to establsh connectivity to WWB                                 Completed-GB MODIS fully lit
041118-1S                  floors and # of users by 10/27/04                    David Benner          fromNASA/GSFC April 16, 2005 ,1 PM
041215-1S                  Jim Heil to seek requirements for AWIPS OB7            jim Heil
                           Reggie drafted a memo to L. Ucellini about
                           release of the firewall to allow the flow of
041215-2S                  MODIS data                                         Reggie Lawerence
                             Post NOAA NPOESS Product Matrix on the
                             NPOESS/NDE web page                                  Tom Schott
                          Update User Request Form/Send out for
                          Approval/ Exec Secretary will send to web for        Tom Schott/Eileen
050119-2S                 posting                                                   Maturi
                          Provide Briefing to the SPSRB on "Clear Sky
050119-3S     March SPSRB Product"                                                Limin Zhao
                          Check on Status of Memo from Richard
                          Barazotto to Louie Uccellini concerning Dark
                          Fiber Activation in NOAA Science Center
050119-4S                 (WWB)                                                 Michael Matson
050216-1S                 Modify SPSRB process flow                               Tom Schott
                          The principle investigators on the funded
                          projects are requested to schedule a brief with
                          the executive secretary a month before the
                          project is scheduled for operational
050216-2S                 implementation for 2005                              ALL/Exec Secretary

                             Provide project briefings on "GOES Low Cloud
050216-5S                    Product and GOES Volcanic Ash Product"               Gary Ellrod
                             OSDPD will negotiate a start date with NCEP
                             for the Firewall implementation and report back
050216-6S                    to the SPSRB                                         david benner
                             Update the GOES Navigation presentation by
                             listing the verbal comments under the special
050316-2S                    interests section of the template                     Sam Chen
                             A memo will be drafted to users alterting them
                             that the AVHRR Clear Sky OLOR product
050316-3S                    development will be terminated.                     David Benner
                                                                                                    Slide was developed by Eileen Maturi
                                                                                                    and Hank Drahos and put into the
                             Slide to be added to development template on                           template. SPIWG accepted the slide
050316-5S                    quality monitoring of the product                      SPI WG          and added it to the template
                             Update Database put on web site by May
 050420-3     May SPSRB      SPSRB for the oversight panels to review            Brian Hughes
                             An alternative method (e.g. scientific data
                             stewardship) will be analyzed to generate a        John Bates/Mitch
050316-1S     May SPSRB      POES clear sky OLR climate product                    Goldberg         This methodology is being worked on.
                             IPT lead on "The updated Full Disk GOES
                             Surface Insolation Product will work with the
                             archive working group to determine a cost          John Bates/Istvan
050316-4-1S   May SPSRB      estimate for implementation of this product             Laslo
                             Provide change notification memo for              Dave Benner/Eileen
050518-4S     June SPSRB     distribution to the SPSRB                               Maturi               Memo was distributed on
                                                                                                     MHS standalone process syst. will not be
                             Provide information in Soundings Oversight                              implemented for operational production.
                            Panel Brief the imortant of porting AMSU-B-                              MHS data process syst. will be merged
050420-5S     June SPSRB    identify the users                                    AK Sharma          with ATOVS System 200x
050518-6S     June SPSRB    Provide a close date on all action items.            Eileen Maturi                      Completed
                                                                                                     SPSRB readahead material will be put
                                                                                                     on the following ftp site
                            Designate an appropriate ftp site to put all       Eileen Maturi/Brian   ftp://gp16.ssd.nesdis.noaa.gov/pub/SP
050518-7S     June SPSRB    available material for SPSRB                             Hughes          SRB/

                            Determine the number of satellite products that                          Sent an e-mail to John Bates with the
                            will become operational this year. Coordinate                            no. of satellite products that will
050216-4S     June SPSRB    this with John Bates for the archive issues          David Benner        become operational this year.
                            Continue to update user requests as the
                            proudct or service moves forward through the        Hughes/Nauman
050615-4S      July SPSRB   process                                                 Maturi           closed because ongoing

                            Send notification letter to Marine Applications
                            Science Team Leader regarding plans for GSIP
                            product development-confirm recommended                                  Letter drafted for Al Powell and
050316-4-2S    July SPSRB   solution and funding availability                   Selina Nauman        Michael Matson's signature
                            Send notification letter to NWS Western
                            Regional Office regarding plans for the Tropical
                            Cyclone Formation Product development-
                            confirm recommended solution and funding                                 Letter drafted for Al Powell and
050615-2S      July SPSRB   availability                                        Selina Nauman        Michael Matson's signature
                                                                                                     The coefficients appear to be
                                                                                                     implemented correctly. The software
                          Ensure that aerosol SST coefficients are                                   processing needs to be checked for
050518-3S      July SPSRB implemented correctly                                   John Sapper        errors.
                          OSDPD Project Plan Brief to the SPSRB on the
050518-1S      July SPSRB Smoke Product                                        George Stephens       The briefing was presented.
                          Update user request for Tropical Cyclone                                   List updated with tropical cyclone
050615-1S     JULY SPSRB Formation Product                                       Brian Hughes        formation product.

                           Follow up with NWS/Michael Graf to make sure                              Gary Ellrod reported that the volcanic
                           Gary Ellrods's volcanic product/Low Cloud                                 and low cloud products are on the OB8
050420-1S      July SPSRB product is on the AWIPS OB8 requirements list          John Paquette       requirements list.
                           Present a project development brief to the
050420-4S     August SPSRB SPSRB on MTSAT-1R HiRID in July                       Brian Hughes
                           Determine how the SPSRB will incorporate
                           products maintained from one satellite to
050720-2S     August SPSRB another                                                  SPIWG
                 October   Provide an update to the Oversight Panel              David Benner
050216-4S        SPSRB     Process                                               Hank Drahos                         Closed
                 October   Present requirements to SPSRB from the Joint
050414-1S        SPSRB     NWS-NESDIS Review                                     David Benner                        Closed
             October    Brief to SPSRB on Declaring GOES Single
050618-5S    SPSRB      FOV Sounding Products Operational                     Curtis Holland                   Closed
                                                                                                 Selina Nauman pointed out that there
                                                                                                 is an SSMI/S seminar on the 27th of
            September   OSDPD find out what NRL will expect as to                                  May at NSC-this question may be
050216-3S    SPSRB      who will develop the SSMIS products                  Michael Matson       answered at the seminar-CLOSED
                        Provide Cal/Val, routine file updates,
            September   enhancements, and new products for all             Fuzhong Weng Eileen
050720-1S    SPSRB      instruments from January 2005 to present                 Maturi                       CLOSED
                                                                                                 CLOSED-Schedule is updated on a
            September   Provide adjusted porting phase dates based on                            monthly basis and is available on
050720-3S    SPSRB      new NSOF move date October 7, 2005                  Reggie Lawerence     the web

                                                                                                 Dan Tarpley requested the ORA
            September   Allow a ORA access products that are already                             have access to products already
050720-4S    SPSRB      ported to start validation of these products        Reggie Lawerence     ported to begin validation-CLOSED
                        Generate a development replacement product
                        list for NOAA-18 and request ORA/OSDPD
                        management to update the list. Oversight
            September   panels, SPSRB Secretaries and Manager will
050817-2S    SPSRB      be informed on this task.                              Tom Schott            CLOSED-reported in august

                        Supply a list of all the PPBES program
            September   managers and goal team leads to the Executive        Michael Matson
050817-5S    SPSRB      Secretary for distribution to the POP co-chairs.      Eileen Maturi                   CLOSED
            November    Product development brief on aerosol
050518-3S    SPSRB      Corrected SSTs                                        Eileen Maturi                   CLOSED
                        Send a letter to Al Powell and Richarad
                        Barazotto requesting a name change for the
                        ozone oversight panel to ozone and
            November    atmospheric chemistry cc: deputies/exec             Donna McNamara
050921-2S    SPSRB      secretaries/manager                                   Larry Flynn                     CLOSED

                        Send notification letter to JTWC Office
                        regarding plans for the Tropical Cyclone
             January    Formation Product development-confirm
050615-3S    SPSRB      recommended solution and funding availability         Selina Nauman                   CLOSED
                        Brian will send a note to David Ngo having him
            December    change all references to the Ozone POP to
051114-4S    SPSRB      Atmospheric Chemistry POP                             Brian Hughes                    CLOSED
                        Provide a short telecon briefing when "AMSU
             January    Tropical Cyclone Insity Estimates Product"
050615-5S    SPSRB      becomes operational                                   Mark DeMaria                    CLOSED
                        Pursue G-PSDI funding for GOES-West and
                        MTSAT Tropical Cyclone Formtion Product
             January    Development. Update SPSRB on efforts to
050615-4S    SPSRB      secure funding                                        Mark DeMaria                    CLOSED
                            Dave Benner will work with Reggie lawerence
               January      to come up with a process to collect updated
050921-1S      SPSRB        metrics for the operational products                Dave Benner                     CLOSED
             FEBRUARY       ORA will identify a new ICAPOP Co-chair by
051114-3S      SPSRB        February 2006                                      Mitch Goldberg                   CLOSED
                            Dave Benner will put out a memo for the
                            SPSRB website to explain current OSDPD
                            Documentation standards with descriptions,
                            templates, and samples of each of the six
               January      required documents, and make it SPSRB
051114-2S      SPSRB        policy.                                             Dave Benner                     CLOSED
                            Curtis Holland will set a date to terminate the
                            5x5 sounder products in favor of the 1x1 Single
               January      field of view sounder products, and relay this
051019-1S      SPSRB        date to NWS.                                        Curtis Holland                  CLOSED
                            For the ATMS NOAA Unique product
                            development proposal Ralph Ferraro and
                            Fuzhong Weng will update the Polar-PSDI
                            project plan for MIRS. The project plan will
                            provide more details on the delivery of products
                            incorporate MSPPS development for FY07 and
                            include starting ATMS NOAA unique product
                            development from NPOESS. This updated
                            project plan will be presented a special
                            NPOESS Data Exploitation (NDE) meeting in           Ralph Ferraro
060118-1S     15-Mar-06     late February or early March.                      Fuzhong Weng                     CLOSED
                            For the Tropical Cyclone Formation Parameter
                            product Mark De Maria will e-mail the script
                            alert (which denotes when the product fails) to
                            OSDPD to include in the operational
060118-3S     15-Mar-06     implementation of the product                       Mark De Maria                   CLOSED
                            make a separate SATPROD sheets for each of
                            the ocean color products and provide them to
                            Stacy Bunin with copies to Eileen Maturi and
060215-1S     15-Mar-06     Brian Hughes by the March SPSRB.                   Linda Stathoplos                 CLOSED
                            provide the products titles to Eileen Maturi and
060215-2S     15-Mar-06     Brian Hughes by the March SPSRB.                   Linda Stathoplos                 CLOSED
                            Send the IDPOP charter to the Executive
                            Secretary to discuss at the SPIWG. The
                            SPIWG will review the IDPOP charter and
060215-3S     15-Mar-06     provide recommendations to the charter.             Vincent Tabor                   CLOSED
                            Address how the Oversight Panels will report
060315-1S    April Triage   on the navigation issues                               SPWIG                           OPEN
                                                                                                    waiting for NCEP to configure the
                          Work with appropriate SSD representative to                             AWIPS worksatation on the 4th floor
                          get global AWIPS monitoring capability for the                          for the East Coast Region- report on
050420-5S   June 21 spsrb ported products                                       Brian Hughes      status at future meeting.
                                    Generate development/operational
                                    replacement product lists for GOES-11/ GOES-
                                    N for ORA/OSDPD management review.                                      OPEN-Don Gray is not being replaced.
                        June 21     SPSRB Secretaries/ Manager/ OPswill be               Eileen Maturi      Eileen Maturi will assist him in
    050817-3S           SPSRB       informed.                                              Don Gray         generating these list..

                                    For the Automated Volcanic Ash Detection and
                                    Height Determination from AVHRR proposal for
                                    product development Michael Pavolonis and
                                    Andy Heidinger were requested to present the
                                    proposal again to the SPSRB. The updated
                                    presentation should include the algorithm
                                    methodology, examples of its application, and
                                    the cost of automated scripts for operational
                                    implementation. OSDPD input and
                                    concurrence with this project development          Michael Pavolonis
    060118-2S         July SPSRB    should be clearly shown in this presentation.       Andy Heidinger                    closed
                                    Memo should be generated from STAR and
                                    OSDPD to specify the role of the oversight
                                    panels. SPIWG will take this action to generate
                                    the memo and have it signed and distributed
    060419-2S         July SPSRB    before the May 17th meeting.                            SPIWG                         closed
                                    Request that Brian Little provide an e-mail to
                                    Michael Mastson confirming that the
                                    operational machines that will run the GOES-12
                                    Imager Cloud Product is compliant with security
    060621-1S         July SPSRB    regulations.                                            Irving                        closed
050727-6S (moved
from Triage Action                Present proposal brief to the SPSRB to receive
 Items to SPSRB)      July SPSRB  Chinese data                                          John Paquette                    CLOSED
                                  SPSRB asked to replace the charter on the
                                  web site with version 10 of the SPSRB Process
    050817-2S        August SPSRB Paper                                                  Eileen Maturi                   CLOSED

                                    Tom Schott and Selina Nauman will set up a
                        Nov- 06     TIM with AFWA to discuss their IJPS product          Tom Schott
    060914-2            Triage      requests and update the Triage in November.         Selina Nauman                    CLOSED
                                    Hank Drahos, A.K. Sharma and Chris Barnet
                                    will develop a proposal for product
                                    development for MHS Moisture Profile Product
                                    for AFWA.
                                    Hank will present this proposal to the SPSRB       Hank Drahos, AK
    060914-2            Feb - 07    no later than February 2007.                      Sharma,Chris Barnet                CLOSED
                        Dave Benner will discuss with Reggie
                        Lawerence AFWA’s user request for MetOp
                        and N18 Svalbard level 1b for AVHRR, AMSU-                                   OPEN- Tom Schott met with Sam
                        A, HIRS and SEM data. OSDPD/IPD needs to                                     Patterson and submitted a CCR to
                        take action to ensure this data is sent to                                   provide MetOp data on Shared
                        Shared Processing. Dave Benner will report to                                Product Processsing (SPP) system.
            Oct - 06    the Triage in October on the results of his                                  Ak to submitt a CCR for ATOVS and
060914-1    Triage      discussions.                                      Dave Benner                Reggie for N18 Svalbard.
                        Determine a new operational date for this
                        product based on discussions with OSDPD and
                        STAR. They will present an updated
            Sept - 06   operational briefing on GOES-SST L2P product      Eileen Maturi
060419-1S    SPSRB      to the SPSRB in May.                              John Sapper                              CLOSED
            Apr - 07    Division Chiefs will meet with the Standards
070221-2S    SPSRB      Working Group                                                                              CLOSED
                        CoRP will recruit STAR and IPD
            Apr- 07     representatives for the Standards Working
070221-1S   SPSRB       Group Team                                                                                  CLOSED
                                                                                                     CLOSED -The Board approved
                                                                                                     OCPOP recommendation to
                        Linda Stathoplos along with STAR, Mike will                                  make the Chesapeake Bay product
                        examine what it takes to go operational with                                 operational on Okeanos NSOF, thus
                        the Chesapeake Bay chlorophyll algorithm,                                    the
            Apr -07     Request # 0610-006 and present a Proposal        Linda Stathoplos            project has moved to the resources
070111-1    Triage      for Product Development                             Ricky Irving             identification phase

                                                                                                     CLOSED (SPSRB) Fuzhong says this
                                                                                                     action item can be closed. He says we
                                                                                                     need to get Windsat SDR BUFR
                                                                                                     format. Thomas Smith spoke with Paul
                                                                                                     Chang who said JCSDA is currently
                                                                                                     working toward the development of
                                                                                                     Windsat SDR BUFR, which is
                                                                                                     apparently satisfactory to Fuzhong.
                                                                                                     Paul said the NCEP TPC and OPC are
                        Determine whether there are any products from                                utilizing the Windsat NESDIS version
                        WindSat that they plan to Operationalize. They                               of the product "pseudo-operationally",
                        are asked to submit a proposal and report to                                 but the JCSDA tests were inconclusive
                        the SPSRB on the status of the operational                                   because so much of the NESDIS data
070718-1     Feb-08     products within the next 6 months.               Fuzhong Weng       Jul-07   were missing.

                        Paul Chang and Gene Legg will present a                                      CLOSED - Awaiting requirements
                        proposal for product development to the                                      from JCSDA/NCEP, based on their
            Dec - 06    SPSRB for WindSat data processing and              Paul Chang                preliminary assessment of
061009-2     Triage     product development.                               Gene Legg                 WINDSAT data provided by OSDPD.
                        Ricky Irving will inform Hanjung Ding to contact
                        Ralph Ferraro to Examine User request # 068-
            Feb - 07    004-SSMI/S products to replace SSMI products
070111-2     Triage     for AWIPS                                             Ricky Irving                               CLOSED

            July - 07   Update the MTSAT Project Briefing and present                                     CLOSED -Will provide periodic
050817-1S   SPSRB       it to the SPSRB.                                     John Paquette                updates on communication issues
                         Dave Benner will brief Mike Matson and
                        Reggie Lawrence regarding support for STAR’s
                        proposal. Proposal for a working level group to
            Apr- 07     address NESDIS-wide Standards and
061214-02   Triage      Processes.                                           Dave Benner                                 CLOSED
                                                                                                          CLOSED - Triage requested that
            Feb - 07    Present proposal brief to the SPSRB to receive     Dave Benner John               John Paquette provide a brief to the
050727-6     Triage     Chinese data                                            Paquette                  SPSRB in February 2007
                                                                                                          CLOSED - Reggie Lawerence put on
                        Develop a distribution strategy for the OSDPD       Linda Stathoplos              hold until after consolidation efforts
060209-1      TBD       Web Distribution of Ocean Color products.              Ricky Irving               complete
                        OSDPD will provide an update on the policy
            Jan - 07    requirements for stagging non-Operational data
061009-3    Triage      on the Data Distribution Server (DDS).              Reggie Lawrence                              CLOSED

                                                                                                          CLOSED The Snow/Ice
                                                                                                          responsibilities were transferred to the
                                                                                                          NIC as of March 2008. After some
                                                                                                          discussions with Sean Helfrich it was
                                                                                                          decided that this task would be best
                                                                                                          handle by personnel in the NIC.
                        In reference to 0706-0007 IMS Format                                              Furthermore Sean claimed to have an
                        Conversion to GRIB2 update the SPSRB as to                                        in house expert that can complete this
                        the results of the change management action                                       task. CCR 3268 which was written to
070718-2    Apr-2008    for the conversion from ASCII to GRIB2                Ricky Irving     Sep-2007   execute this task has been withdrawn.
                        Set up a meeting between STAR, OSDPD, and
                        OSD division chiefs to review SPSRB requests                                      CLOSED Several meetings at the
                        and develop project plans for funded legacy                                       division chief level have discussed this
050817-4    Apr-2008    development products.                                   SPIWG            TBD      topic.

                                                                                                          CLOSED This A.I. is transferred to the
                                                                                                          SPIWG. Options will be addressed in
                                                                                                          an information brief to the SPIWG.
                        Define how services should fall under the                                         Chris is going to work with Eileen to
051208-9    Apr-2008    SPSRB.                                              Chris O'Connors    Jul-2007   arrange this briefing for a date in May.
                        Eileen will work with JCSDA to write a proposal
                        to acquire G-PSDI funding (FY07) for a
                        physical solution approach to the Aerosol
051114-1    Apr-2008    corrected SST                                        Eileen Maturi       TBD      CLOSED Events overcome project.
                      Linda Stathoplos, IPT lead will develop a
                      proposal for product development to
                      operationalize the global phytoplankton species
                      The IPT team should include Chris Brown,                                         CLOSED April 16, 2008 Product
                      Michael Ondrusek, and Gene Legg. The                                             development proposal for "Global
                      proposal should be presented at the February                                     Emiliania huxleyi (Ehux) Bloom Maps
                      2008 SPSRB. The Ocean Color POP should            Linda Stathoplos,              (0701-0001)" presented at April 16,
070215-1   Apr-2008   be involved in the review of the proposal.           Chris Brown      Feb-2008   2008.
                                                                                                       CLOSED May 21, 2008 We can go
                                                                                                       operational with 1km CoastWatch
                                                                                                       products as soon as we have a
                                                                                                       TeraScan software patch from
                                                                                                       SeaSpace, Inc. and it gets installed.
                                                                                                       Currently drafting a letter for OSDPD
                                                                                                       management to send to SeaSpace. At
                                                                                                       some point the ACSPO system may
                                                                                                       merge with or take over CoastWatch
                      Update on when MetOp AVHRR 1km data is                                           processing if we can get 1km earth
                      going to go operational for CoastWatch. This                                     location accuracy. A letter is being
                      is the last mission continuity product that has                                  drafted to send from OSDPD
071219-1   May-2008   not gone operational.                               John Sapper       May-2008   management to SeaSpace.

                                                                                                       CLOSED May 21, 2008 Per IPT
                                                                                                       meeting on April 21, 2008, FY09 PSDI
                                                                                                       funding not needed. Instead STAR
                                                                                                       funding will be used and the product
                                                                                                       will go into the development
                                                                                                       classification and run on the Tethys.
                                                                                                       Additional briefings to the SPSRB are
                                                                                                       indefinitely postponed until either (1)
                      0711-0044 High resolution normalized water                                       additional funding is needed, or (2)
                      leaving radiance product for the Chesapeake                                      products are no longer developmental
                      Bay and Puerto Rico regions. Demo on Tethys                                      and are ready to be considered for
                      system or generate pre-operationally on           Linda Stathoplos,              transition to operations. Status
071219-3   May-2008   Okeanos?                                          Michael Ondrusek    May-2008   entered under RTS Triage Decision.
                                                                                                       CLOSED May 21, 2008 A yet to be
                                                                                                       determined small amount of money is
                                                                                                       needed to implement the experimental
                                                                                                       TSM product on Tethys. The product
                                                                                                       will just be going into the development
                                                                                                       classification and run on the Tethys.
                                                                                                       Additional briefings to the SPSRB are
                                                                                                       indefinitely postponed until either (1)
                      0710-0025 Chesapeake Bay High Resolution                                         additional funding is needed, or (2)
                      Total Suspended Matter Algorithm, Michael                                        products are no longer developmental
                      Ondrusek, Linda Stathoplos. Demo on Tethys                                       and are ready to be considered for
                      system or generate pre-operationally on           Linda Stathoplos,              transition to operations. Status
071219-4   May-2008   Okeanos?                                          Michael Ondrusek    May-2008   entered under RTS Triage Decision.
                      Update the SPSRB on whether Scientific Data
                      Stewardship funding is available for the Nelson
                      May (NOAA/NMFS) user request #0710-0026
                      (10/24/2007) "Accurate registration of
                      CoastWatch Gulf of Mexico satellite observed                                     CLOSED June 11, 2008 SDS funding
                      sea surface temperature (SST) images, 1985-                                      is competitive, there will be an
                      1994". May need to consult with John Bates                                       announcement for LOIs from the
071219-2   May-2008   (NCDC).                                            Mitch Goldberg     May-2008   Climate Program.

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