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					Nairobi Great Commission School, Nairobi,

Churches of Christ in America, including the Stillwater, Oklahoma Church of Christ, University
Church of Christ, Fresno, California, and Brentwood Hills Church of Christ in Nashville,have
been a major supporters of the Nairobi Great Commission School from its early days, joining
with other donors and other supporting congregations. The Stillwater Church of Christ has
served as the sponsoring congregation, collecting and transferring the funds donated for the
school to Nairobi.

NGCS educates men and women from the approximately 1000 villages and urban
congregations in Kenya as well as other African countries to return to their home congregations
or to go as missionaries throughout Africa equipped to evangelize and grow the church in Africa.

                                 HISTORY AND VISION
The vision for NAIROBI GREAT COMMISSION SCHOOL (NGCS) began in 1988 when national
leaders of the Kenya churches of Christ together with some missionaries saw the need for
further training of the church leaders. Many people realized that the church could not move
forward into the 21st century without well – trained and equipped leaders. Excellent training had
been done on the local church level and provincial areas. Nevertheless, it was time to move a
step beyond that level into a higher level of education in Bible, Missions, church Ministry and
leadership that would balance quality academics with practical training. This training would give
national church leaders credibility as well as equip them for the task of planting and maturing
new churches in Kenya, East Africa, the continent, and beyond.

These national church leaders and missionaries spent the year of 1989 talking with other church
leaders and missionaries throughout the country. From those meetings, what is now NAIROBI
GREAT COMMISION SCHOOL (NGCS) was established and opened in January of 1990.
NGCS started the first term with ten full – time students and twenty two part-time students.

The dream of becoming international was a reality from the beginning with students from Kenya,
Ethiopia and Zaire (Congo). By December 1999 NGCS had enrolled students from Uganda,
Rwanda, Zambia, Sudan, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Tanzania and the USA.

Most NGCS graduates are working effectively for the church or in church related ministries as
elders, deacons, preachers, counselors, leaders and teachers. With such a geographic, ethnic
and linguistic spread combined with a strong commitment to sharing the Good News of Christ,
one can imagine the potential for the Kingdom of God as NGCS endeavors to fulfill its dream of
equipping Africans so as to make the dream ―Africans Claiming Africa‖ for Christ is fullfilled.

The task of claiming the continent for Christ is still enormous. Much of ―French Africa‖ and
―Muslim Africa‖ have not been penetrated with the good news of Jesus. Who will go? It is the
conviction of the NGCS board that it will be African Missionaries that carry on this task of
claiming the continent for Christ. It is the board’s dream that many of those missionaries will be
trained and equipped at NGCS.
                                   Current Staff of NGCS
 Staff                                 Volunteer    Missionaries:
 Fredrick David Tonui, Principal          Larry Conway
 Tom O. Opondo, Registrar                 Ken & Pat Beckloff
 Zipporah Muia, Accountant               Jim Reppart
 Charles Ngoje - Director of             Fielden & Janet Allison
 NGCS Extensions Program
                                         Keith Ham
 Julian Orimbo, Librarian

 Eunice Mulovi, Catering

 Rose Chirchir, Secretary

 Moses O'kkali, Catering

 Dickson Bet, Catering

 Johana Muia, Maintenance

                                   The Physical Plant
NGCS is in Karen, a nice section of Nairobi. Karen is situated on land that was once part of the
6,000 acre estate of Karen Blixen, the author of Out of Africa. Today the school is surrounded
by large British colonial estate homes and The Giraffe Centre, run by the African Fund for
Endangered Wildlife. The roads in the immediate area are good, security is good and the
homes are enclosed by large hedges and gates. NGCS is also surrounded by a large hedge
and gate. The facility sits on 1.2 acres. The building was built in the 1980’s as a guest house
for the many missionaries that resided in Kenya at the time. It is well made of stone and



  A very early picture (1994)                  Back side of the Dorms & classrooms
concrete. A two story addition was added 5 years ago and houses two classrooms and a library.
A bore hole (water well) was completed 4 years ago, eliminating the monthly expense of
purchasing water

Behind the school is a small yard where the raised bed garden has been planted. The well and
water tank is also located here.

A water tank and a rabbit house in front of it.   Some of the rabbits

One wing of the building holds 5 dorm rooms. Four rooms house 26 men. One room houses
two current female students. The other wing contains a dining room, kitchen, 4 offices and a
guest quarters. The newer section houses two regular classrooms a small computer lab and an
office for the Director of Extension Schools on the second level and a study room and library on
the first level.

New two story wing housing classrooms and library (facing camera)

The front of the school has a yard about 40 yards by 30 yards, just enough space for students to
have a place to get out of the dorm rooms and have some recreation.
The recreation field                               Administration wing and the inside of the gate

Healing Hands International and Nairobi Great Commission School began partnering in
2010 to present the workshop ―Sustainable Agricultural Techniques‖. Healing Hands
International supported the program through bringing resource personnel, David Goolsby and
Ebenezer Udofia, and purchased materials for the establishment of the production beds.

As a result of these initial workshops, it became evident that an answer to the needs NGCS had
to acquire skills with which to support their families when they returned to their home villages
could be the teaching of modern agricultural skills and food preservation techniques.

 Agricultural skills are key to the students who will work with rural communities and Churches of
Christ upon graduation. One challenge to communities in Kenya is the inability to access enough
food for the family. Such training allows the graduates of NCGS to bring to the churches and
villages to which the students return the farming techniques to produce enough food through the
use of drip irrigation. Note: Healing Hands International (HHI) is a Christian humanitarian relief
organization with the purpose of helping suffering people around the world through water
development, food development, disaster relief, medical and educational programs.

Healing Hands relocated Ebenezer Udofia, HHI Assistant Director of Agriculture, and his family,
from Madugari, Nigeria to Nairobi, Kenya in late February, 2011Since that time, exciting things
are happening.

                ● A four-course curriculum in Modern Agricultural Techniques has been added to
                the curriculum at NGCS. Ebenezer Udofia started teaching ―Farm Economics‖
                on March 4, 2011 and has begun developing course content for all 4 courses.

                ● A five acre tract near NGCS is being be rented by HHI to house a
                demonstration garden, which will also give NGCS students and church leaders a
                place to put their new skills to work.

                ● NGCS has approached Kenya Fisheries department for consent and as source
                of fingerlings as HHI funds construction of a fish pond on the NGCS campus so
                that the students can learn how to raise fish for food as well as to supply food for
                the school.

                ● NGCS, HHI and Made in the Streets have launched a joint search for a suitable
                property that meets the needs of NGCS and HHI and is near Made in the Streets’
                Orphanage which is located just outside Nairobi.
              ● Other projects are under consideration to meet the vocational needs of NGCS
              students (and also supply food which NGCS must now purchase).

                       What Has Been Accomplished at NCGS

   •   300 Graduates ministering throughout Africa

   •   Over 1000 extension graduates

   •   Most graduates are serving in the churches that sent them.

   •   Some graduates are missionaries to other countries in Africa.

   •   Students were from 12 African countries and 25 tribes

   •   Partnership with Healing Hands International to equip students to bring
       modern farming techniques to their churches and villages

                         What Has Been Accomplished at NGCS

The Nairobi Great Commission School has graduated eleven classes with 300 trained
evangelists since 1990. In addition, the 18 Extension Centers, which are housed in churches
and others on their own properties throughout Kenya, have graduated over 1000 students. Most
of the graduates are serving the churches that sent them, while some are serving as
missionaries throughout Africa. The students were from 12 countries and 25 tribes.

             Recent Report from David Tonui, Principal of NGCS
Greetings to you all in the Lord. We are doing well at NGCS. I appreciate you and others for your
continued support to us at NGCS and beyond.

Our students were on their practicum as from October 2nd to 10th, 2010. They came back very
encouraged and excited on the way God took and use them throughout the week. We have also
received reports from the congregations which hosted them. They praise God for the work He
did through the students. Several souls came to Christ. In summary, there were 25 baptisms
witnessed by the students, over 182 made confessions and were left to be baptized by the
hosting congregations, and 62 were restored to Christ. We praise God for the marvelous work
he is doing through his servants.
Below are pictures of baptisms carried out in one congregation Siomo which is in the Western
part of the country, Sotik area. Two of our students, Augustus Kimanzi and John Sankaen
(tagged in the pictures) were at Siomo congregation. We are heading to another practicum in
May, 2011.

Erik baptized by Augustus and John Sankaen                  Alice Maritim baptized

We ask for your prayers that it be a success not only for our students experience but that souls
be brought to Christ. The current class of students will graduate in November 29 2011. We are in
the process of recruiting students for 2012-2013. Likewise lift us in your prayers that those whom
the Lord are preparing for his work in his vineyard be brought our way for equipping.

                                 Summary: PARTNERS!
Milton Wells, a former Elder at the Stillwater Church of Christ, who has been the main American
contact with the school for many years, recently summed up the challenge of increasing the
reach of NGCS as follows:

       “For several years, our congregations and supporters have enjoyed the blessings of God
       as He guided Kenyan Christians and American Christians in the development of an
       African missionary training school. We, perhaps unknowingly, have progressed into a
       partnership type of relationship. Few churches have maintained their presence in a
       mission field so as to achieve such a relationship! Now, what do we do with it?? The
       role of supporting churches changes into a mentoring, maturing role with the financial
       contributions being directed perhaps into different paths as we strive to develop well-
       rounded missionaries, who can return to their congregations and villages with a set of
       skills that contribute to community spiritual and physical well-being.
       Our physical presence and our various skills are needed in Kenya. We can play vital
       roles in teaching, vacation bible schools, skills classes via HHI, perhaps even facilities
       repairing, remodeling and renovation. We need to be creative in discerning how we can
       truly partner with our Kenyan Brothers and Sisters.”

                                  Additional Needs of NGCS
There are several pressing needs at NGCS. The school desperately needs a van to transport
students to church on Sunday and to the site of the new demonstration garden.

There is a need to replace six older computers in the computer lab.

The Librarian at NGCS, Sister Julian Orimbo, takes students with her each Sunday to preach at
the church she has helped establish in her home village. Sister Julian directs a Sunday School
program for 180 children each Sunday. She needs support to purchase teaching supplies for
the Sunday School—some of which can be purchased in Nairobi cheaper than we can purchase
and ship them from the USA.

If you or your Sunday School Class can help supply any of these needs, contact Milton Wells at
405-372-8774 or or Frank Shelton at 615/591-2205 or

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